The Devil Tarot Card

Card Name: Devil, Baphomet

Category: Major Arcana, Being

Position: 15

Zodiac sign: Capricorn ♑

The Devil is both a magnetic and mystical tarot card. It combines impeccable beauty and disgusting manifestations. No wonder, Satan is portrayed as a charming gentleman. He is ready to give the whole world in return for one small insignificant detail – the soul. And while a person has not yet decided to sell, the Demon will court him from all sides. But if an unreasonable person signs with blood, the farce comes to an end. The reversed Devil shows sins for which it is time to pay. The Father of Lies does not sleep and is always waiting for new arrivals. However, it is worth remembering that all sins are created by the hands of the people themselves, and not by mythical deities.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Devil

In Waite’s Tarot, the Devil card depicts a couple – a man and a woman. Sitting between them is Baphomet, a dark deity called the Prince of Lies. The scene seems to be a reflection of Paradise, but only in a crooked mirror. People are naked, they have infernal signs – horns and tails. Their necks are chained to the ring on the throne – a narrow dais. The figure of the protagonist itself takes up more than half of the card. Baphomet has the head and legs of a goat. Feet resemble bird paws. The body is human. A burning torch is seen in the left hand. Right – raised up with an open palm to the viewer. The character also has wings that resemble those of a bat.

It is believed that Lilith and Samael are depicted on the Devil’s Arcana – these are the dark hypostases of Eve and Adam. Grapes are drawn on the heroine’s tail. It symbolizes temptation and intoxication. The tip of the man’s tail is adorned with flames. It is a raging desire energy that cannot be tamed. On the head of Baphomet is the reversed pentagram – a symbol of transcendental knowledge, as well as the destruction of balance. A burning torch speaks of rage and hatred for Heaven. Wings and claws personify the deity’s ability to move, receive information, that is, know everything. The goat’s head shows obstinacy. And the fact that people are chained indicates that they are included in the system, the hierarchy of Hell.

Meaning of the Upright The Devil Card

  • Mystery, mystical coincidences, extraordinary abilities.
  • A chance to turn any difficult case, but stay away.
  • Passion, strong desire, attraction, also obsession.
  • Huge pressure, unconscious influence, shadow or mystery.

In the upright position, the Devil symbolizes temptation. This is an attractive energy that sets dangerous traps. The scene itself on the Arcana is very reminiscent of the motives of the Lovers card. However, Adam seemed to have abandoned Eve and allowed evil into himself. Now paradise has turned into a scorched desert of Hell. It is dominated by a cruel God who keeps everyone on a leash. He grants unlimited power in the material world, but also demands from his subjects in full. In the spread, the Baphomet card will denote cunning and resourcefulness, the ability to get out of any situation dry. In upright form, the Arcana takes the side of the querent and promises him good prospects.

The numerical value consists of two digits – 1 and 5. Together they form 6 or "the number of the Beast". It is responsible for various obstacles on the way to harmony, peace. Divine providence seems to be hindered by something, preventing all the details from connecting into the big picture. The Devil is responsible for secret thoughts, deeds that are going on behind his back. But for those who are under the protection of the Dark Lord, success is guaranteed. If the inquiring person has conceived some kind of dangerous enterprise, then he will succeed. It will be possible to avoid punishment and create everything that the ego pushes.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • "Italian family", a storm of emotions, passions in a relationship.
  • A strong attraction to each other that cannot be destroyed.
  • Falling in love with someone who already has a family and obligations.
  • Passion and inability to give up the object of your love.

In a love spread, the Devil shows a very strong attraction to each other. Partners stay together no matter what. No life’s difficulties and troubles can separate them. The very rock of fate pushes the lovers into each other’s arms. At the same time, in such relationships, quarrels are not uncommon. However, the passion and desire to have a partner is so blinding that offensive words and deeds cease to play at least some role. As a result, people cannot part, they will always try to get closer, to make contact.

For lonely questioners, the Devil predicts an early acquaintance with a passionate person. He will win the heart, make you forget about all moral principles. At the same time, a new gentleman or a new lady can be not free. Often the Devil is played as a temptation, a desire to commit a sin. This is a real test for the soul of a fortuneteller. But the attraction is so strong that it will be almost impossible to refuse. When such a person meets on the way, it can be regarded as a gift and a curse at the same time.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Nightclubs, various casinos, liquor stores.
  • Entertainment industry, magnetism to attract customers.
  • Luck in the financial sector, acquired fortune, wealth.
  • Success in any business or the ability to make money out of thin air.

