Capricorn Girls

The Capricorn girl is a model of tranquility and endurance. From an early age, she shows seriousness, carefully thinks through every step. She builds ambitious plans for a future life. It shows extreme caution in business, admires adults with sound judgments. The girl is the main mother’s assistant, happily cussing about the household. It is extremely responsible even for minor requests.

The Capricorn girl is practical, prefers to do real things, and not to wander in the clouds. Always a reserved person rarely shows typical female qualities: impulsiveness, emotionality. But for equanimity and tranquility, you can see a delicate, vulnerable soul. The girl often doubts her own strength, she experiences difficulties in communicating with her peers. Needs support of parents, sincerely enjoys every gesture of attention.

Capricorn Girl Personality Traits

Capricorn is an earthly sign, whose representatives are distinguished by discernment and discretion. The girl is not subject to the action of emotions, always collected and focused on achieving the result. In affairs, she shows masculine qualities: firmness, determination, stubbornness. Parents are proud of their purposeful daughter, peers often do not understand her, shun too serious girl.

Girl Capricorn gives the impression of an invulnerable person. It prefers to seem stronger than it really is. Her inner feelings open only to close people. Often suffers from lack of attention, needs words of love. Feeling support can reach unprecedented heights, will not waste your life on meaningless vanity.


The girl from an early age is distinguished by the ability to reason about everything without unnecessary emotions. She takes into account only the facts, does not mix personal attitude to the matter. Will not participate in the quarrel of the best girlfriends, prefer to watch the fascinating action from the side. With utmost honesty, she will express her opinion on this situation, not sparing the feelings of upset girls. Often, she loses friends because of her inability to show compassion. But in professional work has the reputation of an excellent worker. Impartiality is a quality without which the profession of a lawyer is not conceivable. From Capricorn can get an excellent specialist in the field of diplomatic service or jurisprudence.


Capricorns are reliable people, you can rely on them in any business. The representative of the earthly sign must carry out the task entrusted to her. Justification can not be a disease or personal trouble, despite everything will keep its promise. She is not afraid to take responsibility, she is often instructed to organize school events. Reliability is an excellent quality, but close people sometimes abuse its devotion too much, download endless requests.


The Capricorn girl is distinguished by rare diligence, strives to achieve an ideal result. She will not shy away from the hardest and most difficult work. If the girl decided to clean her room, then every inch of the room will shine with purity. In studies, she shows persistence and perseverance, will begin to study hard-to-digest material and will definitely receive an excellent mark. She enjoys the well-deserved respect of the people around her, and especially appreciates her efforts in a professional environment. Often she stays late, does not go home until she completes the required amount of work.


From an early age, she surprises the adults with her perseverance, a quality that is rare for a child deserves to respect. It can collect puzzles or designer details for hours. She likes games aimed at developing logic and spatial thinking. Has a sharp mind, easily grasps the essence of the task. It differs with a love for reading, the best gift for a Capricorn girl is a colorful book. Can a long time to do the most monotonous work, is fond of embroidery and knitting.

Raising a Capricorn Girl

The child-Capricorn behaves calmly from the first days of her life. The baby sleeps all night, eats well and rarely cries. Surrounding people can not hide the admiration of a lovely child, her behavior reminiscent of an angel. But parents will have to learn one rule — never interrupt their daughter’s occupation. If an obedient and easy-going girl is interested in learning a book, do not distract her. In cases of great interest, the baby can show a rare stubbornness.

In her school years, Capricorn shows great success in her studies. The girl differs diligence, diligently fulfills all homework. She is never late, misses classes only for a good reason. Loves, when she is praised, carefully keeps all the certificates and diplomas. In school activities she acts as an organizer, tries to avoid public speaking. Teachers note her perseverance, especially singled out a responsible approach to learning. She never gives up difficulties, she will attend additional classes or study the material himself, but she will achieve an excellent evaluation.

In adolescence, a Capricorn girl can exhibit uncharacteristic qualities: impetuosity, eccentricity. Parents will be surprised by her new hobbies. Usually a low-key girl can fall in love with noisy companies and drastically cool to school. It is hard to experience failure in a love relationship. Parents will have to take the initiative in talking with their daughter, the reserved person seldom shares her experiences. It is worth as much as possible to upload her home assignments. The best way out for negative emotions is sports. Especially natural persistence will help her to achieve high results in this field.

The education of the Capricorn girl does not present particular difficulties for loving parents. Calm, restrained child will not annoy adults. The only thing that is required from the older generation is support. The girl needs to be weaved, praise instills confidence in her. An inspired girl is able to overcome any obstacles, her perseverance is enough to accomplish great things.

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