Gemini Boys

Boy Gemini — a contradictory nature, to recognize his character is almost impossible. It is difficult to fix a state that is too changeable. Gemini combine several personalities at once: gloomy silent, restless prankster, carefree spender, an impossible miser. With what kind of person will have to deal at a certain moment — a mystery even for the closest people.

Gemini have a unique talent — the ability to communicate. The ability to speak beautifully, sincerely admire the interlocutor is so attractive to people that it is easy for representatives of the sign to say goodbye to their harmless eccentricities. Gemini boy does not tolerate monotony, he likes any changes. He can turn an ordinary walk around the city into a fascinating journey.

Gemini Boy Personality Traits

The Gemini boy is under the influence of the elements of Air, this explains the features of his character: mobility, changeability. The guy can show a sharp change in mood in a short time. In all its manifestations, it will be extremely organic, impermanence is the main character trait. In this acute mind, natural curiosity allows him to easily master any profession: journalist, actor, engineer, manager.

The boy is a born diplomat, he is able to settle the most protracted conflict. It is considered a favorite of the company, it makes friends easily. A changeable character pushes him to look for new impressions, it’s hard for a boy to sit still. At the same time, he maintains a warm relationship with close people throughout his life. Restless character should not be misleading: Gemini is a loyal friend and a devoted son.


Gemini have a unique gift to combine several personalities, and sharply opposed to each other. A happy and contented boy can be prone to neuroses and fears. Gemini are so multifaceted that sometimes they can not understand what is central to this moment of life. The ability to quickly switch from one thought to another testifies to the increased work of the brain. Too mobile a boy does not have time to rest for a night, often suffers from insomnia. As a result, the body is rapidly depleted. The merry and carefree boy experiences sharp mood swings, he becomes a closed and unfriendly beech. This behavior is especially frequent in adolescence.


Gemini exhibits exceptional flexibility in any life situations. The boy easily changes his mind, he has no sense of stupidity. The child will not persist in defending the toy, he will gladly share it. Will try to settle the conflict situation, not get involved in a fight, defending their interests. The Gemini boy easily adapts to any conditions, easily adopts new rules of the game. A young man will necessarily listen to the advice of his parents, he will try to choose the path that is recommended to him by wise adults. It has undoubted merit — to quickly grasp the essence of the matter without asking unnecessary questions.


Gemini delicately feel the mood of close people. Throughout his life, the boy retains childlike naivety, faith in a miracle. He gets a great impression of suffering and sorrow, he seeks to help all those in need. A sympathetic boy can support a kind word. With enthusiasm will undertake to help the lagging classmate, has the ability to clearly expound the material. The inconstancy and impatience characteristic of the people of this sign can play a negative role: the Gemini boy quickly becomes tired of the role of savior and benefactor.


Gemini — active nature, they can not sit in one place. Have a unique ability to cope with several cases at the same time. The boy has many hobbies. He enthusiastically supports the most insane idea, one of the first to join the game of the courtyard. An active guy will readily embark on a long journey, just not to be bored at home. He does not need comfort, the main thing is changing places, communicating. Without new impressions, the constant movement of the Gemini can wither away, fall into a bad mood.

Raising a Gemini Boy

Since childhood, Gemini has a desire to communicate, they like to be among people: parents, acquaintances, peers. The boy will not sit modestly in the corner, playing alone, he needs a company. Fidget with pleasure will participate in outdoor games. He is easily given tasks for sharpness, the child shows abilities in the manufacture of hand-made articles. Parents can be proud of a versatile son, it is only necessary to teach his patience and perseverance.

In school years, the boy’s performance depends entirely on the control of his parents. A capable son can, as pleasing, endlessly upset his assessments. Sharp mind allows him to quickly learn the material, while he is influenced by classmates. In the company of diligent students the schoolboy will succeed. Friends with poor academic performance will have a negative impact — the boy Gemini can become the weakest pupil in the class. To educate the sense of purpose, parents should focus on physical activity. Doing sports will help to develop responsibility and discipline.

In adolescence, you need to seriously take care of the health of a young man. Intensified work of the brain, hormonal splash — the causes of insomnia and nervousness. The easy-going guy tries to protect the peace of close people. He will not share his impressions and experiences. Parents should establish close contact with the son, help him in solving problems. It is worth as often as possible to send him to rest, preferably in the company of friends. During this period, the young man needs a state of inner peace.

Education of the boy Gemini does not require special efforts. He does not cause trouble for parents, he is distinguished by kindness and sympathy. Minor problems can create character traits: inconstancy, restlessness. Parents should teach their son diligence, perseverance in achieving goals. The best way is own example, long spiritual conversations. Cruelty and violence will not lead to a positive result, the boy will try to leave his parents’ house as soon as possible.

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