The Magician Tarot Card

Card Name: Magician, Wizard, Conjurer, Enchanter

Category: Major Arcana, Mind

Position: 1

Planet: Mercury โ˜ฟ

Time: New Moon ๐ŸŒ‘

The Magician is a catchy tarot card with a vibrant aura. The character of the Arcana can be compared to a clever wizard, taking out gifts from a top hat. The hero is smart and dexterous, and therefore able to surprise even a skeptic. He does it all and smiles at the same time. But upside down, a real swindler appears in front of the viewer. While people are amazed at his abilities, the Conjurer steals money. This is a game in which the viewer is asked to guess under which of the three glasses a coin is hidden. The catch is that the host is a crook. He will never let you win, because all the glasses are empty. You canโ€™t trust the character of the reversed card โ€“ you can lose the last one.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Magician

In the classic Tarot Waite, the Magician card depicts a young man with his right hand raised up. The protagonist is dressed in a red robe and a white dress, belted with a belt in the form of a snake. An infinity symbol is drawn above the characterโ€™s head. In his right hand, the man holds a two-sided wand resembling a candle. On the left is a table, and on it are four objects symbolizing all the elements: a sword, a goblet, a staff and a pentacle. The bottom and top of the card is decorated with the image of scarlet roses and white lilies โ€“ the traditional signs of Masons. Also, some symbols are โ€œcarvedโ€ on the end of the table โ€“ tarologists Goodwin and Katz saw in them the emblems of the four elements.

In the Marseille Tarot, the character of the Magician Arcana was shown in the form of a real charlatan, fooling people. Arthur Waite "turned" the swindler into a great wizard. The hero is girded with a snake โ€“ this may be an indication of the awakened energy of Kundalini. The sign of infinity represents the immortality of the mind, eternal life. All four elements are subject to a man โ€“ he can work with each of them separately or combine them at his discretion. The wand in the right hand hints at power and strength, the ability to rule. The white dress represents purity of intentions, and the red robe represents majesty and luxury in material terms.

Meaning of the Upright The Magician Card

  • Solitude, strength of will and spirit, huge potential, success.
  • Creative energy or the ability to see things through to the end.
  • Manifestation to the outside world and the right to declare oneself.
  • Self-confidence or limitless possibilities, passion.

In the upright position, the Magician denotes pure energy, motivation and inspiration. This is the hand that starts the clockwork. Man is the crown of nature. That is why the card depicts a man who is like God. In his hands is power over himself and over the manifested world. The very numerical designation of the Wizard card hints at unity. The unit is independence and perseverance, faith in oneโ€™s own strengths. In real life, the Magician is played as a kind of manipulation โ€“ an action. Events become under the control of the querent. He seems to be holding a huge dam and regulates the direction in which the water flows.

The Mage also symbolizes success and timeliness. A person copes with the duties assigned to him, skillfully manages himself and those around him. The Major Arcana of the Wizard is the ability to influence internal and external circumstances. The questioning person himself decides in which direction to turn his fate. He is not subject to fate, like the Jester. But his main difference from the Madman is manifestation and will. The character of the card brings what he started to the end. He always fulfills his own will and does only what he wants. The Arcana implies creative energy expressed in a specific result.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The rapid development of relationships or the transition to a new stage.
  • A strong attraction to a partner, also a desire to be with him.
  • A period of new acquaintances, increased attention to yourself.
  • A vivid manifestation of his character, the interest of the environment.

In the relationship spread, the Magician shows active actions on the part of the partner. A person is ready to take responsibility and lead his couple in the direction he needs. Often the second half may not take into account the desires of a lover. She is guided by an inner instinct that tells her exactly how to act. Most often, the dropped Magus speaks of an active stage in the development of relations. Soon, both partners will move to the next level of intimacy.

For lonely people, the Magician predicts an active period. The questioner will want to attend mass events, get acquainted with the opposite sex. At the same time, the upright position of the card hints at increased attention, response from others. The querent will manage to capture many hearts. And then he will choose the most suitable pair himself, depending on the internal request. In general, the meaning of the Mage is positive in this context. The main thing is to deal with your own desires and goals, so that the environment correctly interprets the signals.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Company owners, corporation founders, businessmen.
  • Self-expression in the process of work or a place for ambition.
  • Financial jumps, big incomes, but the same expenses.
  • Excitement, the desire to go all-in, good luck in material terms.

