The Star Tarot Card

Card Name: Star, Star of Bethlehem, Guiding Star, Star of Magi

Category: Major Arcana, Being

Position: 17

Zodiac sign: Aquarius ♒

The Star is a tarot card with a beautiful sublime name. It denotes a light flair, fascination with eternity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, the heroine turned her gaze to herself, reflected on the water surface. The pre-dawn hour is flooded with the radiance of stars, and the air is transparent and fresh. The ringing silence is broken only by the rumble of a single bird. This is a time of hope, the birth of a new dream. But in the reversed form, the card loses its former beauty, grace and sophistication. The cherished desire cannot be fulfilled in any way. The Fairy Godmother flew away, waving goodbye with her silver wing. It remains only to remember the wonderful moment and regret everything unrealizable.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Star

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the Star card depicts a naked blonde woman drawing water from a lake. Small red flowers grow on the green shore nearby. The heroine draws liquid from the reservoir with one jug, and waters the ground with the second. In the right corner, on a small hill, there is a tree with a bird sitting on it. Mountains are visible to the left. In the very center of the card is a huge eight-pointed yellow star. The sky is pale blue. It looks like it’s just before dawn. To the left of the central star, four more white ones are drawn, to the right – three. In total, eight heavenly symbols are obtained.

The heroine herself on the Star Arcana personifies the embodiment of Yin energy. This is the Great Mother, capable of giving life. Bare breasts and jugs of water symbolize the investment of strength in a particular business. However, the stars hint at the close connection of the desired with something sublime. The bird also denotes a high flight, room for imagination. The tree shows the presence of a home, rear. Thus, the card implies a synthesis, a combination of the energies of earth and sky. A woman contains all these manifestations in herself and turns them into something even more grandiose. The very atmosphere on the card conveys the beauty of the moment, makes you feel the unreality of what is happening.

Meaning of the Upright The Star Card

  • Hope, faith in the best, great potential or opportunity.
  • The desire to create something, to change the situation.
  • Creative energy, daydreaming and lofty aspirations.
  • Ease, beauty, grace, trust or the ability to open up.

In the upright position, the Star symbolizes hope, faith in the best. This is the highest meaning, the idea that leads a person through thorns. The querent takes energy in his own soul and then feeds desires, intentions. The nakedness of the main character on the card can also hint at true needs. This is trust in one’s "I", the ability to hear the voices of the mind and heart, to distinguish them. Blond hair represents the absence of dark thoughts, negative connotations. The mountain in the distance hints at great prospects, future achievements. Flowers on the shore and the water itself, reflecting the radiance of the stars, hint at the charm of the moment, inspiration.

The numerical value of the Star denotes solitude and creativity. Together, the two numbers form an eight. She, in turn, is a symbol of infinity. The scene on the card seems to show the birth of something new. This is a secret corner in the soul of every person. Only alone with himself can a querent relax and dream about something distant, but beautiful. Further, these desires give creative energy. The source of inspiration is in the very essence, the soul. Anyone can make a dream come true. It is only important to believe in yourself, to open up to the flow. And the symbol of hope will lead you on the right path.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Mutual love or romance even in a long relationship.
  • The emergence of interest in the second half and the renewal of feelings.
  • The state of falling in love and lightness or the ability to inspire.
  • Flirting, effortless attraction of potential partners.

In a love spread, the Star symbolizes common plans and aspirations. The couple wants to have children, build a house in the future. Lovers look in the same direction, even if it seems that dreams are far from reality. However, the very desire to find happiness already gives strength to its fulfillment. The card also hints at the preserved romance, even despite the long "experience" of living together. Partners love each other and want to carry this feeling through the years. The Major Arcana №17 gives great chances for a similar outcome.

For singles, the Star predicts imminent love. Moreover, this condition can be caused not only by a certain person. Sometimes a passion for one’s hobby can give wings, light a spark in the eyes. And already on this state the necessary partners will be attracted. The most important thing is that in the soul of the questioning person there was a place for the second half. He is ready for a fateful meeting, longs for it. Inspiration cannot be imagined, it can only be felt. You can’t fake wingedness.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Companies that manufacture aircraft.
  • Physics, chemistry, macro- and microbiology or astronautics.
  • Earnings on your work, faith in further development.
  • Willingness to save, invest in new projects.

