The Moon Tarot Card

Card Name: Moon, Dusk, Darkness, Eclipse

Category: Major Arcana, Being

Position: 18

Zodiac sign: Pisces ♓

The Moon is a card of mysteries and secrets. It is a kind of Pandora’s box with unknown contents. An observer can pull out both unique talents and terrible curses from there. The satellite of the Earth attracts glances and introduces into a kind of trance. Its hypnotic properties affect even the most mundane people who do not believe in mysticism. However, in the reversed form, the Moon simply drives you crazy. Now the position of the card is responsible for deception, fraud. While the traveler admired the night luminary, his pockets were cleaned. In this dark world, you should not trust anyone – not even yourself. The laws that were fundamental in the light of day do not apply here.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Moon

There are no people at all in Waite’s Tarot on the Moon card. The central place on the Arcana is occupied by: a dog, a wolf, and a cancer. Animals are located on a green meadow, and a river dweller looks out from a reservoir. Stones lie here and grasses grow. A sandy path in the middle leads to a mountainous area in the distance. On the left and on the right, gray towers are drawn, in which there is one small window each. Above is a night luminary with a human face. The sky is dark blue, without a single cloud. Symbols hover in the air – all the same letters Yod, as on the Ace of Blades. The action itself takes place at night, and therefore the figures of the characters and the background are made in dark colors.

The absence of people on the Moon Arcana symbolizes the unconscious part of the mind. This is a place hidden from prying eyes. The dog represents inner fears. The wolf hints at loneliness, natural wildness. The cancer, on the other hand, means retrograde movement, a reverse course. Water symbolizes feelings, emotions. Two towers can talk about the hemispheres of the brain. So, one of them is responsible for creative thinking, and the other for logic, cold calculation. The mountains show the obstacles created by the mind itself. These are problems that a person invents. Yod symbolizes sound. The night luminary itself in the sky is the patron of all the unknown.

Meaning of the Upright The Moon Card

  • Mystery, mystical events and a successful attempt to hide something.
  • Unexplained phenomena, relaxation and also suppleness.
  • Loneliness, unpleasant events, increased phobias or fears.
  • Suspiciousness or complete disorientation, dreams, sensitivity.

In the upright position, the Moon shows dark deeds, everything unknown, but attractive. Arthur Waite wrote only negative things about this card. He saw in her deceit, betrayal and secret enemies. Modern tarologists have supplemented the meanings of the Arcana with positive meanings. So, the Moon shows unconscious moments, situations with a double bottom. If the questioning person wants to hide something from others, then he will succeed. Sometimes attention only hurts in some cases. Also, the Darkness Arcana hints that the querent will be able to mislead someone, drive them into a dead end. All this will play into the hands and allow you to make the necessary maneuver.

The numerical value of the Moon card represents infinity, which is observed by a single viewer. The 18 – like a black hole, an abyss that completely absorbs the attention of the beholder. The number resembles a Rorschach stain, in which everyone sees their own. And often it will be repressed fears and emotions. The Moon shows everything that a person is trying to cast into the background. However, nothing goes unnoticed. Any memories, feelings, events leave a certain imprint in the subconscious. Then all this load will surely remind you of itself, at least through dreams or deja vu.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • High probability of divorce or separation of the couple.
  • Constant squabbles, misunderstandings, hidden grievances.
  • Treason, inconstancy or fear of letting close.
  • Unreliable partner, prolonged loneliness.

In a relationship spread, the Moon shows distrust in each other. The couple constantly quarrels or, on the contrary, arranges silence torture. In any case, the lovers cannot agree, openly discuss pressing issues. Often, the Eclipse shows betrayal or deceit in small things. People are emotionally closed, cold. And with this approach, it will be very difficult to establish a warm relationship. Most likely, the family is on the verge of divorce. It is possible to correct the situation, but this will require joint efforts.

For singles, the Moon predicts prolonged loneliness. The fact is that at the moment the querent is simply in the wrong state and in the wrong place. In this situation, personal life cannot be built at the snap of a finger. The fortuneteller has forgotten how to trust the opposite sex, he is looking for a catch everywhere. Here it is worth working with past grievances, trying to forgive former partners, parents. Otherwise, the situation will not change even after many years.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • The desire to hide information about their occupation.
  • Creative career and getting money in an unusual way.
  • Refusal to pay taxes and advertise your work to others.
  • Deception, unwillingness to tell about the true situation.

