Two of Pentacles Tarot Card

Card Name: Two of Pentacles, 2 of Coins

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Pentacles

Position: 2

Keywords: Carelessness, Vanity

Active element: Earth ⛰️

The Two of Pentacles in Tarot is a visualization of the proverb about a pair of hares. However, in the upright position of the card, the hero not only catches prey, but also manages to dance along the way, deftly juggling discs. Everything is going according to plan, despite the apparent chaos. Any problems are solved in some fabulous way. Now, luck is on the side of the querent. But in the reversed position, the card shows a collapsed system. All actions will only drown the questioner in a whirlpool of problems faster. It is also impossible to lend a hand to a drowning person – he will drag him down to the bottom. Here, the hunter randomly shoots in all directions, never hitting the desired prey. The second card of the suit of Coins in itself represents the path from chaos to order and vice versa.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Two of Pentacles

In the Waite Tarot deck, the Two of Pentacles card depicts a young man juggling gold coins. The hero is dressed in an elegant orange frock coat and red underpants, shod in yellow shoes. The head is adorned with a long conical hat. It is very reminiscent of the sikke – a felt hat worn by the Sufis. The floors of the frock coat have an uneven decorative edge. The waist is cinched with a red belt with a buckle. A green ribbon is stretched between the two pentacles. It forms the number 8 or the sign of infinity – the lemniscate. The guy is standing on a flat stone platform. The blue sea is shown in the background. On the raging waves, two large ships are sailing in different directions. The sky is bright blue, without clouds.

The pose in which the young man stands hints at a dance. This is the second indication of the resemblance to whirling dervishes. The essence of this ritual dance is a meditative state. With it, the adept opens the inner center, separates himself from the outside world. Everything is constantly moving around, but in the depths of his soul, the dervish is calm. The Two of Pentacles Arcana also has the sign of the eight. This is a symbol of endless movement, flowing from one to another. The pose of the protagonist, the restless waves and the uneven edge of the hem show the dynamics. At the same time, the colors used – red, yellow, orange, speak of wealth, prosperity. The element of Earth represents the material manifestation of energy.

Meaning of the Upright Two of Pentacles Card

  • Easy attitude to life, carelessness, playfulness and vanity.
  • Trust in being and oneself, or non-attachment to results.
  • Beginning or end of the process, resolution of discrepancies.
  • Work on bugs, active phase, or epicenter of events.

In the upright position, the Two of Pentacles means vanity, play, passion. This is the ability to maneuver, the skill to keep up with everything at once. The main character shows the ability to deftly manage internal resources, to be "in the flow". He has a flexible mind that makes it easy to deal with problems. In the context of any situation, the card symbolizes the settlement of certain issues, or the promotion of some business, process. Circumstances are gaining momentum, now there is an active phase. A person uses all the talents and resources that he has. You can compare the meaning of the Two of Pentacles to a furnace that can "recycle" any fuel.

The Arcana falls on situations in which so far no changes are foreseen. All processes according to the Two of Pentacles seem to be fixated on themselves. The card shows the improvement of the flow, work on improving some area. At the same time, the hero looks down, which indicates non-involvement. The absent look and the corresponding facial expressions indicate an open mind, relaxation. There is no tension and no clear goal. Rather, the situation develops by itself, without titanic efforts on the part of the querent. He, in turn, simply denotes certain frames, boundaries. Thanks to the looping of energy, events will end on a positive note.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Ease of communication and understanding of each other from a half-word.
  • Playfulness, humor, a friendly note in the communication of partners.
  • Lack of attachment or the ability to be alone.
  • Non-obsession with the search for "their" person and love.

In the spread of relationships, the Two of Pentacles means easy communication, unobtrusiveness. The partner does not violate the boundaries of a loved one, is sensitive, knows how to stop in time. Lovers understand each other perfectly, appreciate the notes of humor in communication. This is a classic example of a couple where there is room for two personalities. One person does not suppress another, does not strangle with his love. That is why such relationships are healthy, allow both to grow and develop together.

For lonely people, the Two of Pentacles does not predict the appearance of a new lover. The questioner is fixated on himself, although he can communicate with many. But these ties are purely friendly. Now the querent is busy with other things. A potential partner simply cannot get close to the fortuneteller. Maybe it’s not time to build a relationship yet. The inquiring person should focus on his own person, for the time being, develop alone. If an interesting partner appears on the horizon, then he should also be given time.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Work on a project or promotion of a business, affairs.
  • Current routine or filling out paperwork and documentation.
  • The ability to save money and wait for the results of their work.
  • Habitual activity, professionalism, high skill.

In the work plan, the Two of Pentacles shows organizations involved in the settlement of financial processes. These are the people who bring together the buyer and the seller, the customer and the contractor. This also includes markets, online platforms, online stores. Also, these are accountants, managers and those who fill out the documentation. In the context of the characteristics of the situation, the 2 of Pentacles falls on the current routine affairs. The querent is doing his usual work. There are no difficult tasks or shocks.

