The Sun Tarot Card

Card Name: Sun, Prosperity

Category: Major Arcana, Being

Position: 19

Planet: Sun ☉

Time: Summer solstice

The Sun is a card of inspiration and motivation. She symbolizes active male energy, which may seem aggressive. But in its upright form, the Major Arcana of the Tarot only implies well-deserved fame, success in any field. The questioner will come out to his worshipers as a winner. The cheering crowd will accept their leader. However, the reversed Arcana symbolizes the other side of glory. This is excessive attention, the inability to relax and be alone. All the same crowd is capable of tearing apart if it doesn’t like something. Therefore, even the master of life can turn out to be a puppet on strings that others pull. Sometimes success is just a nominal concept.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the The Sun

In Waite’s Tarot, the Sun card depicts a child and the luminary itself. The child is naked, sitting on a white horse. In his left hand, the boy holds a large red banner. The head of the child is decorated with a wreath of dandelions with one scarlet feather. A gray wall is shown behind the horse. A little higher – sunflowers grow. Almost half of the card is occupied by the solar disk. He has a human face that resembles a woman’s. Stylized rays come from the circle: wavy and straight. The sky is bright blue. The whole scene is made in rich colors, evokes positive emotions. The boy spread his arms, smiling. His joy is transmitted to the viewer.

Some tarologists see a girl on the Sun Arcana, not a boy. In fact, it does not play a decisive role. The child here simply symbolizes openness, spontaneity, innocence. This is a real joy in life, a gift from heaven. The luminary denotes simplicity, clarity. When the sun rises, everything falls into place. The night was misleading, but the day showed the truth. Sunflowers are responsible for susceptibility and stamina. These plants always turn towards the sunlight, and therefore they never make a mistake. The red flag represents triumph, complete victory. The stone wall hints at a strong support and protection.

Meaning of the Upright The Sun Card

  • Complete victory, great achievements and implementation of the plan.
  • "White streak", luck or the ability to achieve one’s own.
  • Ease, but perseverance; simplicity and decency and honesty.
  • Patronage and protection of interests, the joy of self-realization.

In the upright position, the Sun means unconditional triumph, all-encompassing happiness. A child on a white horse seems to notify everyone about the beginning of a new period of life. Now any peaks are available to the querent. This Arcana symbolizes a favorable period of time. Any business will be argued, past hardships will be completely forgotten. The fortuneteller will feel true happiness, because his desires will come true. The appearance of the Sun card in the spread is an extremely favorable sign. The Arcana promises good luck and patronage of heaven. It will be possible to find the truth, as well as to prevail in any situation.

The number 19 symbolizes victory, self-affirmation. Therefore, the Sun often shows full self-realization. The questioning person will bathe in the rays of glory, albeit in the family circle or a small work team. In any case, the card hints at positive emotions, joy. Hopes will come true, plans will be realized. Also, the Sun can talk about a well-deserved rest. The querent did a good job, so he has the right to afford to retire for a while. The current circumstances will become a springboard for future achievements. And all this will happen in the near future. Success is definitely not far off.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Support for each other and the ability to rely on a partner.
  • Joint joy, the birth of a child, and also a strong union.
  • A large social circle, the opportunity to meet your destiny.
  • A lot of fans and admirers or demand.

In the spread for relationships, the Sun gives a positive forecast. Here the card is played as complete trust in each other. The partners have created a favorable environment for joint development in the future. People work on relationships, but do not forget about personal growth. Such a tandem has a great future. Often, the Arcana falls on bright creative couples. But in general, it also shows the settlement of conflicts in the past, complete forgiveness. Beloved will be able to start life from scratch, while not parting.

For lonely people, the Sun predicts a fateful meeting. At the moment, the questioner is "in the resource". His inner strength is enough to attract the right person. Perhaps the fortuneteller will take up work or a hobby, and then in this field he will meet his fate. Openness to the world will help in communicating with the opposite sex. Honesty will not repel. Rather, on the contrary. It is worth taking advantage of the chance and do not hesitate.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Creative self-realization that pays so well.
  • Brilliant career, high position, leadership position.
  • Acting, writing and filmmaking.
  • Thriving business, streamlined processes and business success.

