The Emperor Tarot Card

Card Name: Emperor, Master

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 4

Zodiac sign: Aries ♈

The Emperor is the name for the card, which speaks for itself. This is the Arcana of greatness, luxury and respect. The protagonist controls the whole empire, and the subjects consider him similar to God. The card symbolizes authority in wide circles, influence on the situation. The querent is strong, has a sharp mind, as well as charm. All this allows you to be "on horseback", to win women’s hearts. But in the reversed position, the Emperor loses his position. Now the lord turns into a despot and a petty tyrant. He sits behind the scenes, but at the same time disposes of other people’s lives at his own whim. However, the time will come when the subjects will rebel and overthrow the upstart.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Emperor

In the classic Tarot Waite, the Emperor card depicts a gray-haired man sitting on a stone throne in the middle of the mountains. The hero is dressed in a red toga and tunic. Steel armor is visible underneath. The head is crowned with a golden conical crown. The character holds a ball in his left hand, and a wand in his right hand. The gaze of the ruler is directed at the viewer. The altar of a geometric shape is decorated with a bas-relief in the form of rams’ heads on the corners. The action takes place against the background of mountains flooded with the rays of the sun. It looks like it’s sunset or sunrise. A small river flows at the foot of the rocks.

The protagonist of the Emperor Arcana contains the qualities of all four Kings. This is hinted at by the presence of mountains, a river, red clothes and golden objects. The character is educated, sensitive, rich and at the same time very stubborn. The ram, which is the symbol of the zodiac sign Aries, symbolizes willfulness and motivation. The shape of the throne indicates rigid boundaries, a tenacious mind. Water gives softness to the heart and beauty to the soul. The scarlet fabric hints at luxury and wealth, and the armor underneath hints at protection and closeness. The sphere – power, traditionally means the state power of the monarch. The wand in the hero’s hands resembles the Ankh, the Egyptian cross. This symbol represents eternal life and wisdom.

Meaning of the Upright The Emperor Card

  • Power over circumstances, influence on a situation or people.
  • Authoritarianism and respect in society; strength of will and character.
  • Perseverance, motivation, a great desire to win.
  • A man is a father, grandfather, uncle, brother; reliability, self-confidence.

In the upright position, the Emperor shows specific men or personifies the essence of the situation under consideration. This is a huge power, power and motivation. The Master is a card of large possessions and a wide field of influence. The fourth Major Arcana of the Tarot indicates composure, concentration, focus on the goal. Upright, the Emperor promises victory, the achievement of outstanding results. The querent will be able to achieve the task, gain respect. The people around will listen to the questioning person, heed his advice. The fortuneteller wins this game, literally puts a “checkmate” on his opponents. He accepts the role of the winner and enjoys the laurels due to him.

The number four in numerology symbolizes reliability and stability. This balance cannot be disturbed, for it rests on a solid foundation. The Emperor points to willpower, the core that is in the person himself. This inflexibility allows you to achieve super results, not to depend on anyone. The hero of the card focuses only on his own instinct and vision of the situation. He does not need assistants in order to make a correct analysis of what is happening. In ordinary life, the Owner will lose as reinforced concrete self-confidence and the chosen method. The querent relies only on its own strength and therefore wins the battle with cruel reality.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A man is a true leader, leading in relationships and love.
  • A reliable husband or boyfriend who is ready for responsibility.
  • For a girl – an acquaintance with a future father or family man.
  • For guys – a chance to show their best side; sympathy.

In the relationship spread, the Emperor shows a partner. This is a reliable man who does not throw words into the wind. He is ready to take his beloved under his wing, covering her from all kinds of troubles in life. Even if now the partner is not in the status of a husband, then this is not for long. People with a similar character always want to clarify the situation. A person will be much more comfortable in an official marriage than in a civil one. His passion can only be envied. The guy is now ready for family life.

For single girls, the Emperor predicts an acquaintance with a suitable gentleman. It will initially be focused on a serious relationship. The man will take on the role of leader in the future couple, will be the first to show sympathy. If the guy is guessing, then the card speaks of a favorable situation where the querent can show gentlemanly qualities. The girl will be ready to accept courtship, so she will pass the palm into the hands of the questioner.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Thriving companies with huge income, prospects.
  • Starting your own business or managing a team.
  • Security, stable financial situation, peace of mind.
  • An increase in wages or net profit from the business.

