The High Priestess Tarot Card

Card Name: High Priestess, Popess, Nun

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 2

Planet: Moon โ˜ฝ

Time: Full Moon ๐ŸŒ•

The High Priestess is like the Virgin Mary descended from heaven. She guards the gates to Paradise, making sure that only the saints pass. The heroine of the card took a vow and became a faithful "wife" of God. She is not interested in worldly values, she is completely immersed in mysticism and spirituality. In the spreads, the card is played as a kind of secret, secret information. However, the reversed position speaks of deceit, a lie that they want to pass off as the truth. Now the saint turns into an ordinary charlatan, "selling" false predictions. Everything she says is a pure lie, multiplied by the desires of the ego to stand out, to attract attention.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The High Priestess

In the classic Tarot Waite, the High Priestess card depicts a girl sitting between two columns โ€“ black and white. The heroine is dressed in a blue dress and cape. A white equilateral cross is visible on the chest. In her hands, a young woman holds a scroll on which the word "Torah" is written. At the feet of the character lies the golden moon. On the columns there are letters "B" and "J" โ€“ Bet and Yod, which is translated from Hebrew as the Sun and the Moon. Right behind the girl is a tapestry depicting pomegranate fruits and leaves. Another important detail is the crown in the form of three moons โ€“ waxing, full and waning. A similar headdress was depicted on the head of the Egyptian goddess Isis. The background shows a blue sky and a body of water.

The girl on the High Priestess Arcana is very reminiscent of the Virgin Mary. Closed clothes, a covered head, a cross on her chest and a scroll with holy scripture allude to her holiness and purity. Two columns are some kind of gates that are closed by a tapestry from the eyes of the layman. Pomegranates symbolize fertility, the brightness of life. However, the main character of the Arcana, the Priestess, seems to cover these manifestations with herself. Water and moons speak of intuition and the subconscious, hidden abilities. The heroine of the card, the High Priestess, sits between a black and white column, which means balance of power, balance.

Meaning of the Upright The High Priestess Card

  • Mysteries, secrecy in behavior, restraint, calmness.
  • Balance and also the ability to keep other peopleโ€™s secrets.
  • Secret information, the intervention of higher powers or magic.
  • Dreams and the unconscious part, a subtle feeling of this world.

In the upright position, the Nun symbolizes a riddle, a secret that is difficult to reveal. This is the subconscious of a person, fraught with many images. The numerical designation of the card hints at duality, but at the same time โ€“ harmony. The heroine of the Arcana seems to combine both male (solar) and female (lunar) qualities. She lives in accordance with inner feelings that tell her what to do next. The Popess shows holiness, purity, innocence. The energy of the High Priestess card is very slow and inert. It looks like the surface of a lake, shining from the moonlight. In any spread, the card will be played as secret information, requiring the search for a suitable key.

Traditionally, the High Priestess in the Tarot denotes magic, occult practices. Moreover, the Arcana can show both a specific witch and talk about the presence of a certain intervention in the situation. The card represents spirituality and the hidden possibilities of a person. When upright, the High Priestess symbolizes the right path, life "according to oneโ€™s heart." No wonder, a cross is shown on the characterโ€™s chest. Here he acts as a symbol of ethics. Also, the Priestess card speaks of protecting oneโ€™s own borders, restraint. The querent makes sure that others do not interfere in their own business. He simply does not give them a chance to do it, he keeps a lot of things a secret.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A quiet family haven with no surprises or problems.
  • The desire to always keep personal life a secret from society.
  • A period of solitude in order to meet oneself and understand oneself.
  • Rethinking your requests in terms of finding a loved one.

In the spread for the relationships, the High Priestess that fell out indicates the concealment of feelings. The partner does not want to introduce the passion to his family or friends. He closes his personal life from prying eyes. Perhaps he is simply afraid of disapproving exclamations. However, this behavior takes place if trust reigns within the couple. The second half is best to come to terms with the current situation and not put pressure on your lover. Perhaps with time things will change for the better. The very appearance of the Major Arcana speaks of the importance of such behavior. It definitely has a good reason.

For lonely people, the High Priestess predicts a period of time spent alone with herself. The questioner will face the unknown world that solitude has given. It has nothing to do with loneliness. The Priestess symbolizes the complete acceptance of oneself, an attempt to understand oneโ€™s own priorities. The subconscious mind leads the questioning person in the right direction. It is worth trusting the flow of life and not panic ahead of time.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Fortune-telling salons, "magic" business, sale of paraphernalia.
  • Withholding information about what exactly the querent does.
  • Selflessness, lack of mercantile interest, fussiness.
  • Payment on the principle of "who gives how much", while stability.

