Leo Boys

The boy Leo was born to shine, conquer and drive mad. From birth, the baby is in the spotlight. Leo — the main thing, the acknowledged leader, it is impossible to imagine him without a suite of loyal friends. He quickly finds a common language with a variety of people, the circle of acquaintances of the Leo is very extensive.

Boy Leo has the ability to manipulate people. He gained confidence from the first minutes of acquaintance, gently enveloping the interlocutor with impeccable manners. A courteous and educated guy makes a favorable impression on others. At the same time it is easy to give in to someone else’s influence, too fond of flattery. For the sake of laudatory words in his address is ready for any sacrifices, so very often he is deceived in people.

Leo Boy Personality Traits

The Leo is a fire sign, giving its representative a bright temperament. The life of the boy is filled with interesting events, he gladly takes up any most difficult task, most importantly — moving forward. Ability to unite people into a single team, sharp mind, leadership ambitions - qualities that make a successful career. The best areas of activity: science, commerce, art, politics, journalism.

The boy is a benevolent character, and can demonstrate aggressive behavior if he realizes a real danger. Without a doubt, get into a fight, proving your superiority, usually has a good physical training. Easily learns knowledge, differs sharp mind. Leo is a worthy representative of the stronger sex, surrounded by fans throughout life.


Leo is the king of the animals. The boy from the very childhood corresponds to his destiny — to command people. He is confident in his own exclusiveness, accepts signs of attention with favor. He considers it quite natural to give out advice and instructions. Never communicate with someone who does not like him. She thinks she deserves the best: interesting friends, beautiful things. Self-confidence and the desire to rule can lead to the fact that the self-centered boy Leo will eventually become an egoist. Few who can tolerate excessive arrogance and arrogance. The desire to be the ruler of the lives of all people without exception can lead to loneliness. Parents should sometimes put their son in the place, fair criticism can do him good.


Leo seeks to protect and care for loved ones. He enjoys playing with younger brothers and sisters, he likes to see the admiring eyes of children. The Leo boy is creatively gifted, he can organize a puppet show or present a real theatrical performance. The Leo likes to give people joy, he wants to see around him people happy with life. A noble youth will gladly take care of elderly parents, create comfortable living conditions for them. Public recognition plays an important role, he likes to be known as a kind and sympathetic son.


Leo — a perfectionist, tries to achieve the ideal result in everything: study, work, relationships with loved ones. He stubbornly goes to his goal, sweeping away obstacles on the way. The boy is ready for many sacrifices, boldly assumes responsibility, while hoping for a successful result. The Leo has a hard time experiencing setbacks, the depression is saved by natural optimism. He does not differ diligence, prefers to lead. He knows how to entice people with an idea, so talently organizes the process, that there is no need to do anything yourself. Persistence is a good quality, indicating the strong will of the representative of the sign.


The worst crime for Leo is criticism. The boy is so confident in his exclusivity that he can not accept any remarks, even made in the correct form. He will be so offended that he will completely forget about his nobility. The desire to take revenge can outshine his mind. The Leo can be insidious, he knows how to convince people to stand on their side. The boy can not show the best qualities: rancor, cruelty, imperiousness. It will easily go to reconciliation, if you hear praise in your address. Skillful flattery is a win-win option to win the heart of the Leo.

Raising a Leo Boy

Since childhood, the boy is highly mobile. His energy is enough for many things at once. The kid enjoys playing with many friends, it is impossible to keep him at home. Because of its activity, a child is often injured, parents must protect their son. Although the task is almost impossible, the purposeful kid will find a way to achieve his, his methods: crying, blackmail, resentment. It is necessary to have a pet, communication with animals has a calming effect on the child.

In school years, the boy Leo is a class leader, a universally recognized favorite of classmates and teachers. At this age his creative nature is especially bright, the guy takes an active part in school self-activity. Strives to achieve high results in sports. A sharp mind and good memory allow him to study perfectly. An important role is played by the ability to attract attention, the boy Leo is so charming that the teachers overstate him with marks.

In adolescence, it can cause a lot of trouble for parents. Boredom and monotony — the reasons for the bad mood of a normally positive Leo. He needs impressions, the young man bravely and resolutely gets involved in dubious adventures. A guy can easily drop out of school if he suddenly decides that his calling is a theatrical stage. Unsuccessful love can immerse him in gloomy thoughts for a long time, because he is used to winning. Parents need to show patience, endless flattery and admiration can force the young man to believe in himself again.

Education of the Leo boy is a fascinating process. The generous and noble youth possesses a strong character, his distinctive qualities: perseverance, intelligence, courage. Sometimes it can be lazy, sedate and sluggish — truly royal qualities. Parents can be sure that their son will succeed. It is necessary only to restrain his proud, narcissistic disposition a little, the rest he will easily do himself.

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