The Hierophant Tarot Card

Card Name: Hierophant, High Priest, Pope

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 5

Zodiac sign: Taurus ♉

The Hierophant is a card of spiritual power and high position. The protagonist is even more important than the King or Emperor himself. Aristocracy listens to the priest, because he fulfills God’s will on earth. That is why the Arcana symbolizes complete trust and fulfillment of prescriptions. But the reversed card speaks only of deceived expectations. The flock turns into blind men, led by a cunning shepherd. He thinks only about his wallet and unlimited power over the unintelligent. But people themselves are responsible for this behavior. Only those who allow it can be deceived. In this case, the position of the Arcana is responsible for naivety, which will definitely be used.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Hierophant

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the Hierophant card shows a man seated on a throne between two pillars. The hero is dressed in the scarlet mantle traditional for the Catholic Pope, shod in white shoes with crosses. The head is decorated with a gold triple crown – tiara. The character holds a wand in his left hand. The fingers of the right are folded in a gesture of blessing. Two keys are shown at the end of the red pedestal – according to legend, they belonged to St. Peter and opened the gates to Paradise. Below are two tonsured monks. The one on the left is dressed in a dress with roses, on the right – with lilies. It seems that the action takes place within the walls of a majestic temple.

The hero of the Arcana is the Hierophant – a spiritual mentor, a high priest. He is the conductor of God’s will on earth. Even the location of the main figure and his wards hints at a strict hierarchy – the character is one step higher than the others. The fifth Tarot card is like a reflection of the Priestess. But here the man personifies the already manifested energy, realization. The red cassock symbolizes a high position, power; golden keys – the presence of secret knowledge. Novices look from the bottom up at their mentor – this is an indication of following certain dogmas, strict rules. The blessing gesture also alludes to spirituality and the right to teach someone.

Meaning of the Upright The Hierophant Card

  • Adopted wisdom; obedience, respect for elders, parents.
  • Faith, religion; established rules of conduct or tradition.
  • Cultural heritage and the study of doctrine, Scripture.
  • Obvious differences, hierarchy, belonging to one’s own group.

In the upright position, the Hierophant shows people who have some kind of sacred knowledge. Also, the Arcana symbolizes faith, religion. This is a manifestation of the Higher Forces, a mystic in everyday life. The Priest is a kind of "middle link", an intermediary between man and God. This is a vessel that contains pure knowledge and then shares it with others. Therefore, the High Priest symbolizes a life of conscience, truth and inner ethics. The card also represents adherence to certain doctrines or postulates. A person according to this Arcana can be a doctor or a lawyer. He possesses knowledge that "elevates" above those around him.

The Hierophant also denotes clear differences between certain groups, castes. In Tarot Manara, the emphasis is on this idea of the card. The discrepancy can manifest itself both in religious terms and in the sense of preferences. The Arcana seems to divide the world into black and white. The priest is the apotheosis of morality. The hero fights evil and teaches the monks to do the same. The card can be read as some kind of internal restrictions imposed by society. However, in a straight position, they will always be "for good." The querent can count on support. Support in the form of adopted beliefs will help you stay afloat.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Official marriage, wedding, wedding ceremony in a church, mosque.
  • Strong bonds, a guide to creating a family and having a child.
  • Rethinking past relationships or reassessing experience.
  • Acquaintance with a person aimed at a strong marriage, family.

In the context of love, the Hierophant shows the transition of relations to a new stage. It can be an official marriage or a wedding in a church. Partners are ready to face the law and publicly announce their own intentions. The couple remains true to traditional values and wants to create a strong family. Even if the lovers do not meet for too long, the card still hints at the prospect of marriage in the near future. And both people are counting on such a scenario.

For lonely people, the fallen Hierophant, on the contrary, predicts a “spiritual” period. The questioning person will look for himself, think a lot about his personal life. However, all this is necessary for the formation of personality. The querent will have to give up not a single temptation in order to find his own happiness in the end. Now an important stage has begun, during which the fortuneteller will rethink a lot and come to the right conclusions. As a result, it will be aimed only at serious relationships, family.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work as a priest in a church or temple or mentoring.
  • Teachers, lawyers, surgeons; private practice and appointments.
  • Emphasis on higher values, but not money; finance as a tool.
  • Trust in life, lack of concern for your well-being.

