Aquarius Child — Aries Parent

The equanimity of Aquarius does not allow him to get burned in the flame of Envy’s enthusiasm. As a parent, Aries becomes the commander, who follows the strict execution of the schedule. He encourages Aquarius to prosper in life. However, Aquarius keeps a little detached from the energetic Aries, sometimes refusing to participate in the planned actions. If Aquarius wants anything, he will always act in his own way, because this is his own desire - he will not please Aries.

Despite the fact that in case of disagreement Aries is capable of making noise, he admires the ability of Aquarius not only to think for himself, but also to stand firm on his own. At heart, Aries believes in the power of his "I" and values individuality. In fact, he does not have much time to seek consent from others, and therefore he gives Aquarius freedom of action. Although Aquarius has earned the reputation of an unpredictable being, he is deprived of the impulsiveness of Aries, and consequently, his actions look more deliberate.

Aries Mother — Aquarius Child

Aries mother is pleased that she has such a benevolent child. Besides, it’s so interesting with him! Of course, he is a bit of a rebel, but he knows how to go ahead of time and in general is like a pioneer. These two are very honest, very energetic and do not endure routine. And they both like to do things their own way, so this purposeful couple can have quarrels because of mutual stubbornness.

Aries mother does everything at once - as soon as it comes to her mind. Well, Aquarius often needs time for reflection and planning. He is more a thinker, although he changes his point of view more often than his mother. Well, Mama-Aries is a man of business. It sets itself a goal, and then strenuously strives to implement it.

This mother wants independence, and she is satisfied that the little Aquarius is quite independent. He feels free among many people and does not hold on to his mother at all. He does not even object to being left with someone from his acquaintances, which, you will agree, is very convenient for a mother who has her own interests.

Aquarius likes to feel like a part of a group, although prefers to stand out a little on the general background. He believes in equality and justice and often puts the needs of others higher than his own. But this self-contained little person will not let anyone close to him who has ever treated her somehow wrong!

Such a child likes that the mother treats him like an adult. Aries encourages children’s independence, but shows firmness when it comes to how to behave, and this is a good combination for Aquarius. Aries mom does not worry that her child is somewhat offended emotionally, since she herself does not belong to very open people. If this mother will remember that little Aquarius needs much more love than it seems, they will have really wonderful relationships that will suit both.

Aries Father — Aquarius Child

This father likes his little dreamer, who also wants to see his ideas embodied in life. It’s good that he is more than just a dreamer! These two are happy to discuss among themselves those matters and issues that interest both. But both must ensure that the enthusiasm multiplied by two does not lead them too far!

As for education, Aquarius needs a firm hand, but you can not be too tough with it. He needs a reasonable discipline that would help him keep himself within the framework. Aquarius loves to do everything in its own way, but too great restrictions can extinguish that idealistic spark that Papa-Aries so values in her child. This father is full of enthusiasm, and his impulses infect Aquarius with the desire to get from life a maximum of interesting. The infinite ideas of Papa-Aries and his plans for outstanding achievements excite the lively mind of a small Aquarius.

Father may be upset that Aquarius may start his education in school not at all with distinct marks. It’s just that Aries dad should know that with age, Aquarius usually begins to show interest in learning, surprising everyone with his success, so here you just have to be patient. Aries should not impose his own aspirations on Aquarius. This child needs to know that he is free to choose his own path in life.

But the most important thing that Aries must understand is that Aquarius is born a person who can act unpredictably. Aquarius has his own, quite unexpected view of things, and the father must resist the temptation to remake it, for it is the unusualness that makes the charm of Aquarius! This child is often just ahead of time, so a little patience, Aries daddy - is still ahead!

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