Taurus Child — Aquarius Parent

These relationships do not fit into any norms, like most of the relationships supported by Aquarius. Taurus-child is cautious and cautious, and his parent, born under one of the signs of water, has a dangerous and eccentric propensity to surprise others. We will clarify: surprises cause Taurus anxiety. Surprises are not in his style, even such as an unplanned trip to the sea. Taurus likes to anticipate an event, count the days left before it and plan its actions - for this he must know when the long-awaited holiday will take place.

Parent-Aquarius falls into despondency, when his good impulses meet with a misunderstanding: this sign loves exciting and unpredictable events. But the Taurus child needs persistence, continuity and confidence - precisely in that it is not able to provide him with Aquarius, Fortunately, Aquarians are naturally endowed with an incredibly subtle understanding of the oddities of human nature and are the most tolerant and indulgent people. That’s why they are able to communicate with any person - even with a down-to-earth Taurus. Aquarius can agree with the opinion that not all people are the same, and they are glad to be able to find a solution acceptable to all parties.

Aquarius Mother — Taurus Child

Mother Aquarius is a bit out of this world. She is hovering in the clouds, while her practical little Taurus is firmly on the ground and there are no unreal thoughts in his head. It is not surprising that sometimes these two lead each other into bewilderment!

Taurus sometimes even begins to worry if his mother will be back in time on time to deal with such serious matters as preparing breakfast or washing, because Taurus can not do without comfort. Meanwhile, Mom-Aquarius is more occupied with intellectual problems, politics or social relations, but to wash, you can and do not pay attention! Such a mother is better to manifest herself in a group, among people. She likes that she has a lot of friends with whom she shares her ideas, and a lot of interests that occupy her creative mind.

Taurus wants his mother to belong only to him! He is not at all disposed to have a crowd around him all the time, although he is happy about the revival that appears in the house with his mother’s friends. But he dreams of quiet evenings when he could snuggle up to his mother and caress her... Taurus needs caresses very much, but Aquarius mother is not inclined to physical contacts - she expresses her love with words or with the help of ideas that are understandable only to herself.

Taurus is distrustful of beautiful words and likes to express feelings simply and intelligibly. It happens, Mother Aquarius, her child-Taurus can seem gloomy and sullen, especially if he rests and refuses to admire his mother’s next venture. Taurus can even decide that the mother is unhappy with them, if only because he is not very sociable. Mother should not forget that Taurus should often say that it is loved, it is vitally important for him.

Aquarius believes that children, as they grow up, must judge everything themselves and can act independently. But with Taurus do not need to get ahead of events, allowing him to develop at a leisurely and measured pace. If it is customized, it can feel frightened and insecure. Try to encourage him more often, and he will steadily gain strength - until one day he lets his mother know that he is already quite grown up.

Aquarius Father — Taurus Child

Aquarius dad is full of life and busy with himself. He is receptive and kind, friendly and just, but there are days when he is so absorbed in his own interests that he looks almost alien in the eyes of his little Taurus. And he needs a father so affectionate and attentive that a child can feel unnecessary and therefore unhappy. And one day the father will find out that his child becomes stubborn, closed, that he ceased to be that peaceful, friendly being, which Aquarius always wanted him to see...

Sometimes a Taurus is confused or embarrassed when the father behaves unusually - the way Aquarians do. But the child feels better if his father acts like all other fathers, and he can be considered an ordinary person. Although Aquarius does not like it, it’s important for Taurus to be like everyone else. And this is also associated with a sense of well-being, without which the Taurus is simply lost.

This dad admits that a child can be a bit stubborn - and he will face it! True, he believes that his Taurus so expresses his will and learns to go his own way. Well, does he object to this? In extreme cases, he instructs to understand the whole mother, because the Aquarians do not like confrontation.

Father really believes that it is important for a child to be able to communicate correctly with people. For him, it is very important that he feels himself to be part of the collective, and he does not believe that his child should be an exception. But they have different ideas about what it means to belong to a group. Taurus believes that this concerns the agreement between its members, and Aquarius believes that it is about exchanging new ideas and preserving the world in general - on a planetary scale.

This father needs to understand that his attitude toward children, allowing too much freedom, is not suitable for such earthly natures as Taurus. Such children want to be told what they should do and show how to do it. And for them it is important to confirm that everything they do is right. They become nervous if they think that they expect too much from them, and even are capable of panic if the requirements are not clearly outlined, and the conditions are not respected.

You can love your freedom, Daddy-Aquarius, but Taurus treats her differently, so think more about your child’s needs. Better teach him what is good and what’s bad, because you know how. And your Taurus is already ready to listen to you!

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