Aries Child — Aquarius Parent

Aquarius parents is difficult to understand the ardor of a small Aries. Where is he in such a hurry? Aries is a sign of fire, therefore, impulsive, spontaneous and hot by nature. In contrast, Aquarius is a slow and restrained air sign that will never allow events or feelings to capture him, because his reasonable ideas about life allow one to see her perspective.

The child-Aries will warm Aquarius, will involve him in his exciting, ebullient world, despite the usual inclination of Aquarius to stay on the sidelines. Aquarius is endowed with the ability to get used to a new world for him. He will convince Aries to think first, and then commit acts, weigh decisions before taking risks. As a result, Aries is getting used to balancing actions, reason and feelings.

Aquarius Mother — Aries Child

Mother Aquarius wants her child to be distinguished by thoughtfulness and justice towards others. But other people’s misfortunes concern him little - it’s not in his spirit at all. She may think that the competitive vein is too developed in her small Aries. According to her own ideals, there should not be any winners or losers in life, but Aries will never agree with this victory.

But Mother Aquarius surely will like that Aries directly expresses her thoughts. And she will respect his independence, which, of course, will suit her offspring, because he does not tolerate that he was told that he should think! But everything is good in moderation. Aquarians are not fond of strict discipline, but the mother must make every effort to prevent self-will and self-love.

Here it is necessary to use the gift of persuasion, and not orders, to unobtrusively place the child on. Place and teach to behave in society. Then Aries’ need to always be the first to develop into the ability to take responsibility or leadership, while not offending anyone.

Aquarians are relatively calm emotionally, so there will not be a dramatic reaction to any antics or unthinkable plans. Aries will even find that his mother does not react at all to anything at all. Perhaps he needs to tell her more about what he feels...

She understands the desire of her child to get ahead, although it is difficult for her to compete with him in vigor. But most importantly, it refers to the individual’s right to freedom and independence with respect, and this is the basis for good relations.

Aquarius Father — Aries Child

These two are so open and cheerful! In the role of the father, Aquarius looks like a kind and fair person, but sometimes it may seem a little detached. Probably, a small Aries wants to spend more time with him, doing sports games or wrestling, in which Aquarius is not so strong.

Aquarius will be difficult if his Aries does not match his father’s idea of how a well-bred child should behave. But he does not like problems so much, that, in all likelihood, it will not be too diligent to correct it. And Aries would like his father to support him a little more.

Aquarius will allow the child to cope with his own stormy nature, but can give him some good advice on how best to behave with other people. He likes the warmth and enthusiasm of Aries, and he is happy that he has such an open, enthusiastic child.

These two are linked by trust, and they are easy to talk to each other, and Aries is not at all embarrassed by the somewhat eccentric manners of Aquarius. He even likes the originality of his father and his desire to be different from others. Inspired by his father’s love for books, the little Aries learns to enjoy reading and develop his concentration.

They are attracted by everything new, and together they are building the most incredible plans. But they are so different, and both understand this. Aries prefers to live for today, while Aquarius is directed to the future. The father tries to count everything, and his child is guided by instinct. And when Aquarius long and persistently tries to convince his child to show rationality, using logic, let him remember that a specific indication could give the best result!

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