Taurus Girls

The Taurus girl is very serious and prudent from the earliest years. A representative of a fixed sign is so focused on her affairs that she has little interest in what is happening around her. Has a subtle inner flair, easily recognizes a lie. Close people appreciate her for her loyalty and devotion, despite the rather complex nature. This cute girl can be quick-tempered and stubborn, you should not check her patience for strength.

The Taurus girl thinks very pragmatically, in spite of her childhood. She does not need advice and guidance, parents can be confident in the brilliant future of their daughter. The girl will certainly arrange her life best without assistance. The representative of the most economic sign of the zodiac seeks to achieve financial well-being, has a passion for beautiful, expensive things.

Taurus Girl Personality Traits

The dominant element of this sign is the Earth, its influence explains the melancholy temperament of the girl. A serious, collected girl Taurus has the talent to clearly plan for a future life. From an early age, she knows who she wants to become. It will be successful in any cases related to material values. Recommended professions: economist, accountant, manager, auditor.

Still a baby, Taurus is touched by her indispensable desire to help her mother. The little mistress likes to put things in order in the house, her things are neatly gathered and laid out in their places. The representative of the second sign of the zodiac is a real woman in all her manifestations: she can turn from a serious lady into a windy coquette in just a second. She is capricious and capricious, loves complement. It is rather difficult to win the heart of a charming girl, trying to choose a smart, strong and reliable man as a companion in life.


In love and friendship the Taurus girl is a true partner. Absolutely does not perceive lies and deceit, it is always extremely honest with close people. The girl will not forget about the promises she made to her, she will certainly follow their implementation. Taurus has a rare foresight: clearly sees the intentions of the interlocutor, even if she tries to deceive him. Too quickly disappointed in people, to earn her forgiveness is a difficult task. The Taurus Girl recognizes only equal and honest partnership.

Industriousness and Dedication

Taurus — earth sign, representatives of which have numerous talents. Often they have "golden hands", they love and are able to create amazing things from the simplest materials. A girl from an early age loves to make crafts, she can spend hours doing her favorite thing. The adult girl sets herself only real goals, with laudable persistence reaches them. She will diligently study, gain experience and will certainly achieve the top in her field of activity. Parents can be sure that their daughter — from a simple seamstress will eventually become a famous designer.


The Taurus girl seems to many to be too self-assured. She fiercely defends her opinion only because she is absolutely sure of the truth. Stubbornness and persistence in achieving a goal are not at all a desire to demonstrate their superiority. The girl really believes in her own strength and deals only with those things that she considers particularly important. It is almost impossible to change Taurus in anything, although sometimes it can accept the point of view of a truly authoritative person for it. Sometimes excessive categorical gives her trouble, but the girl persistently continues to achieve the intended, not retreating before the difficulties. There is no doubt that success is guaranteed.


The Taurus Girl has the ability to easily and simply solve the most difficult issues. She always uses old, proven methods to achieve her goals. Very rarely she makes rash acts, especially carefully monitors financial expenses. Fits of lightness — a rare phenomenon, practical girl Taurus should be confident in its future. The girl from the very childhood feels the need for own savings, with pleasure saves and thinks out ways to earn money. Parents can be calm for the future of their daughter, she will always live in prosperity and well-being.

Raising a Taurus Girl

Just a little girl is an integral personality, she will not tolerate interference in her affairs. If the baby has decided to study a toy, then with all responsibility it will approach to this business. Mom can abuse her daughter as much as she likes, she will still sort out the complex mechanism into the smallest parts. From an early age, parents should pay attention to the health of the baby. It is too susceptible to colds, the most vulnerable parts of the body: the throat, the lungs.

In school years, Taurus may face some learning difficulties. The girl is engaged with zeal, trying to meet the requirements of teachers. It’s not her fault that she is a realist, therefore she is only interested in the material that relates to the material side of life. With classmates, conflicts are possible due to excessive stubbornness: the Taurus girl does not want to obey the majority opinion. It is necessary to channel the energy of the child in the right direction, an active girl can bring tremendous benefits to the family and society. Parents can give their daughter to the sports section, perseverance and stamina — qualities that will lead Taurus to success.

In adolescence, a girl is too quick-tempered. She reacts sharply to any comments in her address. The Taurus girl painfully perceives every attempt to disturb her personal space. Parents should communicate with the obstinate teenager calmly and amicably, avoiding rudeness and violence. The representative of the earthly sign is prudent, it will not transgress the limits of what is permissible without good reason.

Parents should remember that their daughter from the very childhood is an independent person. Adults do not have to closely monitor each step, she knows how to take care of herself. From an early age, it demonstrates the wonders of practicality, parents should support the desire for independence in it. The girl is attached to her family, appreciates and loves close people, even if sometimes she does not show the best character traits. The main thing in the education of the wayward Taurus girl is patience, love, care.

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