In terms of work, the Emperor means huge corporations, media holdings and groups of companies. This is always a big business, a well-established system for generating income. Even if a person sells fish, he will have dozens of shops throughout the country. The card indicates the ability to manage a large team. In terms of the situation, the Emperor promises to receive a high position or a chance to discover something of his own. It is important for the querent to keep the steering wheel in his own hands in order to independently control important processes. For women, the Arcana indicates the boss, on whom the future of the questioner depends.

The financial situation is good. The fortuneteller knows how to work with cash flows, knows where to invest and when to expect dividends. The Emperor speaks of having a certain grip. Good luck accompanies a person, and he willingly uses it. Most often, this situation is dictated by the personal characteristics of the questioner. As a result, the fortuneteller acquires faithful allies, who help to achieve results. He seems to envelop those around him with his confidence, bribes with it.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Regular exercise helps keep you fit.
  • The absence of diseases of the genital organs in men or boys.
  • Strong immune system, hardening by dousing with hot water.
  • The will to live, the ability to motivate yourself and those around you.

The Emperor Tarot puts a good value on the health spread. For men, the card implies a high libido, a trained body and strength. The body copes with any stress: both physical and psychological. For women, the Arcana symbolizes the features of appearance and character, transmitted through the male line. Both sexes can boast of strong immunity, hardening. A person easily tolerates climate change, changes in atmospheric pressure. The card also speaks of the ability to be under the bright rays of the sun for a long time and not burn.

The fallen Emperor shows a strong personality, living by his own principles. It does not run away from responsibility, rather, on the contrary, craves it. Such a person is used to keeping his word. You can always rely on him. The emotional response from his wards is important to the querent. The hero of the card takes the role of leader only because he was put there. The questioner needs to focus on the weaker and help them. This will help strengthen the character of the fortuneteller himself.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Testing the willpower and motivation of the querent for strength.
  • Facing various difficulties and obstacles.
  • Daily overcoming of temptations and desire for rest.
  • The firmness of character that allows you to achieve a lot.

In any divination, the Emperor first of all shows strength of mind, obstinacy. The situation seems to be testing the querent for strength. To be the first face of a vast empire, one must really become great. Circumstances require to gather courage, to cooperate with faithful allies. In order not to lose the thread of controlling others, a person should be able to dominate himself. Sometimes you will need to deny yourself something you need in order to get everything the same, but tenfold.

The Emperor asks questions: “What strengthens my confidence?” and “Which principles should be followed first?”. The character of the card is shown with a gray beard. This detail hints at the wisdom gained through life itself. The hero knows how to set rigid boundaries and restrictions. If he had been soft-bodied, he would never have remained on the throne. Also, the querent must be able to prioritize and nurture motivation for future accomplishments. This stove requires a constant supply of firewood. If the fire goes out, then the hero will silently leave his empire.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Male character traits – independence, strength, endurance.
  • Availability of potential for its further implementation, will.
  • Life without regard for other people’s opinions, stereotypes and desires.
  • The ability to break patterns or move towards dreams.

In terms of spirituality, the Emperor is revealed as a combination of something sublime and mundane. The second half of the hero of the card is more mundane. The Lord himself is fascinated by higher ideas. He is independent and therefore can afford to take risks. A woman is tied to a place by a child, and her husband is more free in his actions. The rocks in the background of the card seem to hint at future and already reached peaks. The Arcana shows Aries – stubborn people who do not stop until they make their dreams come true.

The Emperor also shows the karma of a fighter and a winner. In this incarnation, a person was born a man in order to reveal his strengths. He must learn to take responsibility, protect himself and his family. For women, the fallen Emperor hints at the ability to rely on a strong shoulder. In this role, the husband or father of the questioner will act. The girl should allow this man to show character and decide everything for two. Only under such circumstances will a man fulfill himself.

Meaning of the Reversed The Emperor Tarot

  • Renunciation of assigned responsibility, suppressed will, strength.
  • Treachery, greed, or an undisguised desire for power.
  • Excessive assertiveness, the risk of other people’s lives, the fate of loved ones.
  • Lack of authority and loss of former respect among others.

In the reversed position, the meaning of the Emperor changes. The hero turns into a despot who does not listen to the opinion of his subjects. He easily risks the lives of the "pawns", just to keep the king in the black. Even a reversed card implies strategic thinking. However, here the emphasis is on winning at any cost, regardless of ethical standards. The position of the card speaks of ruthlessness. The character turns into a stubborn ram, but his goals are far from bright and rosy. For the sake of his own whim, the main character can go to great lengths. He has already achieved his title and is now abusing the power entrusted to him.

