Two of Cups Tarot Card

Card Name: Two of Cups, 2 of Chalices

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Cups

Position: 2

Keywords: Mutuality, Happiness

Active element: Water ๐Ÿ’ง

The Two of Cups belongs to the suit of Water and takes upon itself all manifestations of the element โ€“ fluidity, smoothness, sensuality. Unlike the self-contained Ace of Chalices, the Two personifies the feelings between two people. The energy of Water is manifested and cyclical. Every part of this system is open, malleable, and interdependent. If there is a change on one side, the other will always feel it. The invisible threads of the Arcana are comparable to communicating vessels. In the absence of energy in the first, the second vessel will fill with love, vitality. This is what the concept of the card is based on. Such a pair cannot be separated โ€“ be it a love union, or the inner alchemy of male and female.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Two of Cups

Looking at the Two of Cups in a classic Ryder-Waite deck, you can see a couple of young men holding golden bowls. The guyโ€™s palm reaches for the girlโ€™s hand. Apparently, he makes an oath or promise. The girl is wearing a laurel wreath, the guy is wearing a crown of red poppies. Her dress is designed in cold colors and symbolizes Yin energy. The manโ€™s clothes are warm colors, which means belonging to the Yang energy. At the top of the Arcana is the head of a red winged lion with wings. This is an indication of the union of opposites โ€“ worldly and spiritual. Slightly below โ€“ a wand with two snakes entwining it, i.e. alchemical image of integration, connection. In the background, a green landscape is visible โ€“ a hilly area on which the house stands, dense trees grow around it. This image indicates perspective, solid foundation.

Minor Arcana Two of Chalices symbolizes all alliances built on honesty. In the worldly manifestation, this is a loving, kinship relationship. In terms of psyche and spirituality โ€“ an agreement with oneself, a combination of two opposites in one individuality. The second card of the suit of Cups always speaks of equality, sincerity and openness. The prairies are settled, there are no obstacles and pitfalls. All the individual parts fit perfectly into the big picture. Most often, the Tarot Two of Water speaks of a love relationship. This is the most favorable card in the spreads of love. If the Ace of Cups is the initial energy, then the second card shows sympathy already shown, open feelings.

Meaning of the Upright Two of Cups Card

  • Joy, sincerity, spontaneity, openness.
  • Reciprocity, agreement, common ideas and goals, agreements.
  • Synergy, union, partnerships, honest contracts.
  • Fulfillment of desires, help of providence, the easy way.

The upright position of the Two of Cups Tarot gives the spread a romantic touch. Even if the Arcana falls on questions not related to love, it still denotes sincere intentions. People are open to each other, ready to make compromises. This applies to business, friendship, family relations. Both sides are ready to cooperate without prejudice to each otherโ€™s interests. The intentions are pure, there is no reason to doubt honesty. In general, it is the joy of communication, spending time together. The card also speaks of satisfaction with the current situation. The position held, the availability of a suitable partner โ€“ everything happens the way we wanted.

As a significator of the situation, the Arcana Two of Cups personifies a case that has been resolved. All processes are in place, promises and debts are fulfilled. We managed to come to a common denominator. Moreover, this fact brings inner satisfaction. It turned out to realize a cherished desire, a dream. The second Arcana of the suit of Cups also hints at a future perspective. All contracts and agreements are not empty, they will lead to results. The element of Water is responsible for the sensual side of life, emotions, so the card is inextricably linked with the inner world. Any situation passing through this Arcana causes inner joy.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • A marriage proposal, an oath of allegiance, marriage.
  • Love, sincere feelings, recognition of sympathy.
  • Honest intentions, respect for each other, reciprocity.
  • Realizing the value of a partner, maintaining relationships.

The minor Arcana Two of Cups is a long-awaited card in a love spread. It means sincere love, affection. This is a union based on three pillars โ€“ mind, heart, body. And only together, all three components allow the relationship to grow and smell like a lotus flower. A man gives a woman confidence, a solid foundation. And a woman, in turn, is lightness and sensuality. Each feeds each other, filling them with missing qualities. This Tarot Arcana implies that the couple has moved to the level of spiritual love, when you do not ask your beloved or beloved, but give yourself. This applies to feelings, support, material wealth.

