Aquarius Child

If your child was born under the constellation of Aquarius, you are very lucky. This is a sign of individualists and geniuses, through which the world moves forward. Aquarians do not accept any restrictions imposed by society. They look far into the future and see much more than other people. But to have a genius rebel in the family is not so easy. You will have to change all the time, take innovative ideas and revise your views on life.

Since childhood, Aquarius has become accustomed to fighting for justice. He is worried about the fate of all mankind. Instead of spending days playing computer games, Aquarians read cognitive books, looking for answers to eternal questions. They are interested in topics that are too complicated for their age. Thanks to high intelligence, a lot of scientific discoveries were made by Aquarius.

Aquarius Baby Girl

The girls of this sign are friendly and sympathetic. They do not recognize the division of people by any criteria. The circle of her friends includes guys from different nationalities and religions. The Aquarius Girl can not collect trinkets, as other children do, but interesting activities and unusual hobbies. If she decided to read a whole series of books, then it will certainly master it. Later, she can get carried away by astrology or world religions. Her thirst for knowledge is unlimited.

Day after day, this cute girl accumulates useful knowledge, which will be very useful to her in adulthood. Babe-Aquarius is looking for kindred souls who are able to understand her rich, but a little strange inner world. She is very merciful and can bring homeless animals home. If there are ownerless dogs or cats in the yard, she will always share a bun with them.

Aquarius Baby Boy

This is not the boy who will suck up to adults in the hope of winning their favor. He does not like flattery in his address and does not give undeserved compliments. Communicate with him only sincerely and on an equal footing. He does not like baby talk and unnecessary care. Many Aquarius from an early age understand things, sometimes incomprehensible even to adults. A small intellectual want to be listened to, so you can not ignore the child’s requests to talk.

If Aquarius loves someone, then he will show attention in different original ways. He can compose a rhyme for his mother on his birthday, pick up wild flowers and give her without any reason. Banal gifts in the form of souvenirs and sweets of Aquarius are not attracted. He would rather do something with his own hands. Friends of the Aquarius boy presents his drawings, applications, books. He will be pleased with such gifts himself.

Aquarius Child Personality

In infancy, it is a calm and indisposed baby. But already at the age of two years he has a great desire to communicate and the need to join the society. However, Little Aquarius does not accept social standards and everywhere tries to change them. Any injustice scares him terribly. At school age, a bright individuality awakens in him and at the same time an agonizing inner struggle begins. Aquarius is eager to take its place in society, to live in love and harmony, but at the same time has a great desire to change the world.

Aquarius is the lonely hero of the classic novel. Although he is always full of friends around him, he feels lonely. It seems to him that close people do not fully understand him. Aquarius often remains alone with its complexes and problems. Random friends are quickly eliminated, remain only time-tested. The children of this sign constantly run into confrontation on the part of the collective and society as a whole. But Aquarius still break the rules and bravely defend their point of view.

Before making friends with someone, such a child will begin to analyze and collect information about a person. This trait can be useful to Aquarius, if in the future he wants to become an investigator. In general, friendship for him is a sacred concept. Teenage-Aquarius little interest in love affairs. They grow up early, but not physically, but spiritually. For the sake of real friends, they are ready for anything. True, not everyone appreciates this.

Aquarius Baby Health

Vulnerabilities of this sign are vessels, eyes, tendons and ligaments. Take care that your baby does not spoil his eyesight at the preschool age, because he reads a lot and early learns the computer. Many children of this sign may suffer from vegetovascular dystonia, as well as nerves and phobias. If you notice any symptoms, immediately contact psychologists and neuropathologists. Remember that among the Aquarius is many patients in psychiatric hospitals.

In general, this sign is quite viable. If you avoid stress and lead a correct lifestyle, many diseases will bypass Aquarius. For such children it is very harmful to suppress emotions, to stay in a closed, stuffy place for a long time, to work without rest. Strengthen the health will help walk in the fresh air, active games.

Hobbies of Aquarius Children

Children of this sign are attracted by everything related to knowledge of the world and mental activity. They like to solve riddles and puzzles, to study plants and animals. Older children do not think their leisure without crossword puzzles and encyclopedias. Many of them are fond of geography, history, astronomy. Aquarius easily makes friends with complex techniques. He likes to learn mechanisms and devices. Children of this sign understand physics, mathematics and chemistry well.

For Aquarius is not a problem to learn a few foreign languages, so from childhood he can show movies or cartoons with the original voice acting. Often, Aquarians are fond of creative pursuits, because they have good creative abilities. They can sing and dance well, but they will hardly be associated with the stage for a further life. Aquarius is more suitable for painstaking mental work than playing for the public.

Study for Aquarius-Child

Since this is a very freedom-loving sign, its representative will not study only because the school program requires it. Aquarius deserves a solid four, so as not to disappoint parents. But only those disciplines that are really interesting to him will deeply study the young intellectual. At school, Aquarius behaves decently, but often argues with teachers. At the same time he tries to adhere to cultural norms, because his behavior is always guided by the mind, not by emotions.

At school, Aquarius can be both a popular activist, as well as a passive contemplative. If the child belongs to the latter type, then, most likely, he will deserve the nickname "nerd". Misunderstandings and jokes accentuate the complexes and spiritual uncertainty of Aquarius. Both parents and teachers should help the student open up, lose the burden of a single person and hermit.

How to Raise Your Aquarius Kid

Among the qualities that you need to work on, you can identify confidence, firmness and determination. Aquarius is purposeful in its own way, but because of constant self-interest and self-criticism, it is difficult for him to concentrate on simple life things. Many Aquarians live on their own, although every day they communicate with many people. It is necessary to teach the child to relax and be distracted from constant mental analysis. To teach tolerance and sensitivity Aquarius is not necessary. They themselves perfectly feel the souls of people and respect other people’s views.

Aquarius needs to be able to adapt where there is nothing to change. It is necessary to moderate your rebellious zeal and react more restraint to all processes in society. The child must understand that he alone can not cope. To implement fresh ideas in life, joint efforts are needed. Accustom it to group games and collective work. Only in the team Aquarius is able to maximize their best potential.

Always consider the child in matters that concern the family or directly him. Be interested in the opinion of little Aquarius, because in most cases his ideas can bring a lot of benefits. We can not allow an inferiority complex to develop in the baby. Aquarius, who have not realized their abilities, become antisocial and detached. They will not go the wrong way or follow at someone’s footsteps. They need a choice and freedom of action. Do not limit the child to unnecessary bans and stereotypes. Give him the opportunity to form as a person.

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