In terms of activities, the High Priestess shows the magical practice for which they take money. These are various salons, stores of occult paraphernalia. Also, the card as a whole implies hiding its work from prying eyes. The querent can achieve a lot, but is in no hurry to show off to colleagues and friends. Sometimes the Arcana will hint at resorting to the help of witchcraft in order to achieve some goal in terms of work. In the upright position, the Popess "promises" the success of this event.

The card does not directly indicate financial well-being. The High Priestess does not mean preoccupation with worldly affairs at all. But she also does not talk about poverty. Rather, the questioner adheres to the golden mean, lives within his means. An important role here is played by following oneโ€™s own path, the joy of not depending on anyone and nothing. And even if the fortuneteller does not earn millions, this fact will not upset him. In some cases, the card simply shows a non-fixed wage.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Intuitive eating, also being sensitive to yourself.
  • Appeal to healers and non-standard methods of treatment.
  • Observation, insight, gentleness and kindness.
  • The ability to forgive oneself and others, or heartfelt concern.

The High Priestess in the Tarot health spread emphasizes non-intervention. A person does not accept the methods of traditional medicine, he is used to believing in folk methods. Perhaps he turns to healers, psychics for help. However, in upright form, the Arcana does not indicate the presence of serious diseases, ailments. The questioner is in awe of his own body, intuitively feels when something is wrong. This awareness helps him deal with health issues in time, saving precious time.

The state of the psyche is calm and balanced. The High Priestess shows gentleness, but at the same time perseverance. Such a person does not like conflicts, he is used to solving everything quietly and peacefully. In general, the card speaks of modesty and sensitivity. A person often simply observes those around him, trying not to interfere in his own business. He likes to watch vivid manifestations of feelings and emotions, but he himself does not have such energy.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Withholding certain information for some purpose.
  • Dive into yourself to rest and then gain strength.
  • Deep understanding of the essence of things and non-surface thoughts.
  • Harmony with oneself, trust in intuition, event flow.

In divination in any sphere of life, the High Priestess primarily denotes a secret. Information can be hidden due to a magical intervention called "blackout". A similar method is resorted to if they want to hide important details from others. Or a person simply does not say a lot himself, afraid to jinx success. The card also shows spirituality, turning to God. It symbolizes prayer, purity, both physical (fasting, celibacy) and moral (conscience).

The High Priestess asks questions: โ€œWhat should be kept secret?โ€ and โ€œHow to keep calm?โ€. Man needs both a sunny day and a moonlit night. The card implies the unconscious and hints at the importance of diving into oneself. This must be done in order to maintain peace in the soul. In order to make a breakthrough, you must first "hold" the idea within yourself, putting enough energy into it. But also do not forget about the rest. Relaxation and open-mindedness are the main keys to opening any door.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Prophetic dreams and life in your own world, far from reality.
  • Mystical events, miracles that defy explanation.
  • Immersion in a certain faith, religiosity and ethics.
  • Life next to an extraordinary person or psychic.

If the High Priestess fell out in a spirituality spread, then this is a good sign. The card corresponds to the planet Moon, and therefore personifies immersion in mysticism. The questioner lives in his own world. He can pay attention to his own dreams and believe in them. Subconsciously, a person chooses the easiest way, trusts intuition. If the Magician personified the manifested solar quality, then the Priestess implies lunar inertia and secrecy. This is the unconscious part of the brain that remembers absolutely everything, and then transforms the information into images.

In terms of karma, the meaning of the High Priestess is positive. The Arcana promises a life filled with mystical events. It is possible that in the past incarnation the person denied God within himself. Or was a purely materialistic nature. Now a person has to know something more than the familiar world. He can over and over again face inexplicable coincidences, amazing people with superpowers. All this is necessary in order to bring the individual to the next level of spiritual development.

Meaning of the Reversed The High Priestess Tarot

  • Escape to illusory worlds or inadequate perception of life.
  • The presence of "dirty" secrets, unpleasant moments and lies about something.
  • "Double" life, or an attempt to hide from decision-making.
  • Incorrect assessment of the situation, stereotype guidance.

