Leo Girls

The Leo girl was born to shine and conquer the hearts of people. She never doubts her attractiveness, she loves to listen to compliments. From an early age she chooses all the best: clothes, shoes, toys. Parents should give up trying to buy a cheap and practical thing for their daughter. The girl just does not appreciate their efforts, moreover, will be terribly outraged. "Lioness" is a royal person, she should not be satisfied with small things.

Girl Leo is a leader, there are always a lot of people around her: parents, brothers and sisters, friends. From an early age the girl skillfully breaks hearts, she is the most popular person even in the nursery group. Loves big companies, her life consists of a continuous series of joyful events and holidays. She never discourages, she tries to benefit from any situation.

Leo Girl Personality Traits

The Leo girl is a lively, energetic child. Favorably stands out among peers for her purposefulness, from an early age builds bold plans for a future life. She dreams of glory and fame, she works hard to achieve success. Parents can be sure that their daughter will be able to take place in any profession: a leader, a lawyer, an economist, a teacher. Leo girl has a strong character, distinctive features: persistence, efficiency, courage, ambition.

The representative of the fire sign has a bright temperament. The proud "lioness" does not know how to obey, is completely in the power of her own emotions. Often abuses good attitude of people around. The Leo Girl loves presents, for her, expensive things are the norm. Do not pamper her too much, she needs to know the value of money. Parents should correct negative character traits: self-esteem, selfishness, cruelty, despotism, extravagance.


Leo girl from the very childhood seeks a luxurious life, dreams of a brilliant career, boldly builds ambitious plans. She tries to achieve perfection in every detail. Parents will be forced to cede the daughter’s desire to go out on an ordinary walk in the best outfit, she will not be content with a modest dress. The girl is always in the center of attention, it is she who is the main inspiration for children’s games and fun. "Lioness" — a great organizer, over time, a little prankster will turn into a successful business lady. Boring everyday life of an accountant or secretary is not for her active nature.


The Leo girl always follows her own interests, does not take advice and recommendations into consideration. The only thing she is ready to listen to is endless flattery. A girl who imagines herself in dreams as the master of the world, does not even admit that she may be wrong. The representative of the fire sign is hard to accept someone else’s point of view, especially if it does not coincide with her opinion. To prove to her anything is a meaningless occupation. A positive result is possible only in two cases: indisputable arguments and the eye-popping charisma of an opponent.


Leo girl is so confident in her exceptional qualities that she does not doubt the truthfulness of flattering compliments for a minute. It is a real pleasure to hear words of admiration. For the sake of praise, one can perform uncharacteristic acts: lend your favorite toy, give all your candy. Sometimes she is too fond of fantasy, trying to attract attention. Over time, she becomes a narcissist and a boastful person, while remaining very naive. She does not know how to draw the right conclusions, every time she sincerely believes in people. To deceive the proud "lioness" is quite easy — compliments, attention, admiration.


The little "lioness" is a real woman: she will not leave the house until her mother tie her a beautiful bow. Friends and relatives are amazed at how much she always looks neat. The Leo Girl is a born actress. From the cradle she demonstrates her abilities, loves performing at children’s matinees. She always has funny stories ready, she can sing a song or read a poem. And absolutely not shy, behaves relaxed. In the future, of course, there will be success on the stage. If the girl-Leo decides to choose a completely mundane profession, she will definitely participate in amateur performances or arrange a home theater.

Raising a Leo Girl

Girl-Leo — a bright personality, from an early age boldly declares her desires. The baby will not be shy and cry quietly, hiding tears from her parents. All the surrounding people should know that it needs attention. Likes to be in the circle of peers, can go to any tricks to stand out against their background. Parents should teach her to respect the desires of other children. Otherwise, a narcissist can grow out of a girl.

Learning is given to the girl easily, she has a sharp mind and good memory. The truth is sometimes lazy, especially if the object does not like it. Teachers and parents should praise a schoolgirl as often as possible, she will certainly justify the trust. "Lioness" has a rich imagination and imagination, she can easily play any role, better, of course, a regal person. In school matinees the girl invariably shines, tearing off a loud applause.

The adolescent period is a test of the patience of the parents. The girl does not want to obey the requirements of adults at all, she has to understand everything by trial and error. The temperamental person does not consider it necessary to restrain her emotions, she often falls in love. Any failures are very difficult to take, school troubles and bad relationships with parents are causes that negatively affect her health. The Lion girl has a weak cardiovascular system, excessive physical exertion and strong nervous shocks should be avoided.

Education of a representative of a fire sign is an exciting activity. Parents will not be bored with a daughter endowed with numerous talents: sharp mind, artistry, subtle artistic taste. Adults need to slightly control her actions and actions, otherwise the girl will stop trusting her parents. The main secret of good relations with the "lioness" is praise and approval.

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