Three of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Three of Cups, 3 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 3

Keywords: Abundance, Carefree

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

A symbol of unbridled fun and selfless happiness. If you do not take the Major Arcana Sun, the Three of Cups becomes the most radiant card of the Tarot deck. It has absorbed all the best manifestations of the human essence: beauty, youth, the ability to rejoice for others. Arcana promises a noisy celebration in the circle of beloved friends and relatives. And this is by no means a dry formality. Each invitee will be sincere in his manifestation. There is no catch or jealousy here. The golden cup will equally bestow everyone with love and the favor of fate. Only in this case, you can learn the real value of the minutes spent with loved ones.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Three of Cups

The Three of Cups card in the classic Ryder-Waite deck shows the dance scene of the Three Graces. Magician Arthur Edward Waite was inspired by the work of Raphael Santi and Rubens. Famous artists named the three goddesses Love, Innocence and Beauty. Gathered together, the three qualities bestow true spiritual ecstasy. True, instead of naked figures, girls wear dresses on the Arcana. Their right arms are raised in a gesture of victory, and their faces reflect joy and contentment. Each girl holds a gold cup. The action takes place against the backdrop of a cloudless sky. The land has a rich harvest of fruits and vegetables. The overall picture resembles a fun holiday.

The motive of the trinity of the world is reflected in many religious and artistic ideas. However, the Three of Cups comes closest to a physical, down-to-earth understanding of celebrating life. The gifts of nature, lying on the ground, personify the manifested values, those that you can taste, enjoy the sweetness. Among other things, on the card one of the Graces holds a bunch of grapes โ€“ a direct indication of intoxication with wine or feelings. The motive of the image is imbued with lightness and carelessness. Clear skies, bright colors โ€“ all this fills the soul with joy, gives hope for the future. Such a positive card has no dark side. But at the same time, there are some nuances that give the spread a different shade. To deal with them, you must always take into account the position of the dropped Three of the suit of Cups.

Meaning of the Upright Three of Cups Card

  • Holiday, celebration; fun with close friends, family.
  • A path without obstacles, a gift of fate, good luck in any business.
  • Success, fame, recognition, dream fulfillment, white stripe.
  • Mobility, lightness, carelessness and spontaneity.

The upright position of the Three of Cups means great joy. It is a celebration, with guests and an abundant table, or a celebration in the shower. The heart is overwhelmed with feelings, you want to share them with others. Pleasant emotions are caused by the fulfillment of a long-awaited desire. The man got exactly what he wanted. This includes all areas of life: work, relationships, self-development. The card personifies a reason for a noisy celebration. This could be the birth of a child, a wedding, a promotion or a long-awaited purchase. In any case, the Arcana shows a significant event that causes a pleasant shiver.

According to Tarot 3 of Waters, lightness and carelessness pass. Work is easy, relationships bring happiness, and money goes into your own hands. The card falls on the minions of fate โ€“ those who were kissed by fortune itself. Good luck accompanies everything, and those around them are happy to be in the company of such a person. An individual doesnโ€™t know what loneliness is. All ideas resonate and gather followers. A person knows how to compromise, knows what to offer his opponent. For such an optimistic approach to life, fate generously showered with gifts. It grants its favorite help from friends and relatives, invisibly guarding against ill-wishers.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Original dates, beautiful gestures from a partner.
  • First meeting, emotional outburst, falling in love.
  • The ability to receive and deliver joy, an open heart.
  • "Easy" relationships, sophistication in love, intimacy.

The Three of Cups gives a sunny quality to the love Tarot spread. The energy of the card is bright, but slightly shallow. You can compare it to a meeting for your own amusement. The dance of the three goddesses is fleeting, it does not promise love until the grave. Wine intoxication will dissipate by morning, and feelings may pass. Therefore, often, the Three of the Cups suit falls on the relationship that has just begun. People are not yet fed up with the state of falling in love, they enjoy each otherโ€™s company. Such a love affair is far from family life and a standard set of problems. Aesthetics and sensual rapture still reign here.

