Scorpio Child — Aquarius Parent

Scorpio and Aquarius are obsessive signs (possessing determination and capable of insisting on one’s own). None of them will agree to accept someone else’s point of view, but family life offers many opportunities to slightly retreat. Despite the short quarrels and disputes, Scorpio and Aquarius admit that they admire each other’s persistence - even when each of them considers himself right! They are fascinated by each other: Aquarius - the complexity and depth of Scorpio, and the latter in turn - the objectivity and logic of Aquarius.

Fortunately, the Aquarius parent seeks to awaken the individuality in the child, but this does not necessarily mean full mutual understanding. In fact, Aquarius often embarrasses the persistence of the little Scorpio: why do trifles matter to him? As a sign of the air, Aquarius is able to detach himself from his feelings, but Scorpio captures emotions with such force that he immensely inflates any event. No, Scorpio will not explode, not wanting others to understand the importance that he attaches to the cause, but he will be hurt, distressed to the depths of his soul, and he hopes that Aquarius parents will understand him. Such antics Aquarius, accustomed to clarity, considers tedious.

Aquarius Mother — Scorpio Child

Mom-Aquarius believes that she was lucky: the little Scorpio has an X-ray ability to see through and through, and it’s not worth it to find what his mom lost. True, a person who knows how to read other people’s thoughts, sometimes even confuses, but the thoughts of the mother are mostly worthy of praise only! She always thinks about those who need help and support, carried away by politics and social problems.

Her child is different: he is focused on himself. Aquarius thinks in terms of social categories and tries to unite people for something useful. Scorpio is not so idealistic. His requests are reduced mainly to a safe house, where everything is secure, clear and is in place. Well, there is no social consciousness in this child - what can you do about it!

Scorpio wants his mother to belong to him, and she is forever fascinated by some new ideas. She will try to do her best to make her child as independent as possible, but is it good for Scorpio, who needs emotional support, a sense of security and affection of loved ones? Mom-Aquarius can have any freedom and consider any rules of conduct possible for herself, but she must remember that Scorpio is sensitive to any changes and needs common rules and reasonable discipline.

Mother Aquarius has her own logic. She lives with her head and much less with feelings. It is difficult for her to understand her child with his uneasy emotions, although he tries to hide them from other people’s eyes. Even a small Scorpio is ambitious enough and wants to achieve a lot, but Mother Aquarius can be difficult to sincerely support your child. She believes that everyone should be as equal as possible and that the highest vocation is to work for the benefit of others.

The mother will try to explain to her child all the necessary rules and even with understanding will react to the fact that Scorpio, growing up, will vigorously uphold her rights, with her in her time, too, happened like this. Well, a child will appreciate the ability of the mother to communicate with people and maybe even try to be like her in this. It is Mother Aquarius who is able to teach him to take care of others, but she should not forget that if she herself does not think first of all about her child, he will never be able to feel happy.

Aquarius Father — Scorpio Child

The vigorous Papa-Aquarius has a lot of ideas about what it is better to take Scorpio to distract him from unnecessary doubt. Aquarius is amazed by the thoughtful observations and questions of his child, and he is pleased to answer them. He is amazed at the fact that the living mind of the little Scorpion is just like an adult.

But the trouble is that the father is ready to consider the child more mature and more responsible than he really is. Scorpio does not want to be forced to become an adult. Inwardly, he is still a child desperately in need of love and affection, even if outwardly it seems cold, unfeeling or indifferent. In his small heart, the strongest emotions boil, which sometimes break out. And here the love and attention of the father is the best help. If the child-Scorpio feels the support of relatives, it is easier for him to gain self-confidence.

Aquarius often behaves unpredictably, and at times very eccentric. Scorpio, however, feels better with people who differ in consistency and whose behavior is understandable to him. Naturally, the non-standard manners of the Aquarius dad, the child sometimes considers in some way indecent. Scorpio chooses for himself the traditional style of communication with people and time-tested teaching methods.

Aquarius is more focused on the future: he lives in the world of books, science and social problems, but he often lacks cordiality. Scorpio does not belong to thinkers-intellectuals, but can look into the very essence of what is happening and understands much not with the mind, but with the heart. If you help him with real support - love and affection - all his hidden fears will disappear and he will learn to take with interest the bizarre and vivid ideas of Aquarius’s father.

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