The financial situation is precarious, but even here the questioner manages to keep a balance. He can take money from one project and invest in another. As a result, this ship is still sailing. The Two of Pentacles indicates that the querent skillfully manages money, while sometimes he can take risks. He will turn even a small income into a stable financial flow that covers all the necessary expenses. This is a kind of talent that is not given to everyone. Indirectly, the card shows savings, as well as the presence of creative thinking in terms of making money.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Good vestibular apparatus, flexibility, mobility.
  • Absence of serious diseases and strong immunity.
  • Calmness, the ability to relax and let go of control.
  • Insubordination to circumstances, or faith in one’s own strength.

The Two of Pentacles corresponds to the paired organs in the human body. These are the eyes, ears, kidneys and reproductive system. In the upright position, the card speaks of well-coordinated work, the absence of health problems. A person has an excellent vestibular apparatus. The querent is cheerful, mobile, easily endures long trips or flights. In this case, the questioner can engage in dancing or martial arts. This gives him the flexibility of the body and mind, the ability to control himself. A person is able to control hunger, for a long time does not need to eat. The body has enough internal reserves of vitamins and minerals.

The state of mind can be called phenomenal. Personality easily copes with any problems, does not give in to panic or depression. She uses all negative emotions as a resource to achieve her goals. The Two of Pentacles is the closed links of the chain that form a reliable skeleton of the psyche. For such a person, there are no unsolvable tasks. He skillfully bypasses sharp corners, showing generosity and nobility.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Working with your own energies and trying to find a balance.
  • Attention inward, observation of one’s actions.
  • The search for the center, one’s own spirit, eternal life, soul.
  • Discovery of the original source, devaluation of reality.

The Two of Pentacles gives room for maneuver. This is a card of inner freedom. However, liberty is still framed, its boundaries are clearly marked. In spiritual terms, the Arcana shows the period of gaining experience, the active stage of development. But the upright position indicates awareness. Whatever a person does – washing dishes, washing clothes or preparing food, everywhere he becomes an observer. The body moves, thoughts flow, but somewhere in the depths of oneself there is a motionless center. The ability to look at everything from the inside adds awareness to every slightest movement.

The card asks questions: "Where is my center?" and "How not to lose balance?". When the dervish is spinning, he puts on a long dress to the floor. The heaviness of the fabric allows you to "ground", keep your balance and not fall. Pictures float before my eyes, thoughts become chaotic. But sooner or later there is absolute silence. As long as the Sufi is immersed inward, he can whirl at great speed and not fall. The Two of Pentacles draws a parallel with real life, in which there is so much unpredictability.

Meaning of the Reversed Two of Pentacles Tarot

  • Loss of orientation, unsettling, lack of dynamics.
  • Stuck situation, inability to solve their problems.
  • Frivolity, escape from making important decisions and actions.
  • Unstable position, occupation of things that are not the main things now.

When reversed, the Two of Pentacles changes its meaning. Now the card denotes confusion, chaos, confusion. If in its direct form the Arcana personified the establishment of a flow, now it is, on the contrary, bringing confusion, the appearance of problems. The coins juggled by the hero fall, and he himself loses his balance. A storm is raging in the sea, ships can sink to the bottom. In the context of the situation, the reversed card shows non-working strategies, an attempt to run after two hares at the same time. This is always a failed tactic. A person will not receive anything, and even squander the internal resource. Events leave a double impression – it is not clear what to undertake in the first place.

Sometimes the reversed Two of Pentacles personifies an attempt to cheat, to evade responsibility. It is also hysteria, forcing the situation. Attention is split, which makes it difficult to see the full picture of what is happening. Now the position of the Arcana shows slowing down, the inability to make a choice, delaying time. In any situation, the appearance of the reversed Two of the Earth indicates a forced stop. The querent does not know where to go and what to do. External circumstances do not allow you to calm down, to come to your senses. Often, a person can lose a profitable chance if he continues to stand still.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • A relationship without a future, a fleeting infatuation with someone.
  • A frivolous perception of their second half and family.
  • Financial problems that prevent you from finding a partner.
  • An unfavorable time for establishing a personal life.

The reversed Two of Pentacles is an unflattering card for love readings. It denotes a frivolous partner who makes promises without concrete actions. It is hard for him to decide on a step for the sake of rapprochement with his other half. Therefore, such relationships resemble a roller coaster – today a person confesses his love, and tomorrow he is silent and does not respond to messages. This happens because the beloved does not fully understand what exactly he wants from life. Any attempts to direct a person in the right direction, to push, will be perceived as an insult, a violation of personal boundaries.

For singles, the reversed Two of the suit of Pentacles does not promise any global changes. All potential lovers seem to bypass the querent. Perhaps now the questioner is busy solving important problems. Therefore, only those who are not serious will be attracted to him. This is a one match game. The position of the card shows piled tasks that overlap personal life. Often they are associated with financial problems.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Bankrupt companies, businesses; suspended state.
  • Money problems, debts, excessive spending.
  • Parasitism, unwillingness to work, develop, earn.
  • Shopaholism, squandering the last funds, crisis.

