Scorpio Child

In Scorpio there is always a mystery, which even the native people can not solve. Even in infancy, he has a very expressive look, striking in its depth and magnetism. Scorpio is so energy-consuming that it has become a popular belief: one year before the birth of a baby in his family or in a family of relatives, someone must die to make room for him. And yet, the babies of this sign behave quietly, and older kids are also marked by calm behavior.

Scorpions are just plain innocent lambs. Inside of them sits a treacherous and dangerous predator, from which you can grow both a hero and a well-off villain. Statistics argue that Scorpio is the most criminal sign, so parents should be on time to properly educate the baby, so as not to regret it later. Representatives of this sign love and respect strength. They need to make it clear who is in charge of the family, otherwise Scorpion will come out on his head and start to manipulate adults. Educate Scorpio strictly, but without violence.

Scorpio Baby Girl

The girl of this sign is strong-willed, strong, but secretive. She feels how to find an approach to people, how to entice a mother of a candy or to make her dad take her to the zoo. The Scorpio girl is restrained in the manifestation of love, but her parents are devoted to the depths of the soul. In return, she expects from them all kinds of care and attention. Seeing their indifference, she suffers terribly, but she will never show it. She needs a separate room to sometimes be alone with herself.

From the first years of life, the Scorpio girls show masculine character traits, as this is a strong male sign. Little Scorpio with pleasure plays with dolls, but does not mind playing and everyday games. This desire flares up over the years even more, and, having matured, she manipulates friends and bewitches fans one by one. From parents, she can demand expensive gifts and, in general, behave extremely selfishly.

Scorpio Baby Boy

The Scorpio boy carefully suppresses all emotions and emotions, and they have a lot of them. He is afraid to be sincere, so as not to seem weak. Parents are forced to learn to catch the subtle vibrations that emanate from his troubled soul. He wants to feel responsible for the family, especially for the mother and younger brothers. He has a heightened sense of unity and a desire to protect the weak. But often the powerful energy of Scorpio turns into a dangerous channel and pours out aggression and cruelty.

In the boy of this sign you need to bring up kindness, mercy and responsiveness. Read him tales of valiant heroes, get a pet so that Scorpio can take care of him. But toys in the form of villains, transformers or monsters are better for the child not to buy. There is enough aggression in it, laid by nature. Scorpio can grow either a great man capable of feats, or a ruthless egoist.

Scorpio Child Personality

Scorpio is impossible not to notice. Either he tries to lean to the fore, humiliating and suppressing other children, or remains modest, creating around himself a halo of mystery. It is not easy to make friends with such a child, because he values everyone and terribly quibbles, even to small shortcomings. In appearance, he can be pleasant and communicative, but at the bottom of his heart he hides a dangerous deadly sting. To offend the Scorpio is to make a sworn enemy. First he harbors insult, hides it under a kind smile, but as soon as the right moment, he will certainly take revenge on the offender.

Yes, Scorpios are very vengeful and vindictive. Moreover, they take revenge exquisitely, sometimes even many years later. Scorpios love the truth, so you need to be as honest with them as possible. They are not fooled by flattery, although they crave well-deserved praise. With such a child you need to talk on equal terms, he should feel like a full member of the family. Scorpio has sadistic tendencies. Sometimes he puts moral experiments on his closest friends.

Little Scorpios quickly learn to use the necessary masks to hide the true feelings. Lucky is the one who managed to unravel Scorpio and make friends with him. He finds it difficult to find true friends, but he never forgot true friendship to petty principles. Scorpios are suspicious from childhood. They are afraid of betrayal, conspiracy and meanness. Sometimes it seems to them that danger is everywhere. Scorpions early learn to solve their own problems and in the process can chop a lot of wood.

Scorpio Baby Health

Weak place of people of this sign is the genitourinary system. They suffer from cystitis, pyelonephritis, have hormonal disorders. Scorpio nerves are also not strong. Despite the fact that such children themselves are carriers of cruelty and aggression, violent methods of upbringing can break them and make patients psychiatrists. Infectious diseases in Scorpios occur violently and heavily. Bronchitis and pneumonia are especially dangerous for them.

Teenagers of this sign get early "gifts of Venus", because they are early waking up sexual instinct. It should be correctly explained to the child about the dangers of ill-considered sexual contacts. We need to work on their morality, talk about the rules of protection. In general, Scorpios are quite hardy and recover quickly after the illness.

Hobbies of Scorpio Children

The children of this sign are suitable for classes that require patience and dedication. Boys dream of becoming military or investigators, girls do well in sports. Scorpions are also suitable for the profession of doctors and journalists. Being a correspondent, representatives of this sign choose work with undisclosed secrets and secret materials, go to the hottest points. The intuition will help determine his entry into the University of Scorpio. You can not put pressure on him when choosing a profession.

Boys of this sign should be given to the circles of young technicians, sports sections. They will grow excellent engineers, chemists, gunsmiths, blacksmiths. Scorpios love to work with fire, although their sign belongs to the water element. To many representatives of this sign creativity is not alien. They become literary or musical critics, writers, sometimes actors.

Study for Scorpio-Child

In school, this child may not show his best qualities. He often terrorizes classmates, because he constantly needs to gnaw some kind of bone. Many Scorpios learn well, have high intelligence and work capacity. The pupil of this sign all the time must be busy with something useful and interesting, so that his thirst for activity moves in the right direction.

It is impossible to make Scorpio teach what he does not like. Let him choose the disciplines that could be useful to him in further studies. Scorpios are not perfect for ordinary schools, and gymnasiums with a specific direction. Favorite subjects they teach diligently, with special passion. But the boring and uninteresting disciplines Scorpio teaches either from under the stick, or ignores at all.

How to Raise Your Scorpio Kid

Children of this constellation need a calm, harmonious environment and a friendly family. However, in relation to them it is necessary to apply strict, but competent principles of education. With a small Scorpio you need to reckon and at the same time you can not indulge his bad deeds and aggressive antics. Teach him mercy and kindness, teach to politely communicate, forgive friends for faults and not put people above their pride and selfishness.

Scorpio and boredom — a combination of extremely dangerous. Do not let the child sit back and be discouraged, otherwise he compensates for this by cruel worldly games. Be interested in the child’s hobbies, create comfortable conditions for their implementation. If Scorpio feels restrained, he will be angry with the whole world and can take revenge on everyone. Since this is a very complex sign, it will not be a mistake to ask for help from specialists. You can visit a child psychologist.

To make Scorpio a worthy person, inspire him that he is unique and talented, and this gift of nature has given him to carry out an important life mission. Let the child feel that he needs humanity, which is able to achieve what others can not do. In other words, it is necessary to develop in him heroic qualities, because to all bad and low he can easily learn himself.

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