The reversed Emperor still symbolizes a stable position. However, now this reinforced concrete wall does not protect, but keeps in captivity. In real life, the Arcana in the opposite sense stands for the presence of severe restrictions. It is also a burden of responsibility that the questioner cannot cope with. It is also possible that the fortuneteller took the wrong place. As a result, a person does not justify other people’s expectations. All this negatively affects the reputation of the querent. Relatives cease to respect him, do not want to listen and follow the advice. Therefore, in some cases, the reversed card does not speak of excessive cruelty, but, on the contrary, inappropriate softness.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • A "suffocating" partner that does not give freedom or peace of mind.
  • Control that borders on a mental disorder.
  • A new acquaintance trying to forcefully win a heart.
  • For men – an emotional "shell" or callousness.

In the love spread, the reversed Emperor speaks of a difficult partner. This person is used to being guided only by his own desires. He does not perceive his couple as a separate person. A man suppresses a girl, thus "closing" internal problems. But such self-affirmation is detrimental to relationships. Over time, the husband or boyfriend will lose all interest in the devastated partner. At the same time, the gentleman himself will not even understand what is the true reason for what is happening.

For single women, the Emperor in the opposite form promises acquaintance with the owner. A potential partner will immediately set the conditions for communication. He does not feel boundaries, so he often overdoes it with attention. Everything will be subject to control – starting with communication with friends and ending with the appearance of the lady. If a man asks, then the reversed Arcana hints at closeness. The questioner received a heart wound and is now guided only by reason. But this is the reason why personal life does not add up.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • A group of scammers who enrich themselves at the expense of the naivety of citizens.
  • "Grey" and "black" methods of earning and dishonest results.
  • The boss is a man with an unbearable disposition or claims.
  • Echoes of former luxury, lost business, work, prosperity.

In the field of activity, the reversed Emperor is responsible for large fraudulent communities, dishonest ways to earn money. This is money laundering, unhealthy competition. The man has achieved a lot, but he is still not satisfied with the result. According to this provision of the Arcana, bosses with a difficult character pass. They can pay well, but not everyone can endure familiarity. As a characteristic of the situation, the reversed card speaks of a loss of confidence in the person of the questioner, a decrease in wages.

In terms of finances, the Emperor in the opposite form symbolizes wealth that cannot be shown to people. The personality has achieved prosperity in a dishonest way, therefore it is forced to hide. Often the position of the card shows drug dealers, surgeons involved in illegal operations. These are criminals who have corrected morality. But sometimes the reversed Arcana simply speaks of former wealth, the remnants of luxury. Now the querent cannot return the former well-being in any way.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Male infertility, sexual dysfunction and prostate adenoma.
  • Ailments genetically transmitted from a man – father, grandfather.
  • Arrogance and aggressiveness, the inability to negotiate with someone.
  • Short temper, constant worry about yourself, people.

In the context of health, the reversed Emperor alludes to problems with the male reproductive system. It can be infertility, lack of a sexual organ, prostatitis. Often the position of the Arcana speaks of old age, which causes low libido. For women, the reversed Emperor card symbolizes diseases transmitted through the male line. Also, these are sexually transmitted diseases that the sexual partner has infected. Still – an excess of adrenaline in the blood, the inability to calm down.

The personality jumps from one to another, therefore, it does not achieve stable results in anything. The reversed Emperor shows self-confidence, which is not backed up by anything. In this regard, the meaning is similar to the King of Fire in the opposite form. The querent wants a lot, and his own desires are driven into a corner. The questioner does not keep the balance, he can easily flare up at a loved one. All this leads to a loss of faith in yourself and your own strength. As a result, the person becomes isolated and in the heat of the moment commits rash acts.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Insensitivity to other people’s troubles and problems, ignore.
  • Power that overshadows the voice of conscience; callousness, stinginess.
  • Distrust even in oneself, constant tension.
  • A situation that is completely exhausting and taking away strength.

