The Lovers Tarot Card

Card Name: Lovers, Twins, Beloved, Cupid

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 6

Zodiac sign: Gemini ♊

The Lovers is the Arcana of true happiness, which is only possible for a person. Love is the basis of the world. The whole Universe is based on its energy. And if there is Paradise on earth, then, undoubtedly, it is in the heart of everyone. It takes the other half to awaken the soul. In the upright position, the card represents the union of two personalities that only complement each other. However, the reversed Lovers shows the great "Fall". Now the partners are not ready to open up, to fully trust life. The serpent-tempter gave people knowledge, but closed their hearts forever. To find a suitable key, you will have to wander and suffer for a long time.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Lovers

In Waite’s Tarot, the Lovers card shows a biblical scene in the Garden of Eden. Naked Adam and Eve stand opposite each other, and an angel looks at them from heaven. Behind the woman, an apple tree grows, which is wrapped around by a green snake. Next to the man is symbolically depicted the "tree of life" with twelve fruits. The red-winged angel appears from the cloud, dressed in lilac chiton and himation. His head is adorned with a crown of leaves or flowers. The palms are open in a gesture of acceptance. Behind the figure of an angel, a bright sun is visible. All the action takes place against the background of the mountain. The sky is bright blue. Another important detail is that Eve looks at the cherub, and Adam looks at his woman.

The Lovers Arcana is simply replete with symbols. Arthur Waite decided to move away from the traditional visualization of the Marseille Tarot. Here the author limited himself to only two figures of people. But it is this gender division that also points to choice and duality. Both sides of the medal are crowned with the face of an angel. This is an example of spirituality and purity. The apple tree represents knowledge, and the unidentified tree on the right represents worldly life. The only mountain is very reminiscent of a phallic symbol. Figuratively, you can consider it as a strong desire, the peak of feelings. The nudity of people hints at honesty and security. The hands of all the heroes of the card are not clenched – this is a sign of an "open heart", i.e. trust in the world.

Meaning of the Upright The Lovers Card

  • Sincere love, also loyalty to yourself and your choice in life.
  • What lies the heart and impulses of the soul or real desires.
  • The meaning of life, all-pervading energy, unity and grace.
  • Full acceptance, sympathy, awareness of differences; two polarities.

In the upright position, the Lovers shows sincerity, pure thoughts and intentions. These are strong feelings, mutual attraction. The card often falls on people or certain phenomena, things that are attractive to the querent. The Arcana implies love for oneself, the world and others. However, the Cupid can still symbolize a certain choice, hesitation. In some Tarot decks, this idea is shown with the help of two heroines – the character stands in the middle and does not know which way to go. But even here differences remain. The couple, although they love each other, still it consists of two separate parts of a single whole. This is not yet the alchemical androgyne, which is shown on the last card of the Major Arcana group.

Numerical designation – 6 hints at incompleteness. The Arcana of the Lovers symbolizes the moment of great harmony and mutual understanding. The Fall has not yet happened, and the people themselves are pure and innocent. Despite the nakedness of the main characters, one cannot talk about some kind of lust here. The couple is not corrupted, therefore they perceive their own bodies as natural perfection. That is why the Arcana means sincere all-encompassing love, complete acceptance and dissolution. It is always reciprocity and respect.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Harmonious relationships, maintaining interest in each other.
  • Loyalty to your partner, full commitment and desire to please.
  • An unexpected acquaintance that leads to something more.
  • Ardent feelings or a mood to continue communication.

In the spread of relationships, the meaning of Lovers takes on the most favorable. In this area, the meaning of the card is revealed in the best possible way. Partners are open to each other, harmony and reciprocity reign in their pair. Often, the Arcana lies at the moment of strong love, and this is the initial stage. It is not for nothing that the sun is shown on the card – feelings have just arisen and burn with their intensity. But some people manage to constantly feed a genuine interest in their passion, fan the coals of passion.

For singles, the Lovers promises an early meeting with "their" person. It always happens unexpectedly, but it’s impossible not to notice the cupid’s arrow. Therefore, it is impossible to prepare for this stage. It is better to live in the moment and not wait for anything. Love will arise as a flash, inflaming the fire of the heart. Also, the card indicates reciprocity. You can not be afraid of unrequited feelings. The emotions that a new person will give will inspire feats. It is worth using them as fuel for high flight.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work in a marriage agency, in a dating app.
  • A profession that fully satisfies aspirations.
  • Friendly atmosphere in the team, the desire to develop.
  • Growth in terms of money because of your partner or family, children.

