Cancer Child — Aries Parent

Cancer is a sensitive nature, he always tries to find out if other people take it, while Aries seeks to attract the attention of others and subdue them. Cancer reveres the arrogance of Aries. It seems to him that Aries never feels even a moment’s doubt that he is always ready to rush into the fight and is confident of victory. In fact, Aries is not alien to false bravado, but will never show his confusion.

Communication with a child born under the sign of Cancer is a useful experience for Aries. He understands that he must apply a different approach to lure this creature out of the shell. Seeing how Aries radiates vivacity and charm, Cancer retreats under cover - especially if it is afraid next time to be on the line of fire. Cancer closes, feeling threatened; He reveals himself only if he completely trusts someone. Establishing a trusting relationship takes time, which Aries always lacks. But if Aries does not slow down the pace to think about Cancer’s feelings and sensitivity, he will never enter into a strong bond that Cancer establishes with others.

Aries Mother — Cancer Child

An energetic Aries mom wants sometimes to put a rocket under his child-Cancer, because he never grasps at the work, with the speed of his mother. It takes a lot of time (to put on your shoes or to fasten your coat while your mother will push him impatiently.) But there’s nothing to be done about it! No matter how the mother goes, Cancer will move with its speed.

Aries mother is all about business, she’s just an example of activity, while her child-Cancer lives in a world of emotions, and the more he masters the world, the stronger and more sophisticated his feelings are. He easily resents and darkens when a not very tactful Mom says such a thing, which Cancer with his sensitive heart is not so easy to endure. It will be a long time to worry, coming back to this again and again… And only tenderness will help here.

Mama-Aries does not like that the house is too tied her up: everything is good in moderation. Well, Cancer loves the cozy atmosphere of the family and a trip to the guests can prefer their own room, where he feels completely safe. On the Cancer child, you can not press, believing that everything will turn out faster. Cancer needs love, in assurances and encouragement - it helps it to gain self-confidence. He does not have that innate sense of strength and superiority that every Aries has. So do not rush, Mamma-Aries, do not force your child to become independent before he is ready for it himself.

Cancer tries in every possible way to please others and does not tolerate anyone who is angry with him. He can even bring his father and mother when he feels tension, and does so in order that they lose their temper and finally end the uncertainty of the situation. And Aries explode quite often! But Cancer feels relieved, especially in the case of his mother, it all happens in the form of a short flash - and then life returns to normal again.

If Aries mother feels irritated, she should, as far as possible, explain the reason to the child. Cancer intuitively feels what is going on in the minds of others, but sometimes it perceives it wrongs, believing that everything is to blame for it, although it is not so. So do not rush, Aries mother, be more frank with your child so that he does not have unnecessary and vain experiences. But when you have to decide something, you are great! Cancer is happy to have such an energetic mother who knows how to intercede for him, so strong and confident. A mother-Aries will learn to be softer and kinder and will show her own feelings, raising a Cancer child.

Aries Father — Cancer Child

Aries dad is always on the move: he is busy with endless deeds and social life. His entrepreneurial spirit, successes and leadership skills cause delight in his child Cancer. But what a pity that my father is not at home! Cancer is by nature owner, and he would like the father to belong entirely to him alone. And daddy-Aries, although he loves his child very much, does not want anyone to connect him. And yet it is very important that he find time to communicate with a small Cancer. This will help the baby to become a happy and self-assured person, and exactly such Aries wants to see his child.

Aries places great hopes on children and sometimes considers their successes as a reflection of their own affairs. Cancer may take much more time than it would be desirable to achieve something. In general, he prefers to stay with his mother, and it does not give him the pleasure of drawing attention to himself. Cancer does not have the desire to compete with Aries, so give it time! And one day he may turn out to be a successful entrepreneur, as Cancer treats money perfectly. Give him this opportunity - and you will be proud.

If the father begins to show in every possible way that his child does not meet his high standards, he can seriously undermine his self-confidence and make him suffer, believing that he let his father down. Cancer needs constant praise and support, tenderness and affection! And he should have the opportunity to talk about his feelings. Just do not expect that he will be as ardent, but resourceful as Aries, but appreciate his strengths, in particular his solicitude, his ability to understand the feelings of others and to sympathize with them.

Cancer has an amazing intuition that allows him to instantly understand this or that situation. Aries’ intuition works in another direction, allowing him to act without much thought. The father loves short flashes of live games with his children and expects them to be as risk-averse and willing to take risks, like himself. Little Cancer is more than careful and loves quiet, creative games. Still, the father will be amazed at his determination, because if he dares to do something, he will not give up until he wins.

He will gladly follow the rules of his father, but only if they are properly explained to him. And it will please him that his father always has ideas about what to do. Such a complete ardent attitude of Aries to life will help Cancer surpass himself, charging with inspiration and allowing fuller use of his potential.

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