If the card lay down in an reversed position, then, oddly enough, the High Priestess does not change the value to the opposite. Itโ€™s just that now the card implies negative points. The same silence now only makes it worse. This connivance and inaction, abstraction from the situation. The questioner escapes into himself and closes his eyes and ears so that reality does not touch him. The reversed Priestess alludes to terrible secrets and skeletons in the closet. It can also be destructive love magic or blocking all roads to success. The fortuneteller is marking time all the time, not advancing one iota to the goal.

Also, the High Priestess in the opposite sense symbolizes secret connections, betrayal and betrayal. In the role of Judas, both the querent himself and his closest people can act. The position of the card shows an escape to a fictional world, behind some illusions, mirages. In direct form, the heroine was in the role of a nun. Now she has remained with her, but has completely lost touch with reality. The character is no longer affected by gravity, and he "flies" into his fantasies. Now, duality acts negatively on the subconscious mind of the fortuneteller. He cannot decide on anything, although events have long called for it.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Constant betrayal, betrayal and secrets from a partner.
  • An attempt to keep the other half in the dark or deceit.
  • Problems in terms of finding love and building a family.
  • Closeness, repulsive to others or loneliness.

In a love spread, the reversed High Priestess is an extremely negative sign. The position of the card hints at the presence of a mistress in a man. Perhaps the person is playing a double game and has a second family on the side. Also, the reversed High Priestess speaks of a frivolous attitude towards her partner, whether male or female. A person uses a beloved for the sake of satisfying his own ego and does not think about the ethical side of the issue. When the Popess fell out in the opposite form, then this is a sign that a person has many secrets.

For singles, the High Priestess in the reversed position promises a period when the very idea of relationship seems meaningless. The questioner is extremely disappointed and does not want to let anyone close to his heart. In the past, there was an unpleasant situation. It is also possible that a person was brought up in a religious family. He was forbidden a lot, and now he is experiencing problems in communicating with the opposite sex.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Deception of superiors, colleagues or their clients and customers.
  • "Empty" information products, as well as training without any guarantees.
  • Poverty, dictated by passion for spiritual practices.
  • Unwillingness to work in a "normal" place, to earn money.

In the context of activity, the reversed High Priestess shows charlatanism. This is the receipt of money fraudulently under the guise of providing a service. And it will not always be about magical practice. You can often meet scammers in an expensive clinic or construction company with excellent reviews. One way or another, the position of the card speaks of "emptiness", which is sold in a beautiful wrapper. In terms of the situation, the reversed High Priestess is played as the inability to "catch" in the workplace, problems in relationships with colleagues and the boss.

The financial situation is unfavorable. The High Priestess in the opposite position implies a senseless hope for providence when the purse and refrigerator are completely empty. The querent is cut off from reality, and therefore it is difficult for him to come to terms with worldly problems. Often such "highly spiritual" people rely on the help of relatives and friends. They themselves believe that they are simply not created to solve problems of this order.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Refusal of treatment, medical intervention, surgery.
  • Faith in God, who will heal an incurable disease, a disease.
  • Shyness or escape into monasticism and seclusion.
  • Unwillingness to delve into the true cause of a bad condition.

In a health spread, the reversed High Priestess hints at the dangers of self-healing. The chosen method does not give any positive results, but the person still believes in it. Even the simplest diseases that can be treated can be triggered by the questioner. Passion for traditional medicine is more harmful, does not bring any benefit at all. Also, the position of the card hints at a long abstinence from intimacy, which negatively affects well-being and hormonal levels.

The mental state is close to disorder. The High Priestess in the opposite form shows complete immersion in herself in order to escape from worldly problems. All lifeโ€™s troubles drive the querent into a corner more and more. Because of this, a person may have faith in God, the Higher powers. But this position is dictated by an attempt to shift responsibility. Spirituality acts as a plaster that can cover a spiritual wound. However, the chosen path leads to absolutely nothing, it only leads further and further away from psychological balance and health.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • An attempt to hide the true state of affairs, negative moments.
  • Deception on the part of the questioner himself, as well as his own relatives.
  • Reticence or desire not to notice obvious situations.
  • Complete isolation from the outside world or immersion in the world of dreams.

In all readings, the reversed High Priestess shows an escape from oneself into the illusory world. But sometimes the position of the Arcana personifies an attempt to "splurge" another person. The person does this so that others cannot find out some unpleasant secret concerning his person. However, the reversed card suggests that ignorance in this case only works to the detriment. The fortuneteller runs away from making decisions, afraid to face the truth. All this has a depressing effect on the psyche and subconscious.

