Sagittarius Child — Aquarius Parent

As a parent Aquarius is not inclined to violent reaction, even when the antics of Sagittarius are able to bring any other sign to hysteria. Not that Sagittarius intentionally provokes others, but it can go too far. Aquarius can not surprise others, but usually he keeps a restrained and gentle, expressing surprise with words rather than actions. Therefore, he will need only a few phrases in order to calm down not in the measure of the divergent Sagittarius. Since Aquarius is supposed to "pour water", he usually manages to cool down the ardor of Sagittarius.

In fact, Aquarius admires the honesty of Sagittarius, because he himself does not like omissions. In such a relationship between the parent and the child, everyone knows exactly their place and does not hide anything. Sagittarius encourages to be as open as he likes, and Aquarius believes that there is no point in driving round pegs into square holes: if Sagittarius decided not to comply with the rules of the parents - please!

Aquarius Mother — Sagittarius Child

Mother Aquarius is interested in her energetic, restless little Sagittarius, and she even envies her enthusiasm. She is happy to give him the opportunity to be himself, developing naturally and freely. In addition, this child is completely independent and unobtrusive, and his independent mind is comparable to her own.

Mother Aquarius simply can not have no friends, and she has a wide range of interests. Sagittarius will be happy to make her a company, and more than once the mother will surprise her with her astute observations. They will not differ much in their opinions, although they will not be without controversy. And, when Sagittarius is ready to lose his temper, his mother-Aquarius manages to remain unperturbed. Well, their grievances are easily forgotten by both - and forgiving each other.

They equally value freedom and human rights. Some Aquarius moms are very politically active and believe that their children should be near them at rallies or marches of protest, Sagittarius likes to help others, but in the first place he still puts his own interests. So, if this or that movement is not to his liking, he simply will not take part in it.

Aquarius Mom is able to teach Sagittarius not to show unnecessary obstinacy and direct its energy to something concrete, not scattering in all directions. She considers it reasonable to explain to the child what is required of him, and this is just for Sagittarius, who does not recognize that they are commanded. And he certainly likes that his mom is so modern and does not want to lag behind his child, who can look forward.

The little Sagittarius has both independence and a developed imagination. He loves freedom and independence and wants to go his own way, and Mother Aquarius is proud of this. But the most important thing is that her child understands her so well!

Aquarius Father — Sagittarius Child

Yes, they are friends and look at life almost the same. Both believe that life should be fun, like doing the same thing and can spend days on end, discussing the most incredible plans, and with intelligence and ingenuity. Dad-Aquarius likes his open, straightforward, friendly and honest little Sagittarius. Well, Sagittarius respects his father for the fact that he almost never punishes him.

He understands that a child can behave stupidly, it is reasonable - he himself does not differ by special constancy, is full of surprises and various ideas. In essence, they both like each other as they are. The father only chuckles when his Sagittarius is obstinate, and the child is not at all embarrassed by the fact that the father is capable of attracting everyone’s attention to something out of the ordinary.

Aquarius likes Sagittarius’s desire for independence, and he can even tell him how to achieve it. He teaches the child to always be himself, helping him to gain confidence. Aquarius can instill in his child a love for education, interest in information and the development of various kinds of ideas - in his father’s house he will certainly be full of books on a variety of subjects that Sagittarius will gladly read.

Aquarius is always ready to listen to others and will not impose on the child either dogmatic views or rigid discipline. In fact, it can even bring such softness, but Sagittarius is unlikely to use it. The father will be able to help his child in many ways, if he has problems with his studies. He will tell Sagittarius how to direct his energy to achieve the most constructive results. He will support his child, if he decides to do, for example, a foreign language, and he himself will be happy to make him a company. Next to such a father, even to learn is always interesting!

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