As a significator of activity, the Magician shows independent experts, as well as entrepreneurs. These are people who manage their own time and finances. They are not afraid to test the most non-standard ideas, to bring something new into the work process. In terms of the situation, the card speaks of a platform for the realization of opportunities and internal impulses. The questioner manages to combine his work with what he really would like to do. The workplace for him is a field for the manifestation of his own ego.

The state of finances is unstable. The Magician personifies a business approach to his budget, and this automatically means a roller coaster. Today the querent invests in a new startup, and tomorrow it suffers losses. A day later, he again returns his funds with double interest. This approach has both advantages and obvious disadvantages. However, instability only spurs the fortuneteller to earn even more. Directly, the card hints at the possibility of success.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • A hardened strong body, as well as a strong immune system.
  • Sports activities โ€“ swimming, wrestling, dancing or jogging.
  • Psychological savvy and skillful manipulation.
  • The ability to withstand stress or negativity for a long time.

The Magician in Tarot gives a positive meaning to the health spread. Here the card represents a well-coordinated body, the balance of microelements, the absence of deficiencies. A person is completely healthy, so he can afford some indulgences in the form of the abuse of sweet or fatty foods. Also, the Arcana speaks of playing sports, dousing with cold water. The querent takes care of his own body, puts health issues in the first place. Often the card falls on young people or pensioners who have always been involved in sports and have retained their ability to work.

The state of mind is positive. The querent is emotional and sensitive, but knows how to control himself. He is aware of the aura of the moment and does not go too far. The Magician shows people who are strong in spirit, able to withstand a strong load on the psyche. They know how to work with suppressed emotions, "discharge". All this helps to keep balance and not go to extremes. Such individuals "take" those around them with their pressure, as well as the ability to maneuver, contrive.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Man is the master of the situation; control in every context.
  • Increased activity, self-confidence, success.
  • Use of available resources; internal reserve.
  • The presence of motivation and a strong desire to influence the world.

In a spread on any topic, the Magician is played as a kind of manipulation. A person is like a stone thrown into the water, from which strong waves come. The result depends only on the inner aspiration, desire and idea. The questioner is faced with a variety of possibilities and chooses the appropriate scenario. The upright position of the card speaks of awareness and skillful use of oneโ€™s gifts and talents. This is timeliness, sensitivity to the surrounding space, which can be called good luck or fortune.

The Magician asks questions: โ€œWhat do I want to do?โ€ and โ€œHow should we influence the situation?โ€. The card puts the wand of controlling fate in the hands of the fortuneteller himself. The way he disposes of it will predetermine subsequent events. Everything is already there for success โ€“ health, a sober mind and the presence of an internal resource. Money, love or fame, social approval will follow. All these are only attributes, only the spirit dominates. The questioner should shift the focus of attention to himself in order to become the author of his own destiny.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • The desire to act, to move forward and not to stop.
  • "Hunger" for impressions and emotions or gaining knowledge.
  • Bright events, memories; study of nature, people.
  • The ability to absorb and store energy and strength.

In terms of spirituality, the Magician is responsible for the first step on the road of knowledge. The seeker is carried away by higher ideas and sets off on a journey. The card corresponds to the planet Mercury, which is responsible for the mind and learning abilities. The desire to move forward first arises in the head of the individual, and then turns into concrete actions. The mind tries to distinguish everything, to separate it, in order to have an idea of the nature of things. This is a kind of researcher who lives in the intellect of every person. That is why the card shows objects symbolizing the four elements. The Jester personifies the Abyss, and the Magus personifies manifestation and conditioning.

If we consider the card from the point of view of karma, then the Arcana speaks of an active, rich life. A person has a lot to do and understand. He must try himself in different areas in order to find the true purpose. The Magician symbolizes vivid impressions, a whole kaleidoscope of events. The questioner will encounter the diversity of the world, expressed in various cultures and traditions.

Meaning of the Reversed The Magician Tarot

  • Unfinished business, unachieved goals, empty ideas and meanings.
  • Unmet needs, false beliefs, or the wrong path.
  • Covert actions, dishonest behavior or gross manipulation.
  • Haste leading to collapse or rash acts, words.

