Three of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Three of Wands, 3 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 3

Keywords: Origins, Perspectives

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Three of Wands is one of the Tarot cards that symbolizes personal development. On the material plane, it means professional growth, increased income, improved health. The card is called the decoration of any spread: it stabilizes the situation, invites to action and gives hope for even greater success. Not promising quick results, the 3 of Staves guarantees good luck in the distant future. At the same time, the card advises to actively look for like-minded people and work in close cooperation. Be confident in the future prospects โ€“ fate is on your side.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Three of Wands

On a high cliff stands a man in rich clothes. His face is not visible โ€“ we are looking at the man from the back. Nearby are three staffs โ€“ they are stuck in the ground so long ago that they managed to take root and release twigs. The character leans on one of them and looks down at the wide river below. Several ships are floating downstream (Waite claims that the depicted person is the owner of these ships). Unfortunately, Sir Arthur in the description of the Three of Wands Arcana is laconic, as always. We will never know whether he considered the guy a rich merchant, a pirate, or a traveler who remained on the shore. The Three of Staves is one of those few cards of the classic Tarot deck whose characters do not face us in full face or profile, but stubbornly demonstrate their backs. Perhaps this means the desire of the shipowner to remain incognito (after all, a pirate?). Or the hero is focused on his future and outsiders simply interfere with him.

The green staffs (it looks like they were planted by the same man) hint at a long preparation for the upcoming event. Most likely, he built these ships. A man has invested a lot of money, time and nerves in a risky enterprise. It doesnโ€™t matter if itโ€™s a trade trip or a pirate raid (in those days, people often combined these concepts). Now he follows the ships with his eyes: the guy did everything in his power, and now he just stands on the shore and patiently waits for the results. Despite the worrisome situation (ships could sink or be taken by competitors), Waite considered the Three of Wands a favorable card for spreads on goal setting.

Meaning of the Upright Three of Wands Card

  • Strengthening, development, training, work, productive efforts.
  • Going beyond the boundaries, searching for new tasks or projects.
  • Initial impulse, movement, goal achievement, rest.
  • Support, confidence in the future, well-being.

A card of gain, constancy and prosperity. Regardless of your own connections, working relationships, internal development โ€“ the Three of Wands indicates: you should go beyond your borders and find new points of application of forces. The card predicts a favorable end to a long-term project. A stable position, a solid foundation and future prosperity, wonderful opportunities are the main meanings of this Arcana. The 3 of the suits of Wands states: the fortuneteller has achieved his goals and can achieve even more. Focus on the new task and try not to make mistakes.

The Three of Staves symbolizes a creative impulse, and the Arcana also denotes a strong foundation, support, and a reliable rear. The card reports an intermediate victory achieved, now the milestone beyond which you can leave past fears has been passed. Authoritative sources claim that the Three of Wands in the Tarot spread means a stable position now and predicts future material well-being. Modern tarologists believe that the card shows minor difficulties solved by the forces of the fortuneteller himself. For example, it may be a petty temptation that the querent can overcome without significant effort.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • The next step, the beginning of something new, pause.
  • Change, finding new ways, changing behavior.
  • Unexpected decisions, a pleasant surprise, a gift.
  • Renewal of relations, success in the romantic sphere.

The Three of Wands indicates that relationships with a partner are moving to the next level. What they will be depends only on you, your sensitivity and attention. Former ties are left behind, new ones have not yet formed. It doesnโ€™t matter what memories remain, pleasant or not very. Relationships cannot continue to develop at the same level. It is for this reason that it is better to control progress, not allowing it to move for the worse. Try to keep track of all changes.

The Three of Wands in the Tarot spread hints at making an important decision in the romantic realm. Perhaps we are talking about the legalization of a family union or the strengthening of already established ties. Sometimes the Arcana symbolizes a valuable gift. Previously, tarot readers considered this card an indication of engagement or marriage. In any case, the third card of the suit of Wands promises a deepening of relations or a transition to a qualitatively different level. The transitional stage will not linger for a long time: a long streak of peace and mutual love awaits you.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • New ventures, joint projects, hard work.
  • Business relations, activity in business, good income.
  • General priorities, profit, fulfillment of the plan.
  • Achievement of goals, product promotion, successful sales.

When the Three of Wands falls out in a Tarot spread, a flurry of activity begins. Collective projects appear, new companies are created, assistance is provided, corporate relations are strengthened. The company is built on a solid foundation and brings a good income. Foresight in business, perseverance and activity will lead to a real triumph. Usually, the Three of Staves symbolizes the joy of common efforts: teamwork is the key to effective actions. Acquaintance with new partners, a steady state and future well-being are expected.

