Cancer Boys

Boy Cancer is a vulnerable soul, subject to frequent doubts. Parents need to know which fragile vessel is in their hands. Generously endowed with intuition, a child is able to subtly feel the mood of the surrounding people. He needs love and understanding, Cancer is too insecure. A timid, shy boy amazes with modest behavior, prefers to hide his true emotions.

Cancer boy — a mysterious person, the influence of the Moon determines the frequent change of mood in the child. The kid can not explain the cause of his tears, he just waits for solace. He especially needs maternal care, feels safe while at home. He does not need noisy companies and the recognition of society, most importantly — native walls and loved ones nearby. In a comfortable home environment, he can relax and forget about fears.

Cancer Boy Personality Traits

In the horoscope of Cancer, the element of Water, responsible for emotionality and sensitivity, is clearly pronounced. The boy stands out among his children with his qualities: dreaminess, sluggishness, isolation. Parents may be concerned about his detachment from the outside world, it is believed that the child must move a lot. The boy Cancer has a calm character, carefully keeps his secrets: his thoughts are a secret for the surrounding people.

Cancer is a great dreamer and dreamer, in his imagination he paints amazing pictures of a fictional world. The boy likes to read, he likes to observe the surrounding people. He will not engage in uninteresting business for the company with his friends, better sit in a corner and think about his personal problems. The boy is not distinguished by his sufficiency and practicality, although he has a good memory, insight. Recommended profession: psychologist, artist, writer, actor, teacher, historian.


Cancer has a unique gift to see the real picture of what is happening. Well-developed intuition allows him to feel thinly the state of mind of people. Cancer the boy is able to foresee the future, he starts from his own sensations, and does not listen to the arguments of reason. A very small child easily grasps the essence of the matter, parents do not have to waste time explaining the rules of behavior. Excessive insight sometimes harms the health of a receptive guy. He is always in suspense, trying to understand his feelings. The result is a nervous breakdown, a prolonged depression.


Excessive sensitivity and emotionality of Cancer is explained by the influence of the Moon. Trying to look like a real man, the boy hides his inner feelings, he wants to seem strong and confident in himself. Parents should explain to their son that his heightened sensitivity is dignity. The ability to compassion, to understand people’s moods thinly is a rare talent. Let the boy sometimes become too capricious and whiny, but he knows how to really love his parents and friends. He is insanely devoted to his family, can not fully exist outside the walls of his home.


Cancer lives in accordance with the internal rhythm. Since childhood, he is tormented by fears and insecurities, the boy is too painful to perceive failure. In all the troubles he always blames himself, mercilessly criticizes the slightest weaknesses and minor mistakes. He tries to foresee possible negative consequences in order to protect himself from the experience. He does not strive to get close acquaintances, he thinks long before taking any action. Very cautious Cancer often misses advantageous opportunities because of its indecisiveness and numerous fears.

Kindness and responsiveness

Cancer is a soft, vulnerable person, able to genuinely empathize. He subtly feels the soulful spirit of close people, so he can help them. An incredulous and secretive child sometimes shows wisdom worthy of an adult. Cancer is very attached to its relatives, for it a warm family atmosphere is important. At the same time, it can break the strongest relations if it encounters treachery. The wound can be so deep that it is unlikely to forgive the offender. In this case, the boy Cancer will fully demonstrate his negative qualities: detachment, cruelty, vindictiveness.

Raising a Cancer Boy

In infancy, Cancer does not cause trouble, it grows quiet baby. With ecstasy, he plays with himself, calmly examines the surrounding objects. The only difficulty is internal fears. Too scary and impressionable the kid can plague parents. It is necessary to protect his peace: include quiet music, read good tale. A significant role in the upbringing of the child is played by the mother, she is able to establish spiritual contact with her son. The boy does not feel like playing with other kids, he likes spending time at home surrounded by close people.

In school years, Cancer studies diligently, the most favorite subject is history. The boy has a wonderful memory, easily remembers the dates and facts. He is fascinated by the atmosphere of the past, he sinks with pleasure into the unknown world of the past. For a comfortable state of mind, the boy needs to establish contact with teachers and students. Parents should help him open up, as often as possible invite friends to visit. In a domestic setting, Cancer feels the best, it is easier for him to communicate with classmates on his territory.

In adolescence, it is necessary to protect the state of mind of Cancer. He is too much rushing, trying to determine his life’s path. He is overcome by doubts and fears, as a result, nervous overexertion may occur. Parents should constantly tell him about their love. It is necessary to show endurance and patience, the boy can either too close in itself, or be carried away by idle pastime.

Raising the Cancer boy requires a tremendous all-consuming love. A timid person with a beautiful soul is a mystery to be solved by parents. The boy does not need to be scolded and criticized, he knows his weak spots better than other people. Indecisive Cancer needs constant support, it is necessary every minute to convince him that he is a talented, intelligent, most beautiful son in the world.

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