But in terms of the sphere of activity, the meaning of the Moon can be positive. Here the card is revealed as a creative profession – a singer, an artist, an actor. This Major Arcana implies the ability to reincarnate, to show emotions through art. But in some cases, the Moon simply shows hidden activity. A person evades paying taxes, is silent about the true scale of income. It is also work alone, unwillingness to share information about the results of work.

The financial situation can be absolutely anything. However, the querent does not show the public his real position. So, the Moon can talk about the presence of millions or debts of the same scale. The card reverses everything, completely confusing. The millionaire dresses like a beggar, and the needy spends all his money on expensive branded clothes. In this regard, the Arcana also closes information, like the High Priestess. Here it is worth focusing on the cards that have fallen nearby in order to find out what exactly the person of interest is hiding.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Weak body and susceptibility to colds, infections.
  • Weak physique or slowness in movements.
  • Tearfulness and hypersensitivity, a tendency to worry.
  • Heightened intuition and the ability to predict events.

In the context of health, the Moon shows the vocal cords, the neck, and also the brain. Directly, the card can talk about diseases, but they cannot be influenced directly. The querent will have to resort to traditional medicine, drink decoctions or medicines. Operable intervention is completely excluded. This is especially true for the brain. All operations on this organ are associated with a huge risk. Therefore, the questioner should simply reduce moral and physical stress.

The mental state is rather shaky. The Moon shows tears for no reason, being stuck in negative memories. The personality is very sensitive, easily loses his temper. However, even this state has its advantages. For example, a person can have prophetic dreams, his intuition is extremely sharpened. The card often hints at the presence of psychic abilities. The person feels someone else’s pain as his own. You still need to learn how to live with such hypersensitivity, otherwise a person will bring himself to exhaustion.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The desire to remain incognito, not to appear in society.
  • Fate, shrouded in secrets or a mystical halo.
  • The shadow side of personality, unconscious reactions, ideas.
  • Indirect influence on behavior are also important factors.

Foremost, the Moon implies something hidden and inaccessible. Sometimes a terrible secret can really hide in Pandora’s box. However, this is not always the case. Manifestations of love and tenderness can turn out to be the devil from the snuffbox. Many simply suppress bright feelings in themselves. They appear to them as manifestations of weakness. But, at a certain point in time, everything secret becomes clear. Just don’t rush things. It is necessary to allow others to relax, to create a favorable environment for an honest conversation.

The Moon that fell out in divination asks questions: “What is my shadow side?” and “What are its undoubted advantages?”. The ability to keep one’s own and other people’s secrets is a real talent. Some things need to be protected from prying eyes. The main thing is to deal with your own soul first. The backyards of the mind can throw up brilliant ideas for creative self-realization, a leap forward. If you learn to listen to your intuition, then you can independently come to the desired point on the map of desires.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Detachment, the desire to isolate oneself from society.
  • Focus on a solitary lifestyle, closeness.
  • Unwillingness to show the world a gift, talent or lack of recognition.
  • Life goes with the flow, full acceptance of one’s position.

The Moon Tarot in the spread of spirituality gives the meaning of mystery, mysticism. The questioner has something to hide even from those closest to him. Some people think that psychic abilities are a real gift from heaven. However, they do not realize the danger of such a phenomenon. Many clairvoyants, healers, prophets are forced to hide from society. The fact is that those who need help can expose a psychic as a charlatan or mentally ill. Therefore, such people with certain abilities often hide from others. It is also difficult for them to feel other people’s emotions all the time, to let negativity through themselves.

The karma of the current incarnation is to always be in the shadows. The Moon can bestow abilities, talents. However, universal recognition should not be expected. Just like wealth. Even the master of his craft will not be able to conquer Olympus. He will always be overthrown by mediocre amateurs. And the point here is not at all in levels and talents. Just such a life makes you appreciate the ability to do something just like that. Money and fame can only spoil the original idea.

Meaning of the Reversed The Moon Tarot

  • A failed attempt to take over the situation or defeat.
  • Lack of demand and petty theft, deception of oneself and others.
  • Living in the past, mediocrity, dangerous fearlessness and loss.
  • Empty suspicions and suspiciousness, distrust of others.

In the reversed position, the Moon denotes a small deceit, petty theft. Now the scale of the problems is simply changing. But talents are also losing potential. The reversed card symbolizes feelings that can no longer be contained. Objective reality is mixed with speculation and conjecture. Man ceases to see the world as it really is. The situation may not have a second bottom, but the person is still trying to find a black cat in a room without light. The Moon in the opposite form symbolizes suspiciousness, mania or overcaution. All these are negative manifestations of human nature.

