Capricorn Child

Children of this sign do not cause parents unnecessary worries. They can lie quiet for hours, even if the diaper is soaked. Capricorn — this is a meek kid, who understands his mother with a half-word. It does not require much attention. Fed something delicious — well, give the usual food — is also not bad. There are guys who give each day something new, but Capricorn is not one of those. He is satisfied with those toys that he bought a few months ago.

You look at Capricorn, and the soul rejoices how calm, balanced and obedient it is. It may seem excessively passive, but it is not. This kid has many interests, but he seems to understand that adults have enough problems and without his whims. The love of Capricorn’s child to his parents is boundless. He gets used to his home, to his crib, to toys. He will not forfeit this comfort and rest for anything.

Capricorn Baby Girl

The baby of this sign is disciplined and demanding of itself. It is important for parents to constantly emphasize love for her. The daughter should know that they love her simply because she is, and not for certain qualities and merits. The Capricorn girl has a tendency to become self-absorbed, to suffer from real and imagined flaws. Help her fight them, encouraging and praising the child, but not accentuating their attention.

It is necessary to raise the girl’s self-esteem from the first years of her life. Capricorns are introverts with a strong character. Representatives of this earthly sign are firmly on their feet, but not every child is able to develop self-confidence, if you let it go. Especially it concerns girls. Babies need care and understanding, and not excessive care and moralizing.

Capricorn Baby Boy

Capricorn boy is a self-sufficient child. Usually he has few friends, but he does not care. He knows how to set a goal and achieve it. Capricorn will not advertise his plans and boast ahead of time. When everyone thinks that someone else will win, Capricorn suddenly comes to the fore and wins a victory. The purposefulness of the Capricorn boy is seen in both small things and in more serious matters.

He appreciates the family, stands up for his brothers and sisters. Sometimes it’s jealous, but only because of a lack of parental attention. Already a teenager, he wants to earn extra money not to ask his mom for pocket expenses. Do not interfere with this desire. The Capricorn Boy loves a healthy lifestyle, actively engaged in sports. He is disciplined and well aware of all his shortcomings.

Capricorn Child Personality

Children of this sign do not like to stick their heads out and talk when they are not asked. They hardly come into contact with strangers. Capricorn has a strong inner core, although in appearance he is timid and insecure. If he set himself a goal, then he will reach it, albeit not immediately. The Capricorn will try again and again until he accomplishes the cause of the victorious end. He is very stubborn in everything that concerns his interests and principles. Children of this sign walk on their own. They are friends only with trusted people, and do not rush to open their soul to the first person they meet.

It may seem that Capricorn is indifferent to society, because he avoids noisy festivities, discos and entertainment. But in fact, he dreams of taking a firm place in the social system. Capricorn is purposeful and vainglorious, although he skillfully hides it. He wins where he was considered the last, overtakes and overtakes rivals at the last moment. Capricorn is not demonstrative, does not interfere in the disassembly and fights, but only silently observes and draws conclusions.

The character of Capricorn is contemplative and slightly detached. Of course, not all representatives of this sign are hermits and silent. There are different Capricorns. Some can be cheerful and kind, others stubborn and capricious. But often their appearance is deceptive, and emotions are superficial. To understand what the little Capricorn really thinks, one will have to gain his confidence and break his head well.

Capricorn Baby Health

The children of this sign are quite stable and viable, despite the fact that their physique is fragile. They are not inclined to fullness and keep a slender figure, not observing any diets and restrictions. Sometimes they have a reduced appetite, but parents should not worry. Capricorn feels great about how much food he needs to get enough. He practically does not have problems with the digestive tract, but the pathology of the musculoskeletal system can develop.

Often, Capricorn-childrens do not have enough fluoride, phosphorus and calcium. Because of this, teeth and bones may suffer. It’s hard to find Capricorn, who would not have broken anything in his entire life. Therefore, care and health of hard tissues need from childhood. Such babies are dangerous to knee, because knee joints are very vulnerable to them. Capricorns need to avoid stress, protect your nerves. Because of congenital suspiciousness, they often develop nerves.

Hobbies of Capricorn Children

Children born under the constellation of Capricorn, master any business that requires perseverance and patience. Boys are often interested in technology, girls do well in exact disciplines. Creative activities are also not alien to Capricorn, but practicality and seriousness does not allow their fantasy to develop to the fullest. Boys like to make wood, repair household appliances. Girls can become wonderful fashion designers.

Capricorns do not like to perform on stage. But there are also those who are fond of dancing, singing or playing musical instruments. Many Capricorns love painting and draw themselves well. Their diligence and diligence will help them to achieve mastery in drawing. Girls like purely women’s activities — embroidery, knitting, housework. Capricorn is difficult to force for visiting mugs, because the typical representative of this sign is an incorrigible homebody.

Study for Capricorn-Child

He is a diligent and responsible student. He has order everywhere — in his briefcase and in his head. Capricorn studies according to the generally accepted system, performs only what the teacher asks. He mastered the material gradually and without haste. Never runs ahead. He writes neatly in his notebooks, taking care of calligraphy. With typical Capricorn, teachers will not have any problems. Most often, he teaches lessons not because he likes the subject, but because it is necessary. After all, even in the minds of Capricorn, there are no rules to break.

In the school team, he is a hermit. Reluctantly takes part in matinees and competitions. Self-confidence for such children comes with age. By that time, self-discipline is already well-trained, and they also have a considerable supply of useful knowledge. Do not be surprised if your child has always been quiet and shy, and in the final class unexpectedly became an activist and leader.

How to Raise Your Capricorn Kid

You can not blame him for lack of initiative and indecisiveness. It seems to you that the child is passive, but he just waits for a convenient moment to start acting. He will not fuss over trifles and expend energy on empty chatter. Restraint and perseverance are valuable qualities of Capricorn. However, one should teach them to compromise and give in. Try to expand his horizons, show the child the world, teach you to calmly perceive the change of atmosphere and tolerate attitudes to other people’s views.

Since Capricorn is a very conservative sign, it is difficult for him to accept everything new and incomprehensible. It is unlikely that he will be a reformer, and a revolutionary — even more so. Capricorns support the old order, their mission is to observe the laws written long ago. Teach him to look for alternative options, see different ways, and not the only one already trampled by someone hundreds of times. Capricorn needs to communicate more with peers, so let him not sit at home behind books. He early mastered the computer and he became the best friend of Capricorn. Explain to him that the virtual world will never replace live, meaningful communication.

Children of this sign in the soul are compassionate and vulnerable, but mean to emotions. They have generosity and mercy, and yet these qualities should be encouraged in every way, so that the child does not squander them and grow up with a "biscuit". Learn Capricorn to notice the simple joys of life and not be too strict towards yourself. He is strongly attached to the parents’ house, and this can form a lack of autonomy. Often send the child to a rest camp or visit relatives. It is necessary to teach Capricorn to adapt to the new environment.

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