The Three of Wands indicates that the querent, having achieved a place under the sun, can hope for further development. Successful cooperation with specialists and experts, effective dialogue, acceptance of support from partners, and the presence of supporters continue. In business, the Arcana is associated with promotions, attracting customers and finding your niche in the market. The 3 of Wands predicts good luck in trade affairs, commercial projects, foreign transportation. Possibly means a quick business trip. The card is also associated with studies, promising rapid progress in the chosen field of knowledge.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Excellent health, high tone, excellent immunity.
  • Sports training, hardening, active recreation.
  • Healthy lifestyle, positive thinking.
  • Self-confidence, determination, courage.

The card speaks of excellent health. If the Three of Wands falls to a sick person, then in a few days he will be on his feet. The Arcana calls for the wise use of free time. Spend it on outdoor activities, training, hardening. New tests will not keep you waiting. Pessimistic thoughts and careful estimates lose their meaning when the querent is filled with positive and light, sincerity and selflessness. The Three of Staves explains: understanding your own capabilities and a formed character will help you achieve your goal.

Old interpretations of the Three of Wands emphasize dominance, firmness, confidence, courage, self-confidence. Now, esotericists call this personal development. For the sake of it, one will have to get rid of the excessive desire for danger and material selfishness. Knowing your own abilities, joy and passion will bring success. The 3 of Wands hints at the emergence of foresight, insight, an intuitive understanding of reality. Among the ancient interpretations โ€“ integrity, conscientiousness, unbending morality.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Completion of passive contemplation, beginning of the active phase.
  • Optimistic outlook on life, self-confidence.
  • Good health, openness, calmness, energy.
  • Craving for the new, the desire for change, the search for other ways.

The Three of Wands confirms that the time of hesitation and reflection is drawing to a close. The fortuneteller has finally made a final decision and intends to take the initiative. Querent is now characterized by optimism, confidence, courage. There are no destructive tendencies in his behavior, the person is in high spirits. Power and faith; creative beginning, the implementation of the planned; a calm and positive mood, a desire to start a new period in life ... all this is the Three of Staffs.

The card also means previously unknown limits and horizons, a craving for travel, enterprise and a desire to change the universe. A vast world is spreading ahead, and inner confidence orders to leave behind all those worries and hesitations that hinder personal development. The Three of Wands promises the end of the black streak and the beginning of cloudless days. Sometimes the Arcana advises to prepare for a long trip or a new project. But is the fortuneteller ready for such a development of events?

Meaning of the Reversed Three of Wands Tarot

  • Difficult situation, dedication to ideals.
  • Lack of empathy, high conceit, stubbornness.
  • Restlessness, impatience, desire to achieve more.
  • Uncertainty, confusion, lack of purpose.

The querent found himself in a difficult situation. This is partly his fault: the man has become too stubborn and arrogant. He ceased to reckon with the opinions of others, ignored their demands. The result was not long in coming: the fortuneteller was left in splendid isolation. Perhaps he deceived the expectations of acquaintances. But the Three of Wands says: there is a chance to get out of unpleasant circumstances with honor and go through life with your head held high. Do not forget that the black stripe will someday end and you will see the sunrise.

Most likely, the querent is too passionate about his plans and moves forward, not paying attention to obstacles. The rush is not caused by real needs, but by the dreams of a fortuneteller about great deeds. He often builds castles in the air, but existing projects need a different approach. Problems usually take a person by surprise: he does not prepare for trouble, but he experiences failure hard. Now he is confused: the old plans ended in failure, and the new ones still exist only in his imagination. The inverted Three of Staves advises to relax, calm down, look at everything from the outside. Having restored strength, the questioner will surely find answers to those questions that concern him so much. The period of uncertainty will surely come to an end.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Calm in relationships, rest, isolation.
  • Desire to be alone, withdrawal into oneself.
  • Excessive emotionality, depression.
  • Care, crisis, catharsis, new perspectives.

The reversed Three of Wands means a short pause in a relationship, a kind of rest before new experiences and romantic meetings. Now both partners held their breath and are waiting for the first move from the chosen one. The Arcana may hint at the confusion of the querent, his misunderstanding of the situation, his inability to make a final decision. The fortuneteller attaches great importance to what is happening, the awareness of the importance of the next step depresses him.

Perhaps the querent is downplaying his role in the present. He believes that he cannot change or bring future events closer. Hence, the inner restlessness and throwing. A person is nervous for nothing: emotions only interfere with the correct assessment of the situation. Often the Arcana indicates a crisis in relationships: the couple must find new common ground or finally break up. The situation described by the 3 of Wands is sometimes solved in the simplest way โ€“ one of the partners leaves. Pull yourself together and try not to break up.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Excessive aggressiveness, assertiveness.
  • Propensity to unjustified risk, imprudence.
  • Refusal to travel, home business.
  • Modest income, unstable income.