The meaning of the Sun in terms of work is positive. Here the card is played as a career advancement, an increase in wages. The querent will be in great demand with potential employers. He will be able to brilliantly show professional qualities, innate talents. As a significator of activity, the Sun shows labor associated with creativity. Actors, artists, singers pass through this Arcana. Upright, the card promises universal love and fame.

The financial situation is also favorable. A person will be able to cover all primary needs. At the same time, the Sun promises success in business, many clients, business partners. Therefore, the querent will have a chance to make good money, to become wealthy. Life has prepared a launch pad, but you still have to take off on it yourself. It’s a ticket to a better future. The final result, the outcome of the whole business, depends on today’s actions.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Tanned slender body, outstanding external data.
  • Good health and the ability to recover quickly.
  • Positive thinking, attitude to win or stubbornness.
  • The ability to inspire others, inspire them with your own example.

In the context of health, the Sun symbolizes strong immunity, resistance to diseases. They say about such people that they were born in a shirt. Any ailment bypasses them. The card also hints at good reproductive ability. The querent quickly recovers from any illness, has a large supply of internal strength. Metabolism is very pumped. Because of this, the fortuneteller is able to eat a lot, but not get better at all. Also, the card hints at an attractive appearance, a lean body.

The mental state is rather excited. The Sun shows a surge of positive emotions. The person feels joy, anticipation of upcoming events. They are ready to act. And most of the time, such a person tries to think positively. He believes that such an approach determines the final result of any business. Also, a person is able to motivate others, support. Her inner charge is transmitted to everyone around her, it also makes her believe in herself.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A stunning success, the ability to make a breakthrough, a breakthrough.
  • Independence, freedom of action and reasoning, authority.
  • Respect from loved ones and fans or rapid development.
  • Constant movement forward, bold views and truth.

The fallen Arcana of the Sun in Tarot gives the meaning of positive and joy to the spread on any topic. The daylight correlates with life, growth. If it went out, then the entire planet would simply freeze. Therefore, the card symbolizes high activity, intense experiences. At the same time, everything is given to the querent quite easily. He seemed to be on the right track. Now success is just a matter of time. The card also indicates the presence of spectators, fans. Everything that the questioner will do will be noticed and appreciated.

The Sun asks questions: "What turns me on?" and "How to make a breakthrough?". The card always denotes great outstanding results. There are no half measures for her. That is why the querent should think about what he really wants. Some people see success in recognition from their own family. Others are aimed at the attention of a million-strong crowd. Therefore, everyone must determine the extent of their success for themselves. And the upright view of the card definitely promises positive changes.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Solar gods and symbols of life, the male manifestation of the "I".
  • Perseverance, steadfastness in the face of difficulties.
  • Popularity, which begins to bother and interferes with life.
  • The test of wealth, fame or glory.

The Sun card correlates with the solar gods – Yarilo, Ra. Regardless of their culture, they were all responsible for life on earth, constant growth. People worshiped the daylight – they asked for a good harvest, favorable weather. At the same time, the deity was a manifestation of active male energy. It symbolized self-realization, concrete actions, strength. Every person has this Yang energy. If you learn how to manage it, you can reach unprecedented heights in absolutely any field.

In the context of karma, the Sun speaks of being tested by popularity. The questioner will not be able to hide from prying eyes, no matter where he is. Universal love gives a good income, a sense of self-worth. However, a fortuneteller can forget about peace, relaxation. Increased attention will sooner or later become annoying. That is why the stars do not like journalists and the media so much. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what scale the popularity of the questioner is. Perhaps he is just a folk hero who is not allowed to pass even in his own yard.

Meaning of the Reversed The Sun Tarot

  • Inadequately high self-esteem and an overabundance of feelings.
  • Annoyance, intense pressure, inability to rest.
  • Empty chores that do not give results, also running in circles.
  • Low self-esteem or lack of faith in one’s abilities.

In the reversed position, the Sun shows inadequate behavior, a manner of behaving provocatively. Such a person is not straightforward, he is simply not brought up. The querent can really achieve a lot. However, then there will be tremendous changes in his character. Thus, the reversed card shows "star fever". Also, the Sun in the opposite sense is responsible for transient glory. Success will be temporary or not so stunning. In this context, the scale of positive developments is changing. The questioner is able to take revenge on fate, but all this will not last long.