In the context of activities, the Lovers refers to dating sites and applications, as well as the arts. It’s all about human relationships and romance. Music or painting is saturated with the energy of love. The card always shows the choice of profession and place of work “to your liking”. The querent is doing his own thing, so he has every chance of success and development of abilities. The Lovers Tarot also implies good relations in the team, a psychologically comfortable environment.

It is impossible to unambiguously judge the financial situation on this card. The questioning person focuses on interpersonal relationships, so his wealth depends on communication skills. The Lovers show non-obsession with material matters. Rather, the fortuneteller is content with what he has. But also the Arcana sometimes hints at an incentive in the form of the second half. The passion of a querent can inspire you to achieve great things. But it will always be a choice of work or business based on true preferences – a person will not go somewhere just for money.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Hypersensitivity, rapid absorption of substances.
  • "Clean" nutrition, without abuse or disruption.
  • An excited state and a surge of energy, cheerfulness.
  • Gratitude of life, state of flow, inspiration.

In the context of health, the Lovers symbolizes the skin, as well as the sensitivity of the body to external factors. A person is sensitive to his own condition. He can monitor the quality of food and water. The querent is also extremely careful in choosing cosmetics, creams, dietary supplements. Upright, the Arcana hints at the absence of problems with the reproductive system. The questioner is in childbearing age. For men, the card will show good potency. Both sexes can boast of an attractive appearance.

The Lovers show emotional excitement, a surge of strong feelings. It is inspiration that leads to the creation of something new. A person perfectly shows the qualities inherent in his gender. That is why there is a keen interest in the opposite. The individual strives for all-round development. The card represents satisfaction with oneself and life. The querent is full of energy to conquer new heights. Love for your work or partner only helps in this.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The right choice, a guide to the inner instinct, the heart.
  • Love is like a breath of fresh air, spring water.
  • Awareness of one’s own uniqueness, the ability to give.
  • Faith in yourself, fascination with the world around you and people.

In all spreads, the Lovers is played as a positive card that gives inspiration. A person hears himself, so he can make the right choice. The heart never lies. The soul knows exactly what its owner needs. The sphere is completely unimportant – whether it be relationships or work, a person will be able to find a landmark, a guiding star. And when there is a response, feelings can change beyond recognition. Love for a person or business brings harmony. The vibrations of a winged personality cannot be confused with anything.

The Lovers ask questions: “What inspires me?” and “How do I express my feelings?”. Life is abundant, and only those who know how to love can understand this. Each person is unique. This is the eighth wonder of the world, which is granted a fate unlike any other. To fully open up as an individual, the querent needs to find the source of love in himself. And then the world around you will shower with rose petals. And you can express emotions with the help of art.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Relaxation leading to enlightenment and the highest good.
  • Acceptance of everything that happens inside and around, empathy.
  • The ability to feel a partner, to keep an open heart.
  • Cognition of truth through the relationship of opposites.

The fallen Lovers in the Tarot spread for spirituality gives the meaning of sublimity. In this regard, the card is revealed as a true Paradise on earth. Only a loving heart can give such a state, and it is directly connected with the soul. The upright position of the Arcana indicates the clearness of the gaze, the ability to see the beauty in every second of life. A person is harmonious inside, he was able to balance and combine opposites in himself. Therefore, life is his mirror, a reflection of inner happiness.

From the standpoint of karma, the Lovers allude to the importance of knowing the opposite sex. The querent needs to create a couple. Thus, perhaps for the first time in many incarnations, he will revive the craving for beauty in his soul. Love between a man and a woman is a powerful tool that can elevate to unprecedented heights. If you use it correctly, you can achieve enlightenment, or at least – career growth, victories in the professional field. The more a person is open, the more powerful is the stream of life passing through him and bestowing everything valuable and necessary.

Meaning of the Reversed The Lovers Tarot

  • Denial of the idea of higher love, repressed feelings, emotions.
  • The connection that pulls you down does not allow you to develop, grow above yourself.
  • Indecision, the habit of postponing or running away from the answer.
  • Fear of falling in love, letting too close or opening up.

