Taurus Boys

Taurus is a thorough and serious person, focused on his own affairs. A quiet, silent boy does not cause inconvenience to parents, the surrounding people note his calm disposition. He feels a strong confidence in his abilities. The Taurus boy does not try to attract attention with eccentric antics, just follows his own interests.

Taurus is a practical sign, the boy prefers to do earthly things. Attaches great importance to material values. He feels confident in a calm, comfortable environment. The boy does not hover in the clouds, he does not need to be called to order. Always follows his goals, which is important — quite achievable. He does not wait for approval and advice: the boy Taurus will do everything himself and exactly as it should.

Taurus Boy Personality Traits

Taurus is an earthly sign, the influence of elements determines traits of character: reliability, calmness, discretion, responsibility. Since childhood, the boy is building grandiose plans, suggesting a successful career. It is distinguished by a practical approach to life — the maximum benefit in any business. Taurus boy is attracted to professions related to profit: a financial analyst, an economist, a businessman. At the same time it has a unique ability to create beautiful things with your own hands.

Taurus boy is deprived of leadership ambitions, does not seek to prove his superiority. Man is more important than personal recognition of society. If the company does not suit him, he will prefer to be alone. Quickly finds a common language with energetic people, keen on any business. Idle reel, unrestrained fun in noisy companies is a waste of time for a purposeful Taurus.


Taurus boy has such a rich inner world that he does not hurry to share his feelings with people around him. He does not need emotions from outside, much more important for him is the feeling of spiritual harmony. Such behavior is not a protest and a demonstration of its independence. Parents should understand that the secretiveness of the son is a character trait, which was awarded to his element Earth. This does not mean that the boy is completely devoid of any feelings, emotionality can manifest itself in the choice of a creative profession: an actor, a writer, an artist.


Taurus is by nature a proprietor, he wants to possess one’s own subjects and people. The kid will never share his toy, despite persuasion and threats. The boy is extremely jealous of a close environment, he does not like when friends have interests and hobbies not related to him. An adult man and a trembling boy in love are equally agonizingly experiencing bouts of jealousy, one thought of treason is enough to drive Taurus crazy. Increased sense of ownership sometimes leads to sad consequences: a cute boy grows into a tyrant and an aggressor.


Taurus is not subject to emotional upsets, always prudent and collected son — the pride of parents. At the same time, a calm boy can be removed from the state of equilibrium by constant screams and scandals. The patience of Taurus is huge, but not unlimited, it can rebel. Parents should understand that this character trait is inherent only in strong personalities. A patient attitude towards people and life circumstances is a rare talent that deserves respect.


A distinctive feature of the character of Taurus is stubbornness. He always defends his interests, it is almost impossible to convince him of anything. Shouts, threats are the worst way to influence a stubborn, this behavior, apart from retaliatory aggression, will not solve anything. Patient Taurus necessarily insists on his opinion. It is better to have a cordial conversation with him, a confidential conversation can last for a long time. Perhaps he will gradually change his anger to mercy. Stubbornness is not the worst character trait for an ambitious young man, capable of leading to success.

Raising a Taurus Boy

In childhood the boy Taurus is a calm, well-fed child. From infancy shows a rare practicality: toys are always carefully collected, are within its visibility. The kid does not need attention, and he desperately needs it. For the child an important role is played by the gentle touch of the mother, he must be sure of his safety. A comfortable home environment is the key to a successful future. Negative emotions can lead to a deplorable result: Taurus boy will grow into a nervous man, prone to aggression, which is not characteristic for representatives of this sign.

In school years, the boy does not stand out as a special thing against the background of his peers. He clearly fulfills his duties: he does not miss lessons, he successfully learns the material, participates in amateur performance. A diligent student is always in good standing with teachers. Taurus is enduring. A young man can achieve success in sports, parents should encourage his passion. People of this sign have an excellent appetite, like to eat deliciously. A schoolboy needs physical exertion, otherwise there may be a tendency to fullness.

In adolescence, a quick-tempered guy is too painful to perceive excessive parental care. He is annoyed by the increased care and intrusion into the private space by adults. Taurus in any circumstances shows common sense, so there is no need for strict control. A young man can rebel, stormy outbursts of anger and rage are characteristic of the adolescent period. As a result, relations in the family will be hopelessly spoiled, the boy will become even more locked in himself. Secret secrets and secrets he would prefer to entrust to a few close friends.

Raising Taurus requires patience and tact. Parents may be embarrassed by his secrecy, his reluctance to share his inner experiences. In this there is nothing terrible, the boy from infancy is distinguished by seriousness and practicality. He will not make dubious tricks, trying to realize his crazy dreams. Taurus should not be controlled and rushed, trying to impose uncharacteristic thoughts. The role of parents is love and unobtrusive care, they can be sure: the son will not bring trouble, do not disgrace the honor of the family.

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