Two of Wands Tarot Card

Card Name: Two of Wands, 2 of Staves

Category: Minor Arcana, Suit of Wands

Position: 2

Keywords: Intentions, Opportunities

Active element: Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Minor Arcana Two of Wands is one of the most difficult Tarot cards in reading. There are two main and several additional interpretations. Differences (they will be discussed below) are visible to the naked eye. The choice depends on the preferences of the fortuneteller, his personal experience and the voice of intuition. Usually this card of the suit of Wands falls in the spread for a strong person who is now in a painful mood. The situation is aggravated by the need for choice: a person must act almost at random, not having enough information to make the right decision. You may have to rely on fate: now the solution is over the horizon.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Two of Wands

A person in rich clothes is standing on the fortress wall. One wand (or rather, a staff) is fixed in the loophole, the other is held by the man in his left hand. In the palm of the right hand lies a small globe โ€“ a symbol of knowledge and distant wanderings. On the left side of the character stretches the endless sea, on the right is land. Somewhere in the distance, a mountain ridge rises. The wall from which a person studies the world around him is high and strong. He is torn between desires. Seeks to see the world, but is too attached to the house (this is hinted at by the right staff, securely attached to the wall). The Arcana Two of Wands throws up several challenges to the fortuneteller at once. The drawn person can, instead of a real journey, plunge into the book world or embark on an imaginary journey.

If a person cannot give up his dream, then which path will he choose? Will he go on a long voyage or go to conquer land? Each symbol on the card of the Two of Staves transparently hints at the choice that the fortuneteller must make, but does not answer the main question. The classical interpretation differs markedly from the modern one. According to Waite, the character on the card is not just a city dweller, but the ruler of a castle. The lord looks around his possessions and compares them with the countries depicted on the globe. He is dissatisfied with his position, but he understands that he will not be able to stand on a par with the great rulers of the world. The creator of the deck considered 2 of Wands an unfavorable card: for him, it symbolized dissatisfaction with his own achievements, disappointment and fatigue from life.

Meaning of the Upright Two of Wands Card

  • Uncertainty, detachment, apprehension, fear.
  • Travel, relocation, search for new sensations, desire for novelty.
  • Equilibrium, choice, maintaining relationships, friendship.
  • Common efforts, cooperation, partnership, common cause.

The Arcana Two of Wands describes a person dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. Although he is more than wealthy, ambitions haunt him. The Tarot card recommends thinking about a new project. It is worth analyzing several development options or alternative solutions at once. Now the fortuneteller has enough influence and opportunities to realize his desires. But he will have to choose targets carefully. Perhaps the individual is at a fork in the road and the consequences of his choice will be felt throughout his life. Maybe the querent has long dreamed of traveling or changing his place of residence.

This minor Arcana hints at new possibilities, while implicit or dubious. The Two of Wands describes the state of apathy that grips the fortuneteller after the next achievement. It is the discouragement that does not allow him to conquer new heights, forcing him to repeat what has already been done. In spreads of personal relationships, this card of the element of Fire denotes a strong union, long-term and fruitful cooperation, joint application of efforts or sustainable balance. On a metaphysical level, it symbolizes the balance of spirituality and physical needs. Adjacent cards will show which side prevails.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • Difficulty in relationships, desire to dominate.
  • Tension, opposition, quarrel, conflict.
  • Common goal, united efforts, spiritual community.
  • Amazement, surprise, good news.

In love spreads, the Two of Wands is considered not a very favorable Arcana. It describes a complex and often tense relationship. Probably, a quiet life seems too insipid to such a couple. Both partners begin to test each other, trying to impose their will. The Fire element card claims that the confrontation is comic in nature, but over time it can develop into a real war. To find out the details of the conflict, you will have to study the neighboring cards. Lovers are not only interested in intimacy.

Common interests, goals, hobbies are of great importance. Even after high-profile scandals, they are able to unite and act as one. Sometimes this card of the suit of Wands implies activity in relationships, some selfishness in love, a desire to obtain an immediate result. The Arcana Two of Wands in an upright position predicts surprises (usually good ones). A fortuneteller can count on a pleasant surprise, an unexpected meeting, a new acquaintance.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Circumstance of choice, doubt in their own decisions.
  • Unpleasant little things, an opportunity to make a difference.
  • Anticipation of change, boredom, melancholy, loss of energy.
  • Sudden prospects, expected changes.

Things will go well. Fate will smile especially broadly on those who are engaged in trade or tourism. The Two of Wands promises a mutually beneficial partnership based on trust and respect for each other. Such a union promises benefits in any activity. But at the same time, the querent was overwhelmed by a wave of longing and boredom. New successes are no longer encouraging. A person is not interested in work and career. The Arcana Two of Staves hints at disappointment, loss of purpose, bouts of apathy. The strange feeling of wasted time can cause lingering depression.

Try to find a new point of application for the effort. Donโ€™t let yourself get bogged down in the routine. The Arcana of the Fire element advises to plan the future and look for the area that will definitely interest you. In matters of money, the meaning of the Two of Wands is favorable. The fortuneteller will have stable financial receipts. He doesnโ€™t have to worry about the contents of his wallet. There will be enough money for small joys of life.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Good health, workloads, trainig.
  • High tone, energy, positive attitude.
  • Efficiency, sociability, responsiveness.
  • Apathy, melancholy, loss of energy, withdrawal from reality.

