Capricorn Child — Aquarius Parent

Aquarius is a purposeful and extremely determined sign, but it is not as unpredictable as it is commonly believed. In essence, having become interested in something, Aquarians can firmly insist on the favorite point of view. Aquarius encourages Capricorn to experiment and go beyond the usual habitat, but at the same time he understands Capricorn’s need for safety.

Sociable Aquarius certainly wants to present Capricorn a wide range of situations and many types of people. Needing free space, he can not justify the expectations of others, and therefore facilitates his burden by introducing new acquaintances into the circle of friends. But Capricorn is rather shy and secretive, with unfamiliar people behave with restraint. It irritates Aquarius, for which the unknown is the usual element.

Aquarius Mother — Capricorn Child

Mother Aquarius also feels the influence of Saturn, who runs a small Capricorn. However, the mother likes to be among people, join certain groups, join in some social movements and generally help those who live worse than she. Capricorn prefers a more peaceful life, the main purpose of which is to work hard to improve one’s own destiny.

Little Capricorn would like to see his mother at home, next to him. Does not mom belong to the house? Capricorn is a very earthly child and can not think otherwise. But Mom-Aquarius does not want to be bound by the house routine! She dreams of new projects, in which she would gladly take part, and she does not want to be trapped in a dreary everyday life. It is important for her to do what she is interested in, and then she will be even better mother - probably it should be explained to the little Capricorn.

This child needs a sense of stability, and if he is not ready for independence, one should not demand this from him, no matter how serious he may seem. There is a danger that Mother Aquarius will too early consider her child an adult and give him freedom and responsibility, which he is not yet able to cope with.

The mother must remember that Capricorn needs a reasonable discipline and the usual order. Practical questions of life, too, should be given enough attention, but this does not always work. Mother Aquarius is busy thinking about new plans or public projects, and trivialities put her in a quandary.

Capricorn does not want anything impossible - just a routine life allows him to feel safe, know that they care about him. He should receive from his mother as much love and care as he needs to feel happy. Probably, it’s real - it’s just Mother Aquarius that needs to understand that her child does not look at life like she does.

Aquarius Father — Capricorn Child

These two like a lot in each other. Both are honest, straightforward and just, although it seems to the father that Capricorn could behave differently with his friends, taking into account their needs, and not just their own. And he would like to show Capricorn how much in the world of social injustice. He understands that hardly his child will make disinterested help another matter of his life, but let, at least, he knows all this.

The father will try to transfer to the child his love of books and in general to study, and this is just the way. Little Capricorn intends to study well, because he dreams to rise to the very top of success, and without persistent work this does not happen.

A Capricorn child may be lacking in paternal inspiration or unpredictability, he is more earthly in nature, but Aquarius likes his grasp and perseverance. And he will gladly help a small Capricorn with lessons, showing him new ways of solving problems or a different approach to the topic. Aquarius is more energetic than Capricorn, but he understands that the child should be distracted from time to time and rest from work. He himself is able, while doing something, to remain at this no more than an observer.

The father believes that his child is somewhat stingy when it comes to money. Probably, he would not have acted as a sponsor for any social movement that Aquarius likes to do! But Capricorn, perhaps, it would be useful to learn how to sometimes spend money on others...

Father easily refers to discipline, and even if he demands something, he always explains why. It is very like Capricorn, who does not tolerate being commanded. But sometimes, Capricorn needs more firm leadership than a father can do, or else he does not feel safe and is not sure that he is being taken care of.

Aquarius believes that children should develop naturally: they should be given enough freedom so that they learn to think for themselves and decide for themselves. Capricorn is difficult to express their feelings, and he will not talk about them at all, unless he himself wants it. He is a more earthly person than Aquarius, and his father’s oddities and eccentricities often put him in a quandary. Capricorn wants his father to be an exemplary, respected citizen, who understands the necessity of all the conventions and orders existing in society, and he may be confused by the somewhat unusual manners of Aquarius.

But Aquarius will teach Capricorn a valuable lesson in the individual’s right to independence. He will show him that it’s good to be yourself and that it’s not necessary to constantly check how your behavior is perceived by others. He will explain to his child that there is more to life than money and ambition, and that new ideas or inventions can excite the imagination more than anything else. And although the daddy Aquarius is unlikely to realize his grandiose plans, but next to him you can learn to dream and enjoy life. The day will come when Capricorn himself will think about how to implement his father’s plans in practice. But at the same time he will also earn money on this.

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