Gemini Child

Gemini is a symbol of the most volatile and unstable people. His small representatives are very mobile, their mood changes a hundred times a day for no reason. A Twin Child can be a holiday for parents and at the same time bring a lot of hassle. You have to follow it carefully, otherwise the kid will necessarily climb where it is not necessary or to spoil anything. Gemini explores the world around with a special interest. They will disassemble the clock or any other mechanism in a minute, but to collect it back they will not have the patience.

Such babies begin to walk and talk early. Parents are surprised by their activity and desire to communicate with strangers. They are not afraid of strangers uncle and aunts, as it usually happens in young children. Twins smile at all, they are the first to speak and ask. The curiosity of the kids of this sign has no boundaries. These qualities are very useful for them in adulthood.

Gemini Baby Girl

This baby is very creative and vulnerable. From an early age she tries to find herself in creative pursuits, adores flowers, beautiful toys and, in general, everything beautiful. She early grows up and becomes the first fashionista in the class. This girl has a fine mind and sharpness, but it can also be naive, which is very dangerous in adolescence. The girls of this sign are cute, sociable, have numerous girlfriends.

To achieve the location of the twin daughter, it is necessary to respect her personal space and give her the right to choose. By oppressions and moralizing you will not achieve anything. To get along with such a child, special diplomatic talents will be required. This girl is just plain frivolous and capricious, but in her soul lies a rich fantasy world, and her talents are simply amazing.

Gemini Baby Boy

This is a very active and restless kid. However, he does not like fights and competitions with other boys. Gemini is better than a color butterfly or will consider a book with colorful drawings. He is naughty and capricious, often resorting to manipulation. The boys of this sign do not show vanity and complacency, but they are egoists by nature. They are not very interested in what adults and other children think about them.

Gemini boy loves freedom and independence, but he cares and cares for his parents. A small researcher needs to be directed all the time, to develop in him a sense of duty and responsibility. A typical representative of this sign is a cheerful slob. If you let the Twin-boy into a whirlwind, it can grow out of him not an intellectual, but a fraudster and a swindler.

Gemini Child Personality

So, the children born under this constellation are intelligent, talented and eloquent. It is important to notice their dignity from the first years of life and diligently develop them. They are completely unpredictable, so let the parents be ready for the eternal changes in the tastes and looks of the little Gemini. Of course, such children can be taught seriousness and fidelity to their ideals, but this is very difficult. Twins quickly get carried away, but they cool down even more quickly. They do not become attached to the place, and to people. They have many new friends and little old and real.

Such children become leaders, but temporarily. As soon as they get tired of their idea, they immediately drop everything and are addicted to a new, more interesting affair. However, they also do not want to obey another’s will. Gemini will never do what he does not like, and if circumstances force him, he will give it as a huge favor. These children try to do everything qualitatively and aesthetically, because they love beauty. But they do not have enough exposure, always want to run somewhere, look for something new.

Gemini can do several things at once - listen to music, do homework and talk on the phone. They are easily distracted, so monotonous painstaking work is given to them with great difficulty. Usually they have a lot of started, but unfinished business. For one day, Gemini can "read" ten books, but only on their first page. Often, he immediately peeks at the latter, because he can not wait to find out what the story ended.

Gemini Baby Health

The representative of this constellation can not boast of strong health. Despite physical and mental activity, Gemini often suffers from neuroses and insomnia. Their weaknesses are light and hands. Small fidgets now and then catch cold and long can not be cured of bronchitis. In the future, problems with the respiratory tract can trigger asthma. Twins need clean fresh air, because it’s an air sign.

Because of emotional overloads, they often have speech defects, neurasthenia, protracted depression. Adults consider them to be frivolous scoundrels, therefore ignore the psychological problems of Gemini. Many children skillfully hide their complexes, but there are also some who just shout for help. They do it in a slightly strange way, which looks from the outside, like a banal whim.

Hobbies of Gemini Children

From his early childhood Gemini sees himself in creative professions. Do not force him to do boring work - it’s completely pointless. Twins can make friends with rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, sports dances. They will not remain indifferent to theatrical art, journalism, or vocals. Suitable profession for Gemini is a showman, actor, salesman, correspondent in hot spots.

Usually they visit several circles at once and do not really succeed anywhere. But if you deal with Gemini, teach him self-control and self-discipline, you can achieve brilliant results. These children easily drop the old collective and adapt to the new. But in order to keep them longer in one place, the occupation should be really interesting and give the opportunity to fully reveal the potential of the child. You can teach Gemini a foreign language at the age of 2-3 years, while his cognitive activity is at the peak.

Study for Gemini-Child

A typical representative of this sign learns on an individual schedule, as he pleases. He can teach "after", and sometimes runs ahead. Those disciplines that he likes, Gemini learns with fervent interest, seeks additional literature, so his knowledge in such subjects is much deeper than that of his classmates. But those disciplines that seem boring and unnecessary to him, he will not teach, except for a C-grade…

Usually Gemini is an excellent humanist, but they do not like exact sciences. They have a wonderful memory, but it is situational. The twin remembers exactly as much as is required, that it is safe to survive the next lesson or pass the exam. Often, such students learn the material only in the classroom, and homework do just fine. There are more exciting things than books and notebooks!

How to Raise Your Gemini Kid

Without supervision these children can not be left under any pretext. If your child has entered adolescence, let him enjoy freedom and independence, but reasonably control it. The best way to educate Gemini is to become his friend. Even adult representatives of this sign in the soul remain eternal adolescents. Try to look at the world through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old romantic. Tell the child what you were in his years, tell us about your dreams and mistakes.

It is important to develop Gemini’s will power. Explain that if he wants to achieve something in life, not only activity and sociability is necessary, but also perseverance and patience. Often buy Gemini cognitive books, he will necessarily read them, although not immediately. The intellect of such a child is submissive, so direct it in the right direction, otherwise knowledge will be superficial and will not bring any benefit to Gemini. We need to help him navigate in the circle of his interests, highlight the main thing and consolidate it.

The child of this sign is quite cunning, besides, he likes to lie. If you lose his confidence, he will always hide from you the truth, and you will learn about all his life’s vicissitudes the last. Gemini is uncharacteristic of deep love and affection. They tend to leave their parents’ house early and get full freedom. It is important for parents to become an authority for a baby in early childhood. So they will be able to maintain a spiritual connection with their airy elusive child.

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