Sagittarius Child

Everyone will envy Cheerfulness and optimism of Sagittarius. These are incredibly mobile and fun kids. They will never tire of knowing the world and discovering new shades of life. Sagittarius is a fire sign, therefore children born under its constellation, active and outgoing, can not sit idly by and minutes. Babies Sagittarius are drawn to everything that attracted their attention, they try to touch and taste everything. Parents need to look at both so that the child does not accidentally injure or swallow something that is inedible.

Sociable Sagittarius is not alone, he easily gets acquainted and can talk even an inveterate silent. In kindergarten, such children want to be in the center of attention, educators note their leadership qualities. Sagittarians love trips and outdoor activities, they are looking for new friends everywhere, but the most important thing for them is fresh impressions. In pursuit of emotions, Sagittarius will visit all interesting places, visit all friends. The best gift for such a kid is a trip to the sea or to an exotic country.

Sagittarius Baby Girl

The girls of this sign are strong-willed, communicative and independent. Do not be surprised if your little one asks you to buy a car or a robot instead of a doll. It seems that she grew up among some boys and understands their language perfectly. She has many friends-boys, and in her teens she is often called "right guy". The Sagittarius girl likes jokes, sometimes sharp and offensive. But do not be angry with her — there is no evil intent in her innocent humor.

Sagittarius girls try to leave their parents’ home early. Among them, there are almost no mother’s daughters. Interest in the opposite sex is awakening them early, as well as to adult life in general. But these are not the girls who want to marry early. For the daughter-Sagittarius, you do not have to worry. She knows her own worth and can stand up for herself.

Sagittarius Baby Boy

Very interesting and pleasant baby. True, he can suddenly give everything that thinks about you to the forehead. Straightness and openness are its main features. Do not rush to take offense at the boy. If he criticizes someone, then he liked him, and the child considers it his duty to give the person useful advice. Sagittarius is often disobedient and capricious, but in general, it’s a nice sympathizer with inexhaustible imagination. It’s a pleasure to communicate with such a boy.

Sagittarius loves to intercede for the weak, fight for justice. If he sees that someone has acted badly, he will immediately begin to prove to him that he is wrong. Sagittarius will not tire of arguing and defending the truth, even in situations where it is wiser to remain silent and retreat. A small defender cherishes his family and is ready to defend her interests everywhere. But after growing up, he does not hurry to start his own. Sagittarius appreciates freedom too much and this is noticeable from an early age.

Sagittarius Child Personality

Sagittarius is very energetic children. They are always close within the framework of the social system. They do not accept any rules and stereotypes. Targeting Sagittarius is visible in childhood. At first, he sets before himself very realistic goals — to stand out from the crowd, to win the attention and sympathy of others, to achieve success in learning. But the older it becomes, the higher and fantastic its goals seem. But this opinion of other people, Sagittarius himself does not consider his plans unattainable. The target in which he is aiming is behind the clouds, he shoots far away, clearly imagining where and why.

The children of this sign try to be frank with everyone. Often it looks defiant and even familiar. But Sagittarius and in his thoughts there is no one to offend or humiliate. He goes to people with the best intentions. Sagittarius always has a lot of friends who respect and obey. He does not like this sign of intrigue, he does not tolerate lies and guile. Deceiving Sagittarius, you can not only run into his exposure and long morals, but also lose a friend forever.

Sad Sagittarius are rare. The optimism of this sign is enough for ten people. He never gives up and seems unsinkable. It is difficult to break or force to abandon its goal. The Sagittarius will fight until it conquers the coveted summit. In everyday life it is not difficult with him. Such a child willingly helps his parents at home, unless, of course, he has no more important business. He gladly shares toys with his brothers and sisters, he does not have a sharp sense of ownership, like other fire signs.

Sagittarius Baby Health

Sagittarians have excellent health and excellent ability to rehabilitate after ailments. In addition, they have a great appetite and love for sweet, fatty and spicy food. It is necessary to limit in his diet heavy meals, to teach the child to a healthy diet. If Sagittarius eats incorrectly, there is a risk of developing childhood obesity. Completeness and vigor — things are incompatible. How will your child run and always have time, having extra pounds?

Weak places Sagittarius — liver, lower back, nervous system. Sometimes it can burn out from an excess of emotions. Often children of this sign break down the femoral and pelvic bones. Active sports activities increase the likelihood of such injuries. Infection Sagittarius transfers quickly, but roughly. He is tormented by fever and fever. In addition, this child is very difficult to put to bed.

Hobbies of Sagittarius Children

Such children will be suitable for almost all classes. They come from wonderful athletes and dancers. Sagittarius have innate flexibility and grace. A talent of eloquence and conviction will help them become unsurpassed speakers and public figures. Multifaceted creative abilities of Sagittarius will pave him the way into the world of art. In any other field, he can also become a high-class specialist.

It is necessary to give Sagittarius to different clubs and sports sections. He does not have enough time at school. Its inexhaustible energy should be radiated in several directions at once. From childhood, he may have pedagogical abilities or interest in medicine. If you correctly guide the child, in the future he will become a successful and bright person.

Study for Sagittarius-Child

Sagittarius has a broad outlook and a very democratic world view. Therefore, in school, he often initiates new ideas, takes part in school self-government. It’s no surprise that Sagittarius, from the first class, dreams of being an elder, and later a president of the school. In sports competitions, Sagittarius is the captain of the team, and the school Olympiads never dispense with representatives of this sign.

Sagittarius is everywhere, but its society can not tire or bother. He warms the rays of joy and optimism all around. In the classroom, this is the favorite of teachers. He is always active in the classroom and is the first to pull his hand, no matter how well he learned the material. Many Sagittarius graduate from high school with a gold medal, but usually they study on solid quadruples. It is not the evaluations themselves that are important, but the quality of knowledge and the creative approach to mastering the disciplines.

How to Raise Your Sagittarius Kid

In no case do not lock Sagittarius at home, do not limit his desire to communicate and explore the world. Walk more with him in interesting places, show him the trees, animals, give the maximum amount of information. Her Sagittarius will never be much. Colorful books, coloring books, cognitive games and educational toys — all this your child will absorb instantly. Already in two years he can learn the letters and numbers, and also begin to learn a foreign language.

Teach Sagittarius to manage money effectively. Sometimes his generosity towards himself and others grows into extravagance. Explain to him what purchases are necessary, and without which you can do without. Teach him the correct regime of the day, let the child not overwork. Even indefatigable Sagittarius need to regularly replenish their strength. They quickly master the computer and any technique. A Sagittarius-teenager will sooner require a moped or even a bike from parents.

Explain to the child about the need to be cautious and it is better to think and weigh all the actions. The ardent temperament of Sagittarius can bring him not only success, but also a lot of trouble. Children of this sign should be taught to watch speech, be tactful and sensitive. Sometimes one should not give advice if they are not asked. Instead of making comments to others, it’s better to work on yourself. It is necessary to develop self-criticism in oneself and less to find fault with people, even from good motives.

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