The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Card Name: Hanged Man, Hangman, Victim, Messiah

Category: Major Arcana, Soul

Position: 12

Planet: Neptune ♆

Time: Autumn solstice

The Hanged Man is a tarot card that combines danger and attraction. It shows obstacles, problems, stuck situations. But on the other hand, the Arcana speaks of high ideals, selflessness. It is the willingness to forgo comfort for a spiritual breakthrough. But the reversed card means ostentatious selflessness, deceit. Also, these are non-working concepts, ideas. They have no support under them, as if they are flying in the sky. If you chase a kite, you can fall into the abyss. Therefore, the reversed position of the twelfth Arcana symbolizes empty hopes and unnecessary experiences.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Hanged Man

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Hanged Man card depicts a man tied by his right foot to a tree. The hero is dressed in a blue shirt and red leggings, shod in yellow shoes. Rays of light or a halo are shown around the character’s head. The guy’s hands are tied behind his back. The left leg is crossed over the right. From the side, the hero’s pose vaguely resembles a swastika. The trunk of the tree is made in the form of a tau-cross. According to one version, it was on such a structure that Christ was crucified. The background behind the man is gray, which is why the character attracts all the attention of the viewer.

Arthur Waite changed the shape of the tree to "T". A similar cross is called Anthony in honor of the founder of Christian monasticism. In the 4th century AD similar designs were used as gallows. This main detail of the Hanged Man Arcana indicates sacrifice, punishment. However, the swastika and halo symbolize the light of the sun, openness, and truth. That is, the hero of the Hangman card is a martyr. He did nothing, but he must be punished. The character has only one right leg tied to the branches. It is associated with active energy. The left side is free – this side is responsible for intuition, softness. A man is limited in actions, but he can observe, analyze the situation. The creator of the deck himself pointed to the superpowers of the hero of the card.

Meaning of the Upright The Hanged Man Card

  • Forced, suspended situation or ambiguity.
  • Deceleration, dependent position, the appearance of obstacles.
  • Trying to play for time or dodge responsibility.
  • Sacrifice for good, the need to give yourself completely to the cause.

In the upright position, the Hanged Man denotes a slowdown, the appearance of problems and undesirable factors. Nothing depends on the querent now, so there is no point in being active. On the contrary, all actions will only aggravate the current situation. The Victim Arcana personifies freezing, delays, a suspended situation. The questioner can only wait and hope for the best. The card also shows a dependent position. The querent looks around at others, focuses on their choice. These are “tied hands”, the inability to radically change the situation. The Messiah also shows the need to sacrifice something, to invest in the cause without a trace.

The numerical designation of the Hanged Man card mirrors the 21 major Arcana. But if the latter is responsible for the expansion, the absence of boundaries, then the one under consideration is the narrowing of the focus. You can compare the value with a small pebble that gets in the way in a shoe. The card symbolizes constraints, the presence of difficulties. At the same time, a person sees and realizes everything, but, alas, he cannot do anything. However, there are also advantages here. Often the Hanged Man indicates extraordinary thinking, a fresh look. The hero looks at the world from top to bottom, which is why he notices all the minor details.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The habit of fully investing in a loved one.
  • Solving the problems of the second half to the detriment of oneself.
  • Lack of personal life or inability to open up.
  • Associated responsibilities that make it difficult to find a partner.

In the love spread, the Hanged Man alludes to the sacrifice on the part of one of the beloved. A person is forced to remain on the sidelines so that his passion carelessly enjoys life. Often this situation is typical for hyper-responsible people. However, energy can be spent in vain. In other cases, the card simply shows a difficult period. The couple is going through a crisis, does not know in which direction the situation will unfold in the future. In any case, partners feel pressure on each other. There is a pause in the air.

For singles, the Hanged Man predicts getting stuck in terms of love. In the near future, you can not expect drastic changes. The querent is prevented from building his personal life by any business or duties. They do not allow to know joy and happiness in partnership with someone. Therefore, it is worth looking for the cause of loneliness not in the personality itself, but in the responsibility placed on its shoulders. Often, relatives and children can become an aggravating factor. A person completely dissolves in them, so much so that he forgets about creating his own full-fledged family.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Business put on pause; delayed monthly payments.
  • Permanent unemployment or the need to borrow from relatives.
  • The habit of living "in debt" and the inability to grasp the vacancy.
  • An unpromising place or a ban on activities.

