Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

Card Name: Wheel of Fortune, Fortune, Wheel of Fate

Category: Major Arcana, Soul

Position: 10

Planet: Jupiter ♃

Time: Winter solstice

The Wheel of Fortune is a card of great luck, brilliant success. Man is patronized by fate itself. She chose him as her companion and made him a gentleman of fortune positively. The Major Arcana implies outstanding results, pleasant surprises, surprises. And you don’t have to pay a penny for all this. But in the opposite form, the Wheel of Fate denotes negative patterns. Personality somehow did not please the sky and is now forced to wander around the world. There is no peace anywhere from a series of troubles. Evil fate is able to find even in his own bed. There is no hiding from fate, both good and bad.

Symbolism and Key Ideas of the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card in Waite’s Tarot depicts a blue sky, against which mythical creatures and animals are shown. An angel sits in the upper left corner, an eagle spread its wings in the right. The characters are holding a book. In the lower left corner lies a bull, in the right – a lion. All creatures are golden in color, with wings. The heroes below also have books – the Torah. A circle is drawn in the center of the card. It is inscribed: the word "Tarot", the signs of the four elements, as well as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet – Yod, He, Wae, He. At the top of the disk sits a blue Sphinx with a sword in its paw. On the left, a green snake descends – the god Typhon. On the right is a red Anubis.

The many symbols on the Arcana of the Wheel of Fortune are due to the desire to show unity and diversity, as well as the flow of energy. On the card there are signs of higher powers: the unpronounceable name of God, inscribed in a circle; angel and eagle, sphinx. There are also symbols of the lower world here – for example, Typhon and Anubis are infernal deities. The bull and lion personify "animal" manifestations, wildness. Such a combination is aimed at showing the viewer the variability of energy, its flow from one state to another. Evil and good are just two sides of the same coin. This is an unshakable truth, which, nevertheless, is difficult to realize.

Meaning of the Upright Wheel of Fortune Card

  • A smile of good luck, a positive outcome of events and great luck.
  • Periodicity, the right moment in time and an open ending.
  • The patronage of heaven, the Higher Forces; permanence of change.
  • Being in the moment, regularity, life cycles and stages.

In the upright position, the Wheel of Fortune means good luck, a positive set of circumstances. This is exactly the case when fate itself patronizes the querent. A person does not need to do anything – the world will help, lead to the desired goal in the shortest way. The tenth Arcana of the Tarot symbolizes the ability to be in the right place at the right time. The questioning person fulfills his own will, goes the right way. He managed to hide from the influence of karma, conditioning. Heaven will richly reward such a breakthrough. The Wheel of Fate symbolizes victory that came easily. The card also shows a certain period during which the fortuneteller will be "on horseback."

The very numerical designation of the Arcana Wheel of Fortune personifies cyclicality, the transition from one state to another. If you flip this Roman numeral, then nothing will change. Therefore, the Wheel of Fortune implies stability, coupled with perpetual motion. The world itself seems to stand still, but the planet is constantly moving, the air circulates, clouds float. The observer does not notice small details, but they are still there. This is what Fortune hints at – life is inextricably linked with movement. Moreover, the flow of energy cannot be stopped, paused. After birth comes death and vice versa.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

  • An ideal tandem with the second half, mutual understanding.
  • Kindred soul, life with "their" person and happiness together.
  • An early meeting of a potential second half or fate.
  • A person who is destined by life to create a family.

In a love spread, the Wheel of Fortune is played as a gift from heaven. Directly characterizes great luck in his personal life. Querent managed to find a suitable person to find common happiness with him. The partner is completely suitable for the fortuneteller, ready to share a life together with him. The second half is definitely "fate". Moreover, acquaintance could happen by chance and did not imply further development. However, there is no misunderstanding in this world. Everything is already written in the book of fate.

For singles, the Wheel of Fortune promises dramatic changes. Soon the right person will burst into the life of a querent. It is impossible to predict under what circumstances this will happen. It is worth trusting life, hoping for the providence of fate. The fortuneteller deserved to meet his soul mate, it remains to wait a bit. Acquaintance can occur on the road, in a public place or transport. Events are already being formed that will affect personal life in the near future.

Career and Finance (Upright)

  • Competitive basis for hiring or good luck in business.
  • Lottery retail outlets or prize pools.
  • The chance to advance is much higher than the rest.
  • A good help, which is worth using in time.