However, there are exceptions. Some couples know how to introduce novelty, despite their long experience. In this case, the junior Arcana of the Three of Cups shows a real talent to surprise a loved one. This includes unusual romantic dates, periods of separation for the sake of a bright meeting. Partners are never bored together, they have defined personal boundaries in order to sometimes break them. One way or another, such a couple have sincere feelings and a rare gift to rekindle the fire of love. If such a case does not apply to the questioner, perhaps he just came across a person who is not ready to go further. It is important to pay attention to the cards dropped out next to them.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • A generous reward, a well-deserved bonus, a promotion.
  • Work to your liking, pleasant team, growth prospects.
  • Balance between work and leisure, creative profession.
  • Professional achievements, awards.

For the work area, the Three of Water means a reason for joy. The boss will notice the querentโ€™s merits, possibly raise or give a bonus. The team is close-knit, tasks are performed quickly and easily. Such employees are motivated, they know how to enjoy their work. For those looking for a suitable job, the card predicts the quick receipt of the desired position. Organizations associated with mass events pass through the Arcana: agencies involved in preparing for holidays and concerts, theaters, visiting exhibitions, karaoke bars.

The Three of Cups shows easy handling of money. They come easily and are also easy to spend. A person knows how to make money and have a good rest. But, in general, the Three shows material comfort, contentment with the current standard of living. For everyone, it will be their own. At the same time, a person is not greedy, loves to make gifts. He also does not hide his income, openly demonstrates his own merits in his career or business. For the future, the Three of Chalices predicts the closure of a profitable deal, the receipt of the desired amount.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Body beauty, flexible spine, good stretching.
  • Young organism, excellent genetics, water balance.
  • Positive thinking; the ability to rejoice, to support.
  • An inspirer, motivator, sociable person.

Health on the third card of the Water suit can be envied. The querent looks young, external beauty is important to him. He devotes a lot of time to maintaining the set bar. In this case, the age can be any. The body easily copes with stress, all aging processes are slowed down as much as possible. Often the Three of Cups shows young people, but unlike the 6 of Chalices, these are not children. Rather, from 16 to 25 years old. The Arcana in an upright position represents a good water balance, the presence of collagen in the skin.

The person on the card Three of Cups is also young at heart. Despite the past years, he retained an interest in life. His character is spontaneous, active and mobile. The questioner has a light disposition, knows how to maintain the atmosphere of the holiday. Arrogance, isolation and indecision are alien to him. He easily endures the hardships of fate, keeping his strength for future victories. An invincible optimism lives in the querent. And on him, like moths to the light, all those around him flock. A fortuneteller knows how to motivate, cheer up with a word.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Earthly values, enjoyment of simple pleasures.
  • Time to develop sensory life experiences.
  • Lack of magic, good protection against any negativity.
  • Runic and natural magic, positive changes.

The Tarot card Three of Cups symbolizes part of the spiritual path when you need to pay attention to simple joys. Delicious food, good drinks, jokes with good friends are all important. As the element of Water nourishes the earth, so without the lower there is no higher. To be successful on the spiritual front, you need to absorb the joys of the world to your heartโ€™s content. Ignoring the sensual side of life will turn the querent into a โ€œperson of mindโ€. He is intellectually savvy, but his heart is closed with a heavy bolt. Therefore, he will never give really worthwhile advice, will not understand someone elseโ€™s soul.

If the questioning person is interested in whether there is any negative impact on him, then the Three of Cups answers: โ€œnoโ€. The energies are in balance: the mental, physical and spiritual bodies are in order. Also, a person has natural protection โ€“ close people, blood relatives will not miss the magic "blow". If this happens, the negative charge will be canceled. Also, the Three of Cups shows positive effects for beauty, attraction of the opposite sex. In the presence of damage or evil eye, confirmed by other Arcanas, the card indicates the method of exposure. Magic was induced during the holiday, with the help of a charmed liquid.