In terms of activity, the Hierophant means work in the church, mosque, temple. It is also the personal practice of lawyers, doctors, teachers. In general, the card shows the possession of a certain authority, as well as the necessary knowledge. In the context of the situation, the High Priest symbolizes actions in conscience, absolute trust in his superiors. The querent can also act as a teacher to his subordinates himself. In addition to working issues, a moral character is being formed here, the foundation of future ethics is being laid.

The financial situation does not bother the questioner at all. He lives within his means, he knows that he will earn the necessary amounts. The Hierophant in Tarot reading represents the connection between the querent and his client. The final result in the form of a salary will depend on how well the fortuneteller performs his task. But here the issue of authority and sympathy, a personal brand is also important. Material well-being is directly related to the morality and honesty of the questioner.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Adherence to the chosen diet; dietary restrictions.
  • Refusal of alcohol, meat, vegetarianism; religious post.
  • Firmness or faith in one’s own destiny.
  • Possession of some knowledge that gives the right to teach.

The Hierophant denotes adherence to a healthy lifestyle, the presence of dietary restrictions. The querent can get up early, do exercises or pour cold water on him. All this is prevention to prevent serious diseases. A person is able to refuse fast food, sweet, carbonated drinks. Perhaps the questioner has an idol – an athlete or a doctor, whom he looks up to. Also, the Hierophant sometimes shows a post dedicated to a sacred holiday. The card also implies dietary restrictions due to religion. For example, it could be avoiding pork or alcohol.

In terms of the psyche, the Hierophant personifies self-confidence and the chosen path. The individual holds on to the highest idea of what is "good." And it won’t always be religion. Some believe in science, physics, biology. But everywhere the card of the High Priest will be played as poise, the ability to control oneself. The Pope also shows the presence of followers and devoted fans. However, the querent does not abuse his popularity, he tries to live honestly.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Well-considered actions, also loyalty to oneself.
  • Ability to listen and hear others, listen to advice.
  • Questions for which there are honest answers; truth and truth.
  • Constant development and movement forward, the presence of a teacher.

The Hierophant is played everywhere as a "structural" or "hierarchical" card. It shows the ability to obey and rule. Even the hero himself depends on God. Also in real life – somewhere the querent is forced to follow other people’s instructions, and in another place he gives orders. The upright position of the Arcana hints at justice and honesty. The questioner knows how to distinguish between concepts and does not mix internal impulses into a common cause. He does not try to assert himself at the expense of the power entrusted to him.

The card asks questions: “What is my purpose?” and “How fit am I with the chosen path?”. Even if a person does not preach any religion, he still has dreams and aspirations. The Hierophant speaks of the importance of adopting knowledge, learning from more "advanced" masters. The area is not important here. The most significant role is played by the ability to constantly move forward, but also to restrain oneself somewhere. It is important to grow slowly but surely, to develop spiritually.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • The search for truth within the walls of the church, in prayers and rituals.
  • Acceptance of the idea of the existence of a Higher Power and God.
  • The desire to develop spiritually, to atone for their mistakes.
  • The ability to both teach others and learn yourself.

In the context of spirituality, the Hierophant means living in accordance with dogmas and rules. A person is ready to spend the time allotted on Earth in order to become stronger and purer in soul. The Archpriest card shows seekers who have come close to some truth. They need knowledge like spring water in a hot desert. Religion here acts as a moral and spiritual rail that you need to stand on. To get out into the "free swimming", for a start it is worth learning not to drown near the shore. The fifth Arcana of the Tarot often lies at the very peak of comprehension of spiritual truths.

In terms of karma, the Hierophant shows the need to know many hardships and limitations. In a past life, a person could deny the existence of the Higher Forces, but now he himself has come to God. But this is far from the end of the road. Even the numerical designation of the card only hints at the first glimpses of a bright thought. Often, if a person becomes an adherent of a certain religion, then behind her back there are some significant sins that make her bow her head under this burden.

Meaning of the Reversed The Hierophant Tarot

  • The querent made a serious mistake, a violation of the rules and dogmas.
  • Shifting responsibility to others, politicians and God.
  • Sin and departure from faith; moral crime and deal with conscience.
  • Violation of any foundations and moral character, loss of trust.

If you turn the card over, then the meaning of the Hierophant changes. The protagonist turns into a pseudo-guru, unworthy of trust. He acts solely in the interests of his own ego, forgetting about the existence of God. In real life, the reversed card is played as a “deaf phone” – an incorrect or fragmentary transmission of information. A person has chosen the wrong path, he listens to the wrong advisers. As a result, he constantly makes the same mistake and does not learn from it at all. Also, the reversed Priest is excessive obedience and lack of initiative. The querent shifts responsibility to the Higher Forces, the deity.