As a significator of the field of activity, the Star shows: astronautics, high technologies, progressive inventions. People are testing new directions, creating something designed to make life easier. This also includes experiments in the microworld. After all, everything on this planet is interconnected, reflects each other, just has different scales. As a significator of the current state, the Arcana shows the emergence of a new perspective. It won’t be long before the fortuneteller, but a certain door will open – you need to be ready to enter it.

The financial situation is unstable, but satisfactory. The querent hopes for the future, therefore does not attach much importance to today. He is ready to spend the last funds to bring some idea to life. The Star is played here as a huge motivation to constantly move forward. Often, the card implies creative activity and the adventurous nature of the questioner himself. However, the upright view of the Arcana still gives hope for a positive outcome in the distant future.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Beautiful appearance, proportionately harmonious body.
  • Long preservation of youth or absence of wrinkles.
  • The ability to remain calm, also patience.
  • Creativity and talent, charming grace.

The fallen Tarot Star gives a positive meaning to the health spread. Here the Arcana shows the presence of energy, strong immunity. For men, as for women, the card implies a beautiful attractive appearance. The Guiding Star also denotes the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. All body fluids are normal. Additionally, for girls, the card can talk about breastfeeding, the absence of problems with this.

The mental state is inspired, inspired. The Star hints at a huge motivation, a strong desire to get something, to come to something. At the same time, a person knows how to wait for the right moment, to endure a lot. She is also able to calm or inspire those around her. Next to such a person it becomes light in the soul. It is possible that he is engaged in creative activities, and it is there that he draws inspiration. The questioner wants to live beautifully and he does it very well. His lightness is felt in absolutely everything – communication, manners, behavior.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Great physical distance or psychological.
  • A rather large time passage or a significant period.
  • Honesty with yourself and an attempt to understand dreams.
  • Great overcoming obstacles thanks to ideas.

Foremost, the Star symbolizes hope, as well as high ideals. But the card also implies long distances – both in the context of movement and time. This is hinted at by the reflection of stars on the water surface. The main character looks into the shimmering lake and sees the endless sky there. It feels so close – just reach out your hand. However, the image of space objects can be illusory. The star itself has long gone out, but its rays are still visible to an observer from the distant planet Earth.

The card asks questions: “What am I dreaming about?” and “What are you ready to do to make your wish come true?”. The character on the Star Arcana draws water and waters the shore with it. That is why beautiful little flowers grow on it. The same analogy can be drawn with ordinary life. Dreaming alone is not enough for change. Energy for new achievements is better to take in your heart. It will never deceive, it will only point to true aspirations. And the feeling of joy will nourish, give much-needed strength.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • The desire to constantly develop and learn everything new.
  • The desire to become better, to be cleansed of sins or to rise.
  • Sharpening steadfastness on the way to the realization of the goal.
  • An inner instinct that never deceives the querent.

In terms of spirituality, the meaning of the Star is positive. Here, the card symbolizes the high standards that you want to meet. Water represents the cleansing of everything old and alluvial. A person is spiritually reborn, stands on his true path. In some decks, the Arcana is called the Star of Bethlehem. This is a direct reference to Christianity, the birth of the Savior. Therefore, often the card implies the beginning of a journey to oneself. In the soul of the seeker, an inner light has already been born. Now you just need to move along one of the rays to the very center.

From the side of karma, the Star speaks of the need to go through a lot in this life. The questioner will never be satisfied with the small. His whole being is aimed only at grandiose plans and accomplishments. Half measures will give aroma, but not the taste itself. Sometimes no one will understand the querent. Others will even try to dissuade from translating ideas into reality. However, the test is to never listen to anyone. In the soul of a fortuneteller there is already a compass showing the right direction.

Meaning of the Reversed The Star Tarot

  • Lies, embellishment of facts, empty fiction or untruth.
  • Living in some dreams, but without any concrete action.
  • A trap created by oneself or an unrestrained word.
  • Deception and theft, stealing someone else’s ideas.

In the reversed position, the Star shows empty hope. Dreams remain something ephemeral, have nothing to do with real life. The questioner simply loses precious time on fantasy, building castles in the air. The reversed card shows a lack of inspiration. It is also the loss of a higher idea, meaning. A person is completely cut off from the earth, he thinks in some kind of mythical images. The bird leaves the nest and can no longer find it. It is forced to fly in the skies until she completely loses all her strength. Water now symbolizes idle talk, implausible fiction.

