Sagittarius Girls

The Sagittarius girl pleases her parents with her activity and love of life. The baby is always in a good mood, she likes to perform ordinary actions. In every seemingly ordinary event, she finds an occasion for joy, sincerely surprised at any little things. She is very sociable, she likes to share her observations with her friends. Around the girl there are always many children, whom she entertains with endless stories.

The Sagittarius girl is very optimistic, always confident in her abilities. Do not become harassed by experiences, do not doubt the favorable outcome of any case. It differs in straightforwardness, its revelations may not appeal to the surrounding people. At the same time she rightly admits her mistakes, easily makes concessions, it is impossible to take offense for a long time. Constantly comes up with new entertainment, loves noisy games.

Sagittarius Girl Personality Traits

Sagittarius is under the patronage of the elements of Fire, it is this influence explains the stubborn and decisive nature of the girl. Active nature can not stand idle, constantly in motion. She is keenly interested in history and geography, the best kind of recreation is traveling. Has good memory, easily remembers information. She tries to choose a profession associated with frequent moves, does not tolerate boredom and monotony. The need to perform routine duties every day is the right way to depression.

The Sagittarius girl feels a craving for adventure, completely devoid of a sense of fear. Easily gets friends with boys, enjoys their authority. Active girl is not inferior in strength and dexterity to the most notorious tomboy and hooligans. If necessary, uses the power of his female spells, likes to wear beautiful, spectacular outfits. Concerned parents are not able to prohibit a daughter from communicating with dubious personalities. The Sagittarius girl vehemently opposes any violence, believes that she has the right to personal freedom.


Sagittarius girl enjoys every minute of life. Strives to share his optimism with other people. Experiencing a real pleasure from communication, will not become sad in solitude, easily find himself an interlocutor. A good-natured and friendly girl meanwhile counts on leadership positions in any company. Will not be satisfied with the role of "gray mouse", she likes to feel the power and superiority over others. A benevolent girl will never hurt close people, she just likes to be the best among friends.


An energetic girl-Sagittarius is not characterized by perseverance, it is vital for her to be in several places at the same time. Attends sports sections, always strives for the perfect result. She prefers active rest: hiking, horseback riding. Even in school years, you can create your own dance group or a musical group, which eventually becomes the most popular in the city. Failures do not frighten the active girl, for her the main thing in life is the movement forward.


The good nature and benevolence of the girl should not be misleading. Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means that its representative is building ambitious plans for life. From an early age, she carefully considers the sequence of her actions: school, higher education institution, prestigious work. Has all the necessary qualities to build a successful career: perseverance, activity, patience, sharp mind. A cheerful and sociable girl knows how to put people to her side, she knows how to maintain useful acquaintances. Natural optimism helps her to overcome difficulties adequately. The main obstacle in the way of an ambitious person is the habit of taking on several things at once.


The Sagittarius girl is a noble person, she always tries to act fairly. She does not like gossip and intrigue, she always speaks honestly about what she thinks. Her straightforwardness often causes quarrels with close people. The girl adequately perceives her mistakes, loves fair criticism. It is distinguished by a benevolent temper, but will never forgive a lie, try to limit communication with a person who deceived her trust.

Raising a Sagittarius Girl

The Sagittarius child is a sweet, charming creature. Her radiant smile can melt any heart. Cheerful little girl invariably causes admiration, she is a universal favorite. She never fusses and does not express discontent, gladly goes to the hands of strangers. She moves a lot, she needs to study every subject in the house. Parents should closely monitor the active daughter, the probability of injury is high.

The study is given to the Sagittarius girl very easily, she will not have to pore over books and notebooks all night long. Has a good memory, quickly learns the material. Differs boldness, openly expresses his opinion. With pleasure answers at the blackboard, can tell interesting facts that are not in the textbook. For the class teacher, the girl is the best assistant. Actively participates in all public affairs, shows excellent organizational skills. Often takes prizes in sports competitions.

In adolescence, the girl fully demonstrates rebellious qualities. She resolutely achieves a just attitude towards himself. Parents have no right to encroach on her personal freedom and this is not discussed. Can contact a bad company, besides, she can get a craving for travel. Parents should be sympathetic to the antics of their daughter. She will necessarily come to her senses, begin to lead a habitual way of life, in front of her are waiting important business. A great concern is health, especially respiratory organs, on the background of chronic exacerbationsโ€™ asthma can develop.

Communication with the Sagittarius girl requires utmost honesty. Too easily she recognizes deception and insincere attitude. She likes easy, easy communication, it is a trusting conversation โ€” the best way to establish contact with her daughter. You can tell her a couple of funny, instructive stories from your life, share your inmost thoughts. A respectful, benevolent attitude is the right path to the heart of Sagittarius girl.

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