Pisces Child — Aquarius Parent

Since the natural habitat of Aquarius is air, the baby-Pisces feels like Aquarius, like a fish pulled from the water. Aquarius is interested in communicating with people, new ideas and objective views. On the contrary, Pisces live in a world of emotions and feelings - they often do not know what they are thinking about, but they are always confident in their feelings. However, Aquarius, and Pisces, first of all, are creative and idealistic, they show attention to others, not focusing only on themselves. Their common feature is altruism.

The logic of Aquarius is capable of damaging the romanticism of Pisces. Small Pisces stubbornly wear rose-colored glasses, through which the world seems so magical and sparkling. Aquarius will make the mistake of stating that Pisces is acting stupidly: Pisces believe in what they want to believe, like all of us, but no one acts as openly as Pisces. The imaginary friends of Pisces and the talking trees they invented are quite real, and it is impossible to disassemble the Pisces in their existence by any arguments.

Aquarius Mother — Pisces Child

Mother Aquarius is happy: her child is so like her! Her little sensitive Fish wants to change the world for the better, and she thinks that in life everyone should be on equal terms. She is exactly the child that this mother was dreaming about, possessing increased social consciousness.

Nevertheless, Fish is not at all ready to join the ranks of demonstrators or collect donations for someone, like her mother, who is trying to remake society. Pisces would prefer to change first of all its own world, showing kindness and care to those who surround it.

Fish understand their mother, and this helps them to get along well with each other. In addition, both are distinguished by a special aura of absent-mindedness and dreaminess. But if the mother constantly changes her mind, then her child can spend the whole day trying to finally solve something, because she is very afraid to upset her relatives if his decision turns out to be wrong.

Aquarius is always like a researcher, so this mom is interested in any new ideas, even if they are rather risky. Little Fish is more cautious, although next to such a mother something will always excite her imagination! Mother Aquarius will open her child the world of books, politics and social problems and will teach him to have everything in his own way.

This mother will give the Pisces complete freedom, but will give enough advice that she does not accidentally get into trouble. Aquarius wants her Pisces to have her own face, not just trying to please others. She is happy to watch how her child’s artistic and musical abilities flourish. The mother will always encourage him, but he will never insist that it does not suit him at all.

Sometimes an intelligent Aquarius mom can seem emotional The Pisces are too cold, and this child needs infinite love! Mom should learn to calm the Fish when she is at odds with the whole world, often hug her and assure her that she is loved, and then they will become the biggest friends.

Aquarius Father — Pisces Child

The unpredictable Aquarius father is filled with ideas, and Pisces believes that all this is terribly funny. But sometimes her troubled life is too embarrassed by her parent. He is always in a hurry! The father will gladly help Pisces to do the lessons, but will hardly cope with the emotional problems of his child. The Pisces are very sensitive, and it is touched by much of what Aquarius simply ignores. He is more unruffled, and he can be confused only by the strong feelings of others.

Aquarius is probably passionate about politics, social issues, business or science. He looks at life from the point of view of reason, whereas Fish more often perceives it at the level of intuition, being interested in its creative side. What she feels means to her a lot more than what they think about it. The father should take all this into account if he wants to interest his child with something. If Pisces really feels an object or phenomenon, she will study it more thoroughly.

This father wants his child to be himself, but do not forget that for all his independence, the Fish needs love and affection, as well as in constant support that would help her to gain self-confidence. An eternally occupied daddy-Aquarius should spend as much time as possible with his child, because he feels deprived if his father does not notice. And then he will seek refuge in his own world of illusions...

Do you know what kind of father Fish dreams about? About a father who is just, rarely raises his voice and patiently explains everything that he demands. The Pisces just shudder at the commanding tone, but she wants so much to like that she is ready to submit to a reasonable discipline. And she is glad that her father-Aquarius is able to take this into account.

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