Gemini Girls

The Gemini girl is a cheerful, active child. She is one of those children who can not sit still. The inquisitive person is interested in everything, on the day she asks at least a hundred tricky questions. Dynamism, unpredictability — the qualities typical for representatives of the air sign. The girl takes several cases at the same time, completely not caring about their successful completion.

The Gemini Girl is a dreamer and an inventor. With great pleasure composes stories that both adults and children adore. In her head, a lot of thoughts are rife and they all deserve attention, so in the arsenal of the girl a huge number of stories for every taste. Talent to communicate is a natural gift attracting people to it. Still a little girl, she knows how to make a favorable impression on peers and adults.

Gemini Girl Personality Traits

Gemini has a complex personality, woven from contradictions. The element of Air determines the duality of nature, which combines the opposite qualities: a sharp mind and inability to concentrate, sociability and sudden seclusion, generosity and pettiness. The Gemini girl often suffers from internal contradictions, vainly tries to grope for the connection between her feelings and reality. But for the surrounding people, she is always a happy and contented child.

The girl, born under the sign of Gemini, most appreciates freedom. She tries not to bind herself with obligations. Do not expect a representative of the air sign responsible attitude to life. The need to follow the rules, perform routine duties is the right way to fall into anguish. Therefore, Gemini chooses the profession associated with communication and travel: a journalist, a designer, an artist, an interpreter.


How quickly the Gemini girl is addicted to new ideas, so cool to them. It is impossible to make a fickle person engage in a business that has bothered her. She will honestly try to please her beloved parents, but the result is quite predictable — a negative result. The Gemini-girl likes to be in sight, dreams of becoming an actress. The desire is so strong that she will persuade her mother to write her to a theater group and even attend one or two classes. Parents should be prepared for the fact that in a couple of days their talented daughter will begin to dream of the glory of a great designer. We will have to look for new courses, select special literature and pretend that it has a great future.


The representative of the air sign from infancy fully demonstrates feminine qualities: coquetry, softness, tenderness. She is sure of her beauty, she considers herself a true conqueror of men’s hearts. Has a fine taste, her wardrobe consists exclusively of stylish things. A small fashionista carefully watches her appearance, always neatly dressed and beautifully combed. She knows how to lend herself favorably, she knows how to charm the interlocutor from the first minutes of acquaintance. You can only envy the future woman of the Gemini.

Ability to dream

Gemini has a rich imagination, they easily invent fabulous stories. Ability to live and non-standard thinking is advantageous to distinguish them among peers. From the very childhood the girl entertains her friends with interesting stories. Her acting skills do not go unnoticed, all the leading roles in children’s matinees belong to her. The ability to correctly express thoughts, imagination, keen mind, emotionality — qualities that will help the girl to take place in any creative profession. Parents can be sure: childhood fantasies of the daughter — the beginning of serious literary activity. Fear causes a negative manifestation of this quality: a child can so immerse himself in the world of rainbow dreams that in time will cease to perceive reality.


The behavior of the Gemini girl is not constant. Air is a mobile element, it is associated with freedom and independence. The girl has the ability to instantly adapt to the new conditions of life, she feels comfortable in movement. Quiet, calm life does not like the representative of the zodiac sign, it needs emotions and impressions. No matter how hard parents try to instill in her a sense of responsibility for the results of their work, this is an impossible task. Therefore, it is useless to read the instructions to the Gemini girl, calling her to order. Weak willpower, impermanence, unpredictability — the reasons for her irresponsible attitude to life.

Raising a Gemini Girl

From an early age, parents should teach their daughter to be clean and orderly. A restless girl has an increased mobility, easily switches from one subject to another. Active child pleases parents with their curiosity and love of life, but you should direct the energy of your beloved child in the right direction. Over time, the girl will begin to observe the regime of the day, learn how to clean her toys.

In school years, parents will have to monitor every action of their daughter. An undisciplined girl can oversleep classes or forget textbooks at home. Teachers appreciate her for her keen intelligence and ability to fantasize, while always paying attention to absent-mindedness and inattention. Generously endowed with talents, the girl takes part in school amateur activities with pleasure, visits mugs and sports sections.

In adolescence, the Gemini girl needs the care and love of loved ones. Parents should praise their daughter on any occasion, it will be useful to share with her stories from their lives. The girl feels the need for easy, easy communication, it is necessary to protect her from stressful situations. The delicate nervous system of a teenager can fail at any time, at this age the probability of developing neuroses is great.

Parents should remember that their daughter is an amazing child. Undoubted advantages include: sharp mind, emotionality, flexible thinking, rich imagination. It is necessary to develop in the girl these qualities, she should visit circles, travel a lot. The girl needs friendly communication, censure and notation is the right way to lose her trust.

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