Meaning of the Reversed Three of Cups Tarot

  • Loss of interest, devaluation of life, emptiness inside.
  • The end of the holiday, "hangover" after strong feelings, emotions.
  • A kind of fatigue, a reference only to the external attributes of prosperity.
  • A little joy, a holiday only with close people, relatives.

An inverted Three of Cups card reduces its potential, but does not completely lose it. Rather, they are small joys that can only be shared with a narrow circle of friends. Experiences reduce the intensity, become habitual, and therefore not so important. If you turn the Arcana, you can see how the gifts of nature occupy the upper position, and the girls with the cups move down. Necessity comes to the fore, not abundance. The querent has everything he wants, but he doesnโ€™t appreciate it that much. The question arose of the importance of the material. The energies of the 3 of Cups are starting to lose ground, itโ€™s time to move forward.

The feeling of losing some meaning applies to all spheres of life: career, family, self-realization. Former interests are left behind. This happens when the querent has achieved a dream and then is disappointed. The wish came true, and now something aches in my chest. The elixir from the cups is drunk, all the dishes are eaten, and now the noise of the holiday is gradually dying down. The Arcana Three of Cups means fleetingness, joy at the moment. It cannot be returned with a snap of your fingers. And if the Three of Chalices lay upside down, then this moment is practically lost. Life has generously endowed the fortuneteller, and now he should return to the working rhythm again.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Rare meetings, obstacles on the path to mutual happiness.
  • Vacation romances, love affairs at work.
  • Fleeting hobbies, easy attitude towards partners.
  • A certain framework, focus only on yourself.

The reversed Three of Tarot Cups gives the love spread a less positive meaning. The partner is looking for short-term meetings, does not think about the future of the relationship. At the moment he seems convincing, such feelings cannot be imitated. But after the date, he plunges into real life, forgetting about his promises. Then the person may reappear, or he may forget about the partner until he feels bored again. Sometimes, an inverted card shows fleeting hobbies during a business trip or travel. This behavior can become an integral character trait, or it can be a one-time episode.

Feelings on the inverted Arcana of the Three of Cups are often superficial. One or both people are not ready to let someone get too close. As soon as problems arise or a situation requires a serious answer, love and tenderness immediately evaporate. The querent or his love does not want a deep soul connection, sincere experiences. Typically, a person himself does not understand what to strive for, therefore he is unable to offer something really worthwhile. He is more comfortable showing only his positive side. Perhaps he is not yet mature enough for deep feelings. In the meantime, he is only interested in brief outbursts of acute emotions.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Closing current tasks, small victories, merit.
  • Pursuit of personal goals, seeming simplicity.
  • Earnings for hobbies, rare sales, one-time payments.
  • Short goals, simple dreams, small ambitions.

If the Three of Cups fell upside down to questions about work, then this is not a negative sign. Rather, the Arcana denotes sobriety. Even during general fun at a corporate party, the querent does not lose his vigilance. He knows how to let go of the situation, but focuses mainly on the material. According to this position of the Arcana, we can talk about small work achievements. For example, it will be possible to fulfill the inter-quarter plan, close most of the tasks. However, such goals start to seem small, there is a desire for more.

In a financial spread, the opposite position of the card indicates little income. Sometimes refers to a monetized hobby. This includes selling your own paintings, creating entertainment content, etc. Cash flow meets the minimum requirements, but is far from desired. The reversed Three of Cups may indicate the need for cash collection for organizing a celebration, for example, for a gift to colleagues or a boss. In any case, the meaning comes down to small requests from life, which are easy enough to satisfy.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Internal reserve of physical and mental energy.
  • Moderate diet, temporary stagnation of fluid, lymph.
  • Calm character of a person, no mood swings.
  • A positive attitude that has become commonplace and familiar.

