Scorpio Girls

The Scorpio girl shows off her uneasy character from her cradle. Parents every day wondered what role their unpredictable daughter would choose: a quiet modest, a thoughtful dreamer, a self-willed lady. It has the ability to combine the opposite qualities, but the main one is willpower. The girl is equally demanding of herself and the surrounding people, always follows the goals.

The Scorpio girl is often aggressive, too peremptory in her judgments. A little stubborn is always sure of her rightness, and skillfully convinces the others. Sometimes parents have doubts about who they bring up. Adults can not be fully sure that it is their decisive word. The girl always acts in her own way, if necessary, the cheat uses flattery and cunning for mercenary purposes.

Scorpio Girl Personality Traits

Scorpio is a complex and mysterious sign. Its representatives are people with an interesting but problematic character. Some girls behave too actively and militantly, others are quiet, secretive natures. But all Scorpios are proud, unyielding temper. Since childhood, they show cleanliness and accuracy, skillfully combine women’s qualities: coquetry, sexuality, economy. In personal relationships are distinguished by honesty and devotion.

The Scorpio girl has a strong will, despite the quick temper and impulsiveness can solve any problem. Always holds with dignity, if necessary demonstrates qualities: courage, determination, perseverance. Responsibly approaches any question, in her field of activity she is a highly qualified specialist. Recommended professions: teacher, researcher, supervisor, doctor, art critic.


A Scorpio girl can exhibit different traits of character: seriousness, eccentricity, emotionality, secrecy. But close people can be sure of its honesty and truthfulness. Has a strong enough character to not pass before difficulties, will necessarily carry out the task entrusted to her. And it is important for it to achieve an ideal result, can go to the trick for the sake of a good cause. All of its tricks are so safe and sweet that they do not cause anger and discontent among the surrounding people.

Sneakiness, suspicion

The Scorpio girl has a sharp mind, likes to reflect alone. Sometimes she goes too far in his conclusions, so she suspects people of insincerity. The girl seems that her love is not strong enough, but all the fears are groundless: Scorpio is an amazing personality, always in the center of attention. Trying to make a favorable impression, the girl often hides from her closest people her worries and fears. Rarely shares experiences, so internal tension finds a way out in nightmares. Baby can sleep badly, cry at night all the time, but in the morning parents again see a calm and unperturbed person.

Developed intuition

Scorpio is a water sign, the influence of the dominant element determines the character traits: sensitivity, emotionality, impressionability. From an early age the girl has an interest in mysticism, adores mysteries and riddles. Has a strong intuition, can foresee future events. Parents often brush off the words of their daughter, writing off everything on a too rich imagination, but after the time has always been recognized as right. The girl subtly feels the mood of people, knows from whom you can expect trouble. There is a danger that she will be too carried away by the fantasy world, will cease to perceive the boring reality for herself.


A Scorpio girl can flare up on any, even the most innocuous occasion. It easily loses its temper and calms down for a long time. Parents should be especially cautious in their statements. The girl has an enviable confidence in her abilities, does not take criticism at all. Moreover, it reacts aggressively to any attempts to impose an opinion uncharacteristic for it. It differs with rancor, it will necessarily remind parents of their tactless behavior.

Raising a Scorpio Girl

From an early age the girl shows obstinacy and perseverance. There is not the slightest hope that she will follow the strict routine of the day. The baby will not cry, counting on the condescending attitude of the parents. She will just do her own business. If adults begin to persist in their desire to certainly put her to bed or feed him semolina, she uses a crown trick — a charming smile. Parents rarely, when they manage to insist on their decision.

In school years, the Scorpio girl is excellent only in those subjects that she likes. In other cases, creates the appearance of study, so as not to spoil the certificate. Teachers are always happy with the diligent student, although they know its peculiarity up to the last defend its point of view. The girl has many talents, often participates in school activities. Visits several circles at once, she has many hobbies: dancing, drawing, singing. Due to persistence and purposefulness can achieve high results in sports: aerobics, athletics.

In adolescence, it can spoil relations with parents and friends. Absolutely does not consider it necessary to restrain and control one’s emotions, constantly bites and argues. If the girl has an unhappy first love, she can abandon all hobbies, stop learning. Parents will have to demolish all of its antics, without showing discontent. Scandals and abuse will lead to a complete deterioration of relations. In addition, chronic diseases can worsen during this period, especially the genitourinary system causes special concerns.

The Scorpio girl is an amazing creature sent by the heavens to check her parents for vitality. It has many advantages: honesty, firmness, courage. At the same time it is characterized by rough and aggressive behavior. Parents should quietly but firmly guide their daughter along the path of life. If the girl in all to indulge, it can grow out of selfishness and idler.

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