If you turn the card over, then the Lovers changes its meaning. Now, the Arcana symbolizes experiences and indecision. A person often does not understand what exactly he wants and how to implement it in life. Also, the reversed card implies hesitation and emotional involvement, which only harm. The energy is held back by the querent, and therefore goes out inside. This flame blows out inarticulateness and fear of condemnation. Sometimes the Lovers in the reversed position will indicate a lack of love and heartfelt participation. From this, both the questioner himself and his environment suffer.

In some decks, the sixth Arcana of the Tarot is called the Beloved. In the opposite sense, the card best reveals precisely this meaning. The emphasis is on a male hero who is loved by two women at once. However, the character himself cannot deal with his own feelings, so he hesitates and plays for time. The opposite position gives the Lovers card a negative color. Often this will play out as forbidden feelings or sympathy for something or someone terrible. In this case, the characters leave Paradise, and the angel turns away from them. Eve plucked the forbidden fruit, and Adam followed his beloved. Love has turned into sin.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Relationships without any solid foundation.
  • A fleeting flash that will leave a wound on the heart.
  • A love affair without a future; partner for a while.
  • An invaluable experience that will bring tears or bitterness.

In a relationship spread, the Lovers reversed is a negative sign. Communication between people is fleeting. Partners pull each other down, blinded by the flash of feelings. Sometimes the position of the Arcana, on the contrary, hints at a lack of affection and warmth. In any case, the querent and his couple feel some kind of pressure, whether it be unbridledness or restraint. Often this can be the first serious relationship that will definitely end. In this way, painful, but experience is acquired.

For lonely people, the reversed Lovers predicts a difficult test. The feelings will be mutual. However, life circumstances will not allow you to get too close. Occasionally, domestic problems, misunderstandings with relatives or jobs at work will begin to arise. The future partner will light a spark in the heart of a fortuneteller, but he will not be able to kindle a full-fledged fire. However, one must be grateful for such a "gift of fate." All this will teach you to appreciate the future "stable" partner when he appears.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Manipulation of feelings for the sake of gain and money.
  • A novel at work that only harms the labor process.
  • A partner who only takes the querent away from the goal.
  • Soaring in the clouds or castles in the air and frivolity.

If the Lovers fell upside down, then the card symbolizes a lack of enterprise and business acumen. The querent tends to doubt himself, does not know what exactly he wants from life. Because of this position, career and professional growth suffer. When you go there without knowing where, you definitely won’t get one iota. But sometimes the reversed Lovers Tarot hints at an office romance. In this case, relationships in the workplace only interfere with the fortuneteller, distract from solving important problems.

On the Lovers card in the opposite form, finances do not pass at all. While the querent is in the clouds, his wallet is slowly emptying. And if in the literal sense the card hinted at an incentive in the person of a partner, now it is turning into a negative factor. The second half has a bad effect on the questioner. All love experiences only harm critical thinking. Also, the position of the card can show an attempt to run after several hares at once. As a result, the person will be left with nothing.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Decreased sensitivity of the skin or coarsening.
  • Age not suitable for childbearing; decreased libido.
  • Internal tightness, the presence of complexes and negative ideas.
  • Isolation from reality, living in dreams and rejection of the truth.

The reversed Lovers card shows a natural decrease in libido. This is either childhood or, conversely, old age. Also, the position of the Arcana hints at a loss of sensitivity. The personality is fond of new diets, dances, and for a while is completely devoted to the process. However, the primary interest quickly fades away, and all experiments on oneself do not end with stable results. In general, the reversed Arcana symbolizes dissatisfaction with appearance, various complexes.

In terms of the psyche, the Lovers card in the opposite form personifies shyness, excessive modesty. The questioner cannot fully accept his body, innate abilities. He tries to fit in with others in order to earn approval. If a person meets the second half, then this will be a real test of strength. He can easily lose himself and live only in the interests of a partner. When the separation occurs, the fortuneteller will feel deep disappointment and deceit.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Escape from the cruel reality, denial of the situation.
  • Reluctance to leave, to be rejected, or to accept the truth.
  • Fascination with someone or something, ending in emptiness.
  • An invented life spent in illusions, rejection.

In various areas of life, the reversed Lovers will play differently. However, a single vector will remain everywhere – the denial of reality, the true state of things. The first people must leave Paradise. This is a colossal stress, fear to descend from heaven to earth. The couple is in no way adapted for such a worldly life. Therefore, the reversed position of the card indicates wandering in the clouds, psychological immaturity. Now love does not inspire, but only pulls into the pool with his head.