The Two of Wands in an upright position does not report health threats, but advises not to overdo it in physical labor or intellectual exercise. Perhaps a fortuneteller should pay attention to the state of the body. Moderate exertion and short workouts will be helpful to help maintain the overall tone of the body. But the main problems lie in the mental and emotional realms. The Two of Staves assures that the querent will have to mobilize his analytical skills, and the events taking place now will make him pretty nervous.

The card of the Fire element speaks of unspent reserves of strength and a good immune system. If 2 of Wands fell in the spread for an already sick person, then the prognosis is favorable: the person will recover in the very near future. The psychological state of the individual is unstable: periods of emotional uplift give way to hours of apathy. At the time of a positive perception of reality, the fortuneteller plans future projects and quickly implements his plans. Easily finds a common language with strangers and maintains excellent relationships with old friends. In a state of depression, he strives to hide in a far corner and by all means avoids communication.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • Careful planning, resource calculation, preparation.
  • Assessment of the situation, consultations with partners.
  • Start, new acquaintances and beginnings.
  • Travel, promotions, bonus.

The second Arcana of the suit of Wands recommends stopping and slowly assessing your resources. Now is a bad time for creation, but you will not be able to rest, since this period is only a preparation for great achievements. The fortuneteller stands at a fork, recalls the path traveled, and realizes that the next section of the road will be even more difficult. Probably, now he is just starting a new business, creating a plan for a future project, consulting with partners. A person can expect a response to business proposals or interview results. He will have to deal with detailed planning of the next steps. The Two of Wands asserts that then negotiations with partners will lead to the desired result.

Now you should take all responsibility into your own hands: things should not be left to chance. If desired, the querent is able to surprise both others and himself, but for this he will have to operate with all the available possibilities. Careful planning and constant control will bear the desired results, says this Arcana of the Fire element. The fortuneteller will reach the intended heights if he acts within the framework of the plan developed by him. A prize or another step on the career ladder is not excluded. The Two of Wands โ€“ one of the "road" cards, hinting at travel, business trip or relocation.

Meaning of the Reversed Two of Wands Tarot

  • Suddenness, surprise, fright, sudden mood swings.
  • Change, move, travel, business trip, return home.
  • Apprehension, fear, stress, depression.
  • Loss, trouble, anxiety, fatigue, depression.

The inverted Two of Staves Arcana predicts unexpected changes. The fortuneteller lacks knowledge, self-confidence or resources to carry out plans. Probably, his wishes are unrealizable or circumstances force him to make a deliberately unfavorable decision. The person does not want to go on a forced journey. He does not want to leave home, is afraid of hardship on the way, or suffers from agoraphobia. But the Two of Wands has prepared a surprise that can change the life of the querent. He may be caught off guard by an unexpected visit from a mysterious stranger.

Perhaps a close person uses the gullibility of a fortuneteller. Such events are not for minutes without a trace: the individual will feel like a toy in the hands of fate, will begin to get nervous and finally plunge into depression. The depressed state cannot last long, and after a few days he will find opportunities for self-realization and will be reborn as a Phoenix. In spreads for other people, the Tarot card Two of Wands indicates a serious opponent, or a person vested with power. It interferes in the affairs of the querent, puts a spoke in the wheel and can seriously spoil reality. In "spiritual" spreads, the second Arcana of the Fire elements means new prospects for development: doors will open before a person, the existence of which he did not even suspect.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Alienation, coldness and detachment.
  • The search for solitude, the desire to understand yourself.
  • Analysis of relationships, rethinking your role.
  • The withering away of old ties, the rejection of new relationships.

In the love spreads, the reversed Arcana of the Two of Wands speaks of a loss of interest, coldness and detachment. The querent has ceased to enjoy meeting with a loved one, is tired of communication, tries to keep his distance. The partner does not always pay attention to his behavior and does not exactly understand the reasons for such alienation. This Arcana of the suit of Wands informs that now the fortuneteller can both strengthen the union and get rid of the painful relationship. Perhaps he should look at everything from the outside: what the questioner considered a romantic feeling, in fact, turns out to be simple sympathy, shared interests, or painful addiction.

Cooling is often temporary in nature โ€“ the person wants to take a break from a turbulent relationship, to look at what is happening from the outside. The 2 of Staves claims that old ties have outlived theirs, and new ones are just appearing on the horizon. But now a tired person has no desire to start a love adventure. Interestingly, he has plenty of opportunities for a new novel. The dropped inverted Two of Wands sometimes indicates a refusal to seek any compromises, and instead of words of love and reconciliation, only empty assurances and meaningless promises sound.

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Excessive suspiciousness, indecision, doubts.
  • Fatigue, boredom, apathy, lack of interest.
  • A wrong choice, a rash act.
  • Workplace troubles, professional stagnation.