In the context of activities, the Wheel of Fortune shows organizations that sell lotteries and hold contests. Work here is directly related to luck, the inability to predict the outcome of events. In terms of the situation, the Arcana hints at a good opportunity for rapid career advancement. The querent will have a chance to show himself on the positive side. The authorities will appreciate this and will definitely set it off. In general, Fortune symbolizes favorable conditions, good soil. If the fortuneteller correctly takes advantage of the current situation, then success will not be far off.

The meaning of the Wheel of Fortune in terms of finances will also be positive. This is a chance to establish cash flow, to climb to the top of prosperity. However, it is worth remembering that all events are temporary. You should grab the outstretched hand and become independent as soon as possible. That is, if a large amount comes to the querent, you need to properly invest money in your own business or work training. The fortuneteller will rise one step higher, but it is important to remember: someone else’s stairs can collapse at any moment. It’s best to make your own.

Health and Spirit (Upright)

  • Fortress of the body, youth, a huge supply of strength, energy.
  • Rapid restoration of all tissues, skin regeneration.
  • Good digestion, excretory system is normal.
  • Expressive character, luck or desire to live.

In terms of health, the Wheel of Fortune straight line shows youth, the very peak of strength. A person is full of energy, so he can easily cope with all sorts of loads. Also, the Arcana corresponds to the process of digestion of food. In this case, the querent has no problem with this. The Wheel of Fate also symbolizes the stages of cell growth and decay. This is a rapid process of regeneration of all organs and tissues, corresponding to the young age of the body. Slags and toxins do not accumulate – the liver removes them in time.

The mental state is quite expressive. The Wheel of Fortune denotes the ability to inspire, ignite others. Such a person never loses faith in the best. Always positive, has a subtle sense of humor. Relatives and relatives are drawn to this inner light, they want to get a piece of happiness. The querent boasts luck in all areas of life. This is the favorite of fate, which gets away with a lot. Life throws up good chances over and over again, and the questioner knows how to use them.

Situations and Questions (Upright)

  • A cycle characterized by positive events and growth.
  • A justified hope for the favor of fate or God.
  • Willingness to take advantage of the chance or tenacity.
  • Sensitivity to what is happening, sharp mind, observation.

The Arcana that fell out in fortune-telling, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot, gives the meaning of variability to the spread on any topic. This is a fast-moving stream of life, which is hard to keep up with. It is impossible to predict anything, although there are some patterns, action plans. At the highest level, everything is predetermined, has a clear structure and hierarchy. However, from a human point of view, the world is more like chaos, forming a temporary order. The Wheel of Fate symbolizes constant change. If you stand in the center of the disk, you may not notice the movement. But when a person is forced to hold on to the side, life becomes inexorable. It also means being at the peak, the edge of reality.

The Wheel of Fortune asks questions: “How to get to the epicenter of events?” and “What depends on me?”. According to this Tarot card, fatality passes, but on the positive side. However, luck favors the quick. Fate offers the querent to buy a lottery ticket, and not stand for hours at the kiosk. His 50% life will more than end up in a common cauldron. You can give yourself up to chance and not really think about anything.

Spirituality and Karma (Upright)

  • Awareness of the transience of life and the desire to do everything.
  • Fearlessness, the will to win, readiness for any end.
  • Subtle sense of the moment and good concentration.
  • Time to pay bills or get what is due.

From a spiritual standpoint, the Wheel of Fortune is the best way to show the essence of life. This is the temporality of absolutely everything in the world – both good and bad. The card shows non-attachment to a particular point of view. Today a person acts in this way, and tomorrow differently. You can not be guided by outdated dogmas, because you can miscalculate. Life is possible only thanks to perpetual motion. But even death further turns into a new being – beautiful roses grow on the ashes. Happy is he who has known this transience and managed to do everything he wanted.

As karma, the Wheel of Fortune shows the appearance of a chance to fix a lot. Every sin has a statute of limitations. In this incarnation, the querent will be able to rewrite the life script. You will meet people from the past with whom you will be able to resolve long-standing conflicts. Moreover, the position of the card hints at a positive outcome, redemption. But if the fortuneteller had enemies, they will definitely get what they deserve. The Major Arcana represents justice, a boomerang that will still return to the operator.

Meaning of the Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot

  • A streak of failures, troubles; permanent losses, problems.
  • Punishment, the return of the boomerang, or negative moments.
  • Unfavorable fate, bad luck in everything and moreover at once.
  • Loss of a good chance, missed opportunities, regret.

