Aries Child

Aries Child is a pioneer and conqueror, therefore from an early age he shows such qualities as vigor, mobility and curiosity. A small representative of this sign actively learns the world, studies the surrounding space. He is stubborn and impatient, so it is difficult to keep track of him. Little Aries is trying to investigate and touch everything. Parents are forced to watch him every minute, so that the fidgeting is not injured or eaten anything harmful.

Aries-Children early become independent, they do not like excessive care and care. Such a child will need a lot of personal space. From early childhood, he seeks freedom, shows willpower and egocentrism. However, parents should not worry that their baby will grow stale and narcissistic. He uses his volitional qualities to achieve success in his studies and to adapt himself to the children’s collective. This will be a good psychological foundation for the future.

Aries Baby Girl

The girls of this sign are endowed with the same strong-willed features as the boys. They are active and disobedient, and games in dolls prefer cycling or children’s attractions. The girl-Aries is restless, it’s hard to force her to learn letters or draw. She always runs, fusses, tries to attract attention to herself in any ways. But, despite external looseness, the Aries girl is a sensitive and vulnerable person. She needs constant support of loving parents.

To children of this sign children’s circles of dances or sports sections will perfectly approach. But such activities as needlework, induce boredom in the restless Sheep. Aries-girl tries to prove to others its uniqueness, so parents need to notice her successes and praise him in moderation.

Aries Baby Boy

With such a child it is very difficult. Boys of this sign all the time play and fool, their energy seems inexhaustible. Such children are called hyperactive. But is it bad? No, this is the natural becoming of a person of a self-motivated and self-confident person. No psycho correction is needed here. Let the Aries boy get rid of excess energy with the help of the same sport.

In order to direct his activity to useful channels, parents need to correctly explain to the child that not every action is a victory, and not every refusal is a digression. Encourage him to love interesting books or children’s films. Teach the Aries-boy to think more before doing something.

Aries Child Personality

Most babies born under this constellation are extroverts. But there are also introverts or so-called extroverted introverts. A closed and passive child will necessarily open, if parents and teachers will encourage the baby and develop his enormous potential. Usually Aries has not only excellent physical data, but also high intelligence. The children of this sign have a choice - mental labor or occupation, which requires pressure and good physical preparation. Sometimes Aries can combine these two directions.

It can not be said that the children of this sign are waited 100% success in life. Aries is good tactics, but bad strategists. Despite the excellent natural data, some Aries children do not see clear life goals even in adolescence. They prefer to live one day, and this habit often passes into adulthood. It can happen that Aries needs to be directed, to show him the right way. Otherwise, he will rumble all his life in search of something unknown, and not realizing his purpose.

The Aries child does not like to obey, he constantly manifests a protest, which can often turn into aggression. This kid wants to establish leadership in any company, he is the main thing and got a rascal. He will not be difficult to persuade other kids to do something dirty. However, Aries the child is very friendly and responsive, so he has many friends everywhere. He easily makes new acquaintances and early enough shows interest in the opposite sex.

Aries Baby Health

People of this zodiac sign have excellent health since childhood, but they can suffer from headaches, since the head is their weak point. Aries has strong immunity, and the diseases in them arise, as a rule, from emotional over excitation and excess energy. Some children suffer from the fact that they quickly squander the life force without replenishing it, others find it difficult to cope with strong emotions.

Small Aries often have problems with the digestive system, especially the stomach. They do not listen to their parents and do not want to eat right. Aries even in childhood suffers pain and until the last does not admit about his illness. He does not want to seem weak, does not like doctors. For this reason, Aries often start illnesses from a small age, getting health problems in adulthood.

Hobbies of Aries Children

Children of this sign never sit still, constantly looking for something interesting and new. In addition to studying in school, such a child necessarily needs a favorite hobby, an occupation that he chose himself. Give small Aries the opportunity to decide on their own, what would he want to do. If he does something badly, do not scold him and reproach him. This means that this activity is not to the child’s liking, because he liked the enterprise with great zeal and passion.

As already mentioned above, Aries children are more suited to hobbies that require motor activity. Perhaps, in your family there is a future well-known footballer or boxer. Aries boys are equal to successful people - athletes, military leaders, politicians, sometimes musicians. But the main authority of the Aries child should be a father - a reliable and strong man.

Study for Aries-Child

This child does not aspire to be an excellent student because assessments as such are not important to him. But he is trying to win the respect of classmates and teachers. Aries wants to communicate with adults on an equal footing and everything has an opinion. Often the bold and unceremonious behavior of an Aries schoolboy leads to conflicts with teachers. However, it is not easy to re-educate a "rebel", and sometimes it is completely impossible. Press, shame or pacify the child of this sign - bad methods. They will cause even more aggression and disobedience.

Such a student needs a special approach - calm explanatory talks, wise, but understandable advice. In the Aries-child there is a spirit of rivalry, he wants to be the first everywhere. He can go to the school Olympiad, poorly learned the material, but being sure of a one hundred percent victory. And if in the intellectual field, he often turns out to be the second, then in sports, Aries has no equal.

How to Raise Your Aries Kid

Such children do not fit conservative strict methods of upbringing. Parents need to combine wisdom and endurance, peace of mind and creativity. Cries and threats can not be helped here. If your Aries-kid made a mistake or acted badly, do not rush to scold him. Try to figure out why he did it, what he wanted to say. Speak calmly and calmly, deserve his authority so that in the future he always takes into account your opinion.

Do not underestimate the small Aries. He reacts very painfully to the indifference and coldness of adults. It is important to appreciate the individuality in it. Praise him not for what he did, but for the way he did it. Sometimes you can compare the work of Aries with the achievements of other children to wake up the spirit of rivalry in it. But do not go too far, otherwise a small fidget will be offended and decide that you value his friends more than him. Overcome the difficulties of the baby with him, do not leave him alone with problems and complexes. Aries is in great need of communication, in friendly conversations.

Aries child can be interested in any occupation, but on condition that you give it exciting and entertaining. Want to instill in him a love of reading - buy books about the war or the adventures of pirates. Want to teach your child music - buy him a fashionable guitar. Any occupation of Aries should emphasize its superiority and best qualities. With adolescents this sign is extremely difficult. Having lost confidence in childhood, parents can lose a child forever. Often, such children fall to the very bottom of society, become antisocial, lead a criminal way of life. It is important not to miss the moment when the rebellion of Aries the child flows into anarchic thinking.

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