Sometimes the reversed position of the High Priest hints at outright stupidity. The questioner is ready to accept at face value the most blatant lie if it is presented by some authoritative person. The Hierophant in the opposite sense also symbolizes the deliberate deception of loved ones. The querent can take on the role of the "guru" himself or be one of his followers. Depending on the character, the main value will change. But also the reversed Arcana shows sins, trampling on faith and the very idea of religiosity. Sometimes it will be bad for the person himself, but otherwise, it will allow you to get out from under the yoke of society.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Forced marriage; creating a family because of a child.
  • Refusal to enter into a legal relationship or an attempt to play for time.
  • Religiosity that prevents you from finding a soulmate and creating a couple.
  • Idealization of a partner, which only leads to disappointment.

In a love spread, the reversed Hierophant shows a marriage of convenience or even a refusal to propose. A partner can play for time, give empty hope. Otherwise, the position of the card indicates excessive perseverance. One of the partners forces the second to marry, create a family. For him, the “facade” of successful relationships is important, and not their sincerity. As a result, the interests of the second half are not taken into account. Because of this, there are constant conflicts, misunderstandings, quarrels.

For lonely people, the reversed Hierophant hints at an unlearned lesson in terms of personal life. Past relationships brought a lot of pain, but these "holes" could not be patched. With a future partner, all the same problems will come up. The querent is invited to work well on himself, with the subconscious. It is worth identifying the true causes of bad luck with the opposite sex. Also, the position of the Arcana can talk about leaving the faith, so as not to deal with a difficult situation. The fortuneteller simply runs away from himself.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Deception of clients, partners, colleagues; withholding information.
  • Care of the collected funds in the pockets of "benefactors" – thieves.
  • The idea of the sinfulness of money, poverty for show and the rejection of everything.
  • The return of the last funds to religious sects or churches.

In terms of activity, the Hierophant in the opposite position implies illegal enrichment, deceit. These may be fake organizations engaged in supposedly charity work. In the context of the situation, the reversed card speaks of unjustified trust, undermined authority. Or the querent himself went on about the subordinates, so he lost. Otherwise, the fortuneteller was deceived by his boss, the director. In the end, the questioner was left without money and a stable job.

In the context of finance, the reversed Hierophant symbolizes the plight of dependence. The querent believes in help from a certain person, organization, or even the Higher Powers. However, this does not happen. Time passes, and the fortuneteller keeps marking time. The position of the Arcana often hints at the denial of the very idea of monetary exchange. The person believes that all these are the machinations of the Devil, therefore he is in such difficult life circumstances. And even if a person has a chance to improve the material sphere, he will simply refuse the opportunity.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Rejection of classical medicine; belief in conspiracies, rituals.
  • Excessive dietary restrictions that lead to neurosis.
  • Religiosity, which leads a person away from his own problems.
  • Indecisiveness, life with an eye on other people’s thoughts and ideas.

The reversed Hierophant of the Tarot gives a negative meaning to the health spread. Here, the position of the card is played as a refusal of the prescribed treatment. A person believes in magicians and psychics, who in fact turn out to be charlatans. As a result, the patient’s condition worsens, recovery does not occur. Also, the reversed Hierophant symbolizes unnecessary restrictions. For example, a querent adheres to a plant-based diet, but in fact the body lacks animal protein. Muscles, hormonal and nervous systems suffer from this.

On the Hierophant card, in the opposite form, the deception of oneself passes. A person wants to close his eyes to certain injuries, accumulated grievances. To do this, he seeks solace in religion, "blind" faith. A person may begin to condemn those around him for not fulfilling certain prescriptions, covenants. This behavior is dictated by dissatisfaction with one’s own life. Excessive attentiveness to others hints at an unwillingness to deal with their problems.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Shifting responsibility onto the shoulders of partners, teachers.
  • Idealization of anyone, which only oppresses, lies.
  • Weakness or desire to join someone else’s harbor and relax.
  • Deception of oneself, manifested in external circumstances, society.

In all situations, the reversed Hierophant indicates dishonesty, injustice. However, those who are deceived are often responsible for it themselves. Two heroes on the card look at the Priest from the bottom up. They perceive him as a messenger of God. But by doing so, the characters deny their dignity and honor. The reversed Hierophant speaks of the duality of this phenomenon. As long as a person kneels before someone, he automatically denies responsibility for himself. And the “teacher” simply takes advantage of this weakness.