When reversed, the Wheel of Fortune leaves the same meaning – luck. But now this concept takes on a negative meaning. The querent begins a black stripe. Problems are pouring in one after another, as if fate is testing for strength. The questioner is at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Such "luck" makes you think about evil fate. Even a visually reversed card indicates the triumph of evil. Anubis moves up, and the snake keeps up with him. These details hint at chronic bad luck or a difficult period. The fortuneteller made a fatal mistake, and now he is forced to pay for it.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes a certain decline. The process is nearing its logical conclusion, and not very good. Also, the reversed position of the card may indicate a missed chance. The man did not take advantage of the moment, simply missed it. The time when you were lucky is over. Now you can only remember the bright days of the past. Tendencies of decline will be felt both in surrounding events and within. At the moment, the fortuneteller is not ready to fight. The influence of fate is so great that it is impossible to resist it. The straightforwardness of life can strike on the spot.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

  • Repetition of a negative birth scenario, the life of parents.
  • A partner is a gamer or a second half with obvious problems.
  • Inability to start long-term relationships, develop.
  • Acquaintance only with unreliable potential partners.

In terms of love, the reversed Wheel of Fortune means a repetition of a negative scenario. The querent may come across partners with the same problems and shortcomings. In this regard, the meaning of the position of the card is associated with psychology. So, a husband or wife is like the parents of a fortuneteller. And from the negative side. The querent will have to solve a complicated situation and break out of a series of failures on the love front. In this case, the second half can also change. If not, then a break is inevitable.

For singles, the reversed Wheel of Fortune card predicts the appearance of a temporary partner. However, this situation will not suit 100%. The questioner wants to improve his personal life, but fate throws up unpromising options. Only those people who are focused on short-term novels are attracted. Also, the position of the card hints at a break, a major quarrel. New gentlemen or ladies will not stay long. In the world of magic, this phenomenon is sometimes called the "crown of celibacy."

Career and Finance (Reversed)

  • Sites with virtual gambling, online casinos.
  • Business on automatic machines; also fraud and dishonesty.
  • Decline in performance; unwillingness to give results.
  • Large financial losses and the presence of debts, loans.

In the reversed form, the Wheel of Fortune personifies physical casinos or virtual ones. These are various slot machines, as well as fraud schemes on the Internet. In any case, the position of the card is responsible for illegal enrichment. Someone uses human naivety and excitement in order to make money on it. In terms of the current situation at work, the reversed Wheel of Fate shows a decline in activity, a loss of ambition. A person loses momentum, performs fewer tasks than they should. Perhaps this was preceded by colossal labor costs.

The financial situation is very precarious. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is responsible for large financial debts. The querent fails to fulfill obligations. On the contrary, loans and microloans continue to grow. Often this situation is due to the inability to rely only on oneself – somewhere the querent behaved like a child. Hope for a chance failed and plunged into a pit of big problems. This is the other side of "easy" money. Sooner or later you will have to face the harsh reality.

Health and Spirit (Reversed)

  • Problems with the intestines or pancreas.
  • An unexpected manifestation of a disease or poor genetics.
  • Envy, suspiciousness and distrust of others.
  • Dissatisfaction with oneself, lack of fulfillment, fears.

If the Wheel of Fortune falls upside down, then in a health spread, this is a bad sign. Here the position of the card is responsible for accidents, the inability to predict the future state. At one moment the patient becomes better, at the next – even worse than before. Fortune reversed is responsible for digestive problems. Slags can not be excreted by the body for a long time. Because of this, the appearance of the skin suffers, as well as overall well-being. The disease can develop from scratch, absolutely no reason for it.

The mental state is negative. A person thinks only about the bad, is overly suspicious. She does not believe in her own strength, which is why she does not achieve her goals. Also, the Wheel of Fortune in the opposite position is responsible for the envy of more successful people. Therefore, such a person is able to go to meanness, if only to drag others to the bottom. Someone else’s happiness is harmful. It makes you think about your own dissatisfaction with life.

Situations and Questions (Reversed)

  • A difficult situation that is difficult to get out of on your own.
  • Lack of help or inability to accept it and provide it.
  • A decline in any activity or being left alone with problems.
  • A negative outcome that can be predicted in advance.

In each situation, the reversed Wheel of Fortune will play out differently. However, fatality remains a common link in this chain. The state into which the querent is cast is very difficult to overcome on one’s own. All life seems to play against. Both events and surroundings only bring new problems. Moreover, this energy decline should pass by itself. It will be followed again by a white streak, but here’s the problem – you need to live here and now. At the moment, behind the negative factors, one cannot see the road to salvation.