In terms of the field of activity, the Devil shows easy work that brings enormous income. The querent knows how to play on human weaknesses, and therefore will always be rich. Often the card falls on nightclubs, gambling, the sale of alcohol or tobacco. All these areas provide a constant flow of customers. However, in upright form, the card does not speak of some kind of deception. People themselves want sensual pleasures, they are ready to pay good money for it. As a significator of the situation, the Devil hints at the attraction that will bring new customers or employers.

The financial sphere does not cause a headache. The Devil is the Arcana of wealth, security. Those forces that the Tarot trump card represents are always material, down to earth. They promise their wards chests of gold even in the most difficult times. Whatever the querent does, he will always be with money. In an economic crisis, his fortune will only increase. The card shows business acumen and brilliant charisma, allowing you to make good money in any field.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • No need to adhere to a diet, regimen.
  • Abuse of sweets or alcohol without consequences.
  • Talent, gift to convince people, eloquence, ardor.
  • The ability to kindle and nourish interest in oneself, to attract.

In the health spread, the meaning of the Devil takes on a positive value. Here the card is played as eternal luck. A person can abuse alcohol, eat at night. However, there will be no negative consequences for him. And in general, the Devil shows an attractive appearance by nature, which cannot be spoiled by anything. This is good genetics, strong immunity. The querent is very lucky, and he gladly uses his luck. He can not be afraid of excess weight, swelling or bad skin.

As a personality characteristic, the Devil paints a portrait of a talented person. He achieves heights in any chosen field, whether it be music, cooking or dancing. The gift to seduce people creates a magnetic field that attracts the eyes of others. And not always the querent will be beautiful in appearance. Sometimes fans are attracted by the inner fire, the spark in the eyes. And the energies of the fifteenth Tarot card give it in full. A huge fire burns in the soul of the questioner, on which people flock like moths.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Unforeseen events or intervention of third parties.
  • Twist of fate; a wish that is close to being fulfilled.
  • Emphasis on material wealth and receiving some kind of gift.
  • Swiftness, rapid development, also unwillingness to wait.

The fallen Devil in the Tarot gives a mystical touch to a spread on any topic. You can compare the meaning of the card with the absence of gravity. The familiar world was split, and the Evil One appeared from the bowels of the earth. He invites you to make a deal. If you play by his rules, you can get anything you want by cheating fate. The person you like, millions of dollars, fame and recognition – this is not a problem for the Dark One. However, it is worth remembering the fee that he will ask at the most inopportune moment. If the questioner is ready to sacrifice something, then he will receive what he wants.

The Devil asks questions: “What do I crave so much?” and “Why don’t I have it?”. Any desire creates an internal split in the human soul. The person seems to separate himself from the point he wants to get to. But the truth is always inside and personifies integrity. Desires bring suffering. To get something, the fortuneteller will have to give something important in return. Sometimes it will be peace, a simple concept that is nonetheless very valuable. Sometimes not having something is a real gift, but getting something is a curse.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • The desire to possess the object of desire and the willingness to fight.
  • A contract with evil Forces, selflessness or an extreme step.
  • The realization of everything conceived in the most mystical way.
  • Black magic, satanism, worship of the Forces of Hell or rejection of God.

In terms of spirituality, the Devil card is an emanation of evil Forces. The Bible has many texts on this subject. Believers are very afraid of the Evil One, because they know his pressure and unscrupulousness. The Dark Lord is hard to resist, because he knows how to pull the right strings. Every person has these weak points: someone wants wealth, another wants fame, a third wants bodily pleasures. And Satan can help them all. The Prince of Darkness does not come by himself – he is always called by sinners. Their hands are doing evil, and the God of Hell is just watching from the sidelines.

Karma on the Devil Arcana will be very difficult. Throughout a person’s life, temptations will haunt him. It’s hard to turn down a million dollars, a beautiful and successful partner, or a lifetime of fame with dividends due. However, you will have to pay for all this. For example – chemical addictions, infertility or a broken heart. Sometimes even the happiest people at first glance are deeply unhappy. Money cannot replace peace of mind, family comfort and mutual understanding.

Meaning of the Reversed The Devil Tarot

  • Retribution for the mistakes of the past, late repentance, awareness.
  • A trap into which the questioner has already fallen or danger.
  • An unsuccessful attempt to outwit fate or a resounding failure.
  • A step into the abyss or rash acts, a punishment for sin.