An inverted Three of Cups indicates good health. Even in this position, the card does not carry a negative message. However, it emphasizes the importance of supporting loved ones. If at the moment a person is sick, a reversed 3rd Arcana of the Cups suit promises a quick recovery. The querentโ€™s immunity easily copes with diseases. He has good genetics. The trio of the elements of Water advises to reduce the consumption of alcohol and heavy food, but in a moderate way. The fortuneteller does not have to completely abandon this, he just needs to help the metabolism.

The psyche in the opposite position of the card is stable and predictable. A person knows how to rejoice, to enjoy life. At the same time, he knows when to stop and does not give in to emotional outbursts. Enthusiasm burns with a small fire, into which firewood is thrown from time to time. When the Three of Cups fell upside down, it speaks of positivity, which has become a character trait. The querent is never discouraged, he knows how to wait out a difficult time. He easily copes with difficulties, does not lose a sober view of things.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Emotional burnout, fatigue from others.
  • Observer position and refusal to participate in events.
  • Distrust of others, devaluation of relationships.
  • Far-fetched problems, self-doubt.

The reversed card Three of Cups in spiritual terms shows the departure of worldly joys into the background. This state of affairs is possible with a long turbulent period of life. The old joys are boring, the man is fed up with sensual pleasures. The endorphin overdose left a bitter aftertaste. Fate begins to turn the querent towards himself and his true needs. He can feel how the past state of affairs, habitual relationships with loved ones, slowly fade away.

On the other hand, the 3 of Cups in the opposite position may indicate a lack of communication. For further development, a fortuneteller needs to learn to interact with people, to be open. Mistrust and self-obsession stop inner growth. Sometimes a good conversation or a gathering with friends is more than solitude in the company of books. Living knowledge cannot be devalued. Therefore, the inverted Arcana Three of Cups advises you to ask yourself questions: "Why do I keep people away from me?" and "Have I really grown up or am I just avoiding real life?"

Three of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Three of Cups Card

The Three of Cups in an upright position advises to devote more time to communication with other people. This way, you can solve most of your problems โ€“ from finding a job to peace of mind. You need to visit social events more often, not to refuse to meet with friends and relatives. The environment will help you reach a new level of living, add colors and emotions. The advice from the inverted Arcana will be different. On the contrary, you should not count on outside help. Relatives will support, but you will have to make decisions yourself. Humor and lightness will relax you a little, but will not give you the necessary strength.

In the context of a warning, the meaning of the Three of Cups will take on a negative connotation. You need to carefully monitor your words and manifestations of feelings in public. Intemperance, familiarity and excessive gullibility will play against the questioner. You can lose a good chance by wasting time on empty talk. An upside down card makes things even worse. Now you need to completely distance yourself from others. Blood relatives, close friends will not let you move forward, even if out of good intentions. Now is not the time to listen to their advice, to act on someone elseโ€™s instructions.

Three of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

As the card of the day, the Three of Cups promises a noisy event followed by a celebration. Pleasant meetings with loved ones, organization of banquets or joint travels are possible. The day will pass in pleasant chores, and will end on a pleasant note. An old friend may unexpectedly call and invite to a concert, exhibition, dinner in good company. However, sometimes the Arcana means not only physical meetings. The bright energy of the card will pour out into a distant holiday โ€“ stream, Internet correspondence, video date. In any case, communication promises to be pleasant, inspiring, sincere.

An inverted Three of Cups card will show you watching the others rejoice. You can become an unwitting witness to the celebration of someone elseโ€™s birthday or wedding. Sometimes, the card denotes a secret meeting in a narrow circle of friends or a small pleasant event. One way or another, the day does not imply unexpected shocks or negative events. It will pass easily, give a feeling of happiness and satisfaction from your own life. At the same time, the querent will spread positive around him, inspiring the people around him. Happiness in this Arcana is always common, it will not be possible to hide good news, hide emotions.

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