Leo Child — Aquarius Parent

The Lion and Aquarius look at life, approaching the telescope from different ends. The lion is inclined to exaggerate everything, and Aquarius is too keen on looking to the future! Aquarius - the sign of the air, it is identified with the mind. There may be a lot of water in his ideas, but he does not need to live in water and breathe it like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Aquarius becomes a friend of the Leo child. Aquarius is a sign of friendship, and he understands this kind of relationship better than any other. Not feeding addictions to conventions, he also refuses to adjust to stereotyped ideas about what parents should be like. He prefers to act as he sees fit - he chooses the same approach to life and considers it much more interesting!

However, Leo believes in leaders and followers, leaders and rank and file, he needs a hero or heroine to bow before him and follow his example. Having grown up, Lions naturally take on the role of a star, but Leo only learn to reign and command. From the Aquarius parent, Leo will learn to hold on to equals as Aquarius is not interested in confirming his superiority.

Although from this the love of the parent Aquarius to the Lion cub will not be affected at all, the attitude towards Leo will be exactly the same as for other children. In other words, for his usual qualities, he will be loved in the same way as for dignity, which seems strange to Leo. He automatically implies that he must excel all and in everything in order to achieve recognition.

Aquarius Mother — Leo Child

Lion is quite satisfied that the mother does not interfere too much in his life. He himself knows what he wants, and does not tolerate, when others believe that he must act in everything in accordance with their ideas about life. Mother Aquarius likes that her child-lion decides for himself how to cope with the situation that has arisen. It is important for her that the children learn independence as early as possible.

True, Aquarius finds Leo rather selfish and believes that one should teach him to take more care of others. Mother Aquarius prefers to do something to support the group or for the benefit of society, and not just think about oneself. The lion follows his whims, spontaneously coming to this or that decision, and more is guided by his own interests.

If he represents not only himself, but some group, he should be in the foreground. And although he seems interested in the social and political issues that worry his mother, it is unlikely he likes it - unless he can guide himself by some kind of movement, and there is little hope of that if his idealistic mother is next to him!

It will be better if the mother simply supports him in what he chooses for himself, and since Leo loves to be in business, he will have various hobbies. But he can and be lazy if you do not follow him! Well, if the mother sees that he has found application for his extraordinary mental abilities, she will help him in every possible way.

True, she will not waste time paying attention only to him, and simply take him away "from the scene", if it seems to him that he excessively flaunts against the background of others. She believes in equality, and this somehow does not coincide with the desire of Leo to be the first and best that is so natural for a person controlled by the Sun! And if the mother suppresses this desire in her, she will have a boring child who can become even more domineering and selfish, trying to avenge what was done to him.

This couple finds great pleasure from joint conversations. Aquarius respects his child for his creative thinking, enjoys his warmth and devotion. And Leo likes that his mother with such inspiration meets any new idea, and he appreciates her justice and generosity. Probably, she will calmly cope with his youthful rebellion. And he will always keep in his soul the most sincere love for his mother Aquarius.

Aquarius Father — Leo Child

Aquarius dad is full of energy and new ideas, which generously shares with his little Leo. The father finds that his child is honest, open and friendly - this is a wonderful little friend who will make him a company and on a fun walk, and at some noisy gathering that he loves so much. The lion always stands out against the background of the crowd, and the father has something to be proud of.

He likes to talk with his child: they are able to discuss anything at least until the morning. Both are able to look to the future, both are kind and prudent and at the same time adore unexpected surprises on each other! And the father has such incredible intentions that the child compared to him looks like a conservative! And although Leo likes the originality of Aquarius, sometimes he wants his father to be the same as all the other fathers...

The Lion can not only dream, but also act. Well, Aquarius, though, puts forward brilliant ideas, but not always able to implement them. So Leo inspires him to feats, and very specific. True, the father sometimes finds his offspring too overbearing, since Leo likes to give directions. And if it goes beyond the reasonable, it is necessary to pull it off.

The father will be able to open to his child a world of books, art and politics. He himself responds to all the problems of society, while the Lion is busy with his own person and with his own interests. He has his own way how to make the world better, and he is to give everyone his enthusiasm and warmth, joy and laughter. Leo believes that the father could receive more pleasure from life if he realized that the world is first of all himself.

The house of Aquarius can be peculiar. For example, everything is caused by shelves with books, but there is not a single comfortable chair or sofa that Lion loves so much. Aquarius believes that this is perhaps a luxury, but it is luxury that brings great joy to a little Leo!

Actually, Aquarius will please his clever child with such a broad outlook. Father will teach him to cope with life and make wise decisions, but he will still give him the opportunity to go his own way, and this is the most important thing.

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