Taurus Child

Taurus is a strong sign of the earth’s elements, giving people purposefulness and perseverance. His representatives have shown a strong-willed character since childhood, but at the same time they are calm, peaceful and pleasant. Despite the confidence and sense of ownership, the Taurus child does not consider himself a navel of the land. The main thing for him is a strong loving family. He is quite independent at an early age, not allowing parents to lead them. However, such a child needs to feel love and care. Abandoned and deprived of attention Taurus suffer unbearable.

The Taurus-child is not peculiar to manipulate the parents, to win attention to themselves with cries and tears. Of course, and sometimes he is capricious, like all children, but most of the time the little Taurus smiles and acts calmly. Such a child prefers home comfort, rather than noisy games in the yard. He is very attached to the house and even to his favorite toys. Taurus poorly adapts to the new environment and the team, does not want to attend kindergarten. Many children of this sign are much more pleasant than the company of grandmothers or relatives.

Taurus Baby Girl

The Taurus Girl is a little hostess and mother’s assistant. It can not be called a difficult child in any way, so the baby does not cause the parents unnecessary trouble. She early manifests interest in learning and needlework, loves to clean up her room. She rarely has toys or clothes. The Taurus girl learns to dress herself and make beautiful hairstyles early. It is neat and well-groomed.

Taurus girl can not stand when her parents are forced to do something. She has a peaceful and flexible nature, but she does not tolerate violence. Such a baby can be a model of childish immediacy. Her attachment to her father and mother is unlimited. In his youth Taurus is very difficult to leave his home, she prefers to live with her parents.

Taurus Baby Boy

This boy is not a fighter. He likes quiet and interesting communication with peers. However, a small Taurus will not allow himself to be offended. At the slightest infringement on his property, whether it be a toy or a book, he will immediately show his strong will. The property of Taurus can not be touched without his permission. From a young age, he is enterprising and economical, knows how to manage pocket expenses intelligently.

Such boys are usually of medium height, stocky and well-built. They have physical strength, but do not like to waste it. The Taurus boy will not go into a senseless fight, but he will always protect the girls and younger friends. In adolescence, many representatives of this sign are already set by specific goals and clearly represent the future.

Taurus Child Personality

A distinctive feature of the people of this sign is a heightened sense of ownership. Sometimes it can go into selfishness. Little Taurus does not want to share toys even with siblings. If you fed him with a nice plate, he already decided that this dish belongs only to him. In order not to exacerbate Taurus’ egocentrism, we need to let him know that he needs parents and just as much as other children. Then the little Taurus will stop competing and calm down.

Such children adore delicious, they are inclined to fullness. In Taurus low motor activity, so they can not be overfed. The child of this sign has a sensitive nature and is very worried because of problems in the family. Any disruption of relations he perceives extremely painful, but does not suffer openly. Taurus is afraid of change, he gets used to a new one for a long time, but it is difficult to get rid of the entrenched habits. All this can lead to serious psychological problems - complexes and phobias.

A Taurus child can not be left to himself. You should talk to him more often, let him share his thoughts and feelings. Parents need to show that they trust the baby, otherwise he will go into himself. Taurus does not hurry to open up before people, it may seem boring and uninformative. But his passivity manifests itself only externally. Inside, Taurus is full of ideas and striving for beauty. Such people from childhood are able to notice something good around themselves and enjoy every moment of life.

Taurus Baby Health

Usually the children of this sign have excellent health, while their diseases should not be allowed to become chronic. Their weak spot is the throat. Taurus often suffer from colds, sore throats, pharyngitis. Such babies need to be taught earlier to be stabbed and healthy way of life. In adolescence, Taurus risks becoming addicted to bad habits and his dependence on them will be very strong.

Taurus can still suffer from obesity as a child, and this, in turn, will draw problems with the heart and blood vessels. It is important to keep a slender figure and exercise regularly. Many Taurus are prone to melancholy and neurasthenia. If such a child has knocked into his head that something is wrong with him, then only a psychologist can convince him of the contrary.

Hobbies of Taurus Children

For children of this sign, classes that require perseverance and perseverance are suitable. Boys adore working with wood, repairing machinery and digging in the ground. Girls become wonderful needlewomen, they can develop the talent for drawing. The Baby-Taurus does any job qualitatively, but slowly. Do not rush him, otherwise he will get angry and leave everything.

If you want to record Taurus in a sports club, choose those sports for which speed and activity are not important, but strength and endurance. Do not force him to do football or running. It’s unlikely that Taurus will turn out to be an elegant dancer, but a successful weightlifter can emerge from it. Many representatives of this sign have "golden hands", so they find themselves in jewelry business and, in general, any craft. Suitable profession for Taurus is own business, banking, gardening and construction.

Study for Taurus-Child

Such a child is usually a diligent and exemplary student. He studies according to the standard scheme, without violating the established order. A typical Taurus schoolboy does not teach more than the program requires. He conscientiously performs homework, listens to teachers, respects the elders. Many Tauruses graduate from high school, but their honesty and conservatism often becomes an obstacle where cunning and resourcefulness are needed.

The Taurus child is a contemplative and a philosopher, but his philosophy is not too deep. He is interested in only those theories that have already been proved by scientists. He does not delve into the truths, does not challenge rules and canons, does not create his own ideas. With such children grow "system" people, who are alien to rebelliousness and reformism. They want to improve and develop only proven ideas, to follow the paths laid down by clever and authoritative people in advance.

How to Raise Your Taurus Kid

With a toddler of this sign, one should be affectionate and affectionate. You can not hurry him and lose it. An angry Taurus becomes insane, so it’s better not to test his patience. If he is to get into a new environment, parents should strongly support and reassure him. Light only the positive aspects of the new environment. Tell me, what are the good kids and teachers, what are the comfortable conditions for studying or playing. Taurus is smart and talented, but he needs a little more time for social adaptation.

If you send a teenager himself to rest or study, call him often, say that you are bored and waiting. Growing up, the Taurus child increasingly appreciates and loves parents, cares about the home and all members of the family. But a rough attitude or lack of understanding of relatives causes him severe pain and leaves a deep trauma. He can endure for a long time, but one day leave and cut off all ties with relatives.

Those qualities that you will be able to instill in Taurus in early childhood, will be for him not only a habit, but also a strong spiritual foundation. It is important to develop responsibility, generosity, compassion and mercy in it, and direct perseverance and enterprise in the right direction. Otherwise, Taurus can grow stingy, stale and unyielding. It will be difficult for him to get along with people and get along with someone under one roof. And yet, the typical Taurus is a reliable companion and a loving child. Tradition and family values make him a potential model of the master of his life and a good family man.

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