Libra Child — Aquarius Parent

These two can fly. The ability of signs of air to rise above the situation and to consider it in the future gives logic and rationality to their thinking. Air signs do not like to get into the heat of fire signs, they do not like the emotional depths of water signs and the slowness of land signs. They prefer airiness. Scales and Aquarius can exchange interesting thoughts and ideas, between them develops a special style of communication, together they think faster.

Aquarians are trying to find a justification for everything, and they are not so true to their opinion that they do not have to let others have their own. On such fertile soil the child-Libra can meditate, weigh and discuss all the options, using the usual way for him to come to conclusions. The thought of Libra resembles a ball in roulette, which must be circled all the numbers before it stops at a certain place, and Aquarius will not interfere with it.

Aquarius Mother — Libra Child

They like joint talks and joint dreams. And although Mom is not much more practical than her child, she will still question their extensive plans. Libra loves ideas for their own sake, well, Aquarius enjoys thinking about how to make it happen.

This mother likes her child’s idealistic views of equality and justice, and Libra respects the mother’s desire to change the world for the better. But Aquarius likes to work with large groups of people, participate in a political movement or a charitable campaign, while Libra prefer to spread its radiance on a much smaller scale, helping neighbors or encouraging a smile to anyone who looks upset.

Both of them feel themselves restrained if they lack freedom, and therefore Mother Aquarius will never put pressure on her child. She is glad to see that he spreads his wings, choosing a path for himself that he really likes. True, she will have to establish some order and introduce some rules to help the little Libra feel confident. Orderly life will help the child calmly make the right decisions.

This couple is not too emotional, although Libra and love to argue. Mother Aquarius will take part in this - it’s so interesting when the child logically develops his point of view! Well, the mother is pleased to see that he learns to speak what he thinks. But even more, she likes his enthusiasm, optimism and friendliness, so that together they make a couple that everyone is happy with.

Aquarius Father — Libra Child

Vigorous dad-Aquarius does not leave Libra any opportunity for laziness. He has a creative mind, diverse interests, and the child-Libra with pleasure shares his ideas with him. Libra really likes the spontaneous approach of Aquarius to life. He never knows what to expect from his unpredictable, and at times eccentric father. Sometimes he is even embarrassed for him in front of his friends: the Libra child is concerned about preserving a decent species much more than his father.

Not recognizing any framework Aquarius should keep in mind that Libra still needs discipline, because without it the child is difficult to become more determined and business-like. Spoiled Scales, which are too capricious and self-willed, risk becoming a lazy charmer, from which there is nothing to wait for. So a firm, fair leadership is simply necessary.

This couple loves to travel. True, my father prefers to explore everything around, and Libra likes to lie lazily on the beach. Both have the ability to look ahead and are endowed with a developed imagination, although none of them is particularly emotional. They are sociable and friendly with everyone, but at the same time they are somewhat alienated. And certainly Libra will not have to suffer from insufficient participation in public life, if such a father is near!

True, Aquarius is sometimes so keen on political, scientific or social issues that he forgets even about the family. This coldness and remoteness can cause Libra acute pain, because this child needs to know that they love him. So the father should not forget to caress him again...

Thanks to the father the child reads more and takes interest in it, because Aquarius is able to open creative qualities in little Libra and to awaken the imagination. He will explain to the child how to gain self-confidence without constantly looking back at others, teach them to understand their own desires, then to make those decisions that you do not have to regret.

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