In addition, the reversed Sun card symbolizes a dishonest victory, rigged results. The querent enjoys someone’s patronage. His success is simply beneficial to someone. Often, an overly ambitious character is put in the role of the protagonist. This is necessary so that someone takes the whole blow. True puppeteers always remain on the sidelines. In some cases, the Sun reversed shows a lack of self-confidence. A person lives by other people’s standards, but completely forgets about his own. As a result, constant dissatisfaction with oneself and one’s poor results is formed.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Inability to agree, to hear each other, to understand.
  • Excessive demands on a partner, an attempt to put pressure.
  • Exaggerated expectations from people and inadequate requests.
  • Directness, which only repels, frightens others.

In a love spread, the reversed Sun shows the excessive pressure of one partner on the other. The couple cannot agree, because the interests of people diverge. Someone wants to spend the evening together, and the other wants to go to a bar together. The position of the card often shows unequal marriages. So, a husband can be a very rich person, and his wife is from a poor family. Or vice versa. The main role here is played by a strong pressure, which does not allow the other half to be heard. What is good for one is a difficult test for another.

For singles, the Sun in the opposite form still promises a welcome meeting. However, such an acquaintance will not have a logical continuation. The querent is unnecessarily open to people, thereby frightening and repelling them. Not everyone is ready to live with their soul wide open. And attempts to draw out the truth can completely stun. Sometimes the reversed Arcana speaks of the desire to find a successful and wealthy partner. But the fact is that the seeker himself does not meet the bar. This dissonance does not allow to establish a personal life.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Fraudulent documents or fake leaders.
  • Clothes that are faked by a world-famous brand.
  • Illegal production of products; small income.
  • Little money on your work, part-time work.

If the Sun card fell upside down, then it shows fake offices. Also, the position of the Arcana can speak of inactive leaders who are needed only for cover. Otherwise, the Sun in the opposite sense symbolizes counterfeits for brands. Often this is an illegal activity. As a signifier of the situation, the position of the card hints at small successes, a satisfactory salary. A person is satisfied with his current job, does not want to grow further.

In terms of finances, the reversed Sun Arcana denotes small requests from life that can be realized. For example, in a small town, the questioner is considered a wealthy person. However, moving to the capital will instantly turn a rich man into a needy one. Therefore, the querent does not want to leave his familiar place, to lose at least some stability. Also, the position of the Arcana can talk about a satisfactory income from your own hobby. The most important needs are closed, and everything else is not so critical.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Inflamed skin and allergic reactions, release of toxins.
  • A condescending attitude towards one’s health and well-being.
  • The habit of promising a lot and also excessive emotionality.
  • Arrogance that only hurts and leads to failure.

In the reversed form, the Sun shows burns, allergic reactions. The skin is damaged. Also it: ulcers, heartburn. The reversed Arcana implies a frivolous attitude to one’s health. The questioner does not monitor his own diet, daily routine. All this together affects today’s well-being. A person also considers going to the doctor to be something superfluous. That is why he can miss the moment when a disease becomes chronic.

The mental state is overexcited. The Sun in the opposite form speaks of obstinacy and directness, which only harm. A person promises a lot, openly promotes his own views. However, problems appear at the implementation stage. At the same time, a person can really do a lot of things. But all this is meaningless or ineffective. As a result, energy and resources are wasted. The stages of resounding success are followed by devastation. Where a fire used to burn, today only scorched earth remains.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Recklessness, the habit of devaluing difficulties and troubles.
  • High expectations that can lead to depression.
  • Weighty problems hiding behind a beautiful wrapper.
  • An attempt to expose the querent to a blow or betrayal of trust.

Most often, the Sun in the opposite sense implies complete faith in a positive outcome of events. However, such self-confidence only deprives motivation. If a person knows that he will win, then it makes no sense to try, to invest in some business. Often, an open ending has a much better effect on a person. Summer is not forever – someday cloudy days will come. That is why it is worth preparing for them in advance. The habit of postponing everything until later will play against the questioner.

