Aries Child — Aries Parent

As in any combination of the same solar sign, it is possible and perfect harmony, and the incessant friction. In a significant degree, this depends on how much parents are in harmony with themselves and whether they allow the Aries-child to express all the fullness of emotions, not counting such a manifestation harmful or dangerous. Both parents and the child in this case are quick-tempered and hot, therefore the combination may prove explosive or lead to constant struggle in the family. Aries need to win, and two Arieses in the family can turn a house into a battlefield.

But despite the fact that this sign of fire quickly ignites, it is immovable, two Arieses understand each other well. The honesty and straightforwardness of Aries makes misunderstandings unthinkable: each of Aries knows the opinion of the other. However, it is necessary for someone to balance the third: Aries must learn about the less turbulent and contentful side of life.

Aries Mother — Aries Child

This is a very dynamic duo! They scream and clap the doors, and a minute later joke or together they are eager to solve the most difficult problems that frighten those who are born under other signs... Life for both is a list of goals to be achieved, and while the small Aries can not match its Mom in vigor and willpower, the stars help him! For Mother Aries it is perfectly natural to treat with respect to another’s independence, so that her child will receive all the freedom that deserves, and even more! Her interests are not limited only to children. She is too busy with her own life and believes that younger Aries will do the same.

Such a free and easy approach can, however, lead to difficulties in the future, when the mature Aries will enter into the taste of pleasures and freedom. So mother Aries, no matter how difficult she finds it, must establish certain rules in the family and demand from all discipline (by the way, from herself too!). She is able to encourage enthusiasm and instill it, but she often lacks patience and patience, and for this she will have to pay when Aries-son (or daughter) shows ruthlessness and selfishness, which will complicate their relationship. And if both are tried to manage at once, one must fear a double outburst of irritation.

Being a person willing to take risks, mother Aries only welcomes the child’s attempts to climb trees or dig caves, but her lack of necessary circumspection makes her vulnerable and completely incapable of teaching her offspring to think before he takes a risky step. A resolute, cheerful, but painful misfortune, Aries-mother should try to become softer. And you can always find a few quiet minutes in your tense life to talk about everything with your little Aries before they have the difficulties generated by the energy of two powerful personalities.

Aries Father — Aries Child

With such an active father you can not get bored! Aries, the youngest, will grow under the wing of a man who has many interests - from sport to all kinds of crafts. These two similar personalities can work together in the garden, arrange exciting trips or play the game, invented by elder Aries.

The trouble is that the father can set the bar possible too high, and although little Aries will do everything in his power to please his father, his impulses can be extinguished for life, if only because he could not take the necessary height. So, reasonable realism is needed here.

Daddy-Aries would prefer to be in front of a violent herd of elephants, then before the most simple emotional problem. If a small Aries seems upset, he will drag him to the fair or to the swimming pool, but he will not come to mind talking to the child heart-to-heart or just caressing him. In addition, he quickly loses patience and becomes furious because of the disobedience of Aries, the younger. And in general, although he adores his family, but is not going to give her everything, and sometimes anything...

Both Aries, the eldest and the youngest, are distinguished by their firmness, pride and desire for competition, so that their father simply lacks the calmness, care and mutual understanding that would help smooth out the sharp corners, softening the natural aggressiveness of the small Aries. But they are united by their mutual capacity for constructive activity, both of which are distinguished by the removal, spontaneity of actions and the willingness to give each other the freedom that both need so much. And still, if the elder Aries is able to show the youngest Aries what it means to be restrained, he will teach him the genuine joy of life!

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