In the reversed position, the Devil card loses its charm. Now she focuses on unbridledness and the inability to resist temptation. It is the base instincts that take over. If in upright form the Arcana made it possible to gain power, then the reversed Devil card withdraws all sorts of promises back. This provision hints at the deception of the querent himself, the inability to achieve the truth or finish what he started. Third parties intervene, all attempts to avoid punishment fail. The person seems to be losing critical thinking. His sins are so petty that they cause a fit of laughter. However, even with such a scale, errors dominate the soul of a fortuneteller.

In addition, the reversed Devil shows a system that works against its operator. A person wants to deceive the whole world, and as a result, he himself remains the loser. It is also a passion that drives you into a corner. In some cases, the position of the card speaks of problems in the past. The factor itself has already been defeated, but its effects still echo. In other cases, the reversed Devil hints at fatal mistakes that will have to be paid for. The personality has realized its mistake, but everything has already been done. Repentance came too late, and therefore does not play much importance in the current situation.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Mutual use of each other and also hatred in a couple.
  • An attempt to rise above the partner, punish and teach him a lesson.
  • A fleeting love affair without continuation and perspective.
  • A personal life that brings only suffering and pain.

In a love spread, the Devil in the opposite sense symbolizes a connection without a future. Partners use each other for selfish purposes. There is no true love or affection here. It is possible that the couple is still together only because of financial obligations. The position of the card also indicates systematic betrayal, the presence of a love triangle. In any case, the lovers cannot agree, come to a single conclusion. It is hard for them together, but they are also unable to disperse.

For singles, the reversed Devil promises getting stuck in past relationships. The querent still has not recovered from parting, could not put an end to it. The former partner pulls the strings, manipulates. The fortuneteller turns into a supple puppet on the stage of Karabas-Barabas. Also, sometimes the position of the Devil card will hint at the attraction of unreliable gentlemen and ladies. They want from the questioner either money or intimacy. Love with a perspective is definitely not included in their plans. You can not count on anything, do not build castles in the air.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Corruption, bribery, dishonest or dangerous business.
  • Deception of colleagues and superiors, which is sure to be revealed.
  • Cashing in on other people’s problems, heartlessness in terms of money.
  • Security that cannot be advertised and shown.

In the context of the work, the reversed Devil shows the real deception, fraudulent actions. This includes illegal methods of enrichment: the sale of drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. Someone profits from someone else’s grief. And in terms of the situation, the position of the Arcana promises a resounding failure. Some promises will not be kept. The fortuneteller himself will remain the last. An attempt to cheat will backfire on a career, further potential growth. It is possible that there will be fraud with tax deductions.

The financial situation is precarious. The questioner may be a wealthy person, but this cannot be advertised. Everything earned is a dead weight. The reversed Devil shows the need to hide money from prying eyes, and even more so from the system itself. In any case, such wealth will not allow you to become happy. It will take all the strength to maintain the status already existing in society. After all, it is very difficult to descend to earth again, having visited Olympus at least once.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Ugly appearance and also premature aging.
  • Anger at oneself and others or inability to calm down.
  • Selfishness, callousness, cowardice, pettiness and unreliability.

In terms of health, the Devil in the opposite form shows the exacerbation of all diseases. The accumulated "burden" will sooner or later come out. The position of the card speaks of a happy time that has remained in the past. Now the querent cannot afford a night without sleep or an extra cake. You have to pay for all this with allergic reactions, excess weight or sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the reversed card hints at problems with the thyroid gland, hormones.

The mental state according to the Devil card is in the opposite form – excited and aggressive. A person is bursting with hatred, but there is no way out for it. All anger remains inside, which destroys the personality. Everything human is burned in its flame – moral qualities, values. Such a person is only interested in money or the satisfaction of base needs. The manifestation of kindness, compassion, she considers the usual weakness. But destructive abilities come first.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A situation with a double bottom, an unexpected catch or deception.
  • An external gloss, behind which something repulsive is hidden.
  • Unwillingness to accept the situation, reconcile with one’s fate.
  • Focus on fast results, albeit for a short period.

Foremost, the reversed Devil denotes an unequal exchange. A person is seduced by something, and as a result, he receives an empty trinket. Its brilliance blinded the observer in vain. However, the deed is done, and the check has already been drawn. Fulfillment of desire brought only grief, regret. At the same time, nothing can be changed, corrected. The sinner cast himself into the depths of Hell. All this applies to any sphere of life – relationships, work, self-realization. When dancing with the Devil, you need to listen to music. The fortuneteller missed the decisive moment and fell into an open trap.