In the context of the field of work, the Hanged Man shows organizations involved in the imposition of restrictions. This also includes bank collectors and those people who revoke licenses, issue fines, charge pennies. The meaning of the Hanged Man in terms of the situation also takes a negative one. The questioner for a long time cannot find a job, find a job. Salary from the previous position is delayed. At the same time, a fortuneteller may have interests, aspirations, but it’s impossible to put them into practice.

One can only dream of money here. Which, most likely, is what the querent does. The Hanged Man does not show real actions. Therefore, the financial situation is very deplorable. There may be large debts. In this regard, the Arcana focuses on "poor" thinking. A person is used to spending every penny, he is easily influenced by advertising. However, shopaholism and shortsightedness lead to a complete collapse. The wallet may not be empty, but these are borrowed “slippery” funds.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Unwillingness to procreate, problems with reproduction.
  • Improper functioning of some organs, systems.
  • Slow metabolism and pressure surges, headache.
  • Physical handicap and lack of some features.

In the field of health, the Hanged Man is played as a disability, restrictions on movement. It is physically difficult for a person to perform any type of work. In extreme cases, the card may show the absence of limbs. In any case, all these ailments are immediately evident. Simply, a person becomes a hostage of his own body and is forced to put up with this state of affairs. For women, the Arcana shows tied fallopian tubes. This procedure is used to avoid pregnancy. For men, the card hints at problems with potency.

The psyche of the Hanged Man is rather limited. A person, for one reason or another, cannot do much. She can only observe others, imagining herself in their place. Therefore, such people always have a wild fantasy or developed intuition. These are subtle psychologists, learned the hard way. But it is precisely his presence that allows him to give advice to those who truly need it. It can be said that such a person is a saint, only because he does nothing wrong.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A predetermined unpresentable ending to the story.
  • The senselessness of all efforts, hopes, guessing something.
  • Humility before life itself and giving yourself into the hands of fate.
  • The ability to mimic in any conditions, to obey.

Foremost, the Hanged Man shows some limitations, problems. But what led to the current situation remains a mystery to the fortuneteller. So, the querent could choose the role of the victim himself, otherwise – become by accident. However, the person will still face unforeseen circumstances. Life seems to stop, tormented by a long wait. Events make you immerse yourself in yourself, teach you to put up with adversity. The querent needs patience if he wants to get anything in the end.

The Hanged Man asks questions: “What am I forced to live with?” and “What’s all this for?”. Any prolonged problem carves character. After all, while a person thinks about her decision, he moves forward. Even if in reality there is no progress, nevertheless, inside the personality overcomes itself. The main thing is to understand why such hardships. The ultimate goal will serve as a saving beacon in the dark ocean of chaos and uncertainty. And on the way to freedom, a lot will have to be uprooted, removed.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Spiritual journey, immersion in the depths of consciousness.
  • Humility, the ability to endure for a long time, but not lose hope.
  • Retribution for the sins of relatives on their own.
  • Forgiveness or willingness to accept someone else’s fault.

The hanging Arcana of the Hanged Tarot gives a positive meaning to the spirituality spread. In this area, the card is revealed as a readiness for many hardships. A person can dive into himself during asceticism, but this requires will and strength. In this case, the person is able to say “no”, to impose prohibitions. So, often delicious food, beautiful clothes and comfortable conditions become a stumbling block. All beginners who want to know subtle matters stumble on it. Man is not just a body. But in order to understand this, you need to learn how to master the physical shell as well.

In terms of karma, the Hanged Man shows a sacrifice in the name of something. In this life, the fortuneteller must know many hardships and limitations. He may not have money, relationships, creative self-realization. But all this should be viewed from a positive side. Asceticism leads to self-knowledge. Often the reason for such a fate is karmic retribution for the deeds of the ancestors. Querent has to give his own energy in order to cover the debts of his ancestors.

Meaning of the Reversed The Hanged Man Tarot

  • Fictional problems, the advantageous position of the victim.
  • A trap for oneself, unwillingness to move forward.
  • Self-destruction or the ability to create obstacles everywhere.
  • Initially unpromising event, "empty" plans.

In an reversed position, the Hanged Man denotes a vain sacrifice. All the actions taken will not have the desired effect. At the same time, it is beneficial for a person to play for time, to show himself as a weak link. The hero assumes the correct position and can easily get out of the trap. However, he does not do this, so there are good reasons for that. Therefore, the reversed Hanged Man card symbolizes invented obstacles, problems. The questioner builds a wall with his own hands, immures himself, closes himself from success. But in the eyes of others, he becomes a hero, a great martyr.