A Star in the opposite meaning shows a vicious circle. A person constantly invents something, but stumbles at the implementation stage. A person is ready to draw ideas, but is in no hurry to put them into practice. The charm quickly passes, and emptiness appears in its place. In thoughts and fantasies, all achievements are much embellished. But to repeat the same picture in reality does not work. The dream is good because it is light, like a feather. But do not forget about balance, gravity. Earthiness is able to keep from rash steps. Here, the reversed position of the card hints at the loss of all support, both inside and outside.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Constant promises that feed the second half.
  • Incompatibility in some important issues, dead end.
  • Danger of falling in love or frivolity in behavior.
  • An unsuitable passion and also a frivolous love affair.

In terms of relationships, the reversed Star implies a dead end. One of the partners feeds the other with constant promises. However, as soon as you have to act, a person is immediately lost. In his head, everything has long been decided, planned. Only for some reason, the second half has not yet been able to make dreams come true. Plans may relate to both joint children and the legalization of marriage. In any case, the partner is playing for time, does not want to give specific deadlines. Everything stops at his abstract promises.

For lonely people, the Star in the opposite form promises an empty "draining" of energy. The querent will get an unreliable partner who will turn his head. But such a love affair definitely cannot continue. At the same time, the hope of correcting the situation will only aggravate the current situation. The constant waiting is killing me. The questioner may remain on the sidelines, all the while hoping for a better ending to the story. A new acquaintance is certainly not aimed at creating a family.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Labor activity without further prospects, development.
  • Fraud from an employer, a certain firm or company.
  • Living dependent on their parents, brothers or sisters.
  • Inability to find a suitable case, close needs.

In the context of work, the reversed Star shows a waste of time. Whatever the querent does, his work will definitely not lead to further development, career growth. At the same time, the fortuneteller may not be deprived of creative thinking. However, others use his abilities. The questioner himself remains out of work. Therefore, the position of the card often implies dishonest work contracts. For example – a fake trial period for which no one is going to pay.

The financial sector also fails. Most likely, the person has some kind of help from the outside. After all, it is impossible to carelessly fantasize about a better life if your pocket and stomach are empty. Often the reversed Star means the inability to provide for oneself, the need to humiliate oneself and ask for money from relatives, the second half. And most often this situation lasts for years, and even decades. A person is simply not ready to accept the rules of the game and move away from children’s momentary desires.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Incontinence, bladder injury, bladder surgery.
  • Painful sensations in the chest and discharge of pus, inflammation.
  • Loss of the former stimulus and also unrealized personality.
  • Disputes with oneself and inability to take up the solution of the case.

If the Star fell reversed in the health spread, then this is a sign of water imbalance in the body. The position of the card may show excessive sweating, puffiness. For women, the reversed Arcana hints at a painful swelling of the chest. It can also be a temporary phenomenon associated with the menstrual cycle. But in some cases, this sign indicates the presence of tumors – malignant or benign. The card in the opposite form also indicates incontinence, problems with the genitourinary system.

The mental state is passive. In his head, the querent is in the clouds, but in life he does nothing. However, fatigue also accumulates due to brain activity. Therefore, the reversed Star shows personalities misunderstood by the world, who just wanted the best. However, they themselves do not get tired of the stream of fantasies. This source is in full swing, but it does not leave the strength to implement plans. The position of the card signals suspiciousness, a tendency to embellish the facts.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • The habit of deceiving yourself and others, living not for real.
  • The inability to estimate real terms is also labor costs.
  • Excessive forcing of events and the desire to hide the truth.
  • Falsity, fascination with dangerous phenomena and things.

In various situations, the Star in the opposite meaning is complete disorientation. It was as if a man was put on a spacesuit and thrown into outer space. He is blinded by such expanses, admires the bright planets in the distance. However, gravity has completely disappeared. Losing the ground under your feet is another test for the psyche. The same meaning can be transferred to any sphere and get a similar result. Man by nature is firmly connected with the earth. Wandering in the clouds, sooner or later, will get bored or even cause panic.

