Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Three of Pentacles, 3 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 3

Keywords: Endeavor, Admiration

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Three of Pentacles in Tarot is the card of masters with a capital letter. These are perfect movements, a good knowledge base and practical experience. Any tasks on this card are easy. The querent feels the wings behind his back, and those around him only reinforce this feeling with their admiration. The hall is full of applauding spectators. But when reversed, the Three of Pentacles changes its basic meaning. Now the actor is standing in front of an angry mob throwing tomatoes at him. In this case, the master can be brilliant. However, it all depends on the level of observers. If people cannot distinguish soft from warm, then Michelangelo himself is for them a vandal, spoiling canvases.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Three of Pentacles

In the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Three of Pentacles card shows a scene of work in a medieval building. To the left, on a small wooden bench, stands a man in a yellow apron. The hero holds two hand tools – a wedge and a sledgehammer. On the right is a couple – a man and a woman. They are holding a piece of paper with a plan inscribed on it. The lady’s companion looks like a monk – he is dressed in a long gray cassock and a round cap. The lady is dressed in an orange cloak with an elongated hood. Similar clothes can be seen in the paintings of Jan van Eyck, an artist of the 15th century. The action takes place within the walls of a certain Catholic Church with columns and lancet arched openings. In the upper part, decorations are visible – three pentacles, lilies and a rose.

Since Arthur Waite considered cards from Ten to Ace, following this logic, the same hero is depicted on the Arcana of the Three of Pentacles as on the Eight of the Earth. But now the former apprentice has turned into a real master. He takes orders from the nobility and takes on complex jewelry work himself. A pair of a man and a woman means seeking help, cooperation. At the same time, the master stands a little higher – this is an indication of the presence of a decent level. The symbolism in the form of pentacles represents money, the element of the Earth. This is a very material energy that the hero embodies into reality. Lilies and a rose are Masonic signs, symbolizing involvement in a secret society. This is a sign of exclusivity, chosenness.

Meaning of the Upright Three of Pentacles Card

  • Skill, the presence of certain talents and giftedness.
  • Jewelry work, admiration of others, diligence.
  • Getting inspiration, work "in the flow", or motivation.
  • Increased demand, or a well-coordinated process of cooperation.

In the upright position, the Three of Pentacles denotes diligence, skill and the presence of certain abilities. It is also the process of creating something beautiful. The card often falls on masters of their craft, gifted people. It shows the interest of others, admiration for the end result. Also, the Arcana speaks of teamwork, interdependence. In this hierarchy, one person gives instructions, and the other carries them out. Everyone does their own thing and does not interfere in other people’s business. Only in this way are masterpieces obtained. The coherence of work is reflected in the result of the work. In the context of the situation, the Arcana shows an appeal to a specialist, getting advice.

In addition, the Three of Pentacles symbolizes demand, good cash flow. There is a mutual exchange of energies, so the balance is easily achieved. At the same time, the querent’s talent can relate to any area of life. Everywhere the card represents success, relevance. The number 3 symbolizes the expansion, unwinding of vital energy. In this case, the meaning of the Three of Pentacles is a magnet for human attention. The querent can take on the role of a master, then he himself will create something new. Or the questioning person becomes a couple who came for help. In this case, the fortuneteller distributes instructions, but also leaves a field for creativity to the performer.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A clear distribution of gender roles in the family, in a couple.
  • Reliable strong rear, a strong shoulder of a loved one nearby.
  • Achievements of the querent that attract people’s attention.
  • A chance to build new relationships and find your love.

In a love spread, the Three of Pentacles signifies the need for each other. Relationships are built on the principle of hierarchy. This is the case when a woman takes care of the house, cooking and cleaning, and a man – work, providing for the family. Both people have fairly conservative views on life together and therefore get along easily. Partners support each other in difficult times and are always ready to lend a helping hand. In this case, we can talk about healthy relationships built on respect and love.

For lonely people, the Three of Pentacles predicts an increased interest in the opposite sex. The querent has certain talents, gifts that attract attention. Perhaps a person has an athletic build, holds a high position, or knows how to express thoughts eloquently. This zest gives a chance to build new relationships. You can always rely on the questioner, he does not lift his head. Modesty gives additional charm and promises to find a mate in the near future.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Manual labor, work related to art or design.
  • Collectivism, various meetings of business professionals.
  • Gradual stable growth in finance, business in the black.
  • Pursuing your destiny or working for joy.

As a significator of activity, the Three of Pentacles shows various agencies, workshops. These are working groups in which each employee is engaged in his duties. Someone is responsible for advertising, another – for public relations, the third – creates a product. There is no confusion here, because the work requirements are clearly discussed and spelled out. As a result, the labor process resembles a strong organization with mutual responsibility. In the context of the situation in the workplace, 3 of Coins speaks of a good climate in the team, stability.

