Cancer Child

Cancer is the most mystical and mysterious symbol of the zodiac. People-Cancers are vulnerable and sentimental, this can be seen from the first days of their life. Their reaction to everything that happens around is very fast and expressive. Then they do not like someone’s raised voice, then an unintelligible intonation or music. Baby Cancer immediately begins to whimper and worry, and often desperately to roar. Over time, his emotions seem to go inside. In the soul of the child, a storm of unrest can rage, but no one will see it outwardly.

This is a very closed kid, attached to parents and home. He does not understand why go to kindergarten and is reluctant to go for a walk. Therefore, his adaptation to the society needs to start practicing as early as possible. Child Cancer does not like playing together, but loves to play in the family. He likes everything connected with care and spiritual unity. This is a vivid manifestation of family values in a small Cancer. Other children may poke fun at this, but parents should encourage the baby if he feeds the doll or puts the beloved teddy bear to sleep.

Cancer Baby Girl

Girls of this sign are very vulnerable and worry about trifles. Any problem seems to them huge and terrible, they always do, as they say, "from a fly of an elephant". This tendency to dramatize everything Cancer necessarily brings into adulthood, thereby complicating their own destiny and the fate of those who will be around. From an early age, the Cancer-daughter needs to explain the true scale of the events and teach her to take them more calmly.

The girl-Cancer is hard to get girlfriends, she will soon replace them with fictitious friends. In addition, she likes to embellish everything, because of what can be considered a liar. Cancer lives in its own world of fascinating stories and fairy-tale heroes. On the one hand, it distances him from reality, but on the other hand, it helps to develop creative imagination. The Cancer Girl can become a wonderful writer.

Cancer Baby Boy

Boys born under this constellation avoid fighting and rivalry. It is difficult for them to make a decision on their own. Indecision and isolation are fraught with sad consequences in the future. Because of these qualities, Cancers miss many opportunities and chances that fate gives them. It is important to educate in such a boy the true masculine qualities, because Cancer is a female sign and gives people a feminine character trait.

Cancer-boy has a very strong connection with his mother, so he can grow up a mama’s little son. Trustful and close relationships with the mother usually help the adult Cancer in dealing with women, but if the energy binding is too strong, this can give the opposite result. Caring for the son-Cancer is important not to overdo it. We need to set him as an example of his father, so that he grew up to be a real man, and he did not meet a forty-year-old single and in my mother’s apartment.

Cancer Child Personality

Typical Cancer is an introvert and phlegmatic, within which a stream of emotions and passions is bubbling. The children of this sign have an excellent memory for the events that made a huge impression on him, and there are a lot of such! Ask Cancer about anything, and he will in great detail describe to you what happened when he was only two or three years old. Cancer often cries, already being a schoolboy. You never know what he can be upset about.

The Cancer child is not distinguished by a thirst for freedom and independence. He can not become independent for a long time and always looks back at the opinion of his parents. These kids keep their experiences secret and reluctant to talk about them even to the mother and father. "Really" the true intentions of Cancer is extremely difficult. He was used to hiding in his trusty shell of the introvert and cooking in his own juice.

Cancer are impaired motor activity, they are slow, but their mind is subtle and perceptive. If Cancer wants to achieve what he wants, he will show cunning and resourcefulness, turn things around as no one expects. Although Cancers are hidden and distrustful, they are able to be true friends. The collective, to which Cancer is accustomed, becomes for him a real family and he is ready for it for everything. Cancer helps friends, but often does it at the last minute. He just waits, but suddenly someone will help someone. But if this did not happen, Cancer at the last moment will extend a helping hand and save the "drowning".

Cancer Baby Health

Usually Cancers have poor health. This is provoked by a constant emotional tension, which has no way out. Cancer is eating from the inside, so it’s not surprising that it is often overcome by depression and insomnia. Weaknesses Cancers — the intestinal tract, chest, lymphatic system and skin. Small representatives of this sign suffer from allergic reactions, rashes, frequent poisonings and colds.

Because of poor health, Cancer children do not like physical education and often miss classes. Such a child needs to eat a balanced diet, do exercises and observe the correct mode of work and rest. Avoid stress and unnecessary conflict. Constant tension often provokes neuroses, which can be transferred to more dangerous mental disorders.

Hobbies of Cancer Children

Representatives of this constellation are philosophers and humanists. Whatever little Cancer does, he needs to concentrate as much as possible in a calm quiet environment. Little Cancer are interested in history, which they want to learn through archaeological excavations, the study of ancient books and museum exhibits. They are attracted by everything mysterious and unidentified. Cancer is happy to read a book or watch a children’s educational film.

The creative potential of such children is very great, but drawing and handicrafts are more suitable for them than, for example, dances or theatrical art. Cancers rarely become leaders. They devote themselves to the deep knowledge of the universe, so the children of this sign are potential theoreticians, engineers, writers, archivists. Cancer from the childhood very thinly feels other people, at it the innate talent of the psychologist and the doctor of souls.

Study for Cancer-Child

Cancer school children often become hermits. Classmates can not become their close friends. Cancer is indifferent to school activity and after school wants to return home as soon as possible. But if he still succeeds in achieving unity with the class, he will manifest his best qualities — devotion, compassion, mercy and kindness. Cancer always give classmates a write-up of homework and prompts them on the test papers. They simply can not deny people help.

Usually Cancer learn on solid quadruples. His conscience does not allow him to study badly, but his sense of laziness prevents him from becoming an excellent student. Many Cancers completely lack the focus and the spirit of competition. They do not envy, if friends have better grades. To study itself, Cancer fits more creatively than other children, but his logic is well-developed. This helps him to better understand the material, establish cause-effect relationships, study subjects in real, and not just "memorize".

How to Raise Your Cancer Kid

Teach your baby to take responsibility and make his own decisions. Explain that success in life can be achieved with the help of will power and determination. There is not enough talent and conscientious work for this. Do not wait until the desired falls from the sky, you need to go and take it yourself. From a small age Cancer pursues a sense of uncertainty in life, he needs a strong moral support. Do not give the child to yourself. Support him, talk with him heart-to-heart as often as possible.

Cancer is wary of everything new, does not like strangers and strangers. Encourage him to communicate, explain that communication is a great value for any person. Do not do him bearish services. Do not guard it where the child can figure it out. Let from the first classes accustoms to independence and adapts to the society. It is necessary that Cancer feel useful to society.

Any, even the most unpleasant situation, it is necessary to discuss, and the child to calm and wise to instruct. Never ignore his questions or complaints. Silence for Cancer is the worst of punishments. Especially Cancer suffer, if others do not notice their successes and do not praise diligence. Cancer is waiting for someone to take the first step towards it. Go to meet him, do not punish indifference or severity. To find an approach to this child is possible only through frank conversation. No strict methods will work here.

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