If the Magician is rolled upside down, then the main meaning changes to negative. Now the card shows interrupted processes, the inability to complete anything, put an end to it. This is a suspended state, unclosed gestalts. The querent has ideas and with them the desire for realization. However, energy and strength are not enough for a sustainable result. The reversed Wizard Tarot card symbolizes overconfidence, callousness and perseverance, which lead to collapse. The questioner succumbs to emotions and acts unconsciously, to the detriment of himself. Also, the opposite position of the Mage Arcana can talk about secret deeds happening behind the back of the fortuneteller.

Now the One hints at loneliness and misunderstanding. The reversed Magician shows the choice of the wrong direction, the destruction of both himself and the surrounding reality. Sharpness and haste of action works against the questioner. A person is not held by any moral principles and values. โ€œWe only live onceโ€ โ€“ this is the motto, which, as a result, brings only problems. The reversed Arcana is like a broken arrow that does not reach the target. On the way, obstacles arise one after another, and therefore the person is not able to reach the end, to take his prize.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Blatant manipulation of feelings, duty or conscience.
  • An attempt to arouse pity, just to keep a partner.
  • Increased interest from "problem" personalities.
  • Actions dictated by resentment and past failures.

In the love spread, the Magician in the opposite form shows the manipulation of the partnerโ€™s feelings. In such relationships, there may be no place for love and sincerity. However, one person from the couple keeps the lover next to him. This is pure selfishness, far from respect. Also, the reversed card speaks of ultimatums or rigged events. Here, feelings do not arise by themselves, they appear only as a result of a logically verified scheme. The partner, like a skilled conjurer, plays with the heart of the second half.

For loners, the reversed Mage who has fallen out promises increased attention, but not those who are needed. The questioner will attract ill-mannered people looking for a one-night stand. They may be immoral social elements. Otherwise, they will not even pay attention to the querent. It is possible that the fortuneteller acts on the basis of resentment. And such behavior, as you know, does not bring the desired happiness in your personal life. All attempts to stand out will be misunderstood or completely ignored.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • "Black" market and dishonest work activities.
  • A significant mistake, dismissal, or the loss of a good job.
  • Waste of all money clean and stupidity hitting the wallet.
  • Wrong bet or unjustified hopes for success.

In the context of the work, the Magus in the opposite form denotes underground activity. This is illegal trade, the creation of prohibited substances or items. Also, the reversed position may indicate the absence of a license and the presence of problems with the law. In terms of the situation, these are difficulties in finding a job, unwillingness to work honestly. A person wants everything at once, and therefore does not receive anything in the end. Also, the reversed Arcana represents fruitless attempts to create a business.

The questioner clearly has financial problems. Money seems to slip through your fingers. The reason for this is the fortuneteller himself. The reversed Magician shows mismanagement of funds. Fascinated by a "brilliant" idea, a person puts all his money on red, and as a result loses. Sometimes the position of the card, on the contrary, speaks of spraying on a lot of unimportant things. In the end, the questioner is exhausted, but does not gain anything. Money can be spent on opening a business, but the problem is that the goal itself is chosen incorrectly.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Lack of nutrients, vitamins in the body.
  • Moral and physical exhaustion, fatigue and pain.
  • Remorse of conscience, self-doubt.
  • Fixation on flaws in appearance and character.

If the card lay upside down in a health spread, then this is a negative sign. The Magician in the opposite sense indicates physical exhaustion, deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The human body is simply tired. This de-energization can be dictated by illness or strong physical exertion. Even if the questioner is engaged in intellectual work, it still affects well-being. The position of the Arcana speaks of headaches, migraines and pressure surges.

In terms of mental state, the reversed Mage denotes moral exhaustion. The querent has been actively manifesting itself for a long time, and now he is just tired. Also, the position of the card can hint at pent-up anger that destroys the personality from the inside. It is often difficult for a person to โ€œdischargeโ€ the accumulated negativity, so he is used to suppressing it. But sooner or later, the powder keg will explode, one has only to bring a burning match. In any case, the internal state is far from joyful and positive.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Lack of experience, acquired skills or knowledge.
  • A challenge for oneself, which is difficult to realize.
  • The stubbornness of the donkey, bringing only misfortune, defeat.
  • Unsatisfactory result, waste of energy.

In each spread for all spheres of life, the Magician in the reversed position symbolizes an overwhelming burden. The self-confidence of a person plays a cruel joke with him. It would be necessary to throw off the ballast, but the ego will not allow it. As a result, the person gets tired, but continues to move forward, albeit in the wrong direction. In this situation, the fortuneteller has all the resources to turn the dream into reality. However, he himself does not know how to use the opportunities. The position of the Arcana speaks of immaturity, which over and over again drives into a corner.

