Virgo Boys

The Virgo acts calmly and consistently in any situation. A discreet boy is little interested in children’s pranks and stupidities. He focuses on really important things: studying, helping relatives, hobbies, sports. Parents can be confident in their son, a reasonable guy will definitely make the right decision.

Virgo boy is a man of action, he is not interested in sitting around, indulging in dreams and fantasies. Since childhood, he has a strong desire for work, he likes to perform complex and monotonous work. Virgo loves to make hand-made articles, with pleasure repairs old toys. A practical boy knows the value of money, there are many plans in his head how best to manage even the smallest amount.

Virgo Boy Personality Traits

Boy Virgo — strict guardian of order, extremely demanding of himself and others. His room shines with purity, all things are arranged in their places. Can not calm down until it reaches an ideal result. Friends and close people sometimes get tired of his criticisms and demands. At the same time they know that you can rely on a guy, he is a devoted, responsible person.

Calm boy prefers to watch what is happening. Virgo will not conflict with peers, trying to break out into the leaders. Easy to bear loneliness, not at all uncomfortable with them. It is very responsible for any business, patiently performs the most difficult work. He has many talents, so the choice of professions is wide enough: an engineer, a technologist, a doctor, a teacher, a financier.


Virgo is an earthly sign, the boy sets himself concrete, achievable goals. He likes to see the results of his work, he is so good at any job that he does not need advice and recommendations. During the summer holidays the high school student will find a job, and decide in advance where exactly the money will be spent. Virgo takes care of finance so carefully that she will not waste them thoughtlessly. A practical boy will try to spend money profitably: pay for courses, buy books, and update the wardrobe.


Virgo differs love for work, the boy feels himself a real creator, he is not afraid of any work. Always helps my mother in household chores, he does not need to be constantly reminded of cleaning in the room. In the room there is always perfect purity, toys and things are in their places. At school one of the most favorite subjects is technology, he works hard at crafts under the guidance of a teacher, with pleasure participates in cleaning the school yard. The boy intuitively understands that the ability to work will certainly be useful to him in adulthood. In spite of the chosen profession, the Virgo will necessarily succeed, to achieve the goal the boy is ready to a lot of hard work.

Perseverance, exactingness

Virgo does not know how to be content with small things, she always strives for an ideal result. The kid will not participate in a game that he does not like. Despite her mother’s tearful persuasion, she will ignore the tasteless dish, prefer to remain hungry. The boy always knows exactly what he wants, so he achieves the desired result. If the student does not get the job done correctly, he will not write off his neighbor on the desk. He prefers to spend all his spare time for additional study of the material, but will achieve an excellent evaluation. In adult life, the representative of the sign is a just, but exacting leader. Often, the Virgo is disliked and accused of arrogance. Too demanding boy can be alone, surrounding people do not share his serious approach to life.


Virgo is an amazingly kind and generous person. The boy experiences a great love for his close people, strives to protect and protect them. The kid selflessly fumbles with a pet, his pet is always fed and well-groomed. Virgo gravitates to earthworks, cares carefully for plants. A guy without hesitation will help a friend in a difficult moment, although in the ordinary life he keeps himself slightly suspended. Often so immersed in the problems of other people, that he forgets about his personal life. Parents should protect their sympathetic son from friends who abuse his kindness.

Raising a Virgo Boy

From an early age the boy does not bother the parents at all, the patient child rarely disturbs the peace of adults with his whims. Very early it becomes independent, my mother does not have to closely monitor his son, hedging every step. The boy himself will ask to write it down on mugs: drawing, modeling, gymnastics. Despite the early age, will be diligently engaged.

School years are the happiest in the life of the Virgo boy. He likes the strict schedule of the day, he can schedule his employment for a long period. The schoolboy likes to work in a team, he will not refuse to participate in amateur performance, and will definitely lead classmates to victory. In sports, his goal is a prize-winning place. The boy shows interest in exact sciences, he likes to pore over schemes and drawings. At the same time, he clearly manifests himself in creative activity: he draws, writes poetry, dances, sings.

In the adolescent period, the relationship between a normally reserved boy and parents can be significantly spoiled. A young man does not accept criticism at all, he is irritated by advice and instruction. He considers himself old enough to make decisions on his own. Parents should not put too much pressure on their son, especially tactfully it is worth taking a romantic interest in a young man. If he hears unflattering words about his chosen one, the relationship will be hopelessly corrupted.

Boy Virgo is too serious a man, constant stress can lead to a nervous breakdown. The boy is closed and focused on himself, trying to restrain emotions, exaggerating the problems too much. It is necessary to remind him that every person has the right to small weaknesses. You can not make high demands on yourself and others around you. Life is multifaceted, do not persist in achieving one goal, you can come up with a lot of interesting, no less worthy pursuits.

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