The reversed Hierophant asks questions: “What do I want to see in my guru?” and “Why can’t this be in me?” All ideals are simply invented by people. They are woven from unfulfilled hopes and unfulfilled desires. But the bottom line is that each person can become the God of his own life. In order to no longer meet with deceit, it is worth thinking about direct participation in your own destiny. This is the only way to protect yourself from the bad influence of "authorities".

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Emphasis on spirituality when there is no inner core and strength.
  • Looking for answers in the wrong place, delusions and fallacies.
  • A situation that requires revealing the truth to others.
  • Selflessness and an attempt to remove suffocating conventions.

Even when reversed, the Hierophant remains a "spiritual" card. But now all the rituals become empty. Reading prayers, fasting or giving to the poor, a person simply wants to escape from himself. He stands in front of a high wall and tries to climb it, although he realizes that this is impossible. The door is nearby, but the person does not see it. The mind is designed in such a way that it leads a person in a circle. Solving the problem is liberating, therefore completely unacceptable. Religion in this context is simply a way of governing.

Also, the reversed Hierophant shows aggravated karma. In the past incarnation, the querent himself deceived others, misled them for some benefit. He could pretend to be a guru, an enlightened one. But now it’s time to pay off your debts. The relatives of the questioner may fall into a sect, a religious organization run by scammers. Now the fortuneteller must open people’s eyes and try to pull them out of danger. This is not an easy task, so you have to try hard.

The Hierophant as a Significator of a Person

When upright, the Hierophant shows the followers of a particular religion. These are people who pay great attention to detail. For them, structure and composure are important. That is why such individuals tend to choose different schools, monasteries, confessions. Whether it was Lao Tzu, Charles Taze or Martin Luther, they all believed in the power of the majority. The potential of each team member is multiplied tenfold if it is directed to one point. The card corresponds to Taurus – the "home" sign of the Earth element, for which comfort and stability are important.

But in an reversed position, the Hierophant symbolizes the substitution of concepts. Now, the same spirituality is nothing but another way of pumping money. A prime example is David Koresh. This is a well-known religious figure, who turned out to be a common swindler. He inspired his followers with the idea of his being chosen by God and incredible past lives. Trusting people went to promises of eternal life and deliverance from all diseases and troubles. But, of course, these were simple fairy tales in order to extract more money from the flock.

The Hierophant: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Hierophant Card

If the Hierophant fell out upright, then the Arcana advises to trust a superior person. It can be a boss, a parent, a partner. Religious people should visit the church, pray or read the Holy Scriptures. It is important to adhere to the rules already established by someone. As a warning, the Hierophant speaks of the danger of bringing in something new. The society or the group to which the querent belongs will negatively perceive innovations. In order not to spoil relations with relatives or a leader, you need to try to adjust and adopt unshakable laws. All the same hierarchy can save a fortuneteller from unnecessary trouble.

The reversed Hierophant advises not to shy away from any means in order to maintain one’s own influence. The questioner may remain silent, give false information. His relatives need management, because they themselves are now unable to cope with the existing difficulties. As a warning, the reversed Hierophant speaks of the importance of observation. Even a leader with an impeccable reputation can deceive. You don’t need to trust anyone, it’s better to check every promise a hundred times in practice. Only in this way can you protect yourself from bad influence or prevent deliberate use.

The Hierophant: Daily Card Meaning

If the card lies straight, then the Hierophant promises a "high-vibration" day. The querent may practice yoga, meditate, or practice standing on nails. But all this will be done under the supervision of a teacher, a guru. A more experienced person will help prevent fundamental mistakes. Sometimes the card of the day will simply show a visit to an ashram, a mosque, a house of prayer. Today, the fortuneteller will feel the need to pour out his soul. He will think about his own life and try to fix something. There will be a desire to make important adjustments, to adhere to the rules, restrictions. But all this will only be for the good.

The reversed Hierophant predicts a day full of dangers. On this day, various kinds of temptations may appear. The questioner will be inclined to trust the wrong people, to agree to what he definitely does not want. Often a similar phenomenon can be found in countries with strikingly different cultures. A tourist will buy any jewelry if he believes in its magical potential. Cunning sellers will convince a foreigner of anything, just to quickly sell the stale goods. But the same amulet may turn out to be an ordinary trinket that you can buy in your homeland. Today, the personality itself will want to be deceived, and the executors of desire will always be found.

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