Aquarius Parents

Aquarius, by virtue of innate humanity, can miraculously peacefully "resolve" the situation, reconcile the quarrels, choose the best option that suits everyone. Parents are able to competently guide children, without using pressure and cry, to inspire them and prompt a real solution to the problem.

Children revere the authority of adults, knowing that they can be contacted at any time and receive effective help, not listening to criticism and insults about the inability to do anything. Aquarius in the upbringing of children relies on a friendly disposition and the right clue, not wanting to offend or humiliate the younger members of the family. Parents are not just trying to tell what to do, but they want to awaken in children an interest in what is being produced or what is happening, so that everyone’s personal contribution to the common cause is invested.

Parents do not overload their children, do not suppress their experience and authority. They always try to encourage and praise the offspring, so that after the last emotional satisfaction, the memory of the positive evaluation and gratitude received from the elders is preserved.

Both parents of Aquarius have a wide range of interests and try to create a broad outlook in their children, interested in their affairs in various fields of activity. In such families it is pleasant to go on a visit, after all their kindness, love, mutual respect and understanding of each other constantly reign. Children are simply fascinated by their parents, because they appreciate the trust of adults.

Aquarius Mother

Aquarius Mother, at first, is somewhat discouraged by the child born, because before that she got used to her attention and love to give to many people around her, and now all this needs to be concentrated on one little man, even if he is the smallest and most vulnerable. Outwardly she does not show violent emotions: she will not be in front of everyone to hug and kiss her child, to praise him in every way and to gasp and groan about every scratch or bruise he has received.

Mother Aquarius is very sensitive and catches any state of her child. Although she does not show strong feelings for her child, but is able to look after him well. With her calmness and energy, she positively influences the child, creating him a calm and free atmosphere.

In the depths of the soul, this mother is very attached to her children. When the baby grows up and can consciously perceive life with all its manifestations, Aquarius Mom can teach him loves other people, show tolerance for their shortcomings, forgive the bad, recognize good and evil, always speak only the truth. The Aquarius woman almost never punishes the offspring physically, tries to give him the freedom at this age.

Aquarius mother is able to understand her child well, which helps her in her upbringing and development. The most important thing for the Aquarius mother is to find a system of values by which to develop and educate a child. She does not tend to follow traditions and rules, because she always wants to be free. Therefore, it creates a system of values for itself. But it should be considered whether this system will suit the child.

Aquarius Father

In the role of the father, Aquarian serve their child as an example of a beautiful concentration of attention, abstract thinking, striving for truth and spiritual development. They are interested in social life, politics, various kinds of science. The fathers of Aquarius share their interests with their children.

While children are little Aquarius fathers do not give them enough attention. They do not like to do homework and consider taking care of a small child as part of homework. This can upset their family relationships. But when children grow up, they establish friendly relations with children, which help them understand each other, listen to the problems of their children and give them the necessary advice. Children trust their father, so they listen to his advice.

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