The reversed Star in the Tarot asks questions: “What am I lying to myself about?” and “How to descend from heaven to earth?”. In dreams, every person has already received the Nobel Prize, become a famous football player or singer. But the realities are sometimes far from ephemeral images. This does not mean that all of the above is impossible. Rather, excessive daydreaming only harms, creates obstacles on the way to the goal. Fantasies only draw the plan of the house, but the further implementation of the project calls for concrete actions.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Disidentification with the physical body, flight to the astral plane.
  • The desire to escape to other worlds, just not to see yourself.
  • Invented asceticism, acting to the detriment of the fortuneteller.
  • Self-denial or rejection of the current incarnation.

A Star in the opposite form speaks of complete isolation from its body. Personality focuses on consciousness, spirituality. In thought, the seeker has already attained enlightenment, but all this is a game of the mind. The physical shell is an extension of the mind. It is a single system from which it is impossible to throw out any part. And many travelers slip badly on the desire to deny the needs of the body. But the truth lies in being in the current moment, feeling this moment with your skin. But the desire to “fly out” beyond the limits of the universe, to get into the astral dimension – will only undermine the shattered psyche.

Karma in this incarnation is a constant desire to run away from yourself somewhere. The reversed Star speaks of the rejection of one’s own body, the family in which the querent was born. In dreams, a person draws completely different events. But it’s all just pointless. The reality in which the questioner is immersed can teach something. The main thing is to consciously accept everything that happens. Denial will create a huge charge, which in the future can "blast".

The Star as a Significator of a Person

If the card lies upright, then the Star shows people who are just fantasizing about new ideas. They are great creatives who can inspire anyone. This Arcana corresponds to Aquarius – a positive sign of the air element, who loves to communicate. In general, the Star of Mages card falls on those who open up new horizons for people. An example is Yuri Gagarin, the first man to fly into space. Thanks to the Soviet astronaut, mankind believed in the possibility of traveling beyond the Earth.

But in the opposite form, the Star characterizes those who are inclined to lie. Moreover, such a deception can be good. Only people around are not ready to accept such kindness. Neil Armstrong is believed to be the first person to walk on the moon. However, there are still disputes about this fact. Many people think that the Americans simply deceived the whole world in an attempt to prove their superiority in the space race. Photos taken on the Earth’s satellite seem too fake and unrealistic.

The Star: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Star Card

The upright Star advises to turn on creative thinking, trust intuition. The situation requires a non-trivial approach. At the same time, you need to give others hope, even if there are no grounds for this yet. The questioner should trust the inner compass, believe in their own strength. Another card warns of the danger of focusing only on formalities, proven schemes. Circumstances force us to turn to creativity, childish spontaneity. The exit lies outside the beaten paths. The desire to digitize everything, to bring it to the golden mean, will only spoil the matter.

The reversed Star advises, on the contrary, to descend from heaven to earth. It is necessary to try to fulfill these promises, otherwise the trust of loved ones will be lost. It is worthwhile to calculate your strengths and capabilities in advance so as not to get into an awkward position. Only this approach will help to avoid difficulties. As a warning, the reversed card hints at a high probability of painful sobering. If the questioner himself does not want to accept reality, then others will help him. And they will do it in the most unpleasant way. Therefore, it is better to try to get rid of illusions yourself.

The Star: Daily Card Meaning

The dropped Star shows a day full of hope for bright events. Suddenly, a door will open in front of the querent’s face, leading to a new world. The road is long, but brilliant prospects and opportunities are already visible. The card also directly shows the observation of space objects through a telescope. Additionally, the Major Arcana may imply the arrival of a muse, inspiration. In these days it will be possible to find answers to pressing questions. The querent will feel an influx of creative energy. Even the most ordinary routine work will be easy to do. Today you can cook a culinary masterpiece from the most ordinary products or write a poem while traveling by public transport.

But the reversed Star carries a not so joyful message. Today, the fortuneteller will be faced with the need to do things that you want to completely eradicate from your life. However, wandering in the clouds and provoked the accumulation of routine tasks. You can compare this situation with the one in which students fall who do not hand in their papers on time. By the beginning of the session, they accumulate so much unfulfilled that there is enough for four. Therefore, the reversed position of the card hints at untimeliness and frivolity. Irresponsibility will drive you into a corner, and life will make you pay the bills.

Major Arcana