Aries Girls

Aries girl is a very contradictory nature. Since childhood, the little one inspires respect, the surrounding people always consider her opinion. Has such a strong character that it seems invulnerable creature. At the same time the girl is very vulnerable, painfully perceives any injustice. A stubborn "lamb" can doubt, but to admit one’s weaknesses — not once. Therefore, the girl shows exceptional strengths of character, even if she is among close people.

Aries is a freedom-loving sign, in every representative of which lies the desire for independence. Parents must accept the proud nature of their daughter, she will not listen to advice, especially notations. An energetic girl can not sit still, she is vividly interested in everything that is happening around her. Completely does not take boredom, constantly comes up with new ways to attract attention.

Aries Girl Personality Traits

Under the sign of Aries great personalities are born. Persistence, perseverance, determination — the character traits of a strong person who always achieves the intended goals. A girl can take place in any profession: designer, doctor, art critic, economist. At the same time, the representative of the fire sign is characterized by excessive impulsiveness. Irritability and quick temper are qualities that can alienate people from it. Parents should stop the daughter’s desire to subordinate all of her will, over time, leadership ambitions can grow into arrogance.

Typical Aries do not like a calm, measured life. The girl will not spend time in disembodied dreams, the main thing for her is movement. It is so full of vital energy that it seeks to share it with the surrounding people. "Sheep" enthusiastically participates in boyish games, she is not attracted to games with dolls and soft toys. Parents should be sympathetic to the interests of their daughter. Aries is the sign of the discoverer, his representative is not born for a quiet, modest life.


Parents may be confused by the too decisive nature of their daughter. It is believed that perseverance and perseverance in achieving their goals are masculine qualities. Girl-Aries tries to prove to each person its superiority, regardless of his age and position in society. With the same boldness she defends her point of view in the circle of peers and before an important teacher with professorial regalia. Her energy and pressure is enough for a lot of things, the only obstacle to success is impatience. "Sheep" can dramatically change her mind and decide that it is vitally important for her to do something else. She’s too quick to try everything and catch everything.


Aries submits to the elements of Fire, it is this influence that explains the quick temper and incontinence of the representative of the sign. Aries baby is too temperamental, she is not able to calculate the consequences of her actions. Discontent can cause anything: rude word, careless gesture, criticism. The girl does not consider it necessary to listen to the opinions of others, she can easily cope with any life situation. Therefore, every attempt to impose the right decision on her causes negative emotions. With the straightforwardness inherent in Aries, the girl will express her categorical opinion.


Girl-Aries is always guided by one’s own desires. She does not even think about the consequences of her actions. Parents should accept that their daughter seldom hears the voice of reason. With improper education, this negative character trait will only increase. Adults can direct the energy of the child in the right direction, and you must act very carefully. Excessive pressure is perceived by the girl as an attempt to limit her freedom.


For all its determination and firmness, Aries is a sensitive person. Absolutely does not take criticism and remarks in his address, does not tolerate lies and betrayal. Needs the support of close people, especially reverent for his father. For her, she is the personification of strength and tranquility. Too emotional slope girl to exaggerate problems, can leave her parents’ home early if she decides that she is not loved enough.

Raising an Aries Girl

Parents should seriously engage in the upbringing of their daughter from an early age. It is necessary to smooth out too vivid manifestations of negative traits of character: obstinacy, impatience, selfishness. Adults will have to give up trying to teach the girl to calm games. She will not patiently collect the pyramid or build a tower of cubes. She is attracted by active games with peers, in which she is a leader.

In school years, the Aries girl tries to gain prestige among her classmates. She likes to demonstrate her superiority to weak students. Teachers should teach her compassion, desire to help those in need of peer support. The girl easily learns the material, but is impatient. Do not consider it necessary to waste energy and time learning things that do not like. In sports, she has no equal, but excessive sport can lead to injury. Parents should be careful about the health of their daughter, even if she prefers to endure pain. The girl is wary of doctors, tries not to contact them.

In adolescence, a girl can behave aggressively towards her parents. During this period, the most striking are the traits of character: stubbornness, obstinacy, impulsiveness. The most innocuous reason for a girl to leave the house is enough. Parents should show tact and patience. Non-teaching and threats are a dead-end path, relations will only worsen. In addition, it is worthwhile to take care of the nervous system of a teenager, the girl is too sensitive, although she tries not to show her vulnerability.

Parents should have patience: the education of the Aries girl is a responsible affair. For the "Sheep" the most authoritative is the opinion of the father. Thanks to his love and care, the girl will learn to show softness and femininity. The impulsive and obstinate "lamb" needs the support of a strong and confident man who can direct her "Mars energy" to the right track.

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