The reversed Three of Wands card advises the querent to moderate his activity. Try not to start big projects, focus on smaller problems. Or break your plan into several small tasks and complete them one by one. Now it is better to withdraw into yourself, take a break from what is happening, abandon the most ambitious and impossible tasks. It is worth limiting business trips and refraining from planned tourist holidays. The Minor Arcana 3 of Wands recommends spending most of the time at home, preferably alone.

It will probably be useful for you to do self-education or art. In the period described by the Three of Wands, you will have to monitor family finances and avoid unnecessary spending. Possible failures in solving business issues. The reason may be tense relations with colleagues: one of them is trying to harm the querent and deliberately hides important information. Most likely, the fortuneteller avoids those promising clients whose views and beliefs he does not like.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Minor health problems, seasonal colds.
  • Indecision, uncertainty about the future.
  • Tightness, suspiciousness, dependence on the opinions of others.
  • Hope for the future, change of outlook on life.

The Arcana Tarot 3 of Wands in the reversed position can mean mild (mostly colds) diseases that do not pose a threat to the body. Sometimes warns against chronic sluggish diseases. The Querent tries to appear confident, but hesitation slips through his demeanor. The fortuneteller does not know how colleagues will appreciate his efforts. Try to pay less attention to internal problems, observe the situation optimistically. Today, you will be able to accumulate enough strength to overcome possible obstacles. This is a good time to study or be creative. Use the time to do what you love.

The psyche according to the inverted card Three of Wands means some mental discomfort. The person is focused on his current status. He is now unable to be optimistic about the prospects and understand his own magnificent prospects for the future. Try to leave the past behind you and look only forward. Pay close attention to upcoming events. Using them, you can dramatically change your life for the better. The Three of Staffs in the opposite position claims that this will take a little work.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Caution, assessment of strengths and capabilities.
  • Refusal of the planned, a sound perception of the situation.
  • Confusion, confusion, loss of orientation.
  • Surprise, mistake, lack of success, fatigue.

The reversed card of the Three of Wands advises to remember caution. Try to think it over again, re-evaluate your resources and, if necessary, abandon some long-planned plans. In the near future, you should not count on significant success, you will have to deal with secondary matters, not expecting dizzying prospects. The fortuneteller is in turmoil, having no solid ground under his feet. Perhaps he made the mistake of trusting a man of disrepute. An inverted card of the 3 of Wands indicates that there are no people around the querent who he could rely on in a difficult situation.

Outside help is likely. Most likely, the individual offering it pursues his secret goals. To trust a stranger is to put yourself at a disadvantage. Debts will have to be repaid โ€“ warns the Arcana of the Three of Wands. It also reminds you of caution: there is an ill-wisher nearby, whose capabilities you underestimate. There may be an unpleasant surprise or an equally unpleasant surprise. Travel and business trips will end unsuccessfully. There is a possibility of accidents on the road. In your free time, itโ€™s better to stay at home. Try not to risk large sums, forget about expensive purchases. It takes a few days to live as a recluse. Loneliness will help restore inner balance.

Three of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Three of Wands Card

The Three of Wands in an upright position advises not to be afraid to make difficult decisions. Itโ€™s time to conquer new heights. Cheer up, act confidently and look forward to a great future. Although your own strength should be enough, do not refuse help from outside. Be confident in your success and the realization of your ideas. This is a good time to make your intentions come true. All actions coincide with the plans of higher powers, that is, the fortuneteller fell into a favorable energy flow. Now you can overcome any difficulties. Be careful in choosing friends, your fate depends on them.

At times, the querent needs to rest: devote himself to his favorite business, go in for sports. The saved energy will be needed later. Get ready for a long journey, look for new resources, try to draw the most profitable route. The card hints at recklessness and haste, a predisposition to panic. The Arcana warns against mistakes, excessive audacity and overly ambitious intentions. Sometimes he points to excessive carelessness, ignoring useful recommendations and guidelines. These qualities can prevent you from becoming a successful person or asserting your superiority. The reversed Three of Wands recommends: try to take seriously the challenges that life puts before you.

Three of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

The Three of Wands that fell out on the card of the day means that now you are lucky. In the near future, the fortuneteller will reach a stable position in all areas that interest him. The inspiration is just overflowing. You can accomplish much more grandiose things than you imagine. The Three of Wands invites you to plan ahead for future actions, to comprehend existing solutions and new ideas. In matters of love, you will have to show character. A tense situation can drag on, the querent needs to control himself. Today, it is possible to receive a small monetary reward.

Probably a bonus or earnings "on the side". You may be offered temporary cooperation and, subsequently, a major joint project. Such activities will provide an opportunity to improve the financial situation, find new like-minded people, and improve your status. The Three of Wands advises: now is a good time to change jobs and, most likely, professions. The day is favorable for rest, intellectual or spiritual development, meetings with family or colleagues. Communication during this period will be extremely productive. The financial situation is very favorable. But you should not relax, because the amount of earnings depends only on your efforts. In general, this time will be prosperous and productive.

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