The reversed Magician asks questions: "Why do I persist?" and โ€œWhat is my benefit?โ€. Admitting a mistake is very difficult. Especially when others are watching every step. But this is absolutely necessary, otherwise the whole life can be destroyed due to the consequences of their own decisions. It is better to admit defeat as soon as possible and switch to a different branch of events. The querentโ€™s authority will suffer no more than if he continued to persist.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Passion for little things that only lead away from the essence.
  • Loud statements that do not correspond to the truth, the truth.
  • A promise to be kept; completeness.
  • Work with the simplest phenomena, things, forces.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Magician shows students who did not understand the very essence of the transmitted knowledge. They focus only on external attributes, and not on internal content. Such people see the goal in front of them and do not look at the obstacles. However, their methods of achieving results are far from morality or ethics. Therefore, the card in the opposite form can personify black magicians and sorcerers. A person is oriented outside himself, he is not interested in the soul or heart. Rather, he just wants wealth, fame and recognition.

The Magician in the opposite position denotes unfinished business. In a past life, the questioner could not fulfill the promise, but now his own words follow the shadow. In todayโ€™s incarnation, the querent has a lot to do and create, put in order. The individual will learn the simplest things in order to excel at the more significant ones. He will also have to learn the different sides of his "I" โ€“ from love to hate. The four elements are manifested both in the external world and within the individual himself.

The Magician as a Significator of a Person

In the upright position, the Magician personifies hardworking people who are called jacks of all trades. These are inquisitive individuals who are able to transform the acquired knowledge into practical experience. Julius Caesar could boast of the ability to quickly perceive information, as well as manage to do several things at once. The Magician is a professional juggling of skills and abilities. People on this card succeed in several areas at once, not forgetting about their personal lives. The Arcana implies any appearance. The main meaning here lies in extraordinary abilities.

If the Magician fell upside down, then the card shows idle talkers and offended people. They never finish what they started, although they promise others unprecedented results. This behavior is due to the desire to stand out, to draw attention to their person. But as a result, trust in a person is undermined. Such a person cannot be relied upon. He will make a mistake, and then he will blame his loved ones for his own mistakes.

The Magician: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Magician Card

When upright, the Magician advises to rely only on oneself. The querent should take control of the situation. He already has everything he needs to not depend on anyone. You need to try to do your job perfectly and thereby show others who is in charge here. As a warning, the Magician speaks of the importance of self-sufficiency. Do not leave the steering wheel in the wrong hands. The situation requires vigilance and vigilant attention. It is worth stopping all attempts to distract yourself from the main thing. If the questioner gives up slack, then selfish ill-wishers will take advantage of his own results of labor.

The reversed Mage advises to act covertly. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the enemies, in no case do not retreat. The offenders should be repaid with the same coin so that the fortuneteller has respect for himself. If people really deserve it, then you can not be afraid of a blowback. However, as a warning, the position of the card speaks of a waste of time. The questioner will only make things worse for himself. You need to try to forget about the negative moments. This will help you find balance and get out of depression. If the querent continues to fight, then there is a great risk of harming himself and cultivating the base qualities of the personality.

The Magician: Daily Card Meaning

Today is a great day to bring your dreams to life. All ideas will find a response in space. The Magician "promises" a fruitful day. The work will be argued, and the internal resource will seem limitless. Today you can finish everything that for a long time could not be completed. The card also shows a meeting with a motivating person. Sometimes the Arcana can directly talk about going to the circus, seeing various tricks. It is also any kind of practice, honing skills. The fortuneteller will feel a surge of strength, believe in himself. This fact will be decisive and will push for the implementation of the plan.

The reversed Magician reverses the vibrations of the day. Now the position of the card hints at loss of self-control and fatigue. The questioner will feel exhausted. Promises will force you to act, but the internal resource has been exhausted. All attempts to improve the situation will not lead to sustainable results. It is better to allow yourself a little rest, otherwise a creative crisis is guaranteed. On this day, people who promise too much can come across. You donโ€™t need to believe them. Such individuals simply deftly manipulate feelings. As a result, it will not be they who will do the work, but the querent himself. You should remain vigilant and not believe in fairy tales.

Major Arcana