The reversed Sun card asks questions: “What do I hope for?” and “Why am I sure of a happy ending?”. Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes you don’t have to be fascinated by rosy prospects. The responsibility that will be placed on the shoulders of the querent may not even be worth even chests of gold. Yes, and you should think about the motives of those around you. If the road turns out to be empty, then there are certain reasons for that. Therefore, the situation can have a double bottom. Outward success hides insurmountable difficulties.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Super-responsibility, which is difficult to bear for yourself and others.
  • A focus on worldly needs, but not spiritual goods.
  • Constant work to restore balance or harmony.
  • The need to share the results of efforts with loved ones.

The Major Arcana Sun in the reversed form personifies the disgrace of the solar deities. A man wants fame and he gets it. However, fame begins to play against the "star" itself. In spiritual terms, such a person is harder to reach heights. It is firmly connected with everything material. It will be difficult for the ego to let go of money, respect, popularity. The spirit is always striving for freedom. All this together creates an internal dissonance that causes constant tension. That is why celebrities cannot find happiness, although at first glance they already have everything for this.

The karma of this life is small results. The querent can go out of their way to achieve something significant. However, fate decreed otherwise. The reversed Sun is responsible for unsuccessful attempts. Even if the questioner spins like a squirrel in a wheel, this will still not affect the final result. It is possible that one of the relatives thus takes the energy they lack. Because people are connected by blood ties, the querent himself also depends on his family. Therefore, his excess of energy goes to cover other people’s deficits.

The Sun as a Significator of a Person

In the upright position, the Sun shows simple and sincere people. They are open to the world, new experiences. The horse on the card can speak of a love of travel, movement. The Arcana corresponds to the planet Sun, which is quite logical. Christopher Columbus was a Spanish navigator who discovered America in the 15th century. He gave people the New World, although it was previously believed that there was nothing between the South Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. However, Columbus was not afraid to go on a dangerous voyage. Thanks to his fearlessness, Christopher forever inscribed his name in world history.

But in the reversed form, the Sun shows self-confident insolent people who do not take into account the views of others. In the 17th century, the governor of New Netherland, Peter Minuit, bought the land of the future New York from the natives. He paid for his purchase with a sack of beads and fishing hooks. The Indians were extremely pleased, but did not understand at all what was really happening. Therefore, the reversed Arcana often indicates those people who can deceive with a smile, outwit for their own good.

The Sun: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the The Sun Card

If the card lies upright, then the Sun advises to act openly. Directness will help the querent earn the respect of others. You should take most of the responsibility on your shoulders. You have to be a leader in order for people to follow. In this case, you can rely on their devotion. As a warning, the Sun speaks of the danger of acting secretly. Now you should not hide information, try to smooth the corners. The sooner the questioner starts solving the problem, the better for him. Life will guide you along the right path, and then you should rely only on your own strength.

The reversed Sun card advises you to try to appear a little less in society. In order to close the need for attention, you can turn to members of your own family or work colleagues. Now it is worth choosing not very ambitious dreams, setting adequate goals for yourself. As a warning, the position of the card hints at the risk of not coping with the assigned responsibilities. You can pass for idle talk if you miss the choice of what you want. In addition, one should learn not only to agitate, but also to take concrete actions. Otherwise, there is a high probability of becoming an interim leader, who is overthrown anyway.

The Sun: Daily Card Meaning

In the upright position, the Sun promises a positive day. Today the querent will feel a surge of energy. Any case will be given the first time, thanks to the activity of the questioner himself. On this day, you can successfully complete old projects. The card also hints at a greater likelihood of receiving a certain prize, an award. The fortuneteller will succeed in the form in which he understands it. Also, the Arcana implies the increased attention of others. Friends and family will support the querent’s undertakings. And with such faith, no obstacles on the way to the goal are terrible. At the same time, the same people will be ready to follow the questioner, if necessary.

The reversed Sun card predicts small victories. Today we will have to moderate the ardor a little, reduce the speed. This is necessary so as not to burn out. The position of the Arcana speaks of gradual development. Therefore, on this day, the querent can get some first results in his activities. However, only relatives will become loyal fans so far. Today, the first customers in a new business can come. Those who are engaged in creativity will be able to sell their product for relatively little money. But even such events will cause joy, inspire even more significant achievements.

Major Arcana