The Lovers in the opposite way asks questions: “Why do I want to live in illusions?” and “How to return to reality?”. Often the desire to run away is dictated by strong painful feelings. In order to maintain at least some peace of mind, a person wants to idealize someone or something in his life. This lost Paradise allows you not to become embittered completely. But the way out lies only in the complete acceptance and "digestion" of the situation. To feel the boundless sky above your head, you need to feel the ground with your feet.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Inconsistency within the person himself, denial of himself.
  • Two parts – male and female, which are difficult to combine.
  • Working out karma through personal relationships, a partner is an enemy.
  • The need to understand and forgive, pass through the heart.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot at number 6, upside down, personifies all sorts of delusions. They also apply to the spiritual realm. The Lovers card in the opposite meaning symbolizes an obstacle to the comprehension of knowledge. The partner is the very stone on which the seeker stumbles. He is afraid to let go, lose trust, or be unnecessary. All internal vibrations and experiences de-energize, suspend the process of development. The same love that yesterday gave strength, today completely sucks them out.

In a past life, the querent could hurt someone very much. A broken heart will surely punish the culprit, even if centuries have passed. The Lovers reversed shows the karma associated with relationships. Enemies in the distant past, today will turn into an ordinary pair of lovers. And now there is no escape from solving painful problems. The questioner will have to "rake" misunderstandings, betrayals and betrayals. It is important not to become embittered, but to understand and accept the other half. Only in this way can something change in fate.

The Lovers as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies straight, then the Lovers shows a couple of happy people at once. Partners sincerely love each other, completely open soul. Also, the Arcana indicates matchmakers – cupids that connect hearts. For such a person, mutual understanding and commonality of views are important. Only in union does he reveal himself as a person, becomes himself. In Islam, they say: "God is love". This means two sides of the same thing. This is a great balance and harmony. The card also shows Gemini – the communicative sign of the element Air, aimed at diplomacy and social manifestation.

But reversed Lovers symbolizes "storytellers" who only make promises, but do nothing. They easily build sand castles – empty, disembodied illusions. The world appears to such a person as a beautiful fairy tale. That is why a person often remains deceived. And most often, trust is enjoyed by the opposite sex. Masking mercantile interest with love, a partner can rob a gaping admirer to the bone.

The Lovers: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Lovers Card

The Lovers advises to resolve issues quietly and peacefully, with an eye to the opinions of those involved in the process. It is necessary to try to win over a person to yourself, to justify expectations. Credit of trust will help the questioner more than once. The Lovers also warns of the danger of turning on common sense, trying to calculate everything. Such behavior will be negatively perceived by loved ones. When someone opens up, he expects a reciprocal sincerity. It is best to appreciate what you have and not look at new horizons. Only in this case, the querent will come to a spiritual balance and understanding with others.

The reversed Lovers, on the contrary, advises to look at people longer. It is worth looking for some kind of support, unshakable facts. To reciprocate, you need to get to know the person properly. Therefore, the position of the card warns of the danger posed by the second half. Even if the passion does not do something terrible, there is still a great risk of losing yourself. To prevent this from happening, it is worth cultivating a support inside, the core of moral character. The querent can love, open up to people. However, before making important decisions, it is best to carefully consider the consequences of actions.

The Lovers: Daily Card Meaning

Today will be a romantic day. The Lovers hints at a meeting with the second half, a date. Lonely people have a chance to meet their destiny on this very day. It is better to spend the day calmly, not to rush anywhere, but only to enjoy the moments. Also, a fortuneteller can act as a matchmaker himself. In this case, he will become an observer of someone else’s romantic story. But even so, love will knock on the door. Someone else’s happiness will give faith in your own. Lovers can also simply show watching a romantic movie or a date with yourself. It is worth relaxing and for a while to believe in the possibility of a miracle.

But reversed Lovers promises experiences due to personal life or its absence. Today, the querent will be upset by other people’s relationships. He will feel as if behind glass, which blocks from happiness. Quarrels and disagreements with the second half may begin. The question will arise: “Do I need all this?”. However, even in the reversed position, the Lovers do not imply a painful break. Rather, these experiences are temporary. It is best not to provoke conflicts, but to try to find a common language. Only in this way can balance be achieved. Squabbles will not solve the main problem.

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