Leo Child

The regal nature of Leo is visible from the first days of his life. His look is confident and inquisitive, he even does not cry helplessly, but indignantly and demandingly. Little Lion child is a real fidget. He will certainly try to get out of the stroller, reach for an interesting object or get stuck somewhere. Even in his infancy, he displays power and determination. He is not afraid of strangers, but willingly establishes contact with them.

A Leo early shows generosity and liberality towards other children. He likes to intercede for the weak and small, to put things in order in the children’s team. Leo is an innate leader, he is always ahead. But this quality has the reverse side of the coin. When the lion gets bored, he can manipulate friends, push the kids among themselves, so much so that he does not mess his hands himself. Children easily succumb to its influence.

Leo Baby Girl

It’s a little princess, a graceful and whimsical kitty. She demands constant attention to herself, she considers herself to be the most beautiful and intelligent. The Lioness must have the most expensive toys and dresses. Even if such a girl lives in a poor family, she has a craving for luxury and quality since childhood. The Lioness grows up early and begins to work part-time to provide herself with everything necessary.

Despite the strong character, the Leo girl rarely behaves like a bully boy. She has good manners, reserved behavior. She knows herself the price. But, like all children, Lioness needs the love and care of parents. She often cries, but these are tears of hurt feelings, and not a reaction to injustice. She wants her parents to pity her and despite all her dreams and her whims.

Leo Baby Boy

The Leo boy is a little king. He has felt his superiority over "ordinary" people since childhood. He is active, curious, loves active rest. The worst thing for a small Lion is to remain somewhere unnoticed. He needs to be in the center of attention everywhere. From the first years of his life he demonstrates sociability and eloquence. Sometimes he can get into a fight, but he loves to watch her more.

This regal kitten is often cute and fluffy. He feels well the mood of other people and does not mind helping anyone who needs it. However, he has a great weakness for flattery and is practically incapable of distinguishing it from deserved to praise. People who praise Leo with reason and without him, for a long time, win his favor. If you do not flatter the little prince, he will be offended and will suffer unbearably.

Leo Child Personality

Leo has a high need for self-expression. This is a very interesting and bright person with tremendous potential. Almost all Leos are hyperactive children. In various games and competitions they are always on top. But where they need concentration and perseverance, they have to find it more difficult. The lion is a fire sign, therefore it is difficult for its representatives to sit still for a boring affair. The lion loves to command and lead. If there are other children in the family, he often distributes the roles between them and those easily lead on his ideas.

Leo never hides either joy or resentment. If he did not like a child in the kindergarten, he immediately tells everything that thinks about him. Sometimes the Lion child behaves as if everything owes him something. The sun (its patron) gives Leo not only purposefulness, but also selfishness and self-love. After all, all the planets revolve around the main star, and not vice versa. The lion is touched and at the same time amused when others admire and admire his sunshine.

In everyday life, Leo is a little lazy, but if he finds himself in an extreme situation, he is able to make the right decisions immediately. The representatives of this sign have a bright head and a high intellect. Developing the child’s mental faculties, you can raise from him a truly great person. But encouraging bad features such as bullying, arrogance and selfishness, parents risk getting an unruly difficult teenager, unable to compromise and respect someone else’s opinion.

Leo Baby Health

The Leo can boast of excellent health, but because of its mobility often suffers from injuries, fractures and burns. Weaknesses Leo — heart and spine. If you do not lead a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later there will be problems with the cardiovascular system. Lions rather early earn high blood pressure and thrombosis. Since childhood, they need to be accustomed to reasonable physical activity, to learn to avoid stress.

Leo baby have a good appetite and like to eat fast food and chips. They can eat a lot of sweets and other unhealthy foods, so they often suffer from gastritis. Leo needs to be tempered, because they are susceptible to colds Infectious diseases children-lions suffer heavily, with high fever and fever. They can literally burn out of the flu or bronchitis. At the same time, they do not want to comply with bed rest because they are ashamed of their helpless condition.

Hobbies of Leo Children

The Leo is a sign of public people. They build a fast-moving political career, achieve success in business and in creativity. A typical Lion feels on stage like a fish in the water. A good start for the kids of this sign will be theatrical circles, classes at the music school, sports sections. Often, Lions become professional athletes or military. They do well in a job that requires a combination of physical fitness, endurance, willpower and a clear mind.

The way to success for Leo child begins with school matinees, where they get solo performances. The lion is used to playing the leading roles in life, he does not agree with anything less. It is necessary to direct the actor’s talents of the child in the right direction so that he does not begin to play with boredom the fate of real people. Let him use any reasonable excuse to prove himself. Correctly educated Leo will become a real find for society and can bring people much benefit.

Study for Leo-Child

A typical Leo is a good student at school, but not because it is prompted by a sense of duty. It’s all vanity. Leo strives for primacy everywhere and at any cost. By nature, he is an adventurer and cunning, sometimes he can write off his homework, and learn the rhyme right before the lesson. But in most cases, his high marks are deserved, because the Leo-schoolboy is smart and has a fantastic memory. He grasps the material in class, so the house has a lot of free time and can relax.

Leos often win school olympiads and competitions, participate in school self-government. Leo constantly needs the public and it does not matter which one. It can be a group of classmates whom he tells fascinating stories and stories, and family members, before whom a talented schoolboy likes to recite poems or sing songs. Talent of the Leo is large-scale and multifaceted, and the task of parents is to recognize this diamond in time.

How to Raise Your Leo Kid

Do not forbid the Leo to play and run until you drop. He will not sit still, and do not even try to achieve it! Leo has a lot of energy, which needs a constant exit. If the Lion fell and broke his knee, he would restrain himself so as not to cry. His self-control is well-developed, but if Leo pulls himself out, he will attack with such speed and agility that the offender will not have time to blink an eye. It is necessary to teach the child caution, but not by prohibitions, but by persuasion.

The Leo child wants action and recognition every minute. To praise it is necessary, but in moderation, otherwise it will hurt your nose and will mark the spot. For example, if a child sings a song, praise him for trying to sing well, and not because he has a beautiful voice. Praise stimulates Leo to develop and improve, but excessive flattery can become an obstacle in this way. Do not encourage the pride of the child, it can create difficulties in communicating with people.

Learn the Leo child to properly manage money. Explain to the child the scale of the family budget, because many Lions require expensive purchases from their parents, without thinking how they left this money. Accustom the child to work and responsibility, let know that his fate depends only on him. Do not wait until people bring what they want on a silver platter. In order to respect and obey those around you, you must first earn yourself an authority and a good name. Leo is important to get a good education in order to occupy a strong place in society and be useful to society.

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