Also, the Moon in the reversed position can signal deception in the past. A certain secret still affects the life of the querent, does not allow him to relax. This type of card also shows the denial of everything unknown, mystical. A person is simply afraid of such phenomena, but disguises his fear as a negative reaction. Otherwise, the reversed Twilight card denotes an unbridled temper, coupled with an inability to keep secrets. The questioner lacks privacy, which is why life turns into an open book for everyone. In this context, the position of the card simply hints at the missing parts – solitude and peace.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • The lack of a future for a couple or a big risk of breaking up.
  • A failed attempt to resurrect an ending relationship.
  • Prejudice to the opposite sex, distrust, fear.
  • Choosing available partners over true love.

If the Moon fell reversed in a relationship spread, then this is a bad sign. Here the position of the card will play out as the impossibility of solving past problems. The couple fights all the time over the same issues. However, this will not solve anything. Perhaps people are already accustomed to such relationships, consider them the norm. The partners cannot agree due to internal disagreements. It may be that lovers are simply not suitable for each other. Attempts to return the former happiness are futile.

For singles, the reversed Moon indicates fictitious problems. The questioner simply does not want to build a relationship. However, in his head he draws for himself huge obstacles on the way to happiness. The fortuneteller may even think that he is cursed. But the position of the Arcana hints at the groundlessness of such reflections. The querent is simply closed from the opposite sex, does not want to change. This attitude certainly does not promise positive dynamics in the near future.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Revealed deception about work, fraud.
  • Parasitism, unwillingness to work honestly, earn money.
  • Mental disorders that interfere with finding a job.
  • Carelessness and inability to communicate, set up.

In the career spread, the reversed Moon is responsible for poverty, bankruptcy. A person loses everything to the penny. Even if in the past he held a high post, now the former success is long behind. In direct form, the card also implied a desire to hide information about the current position. However, now the reversed meaning symbolizes the revealed deception. Now the querent is forced to confess to fraud and suffer punishment for it. Perhaps he once waved his hand at the warning that one should not say much. At the same moment, talkativeness played against the fortuneteller.

The financial situation leaves much to be desired. The reversed Moon represents extreme need. A person can even go to the deception of loved ones, theft. You have to be in deep despair to frame someone. Also, the position of the Arcana hints at the unwillingness to go the standard way. A person does not want to look for a job, to rise from scratch. She has her head in the clouds, but is not ready to work at least a little to achieve her goals.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Prolapse of vital organs outside, operations.
  • Brain manipulation and also mental illness.
  • Constant apathy, unwillingness to do something, develop.
  • Persecution mania, sleepwalking and complete belief in your dreams.

In terms of health, the reversed Moon is responsible for dangerous interventions in the body. These are various operations on the brain with unpredictable consequences. The querent may also have a broken voice. In the most negative situations, the position of the card will show the prolapse of organs to the outside due to severe injuries, accidents. A person may be forced to use a special container all his life in order to go to the toilet. Otherwise, breathe through a plastic tube in the larynx.

The mental state is extremely unstable. The personality has ceased to control internal fears, phobias. Now her behavior is completely dependent on the emotions experienced. The reversed Moon denotes uncontrollable outbursts of anger, or, conversely, apathy towards everything. The querent is psychologically exhausted, wants absolutely nothing. Melancholy makes you not get out of the house for months, spending all the time alone. The surrounding people are also unable to help the fortuneteller in any way.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • The inability to hide the truth; catch on the little things.
  • Until the end, the situation is not clear or confusion in everything.
  • Reaching a limit, a boiling point or an explosion of emotions.
  • The presence of a certain trigger that affects life.

Most often, the Moon in the opposite form is played as a revealed deception. After all, the more a person tries to hide something, the more he draws attention to the designated topic. Such tension will sooner or later exhaust morally. On the card itself, the face of the luminary is depicted as gloomy. Animals also react negatively to moonlight. It seems to raise from the depths of consciousness the most unpleasant things, memories. And the reversed view gives the card the meaning of complete chaos, confusion. Feelings are mixed with true facts, and nothing can be considered separately.