The Wheel of Fortune in the opposite sense asks questions: “What is the true reason for what is happening?” and “Where did I miscalculate?”. Whatever it was, but life is predictable. Most things happen spontaneously, but there was already a prerequisite for them. The main thing is to see these patterns. If you rely on luck all the time, then you can miscalculate. This will also lead to the desire to put everything on the shelves. It is impossible to stop the flow of life, so you just need to learn how to adapt.

Spirituality and Karma (Reversed)

  • Mercantile interest or the presence of many sins.
  • The talent to deceive others or play on feelings.
  • The fate of fate, touching the questioner, payment for something.
  • Atonement for the mistakes of their ancestors, relatives.

If the card lies opposite, then the Wheel of Fortune denotes the degradation of the soul. A person is mired in sins and does not want to get out of the crisis. It is focused only on ordinary earthly pleasures – delicious food, good comfortable living conditions. All this is not bad, but there must be a higher meaning of being. However, in this case, the person does not even think about something spiritual. Just seeks only financial well-being, does not take into account other people’s feelings and aspirations. Commercialism can ruin even the best intentions.

In the context of karma, the reversed Wheel of Fortune symbolizes bad luck. It’s time to get punished for the past. In this life, the querent will face the brutal working off of accumulated karma. Moreover, these sins could be committed by parents, grandparents. But the questioner will pay for them. But there is no place for injustice here – if a person chose to incarnate through this kind, then he needs to go through such lessons. Punishment implies learning a new way of interacting with the world, with people. You need to go through it with dignity and not lose your moral character. Even this stage will one day come to an end. A person must have time to be transformed and cleansed.

Wheel of Fortune as a Significator of a Person

When upright, the Wheel of Fortune falls on very lucky people. Wherever such a person goes, everywhere he will find a chest of treasures. The card is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of great opportunities. An example is Delme Kinney, an ordinary American resident. He won the lottery twice a million dollars. Someone can buy tickets all his life and not get a prize of more than a cent. Therefore, Fortune shows exceptional lucky ones to whom the general rules do not apply.

But in the opposite position, the card, on the contrary, shows outsiders. British officer Major Summerfold became famous for being struck by lightning several times. The man managed to recover, but died for a completely different reason. But even after death, this series of troubles did not stop. Lightning struck the officer’s monument and destroyed it. Therefore, the reversed Wheel of Fortune implies luck with a minus sign. No matter how you slice it, you can’t escape fate anyway. It doesn’t really matter if it’s positive or negative.

Wheel of Fortune: Combination with other Tarot Cards


Advice and Warning of the Wheel of Fortune Card

The upright card of the Wheel of Fortune advises to trust providence. You need to be able to observe the situation and be active in time. Now fate is playing for the querent, it is worth seizing the moment. All efforts will be a hundredfold increased due to the potential of life itself, luck. As a warning, Fortune hints at the pointlessness of changing anything drastically. Everything will fall into place, no matter how hard one tries. Trying to switch to another track will only take away energy without leaving anything in return. Therefore, it is best to come to terms with fate and work with what is at the moment – these are the very best conditions.

The upright Wheel of Fortune advises to wait out the trouble. You need to hide, try not to declare yourself. The desire to take the initiative will be punished. Now it is easy to fall under the hot hand of fate. At the same time, absolutely nothing depends on the actions of the querent. As a warning, the position of the card hints at the senselessness of the enterprise. The chances will be empty, and in the worst case, a real trap for the naive. The bait can be: a relationship, a new promising vacancy. However, it is worth remembering that all this is temporary, short-lived. The charm will quickly pass and leave behind a hangover.

Wheel of Fortune: Daily Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune in its upright form promises a very successful and productive day. All things will be given easily, without much energy consumption. The close environment will give a helping hand. The whole world seems to want the questioner to succeed. Moreover, the sphere is completely unimportant – it can be: study, work, personal relationships. However, there is a positive trend everywhere. Yes, and the querent himself will notice an influx of energy, the appearance of forces for the realization of his plan. Today is a good day to solve old problems. Difficult problems on this day will seem easy, like feathers from the wings of an angel on the card.

The reversed Wheel of Fortune, on the contrary, predicts a bad day. This is exactly the case when a woman with empty buckets and a black cat under her arm crossed the road. Therefore, it is better not to try to fix anything at all, to improve it these days. Today, you can only harm yourself and your loved ones with help. A disservice will be superfluous. Possible breakdowns of equipment, postponing important meetings for later. The plan will not be able to be implemented as we would like. In all areas there will always be the possibility of failure. It will not be possible to bring what has been started to the end, to bring clarity to the situation.

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