Relations on the Arcana of the Two of the suit of Chalices are most often promising. They can lead to a strong marriage, at least โ€“ living together. The partner takes into account the desires and needs of their loved one. In such an alliance, there is no place for quarrels and long grievances. All disagreements are easily resolved, people yield to each other. The Water Deuce card sometimes symbolizes friendship or relationships between relatives. But there are always two people. No outsiders interfere here. If there are any disagreements now, then in the future, they will completely disappear. The second Arcana of Cups predicts reconciliation, sincere forgiveness.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Help from relatives in finding a job, colleagues and relatives.
  • Successful communication, the ability to negotiate.
  • "Common" money, family budget, material support.
  • Success for the sake of love; feelings that motivate money.

In terms of career, the Arcana Two of Cups means easy achievement of the goal. It will turn out to agree with the authorities, the potential employer. Relations with colleagues are good, there are no omissions or intrigues on their part. The person easily copes with the assigned tasks, feels comfortable. Often, the Arcana shows help in finding a job โ€“ i.e. through "connections". The work was chosen in accordance with their interests, it turns out to combine it with a hobby. In general, work brings pleasure and helps self-realization.

The meaning of the Two of Cups for questions about finance is interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, this is a materially comfortable situation. On the other hand, there is interdependence. Those, according to this card, the questioner is not always able to provide for himself on his own. Rather, his interests do not lie in the field of earnings, money. At the same time, the querent is satisfied with his life, even if his needs are modest. If a woman asks, she indirectly influences her husbandโ€™s career. Her support encourages the man to move forward. For a fortuneteller, Tarot 2 of Cups shows the dependence of his success on his relationship with his beloved.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Beauty, grace, attractiveness, androgyny.
  • Projection of the kidneys, lymph flow; balance of all systems.
  • Susceptibility, sensitivity, sensuality.
  • The feeling of love, the depth of inner experiences.

The Arcana Two of Cups represents good, robust health. The body is worked out, all systems are functioning well. A person manages to maintain a balance in everything โ€“ in nutrition, physical activity, mentality. It is also an attractive appearance, well-groomed. Sometimes the card symbolizes an androgynous appearance โ€“ i.e. having both masculine and feminine features. In terms of organs, the Arcana projects the kidneys and the lymphatic system. If the card goes straight, then there are no problems with them.

The mental state on the Two of Water card is also balanced. Such a person knows how to enjoy life, has a positive mindset. He easily finds a common language with others, knows how to cordially support, compassion. Feelings are important to him, he does not play with them, does not betray for the sake of momentary profit. Often, the 2 of Cups card shows the period when a person is at the peak of falling in love. If this is not the case, the Arcana symbolizes the state of inspiration, elation. At the same time, the querent manages to combine higher matters with materialism.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Entering a new level, internal growth.
  • A crisis leading to a better destiny; stimulus.
  • A new way, a departure from old stereotypes.
  • Future victories, help of fortune, god.

In addition to standard questions, the Tarot card Two of Cups can show the state of the querentโ€™s energy, his spiritual path. Traditionally, the meaning of the Two is equated to the Major Arcana World. A person knows how to combine opposites in himself. He learned not to deal with shortcomings, but to actively use them to work on himself. Therefore, this card of the suit of Chalices is a positive Arcana even in the most unfavorable situations. These include: problems at work, the infidelity of a loved one, a difficult period in life.

The Two of Cups always gives hope. Whatever happens will lead to the best. Work issues may be pushing for new accomplishments, and cheating provides an opportunity to distance yourself and find true love. If the card fell out surrounded by negative Arcana, then it makes sense not to fight, but simply to step aside. Perhaps providence is leading towards a different, happier life. Problems will end, rich experience will remain. It is important to trust the outstretched hand of fortune, to believe that everything is just beginning.