The financial situation is good. The Three of Pentacles represents reliability and clarity. A person knows what he wants and gradually brings his plans to life. The card shows a stable growth in income, an increase in cash flow. The questioner has enough to live on, he is able to save and increase finances. Also, the third Arcana of the suit of Coins indicates that the fortuneteller is in his place, he has chosen the right profession. Work helps a person to realize himself, to show his talents.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Balanced diet, lack of vitamin deficiency.
  • Strong teeth, nails and hair, good skin, body condition.
  • Self-healing psyche, the ability to work with yourself.
  • Observation and subtle understanding of life and others.

The Three of Pentacles has a correspondence with the processes of cell regeneration in the body. The upright position of the card speaks of healthy strong nails and hair. The skin is in excellent condition. All systems and organs work in harmony. A person boasts excellent health. Often the querent does not adhere to a healthy lifestyle, but still feels good. The body quickly heals itself, removes toxins and toxins in time. The fortuneteller’s metabolism allows you to quickly bring the body back to normal.

The mental state is balanced. The Three of Pentacles shows satisfaction with one’s life. A person takes care of himself, takes into account his own mood and well-being. He can easily keep track of what he likes and doesn’t like. This skill allows you to quickly get rid of negative factors and focus on what brings positive emotions. A person is accustomed to working on himself, constantly honing the skill of communication and, in general, the art of living.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • The charm of simplicity and art in ordinary things.
  • Actions that bring joy and bestow happiness.
  • Attention to every detail, giving awareness.
  • Meditation in ordinary routine matters, simple things.

The Three of Pentacles Tarot in the spiritual spread emphasizes practicality and clarity. The traveler found happiness in the daily routine and therefore became absolutely happy. In Buddhist temples, the practice of newcomers begins with ordinary activities. A monk must be able to cook healthy food, clean his home and take care of his body. All this adds awareness to every gesture, step and look. By practicing the ordinary routine, the seeker slowly becomes a master. One day he will realize that there is nothing more important than the current moment of life.

The card asks questions: “What is my uniqueness?” and “How to realize your talent to the fullest?”. Sometimes the Three of Pentacles can show the ability of a cook, climber or artist. In any case, the querent needs to find a favorite business and try to develop in it. If a person does what he loves, then his work will nourish and give energy. Only in this way, the questioner will not lose anything and will go through his earthly path happily.

Meaning of the Reversed Three of Pentacles Tarot

  • Interference in the form of unsolicited advice or excessive control.
  • Forced work and unwillingness to do the current business.
  • Life is contrary to your desires, aspirations, plans.
  • Secret machinations, intrigues of enemies, man-made creation of problems.

If the card lay upside down, then the Three of Pentacles changes its meaning. People change social roles and therefore confusion begins. Now the plan depicted on the Arcana is reversed. The master receives the wrong scheme, and therefore the end result does not suit anyone. This structure will collapse sooner or later. The reversed card represents a departure from one’s destiny, a dance to someone else’s tune. Man lives contrary to his own desires and goals. He is driven by logical thinking, not the voice of the heart. Therefore, such people do not achieve any achievements. Wrong direction selected initially.

Also, the Three of Pentacles in the opposite form represents the misuse of talent. This is the case when Montserrat Caballe sings in a roadside eatery. The situation forces the questioner to engage in uninteresting business. Also, others can climb with unsolicited advice, only interfering with their presence. In fact, this is the use of someone for bad purposes, an attempt to do the work with someone else’s hands. In this case, the performer may not suspect a dirty trick. In the context of the characteristics of the situation, the reversed position of Troika Denariyev shows a lack of motivation, careless work.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Fulfillment of not one’s duties, loss of mutual understanding.
  • A disturbing sense of duty to family or relatives.
  • Attracting unpleasant people or unnecessary acquaintances.
  • Unclosed gestalts in communication with men and women.

In terms of love, the reversed Three of Pentacles shows the wrong distribution of roles. In such a pair, a man can be a householder, and a woman is forced to earn money. At the same time, the end result of joint efforts does not suit both partners. People cannot agree, unite for the sake of common goals. Everyone holds a grudge and continues to engage in the current routine. The position of the card speaks of unfulfillment and the presence of psychological problems in a couple.

For lonely people, the reversed Three of Pentacles promises acquaintance with unsuitable potential partners. A querent may not like a certain type, but it is he who will be attracted. The questioner does not want something so much that he materializes his fears. Often, new acquaintances will be similar to former partners with whom it was not possible to find a common language. This is a kind of unclosed gestalt, constantly reminding of its existence. The querent needs to find the cause of what is happening within himself in order to change the situation.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Additional workload, problems in the team.
  • Uninvited intervention of superiors, partner, colleagues.
  • Unloved business, forced place of work or position.
  • Lack of satisfaction with the result of their activities.