The inverted Arcana Two of Staves draws attention to the individualโ€™s uncertainty and doubts about the chosen path. A person is not very interested in the consequences of the application of forces and, naturally, their result will be doubtful. A tarot card can mean a competition in which the enemy wins. The fortuneteller is expected to stagnate: there is no opportunity to do something interesting, and the routine has long been tired and does not bring pleasure. The 2 of Staves advises to think about a new job or at least start a hobby.

The Arcana of the Fire element warns of too slow changes in life and experiences and problems associated with stagnation. Perhaps the period of change has already passed, but left behind only negative emotions. Despite the loss of interest in professional activities, the financial situation is stable. The querent is not threatened with ruin, but large sums of money are not yet to be expected. Modest but regular receipts are planned. The reversed Two of Wands promises peace and relaxation in matters related to wealth.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Colds, flu, pneumonia, meningitis.
  • Stress, nervousness, depression, need for rest.
  • Failure, mistake, loss, reckoning, scandal.
  • Quarrelsomeness, conflict, naivety.

The Two of Staves card informs about a bunch of possible diseases. The most likely one is a simple cold. But even this mild ailment without proper care can lead to serious problems, such as pneumonia. Sometimes the Two of Wands indicates meningitis or encephalitis. The main reason is considered to be malfunctioning of the immune system, which occurs in overly anxious individuals. Constant stress, general nervousness, depression can lead (and lead) to sad consequences.

The card Two of Wands denotes an active and intelligent person who is now in frustrated feelings. As the second Arcana of Fire assures, there can be several reasons for depression: professional failures, disagreements with loved ones, an internal crisis. Even in an ordinary state, he is self-confident, does not pay attention to criticism, and does not get along well with the team. Often behaves recklessly and conflicts with others. Such a person can ruin any undertaking. The querentโ€™s behavior depends on the whims of the moment, and itโ€™s impossible to calculate his actions.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • Chaos in business, misunderstanding, mistakes, scandals with colleagues.
  • Downgrade, loss of confidence.
  • Excessive passivity, fatigue, laziness.
  • Rivalry, undercover struggle, reputation.

The Arcana Two of Wands recommends for a while to abandon big plans and serious undertakings โ€“ the competition is too great. Business relations are stagnant. The card tells about those opportunities that will not be anticipated in life. The person who was successful in the past now acts erratically and chaotically. The attitude of loved ones also changes: their trust is lost. In personal life, the situation is no better: cooling of relationships, quarrels, conflicts. The fortuneteller is overcome by household chores, professional problems, psychological complexes.

Limitations and setbacks are likely, such as an unplanned return from a business trip or the closure of a promising project. The tarot card hints at a disappointment in the moral qualities of business partners. The Two of Wands indicates rivalry. Perhaps one of your colleagues is applying for your place. This "conflict of interest" can damage both nerves and reputation. It is important to stop such inclinations in time, despite the laziness that has begun to overwhelm you. Otherwise, the 2nd Arcana of Wands promises a demotion.

Two of Wands: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Two of Wands Card

The situation is developing slowly. Even if you have to get bored, donโ€™t try to speed things up. Be patient and let them take their course. The card 2 of Staves advises to wait for a suitable period for accounting for resources, assessing opportunities, making plans. But, getting carried away with planning, do not miss the opportunity for action. Otherwise, there may be obstacles in the implementation of the plan. Try to coordinate efforts with trusted people, mysterious strangers will only wreak havoc in your existence. The Two of Wands does not recommend undertaking large-scale projects.

You will want to deal with all the problems that are preventing you from enjoying what is happening in one fell swoop. But the reserve of strength is limited, in contrast to the number of surprises that reality presents to us. The Two of Wands in the position of advice suggests leading a calm, measured life and not wasting energy in vain. If the fortuneteller found himself on the periphery of someone elseโ€™s collision, it is better for him to take a neutral position. Do not express your opinion directly. This card of the suit of Staves recommends agreeing with all statements, even if they are absurd. Try to master the sharp edges in the relationship and extinguish conflicts in time. Take your time when making important decisions: an ill-considered choice will only worsen the situation.

Two of Wands: Daily Card Meaning

Do not take active action in the near future. The Arcana Two of Wands predicts the day spent on making plans, thinking about future projects, creating a strategy. The period is suitable for comprehending what is happening, but all decisions must be postponed. Try to avoid quarrels with loved ones. Perhaps they will try to drag the querent into someone elseโ€™s conflict or use it to cover up someoneโ€™s mistakes. The card of the day states that neutrality is the best tactic for the day. Avoid responsibility โ€“ they will try to make you extreme.

Excessive zeal at work will also not be beneficial โ€“ the bosses will not appreciate the feat of labor, and employees will look askance. This day is not suitable for super-efforts โ€“ itโ€™s better to leave serious matters for the future. Modest sums are possible, in any case you will not be left without money. The Two of Wands advises to go in for sports and lose excess energy through exercise. At the end of the day, you need to rest a little and spend a few hours in leisure and entertainment. After the fall of 2nd cards of the Fire element, itโ€™s better to forget about business contacts โ€“ they promise only a waste of energy, time and money. You donโ€™t have to worry about health โ€“ this Arcana does not portend disease.

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