In the opposite way, the High Priestess asks questions: โ€œWhat am I hiding?โ€ and โ€œWhat do I not want to see, notice?โ€. If a person tries not to focus on the problem for a long time, then it still does not go anywhere. But a person may have problems at the physical level โ€“ blindness or deafness. This is psychosomatics, muscle "clamps". No matter how bitter the truth is, in this case it is simply necessary for healing.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Inventing your own "spiritual" experiences, feelings.
  • The desire to develop in extrasensory perception, without having a talent for it.
  • Retribution with personal life for magical interference and damage.
  • Facing the consequences of oneโ€™s unreasonableness in the past.

In the context of spirituality, the reversed High Priestess symbolizes a forced departure into the world of subtle matters. A person is not ready to perceive this kind of information. It will only act to harm, drive you crazy. To embark on the path of transformation, you must first deal with your subconscious, โ€œthrow outโ€ everything unnecessary from it. If this is not done, then the seeker will be haunted by his own fears, turning into nightmares or visions. The traveler himself will begin to perceive everything experienced as a kind of revelation, contact with dark forces.

If we consider the reversed High Priestess card from the position of karma, then she hints at the assumption of fatal mistakes in the past. Perhaps a person resorted to the help of unprofessional fortune-tellers, magicians or sorcerers. Now he will have to face the consequences of his "order". There may be people who have been affected. Often, failed love spells or crowns of celibacy pass through the reversed position of the Arcana of the Popess. In any case, the boomerang will return to its sender and "hit" his personal life.

The High Priestess as a Significator of a Person

Upright, the High Priestess shows highly moral girls. They can be real nuns or just parishioners in a church. In any case, such women really believe in God, they try to live according to the prescriptions, commandments. They give up personal will, completely entrusting their fate to the Higher Forces. Mary Magdalene, Matrona or Fevronia โ€“ all these women are recognized as saints. They are united by philanthropy, faith in goodness and light. But also the Arcana of the High Priestess can show just respectable girls who did not take a vow of celibacy.

Reversed, the card implies false holiness. These are people who put on a mask of kindness. In fact, they are just looking for a profitable image that causes universal approval. This is the case when a woman will read prayers in church, and make scandals at home. Such ladies love to condemn others, thereby setting themselves up as an example of "unreasonable." The reversed High Priestess shows mediocre people who still want to see their face on a church icon.

The High Priestess: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The High Priestess Card

When upright, the card advises to keep what is happening secret. If the querent was entrusted with a secret, then in no case should it be divulged. It is best to remain silent and observe the actions of others. You need to โ€œkeep faceโ€ and not show the true feelings experienced at the moment. The High Priestess also warns that even close people are now unable to give practical advice or help in any way. Do not count on support outside of yourself. The same goes for spiritual experiences. If the questioner tries to share impressions, thoughts and ideas, then there is a great risk of passing for a mentally ill person.

The reversed High Priestess advises to lie and hide the truth by any means. It is worth unlocking to the last, and then there will be a chance to get dry from the water. The situation requires for a while to close oneโ€™s eyes to ethical considerations, morality. As a warning, the position of the card indicates that they are now lying to the questioner himself. It is worth paying attention to your personal life or relationships in the team. Nearby is a person who can never be trusted. Everything said by the fortuneteller will be used against him. Also, a person can reluctantly become a bone of contention in other peopleโ€™s relationships.

The High Priestess: Daily Card Meaning

As the card of the day, the High Priestess promises time for herself. The querent will be able to relax, forget about the daily routine. In these days, prophetic dreams can be seen. Information will come in the form of specific images or words taken out of context. Intuition will sharpen and prompt a way out of any situation. Also, today you can meet an unusual woman โ€“ an empath, a psychic or just a fortune-teller. She will give wise advice, direct the questioner in the direction he needs. On these days, you can trust the flow of the universe, life itself. She will pick up the fortuneteller by the arms and envelop the soul with a gentle sea breeze.

The reversed High Priestess, on the contrary, promises deceit or betrayal. Today, the questioner will face a situation where he himself will have to lie. A deal with conscience is simply necessary, otherwise the delicate balance will be disturbed. Much will remain incomprehensible, and the help of others will simply have to be forgotten. Sometimes the position of the High Priestess card will hint at a meeting with a fraudulent gypsy. Such a woman puts pressure on pain points, but passes it off as a โ€œpureโ€ prediction. You should not trust the information received today from anyone.

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