The Three of Pentacles in the opposite sense characterizes an unsettled work process. It can be small workshops or agencies. The mediocre end result plays a key role here. People who occupy key positions do not fit the criteria at all. The work suffers from this, and the client flow is very small. In terms of the situation, the reversed Arcana falls on the need to do something other than their own, as well as intervention from the authorities.

In the context of finance, the Three of Pentacles in the opposite form indicates the presence of problems. A person does not like his job, but is forced to work only because of money. For the sake of material security, he can endure a lot, turn a blind eye to some things. However, the income level is not very high. The querent still feels a lack of funds and is forced to take on additional tasks. As a result, both the final result of labor and the very state of the fortuneteller are very mediocre.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Thin nail plate and also split ends of hair.
  • Fragility of bones or thinning of the cartilage tissue of the body.
  • Orientation outside yourself and the inability to hear the voice of your soul.
  • Someone else’s life, a waste of energy in the pursuit of success.

The reversed Three of Pentacles refers to various imbalances in the body. Sometimes it can be insensitivity to certain hormones, which makes men look feminine, and vice versa for girls. The body seems to fail and produces a completely unpredictable result. It is also an intestinal disorder, indigestibility of nutrients from food. Cells lack iron, certain minerals. Therefore, the body begins to take the necessary elements from its own reserves. Bones, nails, hair suffer from this.

The psychological portrait of a person according to the reversed Three of Pentacles is a typical worker under capitalism. Such a person is deaf and blind to his talents and inclinations. They need to survive somehow, so desires do not matter. The person becomes neurotic, works to think less. At the same time, he focuses on fashion trends, the advice of other people – authorities. Therefore, a person is always unhappy, because he lives on other people’s ideas.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Actions to impress and surprise someone.
  • Pseudo-spirituality, sabotage, tyranny for the sake of praise.
  • Orientation outside yourself, inability to understand your soul.
  • Unwillingness to fail, to become an individual.

In the context of spirituality, the Three of Pentacles in the opposite form indicates the immaturity of a person. Even the search for the true "I" suits the individual in order to prove something to others. She needs approval and encouragement from the outside. Now even simplicity is needed to receive praise. If there are no spectators nearby, then the performance does not make sense to start. The querent cannot understand his own desires, hear the voice of his heart. He is so outward-oriented that he unwittingly copies the thinking and behavior of a faceless crowd.

The reversed Three of Pentacles asks questions: “What am I lying to myself about?” and “Why do I need an outside assessment?”. External landmarks are necessary when there is no compass inside. From childhood, a person is brought up as part of the system, nothing more. Nobody needs individuals. If everyone suddenly becomes aware of their own values, then all social institutions will collapse. That is why the personality is ruled by the approval or punishment from society. The stick and carrot method allows you to keep a person on a short leash.

Three of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Three of Pentacles Card

If the Three of Pentacles fell out upright, then the card advises to listen to others. Only by joint efforts can outstanding results be achieved. The querent should do only his part of the work, and entrust the rest to professionals. You can seek advice from specialists. As a warning, the Three of Pentacles speaks of the importance of not losing your bearings. They hope for a person, and therefore it is impossible to leave the game. Much of the result depends on the querent itself. Trying to avoid responsibility will set the rest of the people on the team up. It is best to bring what you started to its logical conclusion.

The reversed Three of Pentacles, on the contrary, advises not to listen to others. It is worth doing everything exactly the opposite. Only the inner sense will tell you the right path. A person will have to turn on creative thinking and get out of this situation. And also as a warning, the Three of Pentacles in the opposite position indicates the danger of trusting anyone. Someone will try to substitute the questioner, point to a deliberately false path. If the querent follows someone’s advice, he will be extreme. He will have to take the rap for the mistakes of the entire team or group of people.

Three of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

The Three of Pentacles promises a fruitful day. Today, the querent will have inspiration and a desire to work properly. Perhaps a well-paid order will come. At the same time, the work will take place in a team, in constant communication with other people. Also, the questioner himself can visit the artist’s studio, become a witness of how masterpieces are created. This will give a portion of motivation, awaken the desire to create something on your own. This day will immediately bring the first results of labor, efforts. The fortuneteller will feel a surge of strength in order to realize his plans.

The Three of Pentacles promises a fruitful day. Today, the querent will have inspiration and a desire to work properly. Perhaps a well-paid order will come. At the same time, the work will take place in a team, in constant communication with other people. Also, the questioner himself can visit the artist’s studio, become a witness of how masterpieces are created. This will give a portion of motivation, awaken the desire to create something on your own. This day will immediately bring the first results of labor, efforts. The fortuneteller will feel a surge of strength in order to realize his plans.

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