In some cases, the reversed Hanged Man indicates an early resolution of the problem. In fact, the task will be much simpler than at first glance. However, in general, the position of the Arcana hints at a "dead horse" from which one should quickly get off. The idea itself has no logical basis and no future perspective. No matter how hard a person tries, no matter how much he invests, all this is unsuccessful. The Hanged Man in the opposite meaning symbolizes the unwillingness to let go of anything or anyone. The fortuneteller is not ready to go forward. It is much more convenient and easier for him to stay in place, because the future is frightening with the unknown.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Very difficult relationship, abuse or violence.
  • Suppression of the second half and the desire to control.
  • Far-fetched reasons not to let anyone close to you.
  • Intentional repulsion from his person by others.

In terms of relationships, the Hanged Man in the reversed meaning shows a lack of prospects for a couple. One of the partners by force holds the other, makes you feel like a victim. He perceives the second half as an empty place, unworthy of respect. This is an abusive relationship that only destroys each one individually. At the same time, the weak side can always leave, but it does not. It is hindered by internal complexes, the fear of being alone. Therefore, people endure decades of dependence.

If the card lay upside down for singles, then this is also a bad sign. The Hanged Man in the opposite form hints at the reluctance to enter into a relationship with anyone. The querent considers himself unworthy of anyone’s attention. He personally closes himself from the opposite sex. But in fact, there are no objective reasons for loneliness. All of them are contrived. Therefore, a person should think about why it is beneficial for him to manifest himself in society in this way.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • "Draining" job offers, vacancies, employment.
  • Hope for help from loved ones, relatives and family.
  • Losing business, lack of perspective, also need.
  • Unresolved financial issues and unwillingness to move.

In the career spread, the reversed Hanged Man is played as parasitism, an escape from responsibility. The personality itself does not want career growth, development. It is much more convenient for her to put pressure on pity, to beg for handouts. Often, the position of the card hints at the absence of any employment at all. A person gets so used to being helpless that over time, critical thinking atrophies. Performing the simplest tasks turns into a real impassable quest.

In terms of business, the Hanged Man in the opposite form means the absence of positive changes. The case will not "shoot". You can just forget about the "brilliant" idea. In addition, the querent can make additional problems for himself. In the context of finance, the position of the Arcana is read in two ways. On the one hand, it indicates a real need. But on the other hand, it speaks of the fortuneteller’s performance. If desired, a person can fix everything. However, he simply doesn’t want to.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Unwanted pregnancy, the need for contraception.
  • Temporary improvement in well-being and mild pain, spasm.
  • Staying in the position of an eternal victim for profit or selfishness.
  • Depreciation of one’s own achievements, abilities, gift.

If the Hanged Man fell upside down in a health spread, then this, on the contrary, is a good sign. The position of the card indicates an improvement in well-being. A period of remission may begin. Yes, a complete recovery will not occur, but the person will become much better. Pain will stop or become less intense. However, for women, the reversed card hints at spontaneous untubing of the fallopian tubes. You should be careful with the rejection of contraceptives. The risk of unwanted pregnancy is high.

In terms of mental health, the reversed Hanged Man speaks of learned helplessness syndrome. A person limits himself, is afraid to take an extra step, to utter a word. It’s very slow and inert. When it is necessary to act quickly, a person falls into a kind of stupor. It is also often difficult for the questioner to form and express his own opinion. Rather, he focuses only on the views of people who are authoritative for him.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Pseudo-holiness, desire to lie low, repressed anger.
  • Resentment or the desire to show their suffering.
  • The second bottom or secondary benefit from the role of the poor fellow.
  • Unwillingness to recognize their responsibility and take it.

Most often, the Hanged Man in an reversed position symbolizes far-fetched problems, a kind of hypochondria that concerns absolutely everything at once. The most important thing here is that a person is able to get out of the crisis. But he himself hung himself on this sacrificial tree, tied his hands and fell silent. Now any responsibility seems to be removed from him. If trouble happens, it is always the fault of others, not him. In any area of life, the reversed Arcana represents the deliberate creation of obstacles in order to whitewash oneself in the eyes of others.