Meaning of the Reversed Two of Cups Tarot

  • A long way to the goal, obstacles and obstacles in love, relationships.
  • Hidden desires, feelings for a partner; self-doubt.
  • Solving material problems in order to be together in the future.
  • Love is in the background; waiting for a better moment.

The opposite position of the dropped Two of Cups does not remove the positive value of the card. Rather, the Arcana is covered with a thin veil of uncertainty, it becomes less manifest. First, these are internal impulses that have to be hidden. Materiality comes to the fore, the solution of pressing issues. However, the desire for freedom, knowledge of something higher remains relevant. Sometimes, spirituality is inextricably linked with the earthly love of a partner, and sometimes โ€“ with an attempt at self-realization in solitude. In any case, the reversed card indicates obstacles along the way, or the need to wait for a more favorable moment.

If you turn over the Arcana Two of Chalices, then the house will be at the top of the card. And Caduceus and Leo will move to the bottom of the image. Therefore, the inverted value of the card speaks more about the physical aspect of intimacy. The questioner does not completely follow the path of the heart. First, his appearance is important to him, his own standards. He puts material interests and values at the forefront โ€“ providing housing, food, clothing. If these primary tasks are not closed, then love will not happen. Such a practical view of things, nevertheless, will lead to the desired result โ€“ it is difficult not to appreciate the efforts of the querent. It will take more effort and time, but the movement towards the goal has already begun.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Empty worries about love or a partner.
  • Hidden feelings in oneself, a secret admirer, a fun.
  • A chance to rebuild a relationship or marriage.
  • The presence of long-term sympathy, but the fear of showing feelings.

In matters relating to love, the Arcana Two of Cups denotes vain experiences. A spread for the questioning person does not become negative. The partner loves the querent, it just doesnโ€™t show it enough. This behavior can be associated with blockages, problems at work, or self-doubt. The period of calm will be replaced by a storm of feelings. The beloved doesnโ€™t give up on his promise, itโ€™s just that now is not the time. There is sincere love, reciprocity between them. In this case, it is worth giving each other time.

For those who are not in a pair, the Two of Chalices Tarot shows hidden sympathy. The union has a future. These can be former lovers, or those people who have just met. For them, the Arcana gives an opportunity to correct the situation. There is a prospect for a serious relationship. Perhaps modesty, lack of confidence in mutual attraction, interferes with movement. If a person is completely alone, then the second card of Cups shows disinterest in his personal life. By correcting this, the querent will be able to quickly find a suitable match.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Comfort and confidence instead of risk; there is no incentive.
  • The conclusion of agreements and contracts has been postponed.
  • Little money, the usual low standard of living.
  • Life instead of career and big ambitions; sacrifice to the family.

The reversed Two of Cups in terms of work shows stagnation. The position satisfies an internal request, but there is no drive or ambitious goals. The workplace is comfortable, there are no problems with colleagues. There wonโ€™t be any shocks in the near future. Everything will remain in the same places. Often, the card speaks of working agreements that will have to be postponed until better times. Sometimes, the Arcana may indicate the presence of an additional vacancy, which the querent keeps secret.

The inverted Two of Cups does not bode well for big money or success. All contracts become promises for the future. They will be fulfilled, but you will have to wait. Until the questioner reaches the desired income, he will have to work hard. The opposite position of the card indicates a job in a low or forced position. Also, 2 of Cups means financial dependence, the need to give up a career for the sake of family and children. This situation can affect both men and women.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Addiction to alcohol, heavy food; unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Improper circulation of fluid in the body; kidney disease.
  • Melancholy, depression, depression; dissatisfaction.
  • Unfulfillment, childish behavior; irresponsibility.

In the field of health, the spread with the Two of Water in the opposite position indicates a slight imbalance. For example, heavy food intake, alcohol abuse. However, the situation is not critical, there is an internal resource to fix everything. The body can easily endure heavy loads โ€“ mental and physical. Up to 25 years old, an inverted card shows inexhaustible health, after 25 โ€“ good heredity. There are problems with the withdrawal of fluid โ€“ swelling in the morning, puffiness. If the 2 of Cups are surrounded by the minor Arcana of the suit of Swords, it means that an inflammatory process has begun in the kidneys and urinary tract.