The Two of Pentacles in the opposite position shows a loss of balance. At work, everything falls out of hand, the querent is haunted by failures. Clients play for time, but do not directly refuse the services of the questioner. All this is morally exhausting, undermines faith in the professionalism of a fortuneteller. The reversed Arcana also falls on a long period of unemployment, little or no income at all. A person can spend the last and not know at all where to go next.

Also, according to the opposite position of the Two of Pentacles cards, debt obligations pass. The querent may borrow money in one place to repay a debt in another. The situation is reminiscent of a swamp. The old scheme of earning no longer works. The fortuneteller has gone astray, has no idea how to improve life. Sometimes the reversed Arcana falls on parasites who generally refuse to work. Such people always have excuses why now they cannot work and provide for themselves.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Disorder in the work of paired organs or diseases of the eyes and ears.
  • Problems with the digestive system, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Stuck in a childish pattern of behavior or immaturity.
  • Avoidance of responsibility, many experiences inside.

The reversed Two of Pentacles Tarot gives a negative meaning to the health spread. Now the card shows disunity, disordered work of organs. It can be strabismus, deafness in one ear, and problems with the development of an egg or sperm. Metabolism is slowed down, causing excess weight and swelling. Can pester colic, abdominal pain. Sometimes – constipation, problems with stools or diseases of the rectum. A person cannot calm down, he is constantly in some kind of tension.

The mental state is unsatisfactory. The Two of Pentacles in the opposite form shows shattered nerves, the inability to recover. A person is constantly waiting for a catch, but is completely unprepared to cope with it. She has no inner core, which makes any problem seem gigantic. It is also difficult for such a person to make decisions on their own, to make a choice. Rather, he evades the answer, used to hiding. Often the querent likes to show up in society, but does not want to take responsibility for their own actions.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Pass in the face of difficulties or broken promises.
  • Loss of self, involvement in an illusory world, circumstances.
  • Chaos in the soul, heart and head, a game of spirituality, profanity.
  • Improper use of one’s own power and stopping.

The reversed Two of Pentacles represents getting stuck at some stage of the path. The man wanted too much, but did not calculate his own strength. In terms of spirituality, these are loud statements, promises of their exclusivity. But as soon as the situation requires confirmation of the words, the questioner simply “merges”. Therefore, according to this position of the card, idle talk and those who perceive spirituality as a kind of game pass. However, life will put everything in its place, point out to a person his own mistakes.

The Two of Pentacles in the opposite sense asks questions: “How did I bring myself to this state?” and “How to stop the wheel of Samsara?”. When a person promises without thinking, he hangs himself on the hook of expectations. Whether he will cope with the assigned responsibility is a big question. At the same time, the querent also influences the behavior of others, deliberately misleading them. To prevent such situations from happening again, the questioner is invited to find a balance inside, to understand his own potential. Only realizing the scale of your strength, you can make some promises.

Two of Pentacles: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Two of Pentacles Card

When the Two of Pentacles fell upright, then the card advises maneuvering and cunning. To solve the problem, a person must take into account many factors. You need to try to combine several processes, take care of yourself and others. Also, the querent can adapt to external circumstances, leave room for a breakthrough. As a warning, the Two of Pentacles says that the questioner needs to do everything at once. One process is completely dependent on the other. If something is overlooked, then the whole system can collapse. A classic example is a healthy lifestyle. If a person eats right, but smokes at the same time, then all efforts will go down the drain.

If the card lay upside down, then the Two of Pentacles advises only to pretend to be violent. You should not get into something, try to restore your own order. It is better to remain silent, to pretend that the querent does not notice anything. This fool game will only benefit the fortuneteller. You should obey the circumstances, wait out the difficult time. Also, the reversed Two of Pentacles warns of the danger of taking responsibility. A person can be hanged with something for which he is not at all guilty. Therefore, now it is better to step aside, to make an indifferent look.

Two of Pentacles: Daily Card Meaning

As a card of the day, the direct Two of Pentacles promises interesting events. The querent will feel involved in the epicenter of what is happening. New projects will be built around it, relationships and friendships will be established. Sometimes the Two of Coins simply shows a trip to an amusement park, to an entertainment event. In any case, the card predicts the receipt of pleasant emotions. The situation will unfold by itself, there will be excitement and a desire to move on. This is a huge motivation for any action. Today, it will be possible to combine several things at the same time and achieve success everywhere.

The reversed Two of Pentacles makes its own adjustments to the main meaning. On this day, everything will fall out of hand. It looks like a black cat has crossed the road. There may be laziness, apathy. Even if the questioner wants to take on something, he still will not come to the desired result. Circumstances will spin like a tornado, sweeping away everything in its path. It will be difficult to give a correct assessment of what is happening. In this case, fate dominates the fortuneteller. It is better to spend the day alone, so as not to aggravate your situation with rash acts. This time is worth devoting to rest and relaxation.

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