The reversed Devil asks questions: “What am I doing wrong?” and “How to become a realist?". Flying in the clouds provokes a fall from a great height. Before rushing to fulfill desires, it is worthwhile to think sensibly on this matter. A rich lover may turn out to be the owner, and a prestigious job will bring multimillion-dollar debts due to the cunning of the boss. Free cheese only happens in a mousetrap. The fortuneteller should take off his rose-colored glasses and look directly at the situation.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Error after error, which ultimately did not teach anything.
  • A serious mistake, a punishment for the betrayal of a loved one.
  • Self-flagellation or the inability to forgive oneself.
  • Self-created Hell in life or torture by faith.

From the side of spirituality, the reversed Devil hints at an already accomplished sin. If in upright form the card only lured, now it is already writing out a huge bill. Moreover, what was received was not worth the suffering that it brought in the end. According to legend, there are 9 circles in Hell for various kinds of sinners. And the worst of them is the last one. In the icy lake are the souls of those who betrayed loved ones and themselves. During their life on earth, they walked over their heads in order to achieve status, wealth. However, nothing is forgiven in the afterlife. A person will still have to pay the bills, so it’s worth considering whether it’s worth it.

As a karma, a person will be repaid in the next incarnation. They say that if God loves a person, he immediately punishes him. But with Satan, things are different. He will lead you into a corner, make you forget about your deed, and then, at the most unexpected moment, hit the most sick person. The reversed Devil speaks of unforgiveness. You can live a long and happy life, and then lose your beloved grandson or everything acquired over decades. These are games for the strong in spirit. They will rip out the whole soul and leave a black hole instead of a heart.

The Devil as a Significator of a Person

Upright, the Devil shows bright successful personalities. They have such a strong energy that those around them seem to be hypnotized when they are nearby. Astrologically, the Arcana corresponds with Capricorn. This is a very stubborn zodiac sign that always achieves its goals. Anton Szandor Lavey is the creator of the American Church of Satan. He made a huge contribution to the popularization of his faith. LaVey even wrote the Bible for God’s opponents. He was feared and respected, hated and despised. Nobody remained indifferent.

But in the opposite form, the Devil shows supposedly cursed people. Their glory becomes dark. An example is Aleister Crowley, who also promoted the ideas of Satanism. However, the man could not cope with this responsibility. He fell into madness and did all sorts of vile things. As a result, Crowley found only the glory of the mentally ill, although neophytes still read his works. The man did not achieve special merits, but only destroyed himself. Not everyone can cope with the Evil Force.

The Devil: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Devil Card

If the Devil fell out upright, then the card advises to focus on human weaknesses. If necessary, you can give a bribe, bribe the enemy. The Devil also hints at the importance of going against the rules. All conditionings only bind hand and foot. To achieve the goal, it is worth breaking the shackles. As a warning, the Devil hints at the danger of being honest, just. Such an approach will backfire on the querent himself. The path he stepped on does not imply peace and equality. Only the strongest prevail here. Winners are not judged, and hence his methods of struggle, too.

The reversed Devil, on the contrary, advises to go into the shadows and not act too openly. It is better to hide and let your enemies believe that they have won. Now you need to give weapons to enemies and wait until they destroy each other. Their base desires will serve as a trump card for the questioner. Also, the position of the card warns of the danger of getting involved in dark deeds. You can remain extreme, be punished. Therefore, it is best to refuse "mind-blowing" offers. All of them will be tricky. They want to invite a fortuneteller to a game in which there will be only one winner. And, alas, it’s not him.

The Devil: Daily Card Meaning

The fallen Devil in upright form promises a bright, memorable day. These days will be filled with mystical events, the main thing is to notice them in time. The people around will help or obey the querent. The questioner will be able to bend everyone under him. He will be able to take on the role of a puppeteer, deftly pulling people by the strings. With the right approach, you can achieve a lot. The day opens a huge scene – everything else already depends on the fortuneteller. And even the biggest problems can be solved with little bloodshed. You just need to know who and where to put pressure on. The art of communication today will come in handy.

But the reversed Devil in the spread on the card of the day, on the contrary, changes everything. Now the querent himself becomes the puppet. They will be controlled by base instincts or specific personalities. On these days it will be difficult to give up alcohol, intimacy or easy money. However, it is worth remembering that a fee will be required for all this. Today, you can run into big trouble with lasting consequences. The position of the card turns everything upside down, making the innocent guilty and vice versa. In order not to lose your head, you need to try to give up dark deeds with unclear prospects. Otherwise, you may regret what you have done.

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