The Hanged Man, in the opposite form, asks questions: “Why is it beneficial for me to be a victim?” and “What prevents me from getting out of this state?”. The irony lies in the fact that there are no objective reasons for the failure of the querent. He just wants to become a martyr, practically a saint, worthy of increased attention. But the root of this mental illness lies deep within. Infantilism is dangerous incapacity. If you miss the ball twice, then the third person will no longer even try to “turn on” the rebuff.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Suspiciousness, inability to assess oneself sensibly.
  • The game of spirituality; ostentatious suffering, experiences.
  • Fear of incurring real punishment or admitting sins.
  • Weakness of soul and lack of willpower and strong spirit.

In the context of spirituality, the reversed Hanged Man shows a very dangerous position. The seeker wants to become a second Jesus Christ, to try on this alluring image. But that’s just the same problems he does not want to make. Therefore, it is beneficial for a person to preach about what she simply cannot know. The man grows long hair, puts on white clothes and fancies himself a great teacher. He perceives all attempts to reason with him as a temptation from the evil one. In fact, all this is just a fantasy of an inflamed consciousness. Escape from oneself sometimes takes the most incredible forms.

As a karma, the reversed Hanged Man is responsible for a life aimed at knocking out tears and sympathy from others, relatives. Judas betrayed Christ and then hanged himself from a tree. Many feel sorry for the suicide, but forget about his grave sin. The same analogy can be transferred to the fate of the questioner. He tries to get support, but all efforts will be unsuccessful. So you can live an empty life, if you constantly hope for a response from loved ones. Better to pull yourself together and put an end to your own suffering, change. In some cases, you will have to suffer real punishment for what you have done.

The Hanged Man as a Significator of a Person

In the upright position, the Hanged Man patronizes people of art. They see the world from a completely different perspective. Such individuals are able to notice minor details and convey them in a non-standard way. The Arcana corresponds to Neptune – the planet of illusions and high ideals, fantasies. Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist who has been bedridden for most of her life. In adulthood, she also lost her leg due to illness. At the same time, the artist constantly painted, she could not live without her creativity. Art has become for her a kind of outlet, a way to influence the world when there is no way to even get up.

But in the reversed position, the Hanged Man shows lazy people, loafers. An example is the vagrant who is young and physically healthy, but pretends to be crippled. The deplorable appearance allows them to receive money from compassionate passers-by. This method of earning is chosen by those who do not want to achieve goals with their own work. Often such individuals are arrogant and proud. Ordinary work is perceived by them as "black". And, of course, there is no question of any development.

The Hanged Man: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Hanged Man Card

The Hanged Man advises to leave all efforts, to try to turn on the outside observer mode. The situation has stalled, it no longer depends on the actions of the questioner. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the “leakage zone” of energy as soon as possible, and then “close” it. There is no point in investing in a hopeless business. As a warning, the Hanged Man speaks of the importance of inaction. Otherwise, the fortuneteller’s initiative will play against him. You can receive a gift of huge debts or unbearable obligations. To prevent this from happening, it is worthwhile to determine the potential danger in advance and bypass the trap.

Reversed, the Hanged Man advises taking the role of the injured party. Only in this way will others be able to lend a helping hand. The burden is not on the shoulders of the querent, and therefore it should be broken into several pieces. Sometimes a manifestation of weakness indicates the presence of strength, an inner core. But also, the position of the card warns of an impending threat. It may not yet be fully felt, it is only a matter of time. Before the lid slams shut, you need to notify the whole world about the danger in time. The querent should not refuse the help of even strangers.

The Hanged Man: Daily Card Meaning

In the upright position, the Hanged Man promises a delay in the implementation of plans. Today, it will not be possible to solve pressing issues, to achieve a clear, unambiguous answer. As soon as one part can be repaired, the other will surely break. Therefore, it is better to spend a day on observation from the side. You can look at the people around and draw certain conclusions. However, it is worth forgetting about activity for a while. This is a good day to take a break from the constant fuss, if you do not consider problems as something fatal and unsolvable. Even dismissal, retirement can be perceived positively, as a well-deserved vacation.

The reversed Hanged Man as a card of the day predicts the appearance of a desire to show one’s weakness. Today, more than ever, the questioner will need a strong shoulder nearby. He needs to speak out, pour out all the accumulated pain to a friend. Even unpleasant little things these days will seem insurmountable obstacles. But it’s all due to fatigue. The main thing is not to get stuck in the position of a weak player for a long time. Also, offers with a catch may come today. You do not need to agree to them, otherwise the fortuneteller will be extreme in some business. This is just an attempt to throw responsibility on such a fortunate person.

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