The psyche according to the Two of Chalices in the reversed position is suppressed. There is no desire and strength to do something. This is a lack of the hormones of joy. A similar state is experienced by people who suppress their emotions for a long time. Subsequently, they take an indifferent form, become passive. The card Two of the suit of Water shows laziness, apathy due to inactivity. The querent does not see the point in doing anything, someone makes decisions for him, takes responsibility for actions on himself. Therefore, a person psychologically unconsciously becomes a child. But joy and lightness do not give real realization.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Mental experiences, fear of losing material support.
  • Deliberate devaluation of feelings, in an attempt to grow spiritually.
  • Shifting responsibility, suspiciousness; anxiety.
  • Closing a person from relationships, magic through wine, liquids.

The inverted Arcana Two of Cups shows the unfinished process of personality formation. The person got confused in the choice between life "like everyone else" and the true impulses of the soul. He simply rushes from one to another, making critical mistakes โ€“ he can offend with his commercialism, close his eyes to a sincere partner next to him. But at the same time, the card promises a way out of the situation. To do this, you need to look at yourself from the outside, then the correct answer will come. It can be Vipasana, yoga, holotropic breathing. Now you need to listen to yourself.

On the questions about the presence of magical effects, the Two of Cups card answers negatively. A person thinks up problems for himself, trying to escape responsibility for his fate. If magic is present, then the lasso speaks of an attempt to extinguish the feelings. Negativity affects the love sphere, destroys the querentโ€™s relationship. The method of guidance is through drinking. Also, the card can show who did the damage โ€“ a constant mistress, or a woman with whom she recently had an intimate relationship. Sometimes it can be your own girlfriend. Then Deuce says that magic is used to close the querent from other women.

Two of Cups: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Two of Cups Card

The card Two of Cups upright gives universal advice โ€“ to trust yourself, your partner or colleagues. There is no reason to doubt. All promises are sincere, they will be fulfilled on time. Union on this lasso will withstand any obstacles, because it is based on reciprocity. People need each other and understand this. Reversed Deuce advises to postpone the conclusion of contracts, agreements. Perhaps the manifestation of excessive openness is inappropriate, you should restrain yourself. Now it is better to deal with the material side of life, and leave all emotions for later. You can trust and rely on a loved one.

As a warning, the card Two of Cups direct speaks of the danger of going into emotions headlong and swearing oaths. Momentary feelings can deceive and harm the situation. It is worth paying attention to the relationship with the second half โ€“ you may not notice how they will crack. An inverted lasso makes the situation worse. There is a chance of losing your love affair. You need to honestly answer yourself whether you need a relationship with this particular person. It might be worth letting go of your beloved. Attempts to impose your love, manipulate feelings will create toxic relationships that interfere with inner growth. The second card of Cups in the opposite meaning warns of a timely loss.

Two of Cups: Daily Card Meaning

The upright position of the Deuce of Cups in the context of the card of the day promises a romantic evening โ€“ a date alone with a loved one. The querent will have pleasant conversations about a joint future, a declaration of love. Sometimes, the straight lasso of the suit of Cups indicates a meeting with a brother, sister or parent. This is always a dear person with sincere intentions. The meeting can be held live or by video link. It will bring positive emotions, give strength and inspiration. There will be no disputes or conflicts between people. Everything will go smoothly. You can count on support and ethics โ€“ your loved one will not let you down or betray.

An inverted Two of Cups card speaks of a calm day ahead. The partner will make a promise, offer something. However, this vow concerns the future of the couple. The day of interest according to the lasso that fell does not imply active actions. Rather, it will take place in the routine and solving everyday issues. Regardless of the position of the card, there is no reason to worry. Often times, memories of past relationships can flood. This is dictated by the lack of fulfillment in the current union. A slightly melancholic mood will quickly pass, it is important not to take decisive action on emotions. In general, the day is suitable for introspection, meditation.

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