In any topic of the spread, the reversed Emperor will win back as a loss of empathy. A person is guided only by his own whims and forgets about others. Thus, he undermines the credibility in their eyes. However, the hero of the reversed card is a skilled manipulator. He bribes the environment with money or promises of outstanding results. Therefore, colleagues and subordinates often tolerate such a person, make concessions. As a characteristic of the situation, the Arcana in the opposite form hints at dishonesty and arrogance.

The reversed Emperor asks questions: “What am I angry about?” and “How to use anger for good?”. Often the “negative” motivation is the most effective one. Anger at one’s own laziness, apathy, or financial instability can push a person to great things. The main thing is to redirect grievances and understatement in the right direction. Rather than trying to convince others of their wrongness, it is better to actually show your own strength and stamina.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Earthiness, which only deprives inspiration.
  • Pragmatism, focus on material things.
  • Unlawful use of force or immorality.
  • Loss of support within oneself or a “loud” fall.

If the reversed Emperor fell out in a spirituality spread, then the position of the card just hints at the loss of a higher idea. Now man is more oriented towards the concept of power. He can calmly use violence in order to get what he wants. The character of the reversed card denies softness, complaisance. He left all this to the Empress, and he himself went to war. However, this is just a figurative expression, because the character simply sent his troops to conquer new lands. The Master himself will never dirty his hands without a strong need.

In the context of karma, the reversed Emperor is responsible for meeting difficult men. If the lady asks, then the position of the card hints at marriage with an overly aggressive person. A husband can raise his hand, not put his wife in anything. It is possible that in a past life the girl herself was such a gentleman. Now she has to experience this negativity for herself. For men, the position of the Arcana speaks of the loss of "face", the loss of authority. The brute force strategy has stopped working for its operator. Querent faced the consequences of his mistakes.

The Emperor as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then the Emperor shows reliable and strong men. They always strive forward, do not stop there. Former achievements only push to move on. Often the incentive for such a gentleman is his wife or girlfriend. James the First Stuart, Karl Habsburg, St. Stephen – these people ruled at different times, but they were all united by a strong will. During the period that they spent on the throne, the rulers strengthened the influence of their native country and appropriated new lands for themselves. In ordinary life, the card indicates men who are ready to be responsible for a certain group of people – a family or a work team.

In the reversed form, the Emperor shows cowards, hiding behind a high position and power over others. These are unscrupulous business owners or corrupt politicians. They call people to risk and self-sacrifice, but they themselves do not go into battle. Only immoral persons can afford such a position. They do not care about the voice of conscience. Rather, they are guided only by material values and unlimited power over the minds.

The Emperor: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Emperor Card

The Emperor advises to show strength and endurance. The querent needs to become an example for others. His own will is able to "raise the wave" and motivate loved ones. The questioner will easily cope with any problem, if he comprehensively approaches the solution of the problem. As a warning, the Emperor speaks of the importance of keeping an eye on the situation. You should not allow yourself a lot, lose vigilance. Composure will help to notice the approaching danger in time. It will allow you to cover the rear in advance and build a protective wall. If the fortuneteller shows weakness, then the enemies will simply take advantage of this.

If the Emperor fell reversed, then the card advises not to focus on the opinion of "authority". The person may be trying to manipulate the questioner. It is best not to listen to anyone at all and stand your ground to the end. Also, the reversed Emperor warns of a loss of respect, a miss. Before doing anything, the fortuneteller must sensibly assess the risks. If third parties are involved in the game, then all the more, the querent should think carefully. However, the position of the card hints at a greater chance of a miss. It is best to retire, to say "no" to your own ambitions. This will help save time and energy.

The Emperor: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the Emperor promises an important time. Today, the questioner will have to take responsibility, to give a concrete result. People around are waiting for instructions, so you need to collect your thoughts. The card may indicate an increase in the career ladder, a transition to a higher managerial position. Also, the Arcana sometimes shows a meeting with a respected man, receiving advice from him. If the card fell out directly, then the opponent will be located, open to the fortuneteller. It is worth taking the support of such a person. At a minimum, this experience with a high-flying personality is useful for motivation.

The reversed Emperor predicts conflicts with superiors or some kind of man. The questioner will feel anger, he will be annoyed that many of the goals set cannot be realized. Today, the querent can be teased. This will anger the fortuneteller even more. However, a violent outburst of emotions will only lead to devastation. On these days, it is better not to react at all to what is happening, to remain neutral and not interfere. Only such behavior will somehow help to gather strength and survive. The manifestation of feelings will negatively affect the reputation.

Major Arcana