The reversed Moon asks questions: “What is eating my soul?” and “How to get it out of you?”. Phobias do not form in a vacuum. However, in order to get rid of some negativity in yourself, you have to work hard. You can start saying those things that cause panic attacks, fear. Otherwise, singing or shouting loudly alone will help. Even in the opposite form, the card emphasizes sound. Silence will only drive you further into a corner, drive you crazy.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Quackery, invented abilities, self-deception.
  • Lose yourself in illusions; megalomania, mental disorders.
  • A shameful opening of a lie, a fall in the eyes of loved ones and relatives.
  • Forced loneliness is also people who turn away.

In spiritual terms, the reversed Moon symbolizes deceitful speeches about one’s psychic abilities. The person is simply mentally ill. He invents existential experiences, intimidates others. But all this a person does only because of the presence of internal fears. Psychological traumas have caused such damage that now consciousness cannot cope with experiences. The unconscious part of the psyche only throws firewood into the cauldron of doubts, thereby leading to a frenzy. In such a difficult period, it is better for a person to be alone so as not to harm himself or others.

The karma of the current life is to deal with your lies. All attempts to deceive others will turn against the questioner himself. The reversed Moon puts a person in an awkward position, promises to hide the truth. However, such an adviser cannot be trusted. The fortuneteller will constantly be drawn to something mystical, unknown. But such interest will only exacerbate the existing psychological problems. The fact is that the querent himself has not yet fully established himself as a person, has not come to something fundamental. That is why he does not have the right to teach or guide anyone. All such attempts will only hang on the guessing label of a charlatan.

The Moon as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then the Moon shows sensitive people with heightened intuition. Astrologically, the Arcana corresponds to Pisces – the most dreamy sign of the zodiac, which lives in its own world. Vanga is a Bulgarian clairvoyant, known throughout the world. She became blind at a young age and did not see anything for the rest of her life. However, the woman had a psychic gift that attracted thousands of people from all over the world to her. The prophetess completely relied on her own intuition, and therefore she was never mistaken. She lived as if in a different dimension and came out of there only to convey important information to people.

The reversed Moon shows mentally ill people, practically "infecting" with their madness. Charles Mills Manson is the creator of the American sect, which he affectionately called the family. This man had mental disabilities, although it may have been just a game for the public. On the orders of Charles, several girls from his sect killed the famous actress Sharon Tate. Manson himself denied his guilt. He repeatedly mentioned in interviews about his crazy dreams and states that he could not cope with. The reversed card just shows the blurred boundaries of reality, pushing for terrible things.

The Moon: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Moon Card

The upright Moon advises to listen to the voice of intuition. Now all thoughts and experiences should be kept secret. To be successful, you need to give yourself time. The card also hints at the importance of remaining calm and unshakable. Regardless of what is happening, the querent must keep moving forward. The Moon also warns of a lack of support from loved ones. That is why you should not share with them important experiences for the fortuneteller. They simply will not understand the ideas of the querent, they will not appreciate them. The best way out is to try to keep everything a secret. Only in this way can good results be achieved.

The upright Moon, on the contrary, advises getting rid of the burden of the past. Internal fears, clamps do not allow to relax. Therefore, the questioner needs to speak out to a reliable interlocutor. If this is not possible, then you can simply speak out loud the entire stream of negative thoughts. The card also warns of the danger of holding negativity in oneself. You can really go crazy if you don’t throw out your feelings from time to time. The best way to express emotions is through drawing, singing. These are the simplest exercises that can heal a wounded soul.

The Moon: Daily Card Meaning

In the upright position, the Moon promises a day filled with mystical coincidences. At night, prophetic dreams can be dreamed about events that will soon happen in reality. The card also shows music and singing lessons. At the same time, inner experiences will influence current events. On these days, there is a great risk of quarreling with someone if you do not control yourself. Often the Major Arcana falls on a real full moon or an eclipse. In this case, the meaning of the card is even more enhanced. You just need to try to throw out the negative in a peaceful direction. Today is a good day for creativity. The muse will come quite unexpectedly – you should be ready for her visit.

The reversed Moon shows the aggravation of conflict situations. On this day, everyone will quarrel with everyone. It will be hard to stay calm and not get involved. There is also a great risk that some kind of deception will be revealed. It can affect personal life, work or self-realization. In any case, life will take a drastic turn. Her movement becomes uncontrollable. Today, one can only observe the scale of the catastrophe, trying to "keep face" along the way. Also, the reverse position of the card of the day hints at apathy and laziness, which will deprive any sense of moving on. But this is just a temporary phenomenon.

Major Arcana